American Idol 13: Scooter Braun Declined Offer to Judge (Report)

Justin Bieber manager, Scooter Braun declined an offer to join the American Idol 13 judges panel, according to Hits Daily Double:

A source close to Scooter Braun tells us that Braun has formally declined the offer to become a judge on the upcoming season of American Idol. According to this insider, Braun concluded that the prime-time moonlighting gig didn’t make sense for his business because he can’t manage any of the aspiring acts that appear on the show. So the search continues.

With Dr. Luke also bowing out, who will take that third spot? Are you feeling the return of the Thing That Refuses to Die? I would not be surprised if Randy Jackson winds up back on the panel with Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez after all.

Randy is reportedly taking the place of Jimmy Iovine, who is rumored to be leaving American Idol, but when duty calls duty calls!

And what IS up, as some of you have pointed out, with Interscope, the label that releases Idol music, no longer listing American Idol on its website? Could there be a bigger shake up going on than even rumored? Hm.

If the producers can’t fill the seat in time, it won’t be a catastrophe.  Season 9, when Ellen DeGeneres was brought on to the panel, but couldn’t accommodate the judges auditions in her schedule, different guest judges were enlisted to audition hopefuls in cities around the country. Ellen finally joined the group in Hollywood.


Via Hits Daily Double

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  • Stooch

    LOL turns out you’re nobody in the music industry if you haven’t turned down a spot on the judging panel for AI13

  • No Thanks

    If they don’t shove Randy in there, I predict a round of “guest” judges that will simultaneously be screen tested for chemistry with JLo and Keith.

  • LeahKittyS

    This is probably an unlikely situation, but what happens if they can’t get a permanent judge by Hollywood Week? Will they keep rotating if that’s what they have to do for auditions?

  • Mateja Praznik

    X Factor UK had two guest judges during the audition rounds for season 7. Chery was recovering from malaria and Dannii was on a maternity leave. They also had guest judges last year before they signed Nicole.

    I think Screen testing would be a good idea. Knowing how TPTB operate, probably won’t happen.

  • jpfan2

    I like the idea of rotating guest judges at least up to Hollywood Week. They did it one year and I remember Katy Perry, Shania Twain among others doing a good job.

    Alternative to guest judges: Randy filling in until they get someone permanent.

  • No Thanks

    Poor Idol, JLo is clearing sucking all of Fox’s resources.

  • Pat H

    But Ellen’s year was 4 judges. Not sure a guest judge with only 3 is a good idea. Besides, I have a feeling all these rumors are just well placed rumors. In my mind, they have their 3 judges and have for a while.

  • No Thanks

    I hope not, whoever gets the 3rd slot will look like the last kid picked for the kick ball team on the playground.

  • Wally. Scooter Braun and Dr. Luke all turned down idol? lol wow

  • Mel432

    Will, because they wouldn’t pay him enough, Dr. Luke because he’s with Sony, and Scooter, not sure if his reason is the real one. They should have signed Adam or JuHud in the first place. Makes both sides look bad if they offered it to either of them now.

  • taylor

    But they have Jlo!! lol

  • Face

    I for one see this as a positive… at this stage the idea of revolving judges at auditions as a way of ‘screen testing’ with Keith and JLo makes perfect sense to me…

  • Lucy

    Why does it matter if the guest judge is the 3rd or 4th judge, especially if it is during the judges’ auditions? It might make for a fun change. The show needs something to freshen it up, which TPTB don’t seem to understand. At this point, it really would not surprise me to see Randy back as a judge.

  • Landon Cox

    I’ll do it Fox, just pay off my student loans.

  • tripp_ncwy

    DeadlineTV: Harry Connick Jr. To The Rescue? Crooner In The Mix For ‘American Idol’ Judge

  • Vetle Hovland

    Just hire Michael Slezak or Melinda Doolittle already!

  • Montavilla

    You know, at this point, I’d be fine with HCJ. Just as long as he shouts out, “Shut up, Randy!” at least once a month.

  • Montavilla

    Not gonna lie, it’s looking better for an alumni judge all the time. Not Jennifer Hudson, though. Because it wouldn’t just be another woman on the panel, it’d be another Jennifer.

    Which basically means Adam. If he’d even have the time, what with the Glee thing. Which, nobody but Ryan Murphy seems to know what that even is. And they’re already working around Demi Lovato’s schedule as an X-Factor judge.

    But… they could go another direction and maybe get a DJ. Here’s a wild suggestion. How about Michelle Visage? She’s a radio DJ, was part of girl group, and she isn’t afraid of being a bitch on TV. True, she is a woman, but she’s not going to compete with JLo, looks-wise, and she’s not going to get up on stage and sing.

    Or what about Berry Gordy? He’s a genuine legend as the founder of Motown Records. He’s already got an Idol connection. He might enjoy taking on an elder statesman role.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Please no. . . .

  • Mateja Praznik

    Ugh. Please no.

  • jujubee22

    I think, at this point, that Harry might be the most likely candidate…if he still has any interest in doing it

  • jujubee22

    No one cares when someone got picked once the game starts

  • taptap

    Never gonna happen (imho ofc.).

  • Larc

    This is starting to get really funny. I can picture a completely empty in-box marked “Judge Applications” on somebody’s desk at Idol. They may have to resort to going outside and grabbing somebody off the street. :)

  • No Thanks

    You missed my point. My point was, I don’t think all of these potential judges turning down the job are part of ANY kind of INTENTIONAL PR plan.

    If it is, it’s the stupidest plan ever.

    I’m sure if judge #3 ends up doing a good job, it won’t matter. But, trust me, Idol is NOT trying to fake the public out. Getting turned down left and right is making Idol look bad.

  • Mel432

    Berry Gordy? He’s a legend and all, but he is 83. The AI demo is already getting older. Do they want senior citizens? I think they should get someone in their 20’s or 30’s.

  • lkingcorn

    Idol looking very dumb at this point. They had the perfect judge by audience approval and blew that. Did Jlo break the bank? Screw the contestants and the public! Again–bring in the clowns.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    This is creating the perception that being a judge on Idol isn’t that great of a job and not something that is “sought after”. lol

  • sue

    This could be a good thing. Bring in a couple of guest judges and see who works out with Jlo and Keith in the chemistry department and choose one. It could be an audition for a 3rd judge, lols. I want them to test Harry Connick Jr, John Legend, NPH, Adam Lambert and any other person they can get. Jlo probably doesn’t want another female on the panel so they need another male judge. PLEASE don’t being Randy back, he can be the mentor, that is enough.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that HCJ would have cause to shout that at least once per show. lol

  • Larc

    If they were stupid enough to pay her that much, they fully deserve all the grief they’re getting now trying to get a 3rd judge lined up.

  • Mel432

    I don’t think anyone wants to “audition” to be a judge. They also don’t want to be in limbo for that long. Just hire someone! Big, big mistake paying JLo that much money. Now they can’t afford another superstar like they’re trying to get.

  • LA944

    I am really glad isn’t going to be on the panel. Don’t know anything about Dr Luke or Scooter’s personality–so have no opinion on them. (But, the name Scooter really does bother me–lol)

    I have been saying all along–get a bunch of candidates and test for chemistry–find the best three. Also, put a freakin salary cap on the judges–5/6 mil tops. I’m sure JLO’s salary is taking up a good portion of the budget. No more food for the idols or the crew. They will have to brown bag it. Perhaps some pay toilets will pick up a few bucks to go towards the top 10s tour pay. (If there is a tour)

    I like HCJ. He’s bright, witty, opinionated and a great musician. I don’t think the producers could force him into a script. So, he would be very interesting. He’s always been a good choice-but TPTB probably want more “current” type people. Or, those who have been in the pop world. Too bad.

    Although they would never do it–my dream panel: Cyndi Lauper, either Donald Fagen or Walter Becker from Steely Dan (both highly intelligent, witty, sarcastic as well as brilliant musicians, songwriters & producers) & David Geffen.

  • Larc

    Plus no telling how many others we haven’t heard about.

  • Montavilla

    Look, if all the judges were 83, then I’d think it was a bad idea. But I don’t think one older judge will drive away the Youth of America.

    The whole point of having judges is trying to impress them. Older people are less easily impressed than young ones, and someone who has been in the business as long as Gordy has will not be likely to call anyone the “best singer in the last 50 years.”

    What bugs me about all the judging lately on these shows is that the judges/coaches/mentors have turned into cheerleaders. That’s okay for one person to do consistently. But you also need someone who doesn’t give a fig how you feel, but will tell you how you did.

    That’s why the original panel worked. Paula was supportive, Simon was critical, and Randy provided a moment when the singer could relax, turn off their ears, and take a breath.

  • Mateja Praznik

    But really, 83? At that age, people have all sorts of problems. Bad hearing, bad vision, dementia, etc.

  • Guest

    Just get Jennifer Hudson (or any alum) and call it a day.

  • gclay

    Just get Jennifer Hudson (or any alum) and call it a day. If they were actually going to bring on any new viewers they would have made changes months ago

  • jpfan2

    Please no Idol alums thank you. The only ones with the cred are Kelly and Carrie and they won’t bother. Ditto for JHud (except I find her kind of dull).

  • chloe18

    Also Diddy and Kanye. I know Pharrell was mentioned at one point but I don’t know if that went anywhere.

  • H.A.

    Billboard predicted Scooter wasn’t going to take the job. To much of a risk for him. lol.

  • H.A.

    I doubt JHUD would take the job now. Her contract was almost a 99% done deal. They just need the final OK. They past her up for JLO. Nobody in the business wants to take a job that everyone that matters has turned down.

  • Vetle Hovland

    I know, I know. I’m just a dreamer.

  • MyDailyComment

    He doesn’t have those. He was on pbs a while ago and was not suffering from health issues like that.

  • LeoCS

    They might have to search after someone in the street with a sign saying “will judge for food”.

  • HKfan

    I always wonder how much truth there is to all these rumours……whether these people mentioned really have been approached by Idol, or if one person mentions the name, which spreads like wildfire, and then to save face they say they’ve turned it down rather than ‘well actually no ones asked me.
    Or its Idol that turns THEM down, realising after meeting them that they wouldn’t be a good fit.