American Idol 12 Top 8 – Poll Results and Predictions (VIDEO)

AMERICAN IDOL: Kree Harrison on AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday, March 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

American Idol 12 Top 8: You guys took the polls, the votes are in, check out the results!

Your favorite performance was far and away Janelle Arthur’s haunting cover of “Keep Me Hanging”.  That performance earned  37.96% of the vote. Candice Glover’s groovy “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” took 15.53% of the vote. Kree Harrison’s “Don’t Play That Song” is right behind her with 15.06%. and Amber Holcomb’s lovely “Lately” took 13.55% of the vote.  Dead last, was of course was the trainwreck group performance from Burnell, Devin and Lazaro with only 3 votes that averaged out to 0%. Can’t go any lower than that?

However, your favorite overall CONTESTANT is Kree Harrison with 28.79% of the vote. Candice Glover is next with 20.9 %, Janelle Arthur follows with 17.01%, Amber Holcomb is 4th with 12.49%. Angela Miller rounds out the Top 5 with 11.16% of the vote.

Watch out girls, Ms. Janelle Arthur is gaining some momentum, methinks!

All 3 boys dwell in the bottom with percentages in the 3s.  Lazaro  Arbos is dead last.

Who SHOULD go home?  81.83% of you overwhelming voted to send Lazaro Arbos home.  But most of you don’t think he’ll actually be sent packing. 60% of you believe Devin Velez will be sent back to Chicago tonight.

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Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor will surely wind up in the bottom 3 for lackluster performances, plus that awful group number.  No matter how much he may have deserved it, throwing Lazaro under the bus did NOT help the boys’ cause. It probably served to sway even more voters to feel sorry for Laz.  However, Lazaro could end up in the bottom 3, but I don’t think he’s headed home yet.  Also a possibility for the bottom 3? Angela Holcomb, who I’m not convinced is clicking with the viewers, even as she sings her face off.

Bottom 3

Devin Velez – Going home.  Several trips to the bottom means his time to go is here
Burnell Taylor
Lazaro Arbos or possibly Amber Holcomb 

Video Recap

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  • blackberryharvest

    I think we may see an all male bottom 3, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an Amber shocker elimination. They would save her if that happened.

  • jcabby

    All three guys deserve to be in the bottom three. The girls were by far better in their individual performances.

    Janelle is certainly coming up in the rankings and deservedly so. She impressed me for two weeks in a row.

  • Sunny Mc

    That could happen, if enough people thought Nicki was too mean to the 3 boys.

  • Jason Scott

    I’m leaning towards an all guy bottom 3 too, as it was obvious the producers fed them to the sharks last night.

  • Marin Kuhari?

    Angie peaked too early, I doubt she’ll make it to the finals. I’d love to see Candice in the finale, but I suspect we’ll be seeing Kree and Janelle on that big stage in May…
    It saddens me, but yeah, I agree Devin will probably go home tonight, which is pretty unfair, IMO. Can’t believe we’re already down to seven. Wish the judges would use the save on Devin. But they won’t, for obvious reasons. :/

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Amber may be eliminated tonight, but if she is, I hope that the judges use their save on her. She’s my favorite this year, but I can see that she doesn’t have much support.

  • Brian

    I don’t think Amber will be eliminated, but I do expect her in the bottom three again. Most polls have Amber between 2nd and 4th as most liked last night…I know she doesn’t have big fan base, but after bottom three last week, I expect more votes, and Devin surely can’t pass her up. I just hope being in the bottom three more than once wouldn’t hurt her chances of being saved later.

  • Weebs787

    I can’t say I wouldn’t have done EXACTLY what Burnell and Devin did after that trainwreck group number but it’s hard for me not to understand why they were so frustrated. Lazaro sings horribly, forgets words, and makes a million excuses a week and gets a pass because of his stuttering. It is now the only reason he is still there. They all understand it, including Lazaro and it’s got to be wearing on them. I really really hope for the sake of all of them, that Lazaro gets eliminated even if I have a hard time thinking he will.

    I’m actually quite surprised at the favorite contestant poll. Angela seems to be sliding fast and Janelle is taking her place. I think Angie is our prime shock boot candidate this season. I would say Amber, but sadly I won’t be shocked if she’s eliminated early. It will be unwarranted but girl needs to amp up the energy if she’s going to break the Kree/Candice domination duo.

  • Ira

    T isIt is a shame that they

  • ptebwwong

    Devin & Burnell are definitely in the Bottom 3. Lazaro won’t be in the B3. I don’t think Amber will either. I think people voted for her knowing she was in the B3 last week.

    My surprising pick in the B3 is Candice. She went first. While she has a fanbase, I think it’s less than Kree or Angie. Janelle is improving and will get votes. I can see many people thinking Candice was safe last night & get complacent & singing first is usually never good.

  • Brian

    I wonder if Lazaro has seen this show before. He seems shocked that he actually has to learn a new song every week.

  • Joey

    I think the bottom 3 is: Angie, Burnell and Devin – with Devin going home. I would give anything to have Lazaro go home this week, but I think it is only wishful thinking.

  • Garrett Clayman

    I usually split my votes but last night I gave all 50 votes to Amber, she is not my favorite but she really needs support and she sang way too well to be sent home

  • Ira

    Is Amber, this season’s Pia?

  • EvenMoreron

    We all know a “shock” elimination is gonna happen soon (maybe next week?), and I think it would happen between Kree or Candice. For me, Amber has got that Diana/Haley/Syesha vibe where she’s in the bottom 3 early, but survives to make it at almost to the end. The judges would definitely “save” Burnell too.

  • Weebs787

    this is my biggest issue with Lazaro, even moreso than his horrific singing. He just doesn’t seem to understand the way this show works! lol He’s the only one who makes excuses even though everyone is in the same boat. I can’t even imagine how he will be if he gets to the point where they need to learn 2 or 3 songs.

  • Nostradamas

    Has anyone else looked at the contestant’s Twitter and Facebook followings? Angie has more than twice as many on both sites…FYI She has over 73k Twitter followers and over 50k FB fans on the most active page. Next is Kree at over 33k Twitter followers and the most active FB page (has 4?)has over 12k fans..


  • Ira


  • Li Wright

    I hope they don’t have to sing for their supper (or save), which I think is just stupid and insulting.

  • Li Wright

    Does anybody remember his audition? Did he mention that he had seen AI before, or did his family want him to audition? I remember Jennifer Hudson said she had never seen the show and she tagged along with her sister. That could be Lazaros. Maybe somebody in his family told him to go.

  • Henrique Mendes

    well‚ i can see it‚ but Amber was in the bottom. Pia was a total surprise! And they had used the save before pia was eliminated. They can still save Amber

  • pj

    I hope it’s not Burnell. I really enjoyed his performance last night. He’s the best guy left.

  • taylor

    I’m worried that Candice might be in the bottom three this week. :( Kree and Angie have built up a nice fanbase and Janelle stepped it up last night. TPTB are doing everything they can to keep Amber in the game, so Candice could be being pushed to the side. Add in the fact, that Candice went first, and we might see her in the bottom three. If it happens, I will be outraged with you!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Weebs787 wrote:

    I can’t say I wouldn’t have done EXACTLY what Burnell and Devin did after that trainwreck group number but it’s hard for me not to understand why they were so frustrated. Lazaro sings horribly, forgets words, and makes a million excuses a week and gets a pass because of his stuttering. It is now the only reason he is still there. They all understand it, including Lazaro and it’s got to be wearing on them. I really really hope for the sake of all of them, that Lazaro gets eliminated even if I have a hard time thinking he will.

    That’s the worst part. Now that everyone knows that Lazaro won’t/can’t learn a second song, not to mention any choreography, everyone is going to dread having to sing with him in a duo or trio, and frankly I don’t blame them. Lazaro was pretty flippant in his post-show interview about his trio performance, even a bit cocky, so he really does need to leave now.

  • RockiDreams

    The only one that even remotely appeared t connect to their song was Janelle. The rest were not even close. Kree doesn’t move and is just plain boring. I do not get the ohhs and ahhhhs about her singing at all. Angie is interesting but horrible song choice and performance. Lazaro is not ready for Idol and their crap at all. Actually, when I think about it, please put all of the judges in the bottom three and boot Nikki.

  • LeahKittyS

    Normally I would be upset about a beautiful singer like Burnell or Devin going now before some others, but the inevitability of it has hardened my Idol heart. I’m beginning to wonder if this comment section is the right place for me. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t want to be negative towards anyone this season. Yes, Lazaro’s performances haven’t been great (or sometimes, even good). Yes, there may be some unjust eliminations. But as mad as I’ve been about performances and eliminations in seasons past, this year I just want to be happy with everything. The early cuts don’t feel wrong at all. The subpar performances don’t bother me in the slightest. I just enjoy everything, right down to Nicki’s brand of wackiness.
    Maybe it’s the over-manipulation that makes me feel this way. Maybe because of all the producer fixes, I feel like my voice doesn’t matter so I shouldn’t have one. Or maybe after 8 years of following Idol religiously I know that everything will be okay in the end, so I accept whatever comes when it comes. Or maybe it was something Colton said last year that changed my attitude. In his interview for TV Line, he mentioned how he and the other contestants knew they were solely there for television and didn’t take it seriously as a competition. Maybe that’s why Lazaro keeps making excuses; he doesn’t care about how he comes off because he knows he’s little more than a circus monkey. I think every Idol in his or her right mind knew that while they were on the show. If they cried upon elimination, it was because they were leaving their friends behind, not because some great hope was dashed. They know that the show, for all its star-making power, is not a miracle-worker. Lazaro is not there to win. He is there to make little girls scream and give children with speech impediments a hero. And it’s working. So maybe he’s wiser than we think, and all those who actually believe this is a competition are delusional.

  • abbysee

    I sorta understand, but really it is a competition. Anytime people vie for a prize or special recognition, its a competition. But its also a television show, and Lazaro is playing his role. Some people are inspired by him as though his singing is miraculous, its not. All stutterers stop doing so when they sing. See The King’s Speech. I think he is inspirational in that he is exposing himself and was seen as humble while overcoming the odds. But for me now the only things he’s exposing is lack of character in his finger pointing, possible lying, (jimmigate), and never taking responsibility for his shortcomings.

    I don’t believe that Colton didn’t believe it was a competition, nor do I believe he at no point thought he could win. Of course he was there for the exposure, that’s why he accompanied his sister in the first place, and had to be persuaded to audition.

  • cheese1

    I’ve been disappointed in his song choices since the finals started, but I really liked his Vegas performances. I’m hoping he makes it through at least until next week. I do think the judges might save him if he’s out tonight – why save it for a girl when they don’t seem to care which one wins?

  • Brian

    Yes, but you are wrong about second on twitter…Lazaro has like 48K or something like that on his twitter.

  • Jason Scott

    Yea, about that….HA! :)

  • Lionel Pereira

    Voting is mostly based the contestant’s fan base and not their weekly performances. That kind of why Lazaro has been surviving the eliminations because of all his supporters. I kind of fear that Amber might be in the bottom 3 instead of the top 3.

  • Lionel Pereira

    I agree. Like Jessica and Pia, Amber will be saved if she gets eliminated tonight

  • Face

    I found your comments really interesting… because, to me at least, the show is not any different now than it has been for its 12 years… and I think that’s the real problem…
    there’s always been TPTB manipulation and deck stacking… they’ve always cast each season with contestants who they felt would make good TV, and who fit certain types (the RnB diva, the AC guy etc..)… with maybe 2 or 3 each season they truly want to win, the ones they think could potentially be successful post show (the highly pimped)…
    add to that 12 years of the same themes and songs, and the format is now becoming tired and dated…
    plus after 12 years we are all so much more aware of all of this… the more you watch it the more you know what to expect, and easier it becomes to see what TPTB are doing and why… and the more annoying it becomes to see them continue to do the things that you dislike…
    so viewer fatigue sets in and once people reach their limit they stop watching… and since TV and XF come along, people have other options if they haven’t quite reached that fatigue stage…

  • music_lover

    oops — you have “Angela Holcomb” in the My Predictions” section (instead of Amber)

  • Incipit

    “But as mad as I’ve been about performances and eliminations in seasons past, this year I just want to be happy with everything.”

    LeahKittyS, Idol is still up to the same old tricks, nothing is new this season except we can see a little further behind the curtain, IMO. Are you sure you’re not just feeling euphoric because as bad as it gets, at least you don’t have to deal with the Song Dementor every week? I can see being so relieved that this one of Nigel’s Gimmick Contestants wasn’t voted through that everything else is roses. Maybe? *Wink*

  • dabney c

    Who is the “Song Dementor”

  • dabney c

    That’s your biggest mistake: never let Colton Dixon be your guru. Never. Never. Never. :-D

  • Weebs787

    yeah exactly. It’s got to suck for the rest of them who seem to all be trying really hard to know that no matter what Lazaro does he isn’t going anywhere. I’m sure both Burnell and Devin were worried that the trio performance would hurt their vote totals last night. I’d be angry too. I mean we’re not at the point yet where he’s seriously threatening someone who has a legit shot at winning being eliminated, but I get this feeling he will last longer than at least 2 of the 5 girls.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I see Lazaro making it to at least the top 5.

  • dabney c

    Abbysee, I completely agree that all of them look at this as a competition … and a fierce one at that. Colton is a huge BSer, starting with the bull of him having to be “coaxed” into auditioning last season. Ugh.

  • aj rabin

    I could see a shock bottom 3 for Angie

  • Incipit

    Who is the “Song Dementor”

    That would be Nigel’s Gimmick Contestant who viciously attacked and butchered the US National Anthem. He wanted her on the cast instead of some other, possibly legitimate singer, and he put her through to finally get to a live voting round. I don’t type the name, it might summon the sound she makes. (Only slightly kidding)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I never believe anything that Colton says, especially about himself. lol

  • LeahKittyS

    Maybe what you say about the Song Dementor is true :) But I’m just a happy person overall. I don’t like to be upset. At first, when I started watching, I would get upset if someone I really liked went home early. But then I would listen to all the season’s iTunes recordings (yes, every single one done by a finalist) and write out my big long musical story, and sometimes see the tour, and I’d be as happy as a clam. I just don’t let my favorite show upset me anymore. I get used to producer casting and just accept it. It even helps me build my story.

  • pj

    Maybe he’ll get the save if it comes down to it.

  • Anny_nanny

    iTunes reaction

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    48. OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself
    84. OneRepublic – Feel Again

    261. Keith Urban – Long Hot Summer

    157. Colton Dixon – You Are
    227. Colton Dixon – Never Gone
    362. Colton Dixon – Love Has Come for Me

  • Anny_nanny

    4. OneRepublic – Native (Deluxe Version)
    46. OneRepublic – Native
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    356. OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

    216. Keith Urban – Keith Urban: Greatest Hits
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    7. Colton Dixon – A Messenger