American Idol 12 Spoilers – 16 Hollywood Contestants

TIP has an updated list of hopefuls who have made it to Hollywood.  Click on this link to see the full list of auditioners that include those eliminated and of unknown status.

One again, this year, there are a few returnees on the Hollywood list!  There are two unidentified contestants TIP is trying to identify. If you know who they are, they are requesting that you contact them with the info.

Hollywood Contestants

Alexa Gilomen
Baylee Goley
Brianna Marie Bell [AI11 HW]
Candice “Candi” Rickelle Glover [AI9 HW & AI11 LVR]
Chad Allen Rice
David Leathers, Jr. [AI11 SFYL/GM]
Devin Velez
Gabe Brown
Jay McNeil
Johnny Keyser [AI11 LVR]
Kiara Lanier
Schyler Dixon [AI10 HW & AI11 LVR]
Shelby Lynn Tweten [AI11 SFYL/GM]
Unidentified Female Contestant (Click To View)
Unidentified Male Contestant (Click To View)


Teena Torres (Vegas Round S11)
Alisabeth Von Presley

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  • Huba Buba

    Yay, Candice is back!!

  • Nic WaitForIt Co

    I think Johnny Keyser and Schyler Dixon are already locked in for the 24.

  • EvenMoreron

    Hollie, Colton and Deandre did well with their returns, I hope the same goes for David, Johnny, Candice and Schyler.  I wonder how Idol picks who they’ll save for the next year.    

  • Mateja Praznik

    Are Idol’s TPTB so lazy that they don’t look for new talent? I don’t mind if they bring one or two rejects back, but so many?

  • TheOther

    I think Candice, David, Schyler will probably make it into the Top 12.  Not a fan of Johnny’s.  I think they just should do away with the Save and respect the viewers’ votes.  None of the 4 people who were saved won. 

  • wkstrack

    I think out of the returnees David, Shelby, and Candice are locks. Maybe Schyler but I don’t think she’s that good. She got better maybe? I doubt they’d put Johnny through. Though if they do put him through I don’t think he’ll be that popular. He comes off  douchy/unlikable. Doesn’t exude the WGWG persona at all.

  • sheila g.

    the last save contestant made it to the finals so that is something..

  • sheila g.

    the last save contestant made it to the finals so that is something..

  • fantoo1

    Every year there are a bunch of returnees, but they don’t necessarily make the live shows. So just because there are a bunch this year doesn’t mean they will all make it. Especially with the new judges. I don’t think people realize how many returnees there are every year. Season 11 just had the most in the lives.

  • mileyfan123

     This is just a list of those who made hollywood. It will probably be like 350 people, and the people that return are the ones who are likely to be spoiled first, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Miz

    I thought Schyler was better than Colton, so I’m glad she’s back. I liked Johnny Keyser a lot. I’m having trouble remembering the others though names sound familiar.

  • Anny_nanny

    Until the girls remember Colton, Schyler have a chance to stay on the show. If her brother will be every week in the hall. I think this is a good stimulus?

    I remember, as a Reed, Elise and Phillip sang HB for Shelby Lynn. That’s all I remember about SL.

    It’s a pity that I have to skip all to live performances.

  • julesb2183

    Alot of contestants try their hand and audition multiple times.  My bet is that most of the ones we will see on the lives were Top 40ish who just barely didn’t make it before. Makes sense because I bet there are many contestants that don’t make it that they are really impressed with (such as Colton season 10).

    My guess is Shelby, Schyler and Jonnny (who Nigel loves) makes it.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Candice Glover!!!!!1!

  • Katie’s Uvula

    Johnny Keyser, Schyler Dixon, Candice Glover, and David Leathers are a shoo-in for the Top 24 although I don’t know if Candice and David will make it into the Top 12.

    Repeats like Hollie, Colton and Deandre who have already built fan bases benefit from reauditioning so I’m sure the 4 repeats will do well too. If Candice gets more screen time, she may be like Syesha (in the bottom 3 a lot but making it far). David may be like Eben (cute but not so good)

  • teekee

    I enjoyed what I saw of Candice last season, hope she makes it to the live rounds, and doesn’t dissapoint. I also hope that David & Johnny  learned what they needed to know about the editing of this show, and act accordingly.

  • Claude Dee

    Is this the “2nd Chance” season of American Idol? I hope not. 

  • Incipit

    Is this the “2nd Chance” season of American Idol? 

    Heh. Not unless last season was too – with Holly, Colton and Deandre.

    Or this, from fantoo1:

    Every year there are a bunch of returnees, but they don’t necessarily make the live shows. So just because there are a bunch this year doesn’t mean they will all make it. Especially with the new judges. I don’t think people realize how many returnees there are every year. 

  • Cherry Lillyfield

    did Scott Dangerfield try out again? I really liked him

  • raya

    I agree with some of the others that there are always tons of returnees and they don’t all necessarily go through.  I honestly don’t think any of the listed are “locks” to even make Top 24, let alone Top 12.  There is just more attention being paid to it since S11 saw several of the high profile returnees from S10 make it to the Top 10.  Though Schyler Dixon should at the very least have an advantage if she makes Top 24 with her brother’s fanbase.  Mind you it’s the same fanbase that got him ousted in 7th place. 

    I’m not sure the other returnees, if they made it through, would have too much of an advantage.  Candace, who is the only one I really hope goes through, has fans for sure.  But I don’t know if a couple of thousand twitter followers really means squat when it comes to actual voting.  Though she’s close with Jessica, DeAndre & Joshua and a lot of their fans seem to also be big supporters of her as well, so she might pick up votes there.

  • blackberryharvest

    There were actually a bunch of Season 9 returnees for Season 10, but most of them were completely edited out(I guess producers wanted to forget that season!) and none of them made the top 24, unless you count Haley(she was rejected by judges in Season 9). So the same situation could happen again this year.

  • Incipit

    I recall a few returnees quietly got through in Season 7 – these are just the four we know of who made the Semi-Finals…and two made the Top 10.

    Danny Noriega – auditioned in Season 6, made it to Hollywood week – cut in the first round. 

    Luke Menard – auditioned for Season 6 – did not make it to Hollywood.

    Chikezie –  auditioned for Season 6, made it to the Hollywood Round, cut before the Top 44.

    Carly Smithson – auditioned in LV during Season 5, dropped due to a problem with her visa.

    There are similar stories for every season, but I don’t see these four; Johnny Keyser, Schyler Dixon, Candice Glover, and David Leathers having an advantage unless the judges make a big deal out of it to keep reminding viewers. Which, they may – you never know who the producers will decide to tout – and how they will slant their edits.

  • EvenMoreron

    I remember Hollie was absent during the audition phases last season, save for a few random sightings in the background.  Then all of a sudden she was back when they selected the semifinalists.  It’s not a given that any fuss will be made over the well-known returnees.  

  • raya

    Yep. Both Hollie and Deandre were invisible last year during Hollywood week.  Neither really got any mention until Vegas. I remember Slezak complaining about it because it was obvious they were there cause you got quick glances in various montages and etc., but that was about it.  Then again, I also think that in part had to do with the show going for the obvious drama and unless you or your group is bringing drama to the table than you are not so likely to get screentime.

    Also in the returnees column last season was Aaron Marcellus, even if he didn’t make it past Top 24.  He was Jason Castro’s Hollywood week roommate in S7.

    Interesting note on Candace Glover is that someone on twitter told her she would be better off trying out for XFactor and she said she wouldn’t because Simon actively hated her, I guess from S9.