American Idol 12 Preview #28 & #29- Rachel Hale/Zoanette Johnson

Two completely different contestants, I know. Rachel’s from Arkansas, and is one of the many female country singers we have this year. One of them is gonna make the top 10. RIGHT??? RIGHT????? Zoanette is from Tulsa.

Rachel is a bit more legit than Zoanette. That’s why I threw Zoanette on here, because I couldn’t imagine devoting an entire post to her (since we just did that a few days ago) just to “preview her as a Top 40 contestant. Let’s be real, no one is going to vote Zoanette into the top 10.

It’s harder to find pre-idol stuff on Rachel now that there are a bajillion user created videos about her audition, and her name is tagged in another 1,000 irrelevant videos. Very frustrating.

Zoanette didn’t have any pre-idol stuff. I know that’s a shocker… but… it’s true.

Sound off in the comments. What do you think of Rachel and Zoanette?

Rachel Singing “Before He Cheats”

Rachel’s Audition

Rachel’s Road To Hollywood

Zoanette’s Audition

Zoanette’s Road To Hollywood


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  • LeahKittyS

    My grandparents are completely outraged that they would put Zoanette through to Hollywood after she mangled the National Anthem. I have to agree. Rachel I like; I hope she makes the next round.

  • Ellensue Stein

    They are both TERRIBLE. That girl can’t sing Carrie Underwood, she needs to GO…SICK of all these country singers already

  • durbesque

    I suggest that people hold their outrage until Zoanette sings a standard competition song seriously.  Her voice is massive in range, power, and expression.  I am expecting her to be conventionally acceptable and quite good.

  • LeahKittyS

    I might give her a chance if she turns it around in Hollywood, but it’s too late in my grandparents’ eyes. They are quite nationalist and once you mess up the National Anthem, you are dead to them. Like, forever.

  • chessguy99

    First impressions are lasting ones. Zoanette starts in a hole that will be impossible to climb out of. I suspect she did sing another song at her audition, and that is what got her the Gold Ticket. But, not showing that signals TPTB are casting her as some sort of villain.

  • Jake W.

    Right now I want Rachel to win. I hope she does more soul or pop than country on the show because I’m tired of country.

  • durbesque

    Where did she “mess up the National Anthem”?  She expanded it to accomodate her effusive patriotism and love of President.  What good is a song if not to express what is in one’s heart and soul?  Z for the win!

  • Damien Roberts

    Zoanette is a mess and completely over sang during her audition

  • LeahKittyS

    I’m going to take a stab and call your response sarcastic. The whole thing was squeaky and way too over the top for anyone’s good.

  • Incipit

    No interest at all in any country singers, so Rachel is off my radar, and I have no idea what Zoanette is even doing there. Keith already fell off of his chair, it’s downhill from there.

    If the thought is that she sang another song reasonably well to get through, that means she butchered the National Anthem on purpose, for attention. It was hanged, drawn and quartered. Maybe TPTB would be fine with someone deliberately trashing “God Save the Queen”, the UK National Anthem, til it was in shreds – and reward them w/a pass to the next round – but I doubt it. I’m not fine with someone using “The Star Spangled Banner” as fodder to do a crappy parody of every horrible wannabe singer that ever was. It’s not even clever, and there were other standards to chose from. If that’s what she did, I’m Old School enough to agree with LeahKittyS’s grandparents. Maybe she can take a run at destroying “Amazing Grace” and see who else can be offended.

    If that ‘singing’ was meant seriously, it wasn’t singing, it was stringing notes together, badly, and she didn’t even know the words. Either way, that’s all TPTB showed, which means she has a bad edit to start with – and they won’t get any better. So I repeat, I have no idea what Zoanette is even doing there, and no interest in her wasting any of my time. 


  • H.A.

     Zoanette Johnson FTW!!

  • BonnieDee

    Ha. ha.  VFTW, in its last season, is already happily supporting Zoanette.

  • tibitibis

    I just watch Zoanette video audition and LOL , i mean the fact she can barely control herself and her over the top excitement distracted me from any possibility for me to like her voice ……at least by now  …. i’m really surprised they gave her the pass to Hollywood , Mariah doesn’t look  very happy at that video and Randy just played to follow Nicki :/ ….so we’ll see next week if she can control her voice and performance , just to have an idea of if she is serious or not .
    And about Rachel i liked her from the start ….but idk if i’ll be in mood for more country idols :o

  • fantoo1

    It was obvious Zoannette had two auditions, they just showed the first audition for shock value. Who knows, her other audition may have been good. The other contestants speak positive of her.

  • fantoo1

    I love Rachel.

  • Dennis

    I’m getting bored with all these country singers, they all running together for me. PPL calm down about Zoanette, y’all acting like she killed somebody. She was funny and entertaining, there was a voice there but she wasn’t actually trying to sound good, like she was in on the joke. Producers probably set her up as a joke audition and they weren’t expecting the judges to say yes that’s what they get. There’s a video of her playing drums, apparently she plays the drums in Hollywood too.

  • FinalFantasy13

    rachels cover of before he cheats was not the best but i loved her audition..  It will be interesting to hear more from her.

    zoanette um, good luck to her.

  • Larc

    Are you also expecting Zoanette to dress in a way that makes her look less like a cheap drag queen?  ;)

  • Anny_nanny

    Zoanette. Hmm. Anthem of you and you decide how to respond. If someone sung our anthem in a similar way, I would is not appreciated joke. At least you need to learn the words for the beginning.

    Rachel walking on the razor’s edge. If she sings songs Carrie on the show and Randy compares it with Carrie and he never loved no one. If Randy praises Rachel for performance songs of Carrie – means she is the favorite of the judges and it may reject the part of the audience – the obvious favorites wasn’t win in my memory (I didn’t look up to 7S). Even Lee was “below” Crystal until the last weeks. If she sings pop country not Carrie, the judges say about the “obscure” selected songs. If she did not sing country, Jimmy says that she does not know herself “as artist”.
    I don’t know what will happen, Rachel can sold more, but I prefer Kree. And I would hope that by some miracle we didn’t get in Top-20 of the 5 girls-country, 5 girls “old r’n’b” and the same set of guys. I hope that not all of the released place will be occupied by CCM-singers.

  • Kariann Hart

    I rewatched Zoanette’s audition, and it was worse the second time.  I was thinking this was a set-up by the producers.  She had no control over her voice, and is taking the place of someone really good.

  • HKfan

    She wasn’t funny or entertaining……..

  • SullyD

    I.Just.Can’t. get enouth of Zoanette. I don’t even care if this makes me a troll ot not.

  • Maj

    Well Zoanette’s audition sure was funny (mainly thanks to Keith’s reactions + falling off chair) but even if she took it seriously she wouldn’t be my thing, singing-wise.
    Rachel I like a lot but until I rewatched her audition here I didn’t remember her actual singing. All I remembered from her audition was her positive attitude. I don’t think she’s anything special as a singer but if she writes good songs she could be a star because she definitely has the personality for that (unlike say Carrie…I wasn’t around for her season but from what I’ve seen of it she was pretty bland but a great singer).

  • Dennis

    Yes she was stop hating. 

  • James M.

    “and is taking the place of someone really good.”

    Same thing can be argued for the past 4 winners. Zing? (and I say that as a Scotty/Kris Allen fan)

    ….Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zoanette sang something that was actually good before she broke out into the Star Spangled Banner. TBH, I’m totally with VFTW on her. But she did have some indications that she has a good voice. As much as I kinda would like to see a trainwreck winner, I’d actually hope she has a good voice