American Idol 12 Top 6 – What Should the Idols Sing?

First, I know there is a rumor that the Bacharach/David theme has been nixed.  An updated press release that FOX sent out early Friday morning edited out the reference to the theme (but not to the second, “Songs You Wish You Had Written).

However, the @Idolspoilers guy, Andy, who has been spoiling songs and themes all season, insists that the kids are still singing Bacharach/David. But even more telling– Candice Glover confirmed both themes on Saturday afternoon.  I don’t think she would deliberately feed false info to her fans. If the theme was a secret, she’d say so and not answer the question.

Unfortunately, I do believe the kids are still stuck with the Bacharach/David catalog.  But cheer up.  The songs are old yes…but they are also fantastic–well constructed with gorgeous melodies. It could be worse.  Now that we’ve cleared up any lingering questions—here are my suggestions for the Idols this week:

Burt Bacharach/Hal David

  • Janelle Arthur – “Twenty-Four Hours to Tulsa” or “Only Love Can Break a Heart” –  Both Originally recorded by Gene Pitney.  See. The duo were so versatile, they wrote country songs. 
  • Kree Harrison – “Baby It’s You”  This song was originally recorded by The Shirells, but has been covered a lot by artists including The Beatles, Adele and a bluesy-hardrock band called Smith.  This is right in Kree’s wheelhouse.
  • Amber Holcomb – “Promises Promises” from the Broadway musical – The song is upbeat, but will also give Amber an opportunity to show off her pipes. She’s a fan of Karen Carpenter, maybe she’ll pick “Close to You”
  • Candice Glover – “I Say A Little Prayer” – Originally sung by Aretha Franklin. But I’m sure Candice could put her on spin on it. I’m sure 
  • Angie Miller –  “Don’t Make Me Over” – Originally sung by Dionne Warwick. It would play into Angie’s dramatic side.
  • Lazaro Arbos – “What’s New Pussycat” – For the LULZ of course!
Songs You Wish You Had Written 

Without getting a peek at the 10 songs the Idols get to choose from (SNARK) this theme is a little open ended. Maybe I’ll just choose songs I’d like the finalists to sing…

  • Janelle Arthur –  A Dolly Parton song…maybe “My Tennessee Mountain Home” or “Coat of Many Colors”
  • Kree Harrison –  Patsy Cline – Either “Crazy” or “I Fall to Pieces”. Kree has cited Patsy as an influence.
  • Amber Holcomb –  Welp. She’ll sing one of the Divas: Whitney or Celine probably. I don’t have the will to figure out a song for her.
  • Candice Glover –  “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae – I don’t even know where to begin. So many songs are possibilities. But I’m going to choose something super cool and modern for Candice.
  • Angie Miller – She’s all about Jesse J., but how about a song by Katy Perry? “Firework,” perhaps.
  • Lazaro Arbos – “Gangnam Style” or “Single Ladies” because I really want to see him do silly dances. It would distract from his singing and him forgetting the words.  But, as somebody pointed out in comments, he’ll probably sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” again…
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  • Cavaknights

    Did you leave out angie for a reason? lol

  • LeahKittyS

    OH NO! Someone asked Lazaro on Twitter what his all-time favorite song was, and he answered “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion! I know for sure they have the rights cleared for that one…oh boy. Brace yourselves!

  • Brittany Keener

    If we have to be stuck with him….I expect entertainment and this….this could achieve that.

  • LeahKittyS

    Well, he loves the song, so at least he won’t forget the lyrics…but I bet the Internet hopes the “Song I Wish I’d Written” theme comes first in the night, because he’s more likely to mess up a Bacharach/David song.

  • breakdown

    I would love it if Kree sings Patsy Cline.

  • breakdown

    Omg, this could go down in history!

  • Karen C

    I think Lazaro should do That’s what Friends are for. Or maybe they should do it as the group song.

  • Karen C

    This proves it!! American Idol is like the Titanic this year!!

  • Kariann Hart

    Lazaro should sing something by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. In Spanish, of course. Love the Gene Pitney choices. What about Angie?

  • Miss Blue

    No Angie? Should we consider this a spoiler? Hee.

  • broddybounce

    MJ — good pick on “Promises Promises” for Amber, which was actually made famous by Dionne Warwick. But actually — I’ll take that one step further: “Alfie,” an even more iconic Dionne song. I think Amber can have her “tender moments” for Randy in that song and then do Diva Mariah justice on the big power note at the end. She could be on a pedestal and be lit just like Clay was lit, dark & brooding, for “Solitaire.” Whaddyathink?

  • jdanton2

    Candice confirmed the theme again last night.

  • Anny_nanny

    Packaging of chocolate ice cream, a pack of paper handkerchiefs… I’m ready!

  • Rami H

    For Candice Don’t Make Me Over or Are You There With Another Girl.
    Amber – A House Is Not A Home
    Kree – I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
    Angie — .????
    Janelle – A countrified version of I Say A Little Prayer

    Lazaro – …. (I don’t care)

  • Rami H

    This Girl’s In Love With You for Angie!

  • Laudemhir Jan Maisog Parel

    Where’s Angie there? I thought the title said Top 6 but I only saw 5. Did I miss an episode?

  • harvestmoon

    Maybe MJ has inside information that Angie is going to be bussed this week, therefore song choice doesn’t matter for her.

  • Li Wright

    Does Laz know Spanish? Don’t you think he would have sung in Spanish, like Devin, if he knew it?

  • Li Wright

    Is this a 2 hour show? Is that why they are singing two songs, one from the past, and one that’s current? Here’s a thought! Have them sing both songs in one setting, instead of coming back the 2nd part of the show and singing the 2nd song.
    Anything to stretch this show out.
    BTW, I thought AI was much more interesting with “name” artists like Diana Ross, Dionne, Hall&Oates, et al would mentor the singers. The show needs to bring some “star” power to the show, but maybe there’s a cost element involved and they cannot afford it.

  • Vetle Hovland

    I have a feeling that Janelle will do Jolene for the second theme. No one should pick House of The Rising Sun! Amber should stay away from Whitney. If she wants to fill some big shoes, why not do something by Michael Jackson. I would like to see something more modern though. I need Candice to do Don’t Make Me Over. I remember Amber Riley doing it on Glee. It was aaaamazing. For the second theme, I want her to do something completely a capella and just rip our hearts out.

    I’ve always wanted to hear someone do Sia’s Breathe Me or pretty much anything by Lissie.

  • usedtobelucy

    ‘”Alfie,” an even more iconic Dionne song. I think Amber….do Diva Mariah
    justice on the big power note at the end.’

    To me, Alfie just sounds like the most dated song in the universe. Seriously. It sounds more dated than Bicycle Built for Two to me, I swear. … That’s my issue with Bacharach-David. While I know that a lot of their catalogue can be updated and “made their own” by some artists, a lot of their stuff just *screams* of its original decade and you really would have to be quite a strong individual interpreter of songs to yank it out of that decade. I have a hard time seeing Amber making Alfie her own and a song of the 21st century.

  • Jenny Williams

    If Lazaro did Gangnam style or Single Ladies, I’d probably vote for him. Just Saying

  • ladymctech

    Maybe Angie resigned during the week, LOL. Or is in Idol time out for her tweets.

  • CanadianLady

    He’s originally from Cuba. His mother has only spoken Spanish in clips. He said a few weeks ago that he hoped to stay on Idol long enough to sing a song in Spanish. And he has said his favourite singer is Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

  • aj rabin

    2 songs already? In seasons past 2 songs were sung after 10 or 11 weeks of voting to signal the finale is nearing and the idols better step up their game. This season had so much dead weight from the mediocre guys (Lazaro still needs to get booted ASAP) that the girls were given a free pass up til now. Its as if the top 10 is beginning now just with 6 contestants.

  • mjsbigblog


  • Tinawina

    “Amber Holcomb – Welp. She’ll sing one of the Divas: Whitney or Celine probably. I don’t have the will to figure out a song for her.”

    LMAO!!!!! And so true. I too have given up on Amber, and that was *before* the Slezak tweets. Girl is hopeless. Enjoy singing in Branson honey! They LOVE Whitney there :)

    I’m only here for Kree, Candice and Janelle. And Laz trainwrecks.
    Can’t wait to see your Angie picks, I like the ones for my girls so far.

  • Tinawina

    **orders extra buttery popcorn**

  • woodchuck25

    This would be golden. Sure he’ll know the words to that one, but it’ll be a campy mess ALONG with him totally butchering whatever Bucharach song he hasn’t heard of. He is the only reason I’m watching the show. Long Live Lazaro!

  • damo

    The best song for Lazaro would be Loca (Shakira), since he is in it to win it.

    Not sure if Shakira would allow any of her songs to be cleared.

  • Kariann Hart

    I agree, let’s see some Guest Mentors. I don’t care what their age is – help Jimmy out!

  • Kariann Hart

    Then let’s see him see some Selena! He’ll probably know the words.

  • Kariann Hart

    Who is he? Do you mean Lazaro is the pick for Vote For the Worst?

  • Noa Na’aman

    they did 2 songs from the second top 7 last year.

  • jpfan2

    Amber will probably sing Alfie because she always goes with the obvious stuff.
    Angie should actually do Promises, Promises. It’s a fun song and she should go upbeat. All of these songs need personality or they will sound very karaoke.Please Idol how about at least one guest mentor before the season ends.This is getting ridiculous!

    Lazaro is the worst singer but brings the most personality to his stuff. Although I think once he picks a soapy ballad and doesn’t mangle it, his days on the show are over.

  • Jason Gorny

    MJ, I agree with what you said about Angie. She could do Wide Awake by Katy Perry. She did her own cover on youtube with a piano

  • Tinawina

    If by “brings personality” you mean “brings sweaty off key caterwauling with overdramatic hand movements” then I agree, Lazaro brings the most of that to his performances. LMAO.I find him ridiculously entertaining though, both on stage and for the online chatter he generates. Imma need him to knock off a girl or 2 before he goes for the shits and giggles. As long as one of them isn’t Candice or Kree its all good.

  • Rami H

    What were the Slezak tweets?

  • Tinawina

    See yesterday’s headlines thread for answers :)

  • LeahKittyS

    Well, now Lazaro is tweeting lyrics from “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher. So…now I’m confused. Either way I smell a very strange rendition of a song I like coming.

  • WilkesG

    It would be funny if Lazaro lasted longer than Candice.

  • Eilonwy

    Well, I see one line from the song in his timeline. Does Arbos delete a lot?

    Anyway, there was an omg! Cher’s dead ruckus on Twitter, following the death of Margaret Thatcher, due to widespread misreading of the hashtag #nowthatchersdead.

  • Tinawina

    I would not find it funny only because I like Candice a lot. Yes I am a hypocrite. LOL. To be brutally honest I like Janelle and Amber too but neither of them is going to win (or make final 2) anyway so it doesn’t really matter when they leave.

    Candice might actually make the final 2 – she probably won’t win I admit – so I’d rather she stick around to get a shot at a record deal. In the meantime, I need Laz to do a dance number so we can get a shot of his huge pit stains afterwards. And at some point I want jazz hands from him. Must think of the potential gifs. Yup.

  • Eilonwy

    It’s fairly likely that we’ll get a chance to see if that’s funny or not.

    Since “everybody knows” that the Save has to be used this week and ‘everybody knows” that it’ll be used for a gal but not for Arbos, what we should see this week is strong voting for Arbos and lackluster voting for the gals, with an all-gal Bottom 3.

    If Lythgoe indulges his love of “shocking twists” and decides to fix the schedule without using the Save this week, a frontrunner like Glover or Harrison could easily go home.

  • Amy Beth

    Because I am an evil person, I think Lazaro should sing “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies!

    Also, not joking, I’d like to hear Janelle’s take on “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”. The song has an uptempo, but lyrically is the most similar to a country song and very relatable to what the Idols are going through.

  • LeahKittyS

    Was there really? I can see why that would happen, but that’s still pretty silly. But I don’t think Lazaro’s tweet had anything to do with that.

  • WilkesG

    I was just kidding…I actually wouldn’t find it funny, but to read it and think about it is upsetting since I’ve been pulling for Amber. I don’t think anyone other than Kree or Angie will win, though.

    I do fully expect a girl to be at the bottom this week though, and to be saved. Who knows what would happen the following week. It might actually be advantageous for Amber to be at the bottom and to get the save though, and that could potentially hurt someone like Candice the following week if Amber were to get rally votes the week following the save.

  • LeahKittyS

    If it’s going to be a girl at the bottom, it’s probably going to be Janelle. Her fan base may save her after last week’s scare, but my source indicates this may be her undeserved time. But considering she was an early favorite, they’d probably save her. In my opinion Amber is still the weakest girl, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were her.

  • Larc

    Maybe there should be a pool on which song Lazaro will forget lyrics of. Bacharach/David? Songs You Wish You Had Written? Both? I don’t think “neither” needs to be an option.

  • Larc

    VFTW planned to make Zoanette their all-time poster person, but she didn’t make it to the finals. That “honor” then fell to Lazaro. ;)

  • Tinawina

    I could see that happening. I think there’s only so long both Amber and Candice can co-exist, so eventually one of them is going to get das boot. Similar to the Holly/Jessica situation last year but with even less votes to split methinks. Somebody will be outta here soon.

  • Face

    funny you should mention resigning… I had a thought earlier in the shower (as you do) that Lazaro might resign… pressure, media backlash etc… causing TPTB even more woes (having to have 2 weeks of no eliminations, having no polarising contestant etc…)

  • ReginaFilange

    A few songs I think the girls could slay:

    Candice – Fidelity by Regina Spektor/Lions, Tigers, and Bears by Jazmine Sullivan

    Angie – Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy/Breakeven by The Script

    Kree – Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor/Just Like Jesse James by Cher

    Amber – Lights by Ellie Goulding/Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

    Janelle – Hip to My Heart by The Band Perry/Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

  • WilkesG

    Your source? You mean someone with knowledge of the actual voting results? My guess is Janelle gets the bottom three bounce, as most do after their first visit…and Amber will be falling down from her bounce from two weeks ago. Of course, performances matter, but this is if they both stay par for the course.

  • curly_yenta

    Breaking News! Laz forgot what he was going to sing. ;)

  • Chablis

    You have a source that already knows who is going to be in the bottom? Isn’t that voter rigging?

  • LeahKittyS

    My source isn’t connected to the show at all. Starting last year I’ve been looking at VoteFair, which provides a more fair ballot for Idol viewers to express who their favorite is. It also predicts who will go home each week, as listed as “Choice eliminated in the first round.” So far, based on whose name that was on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, it has correctly predicted the eliminations of Curtis, Paul, Devin, and Burnell. Earlier this week they called it for Lazaro, but now they are calling it for Janelle. We’ll see who it is on the night that matters. If you’re interested, click this link.

  • CB40

    I’ve been wanting Angie to do Firework or Skyscraper all year.

  • Kesia Monteith

    That vote fair site is just awful. Geez…

  • HermeticallySealed

    I might also point out, we had more voting shows in the past. Having the top 10 girls and boys separate until top 6 for each gave us a better chance to weed people out. It’s why I hate this 20/24 to 10 in one go that we have gotten the last few seasons.

  • LeahKittyS

    Why? Because it’s hard to understand, or because it says Janelle could be in trouble? I think it has a pretty good overview of how each season plays out.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Because of the way they undermined Candice and Amber. I mean, they say to Candice that popping up and down is not dancing…yet Kree has been dancing up a storm on stage. LOL. (and this is in relation to their reasoning why Janelle, Kree or Angie may win). And if Amber is the female is in most in danger, then shouldn’t she be the one projected to go home?

  • LeahKittyS

    They say things like that about someone every year. And there’s a difference between what the people running the site project and what the people who vote on the site project. The site projects Amber; the voters project Janelle.

  • girlygirl

    Candice has been tweeting hints for her song choices. Here are her tweeted hints about her 2nd song:

    “I have covered this artist twice on my YouTube channel, however the song I’m singing is not originally theirs. The song is originally by a Band of the early 80s, but was done by this current artist.. I tweeted a lyric of this song awhile ago. It is not in my favorites.”

  • EB

    Make it cheesy popcorn for me because that is for certain what this performance would be!

  • Cavaknights

    *SPOILER ALERT!!!!* Candice will be singing “LoveSong” by the Cure/covered by Adele for her song you wish you had written!!!! :) She gonna kill that one for sure.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    I actually think Amber should sing an Janelle Monae song

  • Cory Patrick

    Please Amber, no Whitney! I want to see her do an acoustic stripped down version of Lauryn Hill “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. or maybe “Smile”, Janelle Monae did a cover version of that on an EP years ago and it was so good! She should do it in that style.

  • Cory Patrick

    Angie should do “Big White Room” by Jessie J.

  • Cory Patrick

    I would love to hear Kree do some Amy Winehouse, I want to hear more of her soul come out. We know she is country, but she has this soulful element that could kill an Amy record.

  • Rami H

    I love love love this song choice

  • Axxxel

    Waah, I love “The Cure”… good for you Candice… If there was a “Cure” week , Lazaro could sing ” Boys don’t cry” and Angela should sing ” Just like heaven”… , Kree would sing “Friday I am in love”… Why isn’t there an “alternative music week” ?

  • Axxxel

    I don’t understand why they don’t ask an American Idol alumn to be a mentor…Like they did in Season 9 with Adam Lambert… I mean, David Cook, Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle…so much choice….but so little …. what ? I am sure they will do it at a soft price.

  • Face

    I love the song (both version) but no so sure its right for Candice… imo… it is a very subtle, atmospheric song that takes a long time to build to anything close to a rather subdued peak… unless she really changes it up I cant see how it will showcase her vocal ability… or allow her to make a real impact in a 90 sec performance…

  • WilkesG

    Oh, that’s one of my favorite songs ever. Love to see a Cure song on the show!

  • WilkesG

    “If I Could Turn Back Time”? So he wants to go through his tough time growing up again?

  • LeahKittyS

    Blake Lewis sang it back in Season 6, but he did it in the style of 311. Candice is probably doing it in the style of Adele. Still a great song. Can’t wait!

  • LeahKittyS

    Oh goodness no…that song is such a snoozer…plus she’s already done Whitney this season. Give us something uptempo already!