American Idol 12 “Still Rolling” Clips (VIDEO)

I collected the American Idol “Still Rolling” elimination clips that ran during New Girl and The Mindy Project and OMG YOU GUYS YOU HAVE TO WATCH.

The best is the first clip.  Nicki Minaj is crying while she tells eliminated American Idol contestant, Burnell Taylor, that she loves him. Keith Urban looks on, TOTALLY bemused.

In another clip, Kree Harrison offers Burnell words of encouragement and says that selfishly, she still wants him around.  Mariah Carey comforts the newly-ousted singer. And the the fourth, a tearful Candice Glover assures Burnell that they are total besties.

Watch the clips below.

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  • blackberryharvest

    LOL at the Nicki clip.

    Mariah seems like a nice lady

  • sporkle

    Wow Nicki. I didn’t think she had this side to her. I’m speechless!

  • jms

    I pouted a bit at the Nicki clip. Made me sad. And wow, I actually really like this idea. The producers got something right for once, IMO. However, I’m not gonna watch the other shows to see this, so it’s not TOTALLY right >_>. But I’ll take what I can get.

    Was anyone else entertained by the way Burnell was moving his head throughout every clip?

    I wish him well. I’m pretty sad he’s gone, actually.

  • Axxxel

    Burnell seemed so starstruck after Mariah spoke to him .. Oh well, I would be starstruck as well and I am not even a Mariah fan.

  • Axxxel

    They said that these”still roling clips” have been posted already for a while on the American Idol website.. guess not many people watch those clips then…

  • jms

    Oh, right. And nope, I don’t lol


    I get the strong feeling that not only do all of these people appreciate his talent, they also really like him as a person

  • Axxxel

    me neither.. I used to watch the website though during season 7 and 8 only … because I don’t have cable TV…but now I come here.

  • Jake W.

    I bet the people saying that Nicki always leaves the studio and hates the contestants are eating their words. Love it!

  • Ira

    Nicki’s emotions don’t really surprise me. She has has consistently been raw with her comments, especially when she shares a common ground with the contestant.

  • Ira

    Agreed. I’ve not been near that website since season…..? I forget.

  • Ira

    I’ve decided that Mariah’s office of disinformation is pretty well funded.

  • mtlfan2

    Mariah is more real for me.

  • abbysee

    I wish I hadn’t watched. Didn’t realize how much I would care about who was ousted unless is was Candice or Kree. Nicki is a fake bitch. Fakety, fake, fake!

  • abbysee

    Well when it comes from contestants, I believe. Also conveniently the week we all know the cameras will be there, she’s there suddenly. The power of Mariah. Miraculously Minaj isn’t otherwise engaged. Ha.

  • Jeff Dodge

    Did anyone listen to Nicki’s voice during that clip? I know she was emotional and all, but it didn’t sound like her normally nasally voice at all or any sort of accent like she normally puts on. Strange.

  • taylor

    Nicki does always leave the studio. This week she knew the cameras would be there so she stuck around to get more camera time and show how ~caring she was.

  • macfae

    regarding Mz Nicki, those were my thoughts too “lights camera action” ! – I also believe the contestants are being sincere. they seem to be a tight bunch. Watching Candice cry during Burnell’s save performance, made we want to cry too.

  • springboard2

    Contrived waffle for the cameras.

  • Happyhexer

    I did start crying, watching Candice cry for Burnell.

  • Happyhexer

    I have no particular reason to think Nicki is faking her emotion about Burnell. As Ira says, she’s pretty unfiltered. I don’t think that whether she has or has not been in attendance after other eliminations means anything one way or the other about how she feels towards Burnell.

    That said, Nicki’s inconsistency bothers me. I thought her comments on rock week’s performances were pretty good, whether I agreed with her or not. But when she says things like “off with her head” and “get off that stage,” I think it is very inappropriate and it makes me want her to go away as a judge.

  • Jenny Williams

    She just stuck around because of the cameras. Fake tears.

  • Face

    well that was a waste of time… you didn’t need to be an experienced tv producer to know that post an elimination there will be upset people giving words of advice and comfort to the person eliminated… a 15 sec clip was just not enough to get anything more from that… imo

  • Miz

    Yeah. When I watched it I wondered who was talking. I’m not saying it wasn’t her, but it just did not sound like her at all.

  • Miz

    More interesting to me was watching the contestants faces and body language as the judges revealed their personal top 3 and as each one was declared safe.

    I was most impressed with Janelle’s genuine support and happiness for the others. I was least impressed with Lazaro and Angie to the point of being turned off by them. It broke my heart watching Candice. I’d love to get into her head and find out what she was thinking throughout all of that.

  • elliegrll

    The get off the stage comment was funny, and in no way would I think that it would lead a rational person to believe that she hates any of the contestants.

  • ladymctech

    They should have had a clip of Lazaro thanking Burnell for covering his you-know-what two weeks ago when Lazaro forgot the words in the group song.

  • guinness416

    I thought it was funny too. They will hear a lot worse – Jimmy threatening the sound engineer dude who screwed up the music was probably mild compared to how he/some industry people are without cameras on them.

  • standtotheright

    Minaj said she wanted to record with Taylor in that interview where she was clearly not operating with the grace filter (“everything I’ve done has been great” “that’s not really a question so I won’t answer it” etc.), so I assumed she had no agenda for saying it other than that she meant it. I go with Occam’s Razor: She actually really liked his voice and was sad he didn’t stick around, even if she didn’t expect him to win. Even if she was playing things up for the cameras, I’d argue it does Taylor more good than it does her.

  • HopeForMusic

    I didn’t think it was funny at all to see these guys humiliated, but that’s just me. I also don’t think she hates any of the contestants, but I do think she is glaringly indifferent.

  • HopeForMusic

    I’m glad that Burnell got some meaningful farewell thoughts, if all were indeed sincere. Don’t shoot me, but I’m finding Mariah to be showing genuine warmth for the contestants, and have to wonder what she may have been like without Nicki on the panel. I know that having someone just a few feet away, who hated me so much, and made that and her disdain so evident, would make me uncomfortable to the point of not finding it easy to express myself. I think that there is more to her than we’ve seen, and I say that as someone who was never a fan. I knew nothing about her, other than she’s been labelled a diva, but as I said, I sense some genuine warmth.

  • Happyhexer

    I never said I thought Nicki hated any of the contestants, and yes, I’m perfectly rational, thank you kindly. Nicki over-dramatizes everything. (And the judges think Angie is too dramatic? She can’t touch Nicki in that department with a 10-foot pole.) I recognize some of the good things that Nicki brings to the table as a judge. But her inappropriate comments (and yes, as a rational person I find them very inappropriate) have me coming down on the side of getting rid of her as a judge. I don’t do well with people who blow like volcanoes. That’s just me, but I am as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.

  • Liteasy

    Didn’t she stay for Curtis, too? Not the white boys though

  • Ronnie D

    Burnell really grew during the short period that he was on the show. Look at his audition tape and what he is now. See, he took this SERIOUSLY. I may not care for his style or voice, but I do give him credit. Definitely impressed by his hard work.

  • vhooper

    had it been Simon all probably would of been okay with it eh?

  • disqus_OQtSh4KUbM

    She can sing rings around a lot of established singers and they are throwing her under the bus. Why ? Cause she is plus size?