American Idol 12 – Zoanette Johnson – National Anthem (VIDEO)

After last night’s show, National Anthem caterwauler, and American Idol hopeful, Zoanette Johnson zoomed straight to #1 on our  Oklahoma city contestant poll.  The mediocre talent featured on the episode, which supposedly featured the “best” of the Oklahoma City auditions, was probably the main reason Zoanette captured Idol viewers’ attention.

But I also think her “special” dancing and “interesting” vocal technique had something to do with it.  If it were possible to certify nutballs, the 19 year old “singer” would certainly be one.

If you haven’t checked out her “performance” yet, do yourself a favor and do it NOW.  Oh, and Zoanette is GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!  We’ll see how she fares when the round begins next week.

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  • Jordana33

    I can’t believe I watched this again…

  • forwarddad

    Caterwauling is the right word. What a mess. Mrs. Norman Gentile?

  • justmefornow

    She’s like an accident you slow down to look at even though you shouldn’t.
    At least Nigel can’t say she doesn’t have a personality, lol.

  • Miz

    I was in shock that they put her through to Hollywood. Really awful and annoying. This girl is going nowhere fast unless Nigel wants to give a nod and lovely parting gift to VFTW.

  • tucker davis

    Me either! It’s Wal-Mart meets Hollywood!

  • nncw

    Totally entertaining, the whole package sort of like Victor Borge (this really dates me!). I mean I don’t know how she packed it all in – she hit the high notes, she did a little soulful rendition of the anthem, she did an imitation of Mariah Carey, she did the little drama thing, oh my and that little foot work was so funny – and she is only 19 years old, okay and she was a little crazy too. 

  • Robert

    A little crazy?? lol

    She sure was interesting.

  • nncw

    Oh she plays the drums too

  • cheese1

    I think she could probably sing if she were properly medicated.  I hope she gets plenty of camera time in group rounds. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Tao is now #1 in the poll.

  • maymay

    Maybe her audition is the best one of this season. She is a great singer and funny comedian. I hope Obama invites her to White House. Her singing National Anthem must outshine Beyonce`s.

  • Li Wright

    She’s going to blow out her vocal chords.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that the prospect of great tv moments is why Zoanette was put through to Hollywood.

  • HKfan

    Obviously sometimes things get lost in translation between America and Britain…I thought this was probably one of the worst auditions ever on Idol, and the judges lost all credability sending her through to Hollywood. Lets hope she’s one of the first ones cut.

  • Incipit

    I think that the prospect of great tv moments is why Zoanette was put through to Hollywood.

    IDK, fuzzywuzzy, the absolutely only choice part of her performance wasn’t even her – and funny as it was, how many times can Keith fall off of his chair?

    Also. I do not want to hear her systematically destroy another song just to see what Keith will do in reaction, KWIM?


  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    “The mediocre talent featured on the show…”  Mediocre? My you’re being awfully generous!  ;) 

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    The ol’ car wreck on the freeway analogy, eh? ;)

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    But of course! SHE’S not afraid to sing live sans back track…and just look at how much hotter she is than Beyonce! ;)

  • Ratchet13

    Did anybody notice Mariah never voted. And, then turned to Keith and called her a complete mess

  • DJ49

    At first I thought that they all voted yes, but when I watched it again, it looked like Mariah didn’t vote at all.

  • glitter12

    A disgrace to our American anthem. Mediocre talent?? If she was introduced on The Voice I could just imagine the comment.

  • Miss Chaos

    That was awful, a joke and they never should have sent her thru, what was Nigel thinking?  He never sent bad dancers thru, the show will be going down the tubes with that mess, I am sad for the show and for Nigel, I am sure he told the judges to send her thru, wait till she gets cut, it will make this look like a quiet audition!

  • Larc

    Disgusting!  It was a disrespectful and terrible performance of the NA.  If that joke got a Golden Ticket, anybody should be able to get one.

  • abbysee

    Were they flipping kidding? Horrendous! Oh, I wanna see here birth certificate too! Lol. She is fodder if there was one.

  • hekawi25

    if you click on the Top 40 Spoilers link on this page, there is Zoanette Johnson’s name among the 20 girls listed. makes you wonder what happens in Hollywood

  • cheese1

    The judges/producers pick the Top 40 anyway, I don’t think it matters if they put a few, uh, questionable contestants through to Hollywood for the purpose of producing an entertaining TV show. Hollywood rounds would be really dull if it were just a bunch of boring, earnest kids crying non-stop and going on and on about their broken dreams. 

  • Listening

    Zoanette was easily the best thing on that episode. She has personality,
    can dance, entertain and has potential vocally. The entire time I
    listened to her sing I had my head cocked thinking ummm is this actually
    good. It was weird b/c I kept flip-flopping between it’s good and it’s
    not. I guess I was confused b/c I was aware she was showing off her
    range which was kind of expansive but just threw everything she could do
    into one song and at times she would lose control of her voice. I think
    if she could arrange a song better and actually try since I believe she
    was half joking and half serious w/ that song she could really surprise
    some people b/c she’s got some talent hidden behind the playfulness.

  • Amy Beth

    I’m surprised they put her through, but i’m more surprised it was unanimous. Why so drama free? This is the perfect kind of contestant to have the judges fight over. 

  • mjsbigblog


    NO SPOILERS PLEASE. If you want to discuss spoilers, there is a specific post linked in the header expressly for that purpose.

  • ZsusK

    I kind of love her.  Also, remember that the contestants often perform two songs for the judges. She might have wowed them with a second song.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    I loved her.She is amazingly nuts

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol Yeah, I also thought that Keith’s reaction was the highlight of Zoanette’s audition. I’m with you in not wanting to hear her destroy another song, but I still think that with her OTT personality, and bizarrely horrendous singing, the producers are hoping for some entertaining drama during the next rounds (especially her interactions with group members). ;)

  • dabney c

    Of course, VFTW is all over this one. They have convinced themselves that Zoanette is Nigel’s nod to them in their final year.  Crazy, but I kind of think it may be true!

  • Montavilla

    Zoanette was easily the best thing on that episode. She has personality, can dance, entertain and has potential vocally. The entire time I 
    listened to her sing I had my head cocked thinking ummm is this actually
    good. It was weird b/c I kept flip-flopping between it’s good and it’s 

    This.  But, as terribly oversung as it was, every note was spot on.  I love her.  Loved her even before she started singing, because anyone who can do that booty dance so shamelessly can truly be a star.  Loved that she went into that room with her skirt hiked up to show all her goods. LOL.And did you notice that she was able to rock the 10-inch heels?  This is one girl we don’t have to worry about toppling over onstage.I cannot wait to see what havoc she wreaks. 

  • justmefornow

    Me too! Does anyone know if that annoying nemesis of Heejun, the Cowboy, is back?
    If so, I hope she’s in a group with him. That would be some great TV.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I cannot wait to see what havoc she wreaks.”

    lol I think that is exactly what the producers are hoping for.

  • James M.

    I love Zoanette and am probably gonna be behind VFTW for this one. The show, to me, has gotten somewhat boring. I’ve liked the audition rounds this year, some good talent, some bad ones, etc., but after some of the past few winners, it’s been a bit dull. After Jessica Sanchez got robbed (IMO), I said I was done with the show. Clearly I’m not, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the show finally start to fall. Hey, we need a girl winner, right?! :P

    In reality I think I’d probably choose Angela Miller to be the winner based on how much I liked their audition for actually being good, but Zoanette was my favorite audition in the past few seasons (entertaining and trolling). I kind of wouldn’t be surprised if she were actually a good singer, for some reason. And I kind of hope she is.

    Angela/Zoanette finale :P

  • beanowl

    I can’t believe I watched this eight times.

  • blackberryharvest

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the show finally start to fall

    Wishing a show would fail? Alrighty then….When I hate a show I just turn off the TV…

    There’s no way in hell the voters would put her through anyway. She would have to pull a Pia or Jessica.

  • HKfan

    wow you’re brave….I could barely get through it once on the actual show, I just sat there shaking my head thinking WTF!!!! Didn’t find it entertaining at all. And I can’t believe she’s 19, looks at least 35.

  • durbesque

    The ultimate praise for a contestant is….You made it your own!  No denyin’ that’s what Z did!

  • Cory Patrick ??

    I guess we all know she sang the anthem live, no studio would pre-record those vocals for a performance. 

  • sabbia

    Hardcore Idol fandom may not want to hear this but…

    This is the kind of entertainment and personality that may defibrillate this old show enough to give it life for a bit longer. (To add: I still think the show will die a slow death if TBTB don’t totally revamp the entire competition format in some creative and new way). 

  • steph6449

    Footage of this should really be burned lol. 

  • bahogbugan_simj

    she’s nuts and she hurt my ears but she’s what this boring show needs

  • bahogbugan_simj

    yeah if you removed the caterwauling and the screeching parts, she was actually right on the notes

  • DragonFly

    “I hope she gets plenty of camera time in group rounds.”

    No problem, what group?–she’ll be front & ctr elbowing everyone else out of the spotlight.

    I think even the judges panel was caught offguard & needed some OTT “bling”.  Funny, but to Hollywood?  Uh, that’d be NO! 

  • H.A.

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a train wreck audition show.
    She’s the best I’ve seen in years. Every time I watch it I still crack up. I love her.

  • durbesque

    The most glorious moment in American Idol history will come when Zoanette sings “And I am telling you”.  Move over, Jen.

  • Leandro

    She HAS to duet “And I am telling you” with Normund Gentle at the finale. That would be the most glorious moment of American Idol story.