American Idol 12 So Far – Why Watch? (VIDEOS)

The first week of American Idol auditions are through. What did you think? I’m happy with the talent, particularly in Chicago. If you need a refresher, check out this recap from the American Idol You Tube page.

And here’s a recap of the New York City premiere:

American Idol has expanded what they offer on You Tube. For instance, the “Road to Hollywood” videos are now readily available via You Tube. Check out the playlist for New York City and Chicago.

As far as the judges panel, I’m cautiously optimistic so far. Most impressive to me so far, are Nicki Minaj, who brings wit, sass and smarts to the panel, and the quiet insight and intelligence of Keith Urban (PLUS HE’S EASY ON THE EYES OK I SAID IT.)

Speaking of Idol Hunks, Nicki Likes the mens:

Next week, Idol heads to Charlotte and Baton Rouge. Charlotte could be explosive–it’s the city where Nicki and Mariah Carey had their big blow out, There’s no way the producers are going to pretend it didn’t happen. I’m just hoping the “catfight” between the two pop stars doesn’t become the main narrative of the judges panel. That would be ugly and not fun to watch. That really is my main concern for now.

On Sunday, during one of the football games, FOX ran a new American Idol promo. Check it out. It’s titled, “Why Watch American Idol?”


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  • BonnieDee

    I’ve stopped watching until Minaj is gone.  She’s a camera hog with no talent.  She doesn’t belong there.  Mariah, Randy, and Keith would have been a great panel.  I’m not alone.  Lots of people are not watching this year because of Minaj.  She may be a fan favorite on this blog, but not anywhere else that I can see.

  • aj rabin

    It will never be like the good old days of Randy Paula and Simon. So far its ok but will probably have to wait for the live shows to really judge this new panel. Also I wish the 2ladies would sit in the middle and Randy and Keith at the ends.

  • Tinawina

    I actually liked what I saw of the first 2 episodes. To Nikki was funny, a little OTT but overall entertaining. Mariah was a little listless but bitchily fun. Even Randy didn’t bother me. I liked that he was super blunt with the deluded people. And Keith beings the prettah.

    But as usual, my buzz gets harshed as soon as I look around the internet. If anything, the hubbub around Nikki Minaj is reminding me why I’ve
    becoming increasingly disconnected from Idol, or at least from its
    audience. I always feel like I’m on a different planet from the chatter.
    I feel like there is no way this season won’t end up like all the others. The “role model” crowd is too invested (which is fine BTW, its justnot my thing.) Only if Ms Minaj really does drive enough of them away could it change. I’m not holding my breath though.

  • elliegrll

    Nicki could never be as big of a camera hog as Simon, or as desperate as Randy. Her music isn’t everyone’s taste, but someone must like it considering she has a Platinum album and several multi Platinum singles.

    I think that this group could work well together.  The producers should cool it with promoting cat fights, and just let the panel be themselves.  They actually offer constructive criticism, and for the most part aren’t coming off like they are bored to be there, are as if they are only interested in using the show to sell their new album.

  • fantoo1

    I watch for the contestants no matter who the judges are.

    It’s kinda amusing to look at the American Idol facebook page and see all the hatred of Nicki. Most of them are the stereotypical idol fanbase(40-60 year old housewives) who claim they will “no longer be watching” due to Nicki. They claim she is foul mouth and a bad role model. And they are the same people who want Steven Tyler back! Oh the irony…

  • Jason Scott

    I adore Nicki. She’s cray cray, over the top and gives great feedback to the hopefuls. <3

  • elliegrll

    Based on the ratings, the crowd that is tuning out because of Nicki doesn’t seem to be any bigger, or have any more of an impact, than the people who will never watch again, because their favorite didn’t win.  I hope that the producers don’t let the internet noise cause them to do anything stupid.

  • Liteasy

    I see nothing funny or witty about Nicki and think she thrives on getting attention.  I like the rest of the panel and would like to see her get up and quit.  I see more negative talk about her than any of the other judges and do not know anybody that likes her in the group that I’m in.

  • blackberryharvest


    Lots of people are not watching this year because of Minaj.

    The ratings stayed pretty stable from the first episode to the 2nd, so I don’t think idol cares. Most of the blogs and media outlets have given her a good review.

    She may be a fan favorite on this blog, but not anywhere else that I can see.

    They seem to like her on Slezak’s tvline and Idol Forums.

    She’s a camera hog

    They have been focusing on her a lot, but don’t blame her, blame the editors.

    I’m just curious, did you watch at all? Because if you did, you might be surprised on how good she was. She was funny and sweet/helpful towards the contestants.

  • glitter12

    I really am enjoying Keith! His comments are coming from his experience and his heart. He is believable! And yes “so easy on the eyes”!!!

  • steve2013

    Talent has been very disappointing imho and to much focus on the judges not enough on the singers and to much focus on this whole nicki/mariah fighting atleast that’s the way its coming across on screen.

    Also I saw nothing in nicki to see what all the critics etc were raving about she was ok but wouldn’t say she was amazing etc.

  • b_james

    I was fully prepared to hate the fact that Nicki was on the show, but man. She totally won me over this past week.  

  • Beth Bowers

    I think they’ve bleeped Mariah more than they’ve bleeped Nicki, so far.  I’m pretty won over by the judges so far.

  • Ntrsensei

    I like minaj and agree she is entertaining but some of the comments she makes are stupid and unnecessary especially when she doesn’t choose to send a girl through based on the fact she was wearing the same color eye shadow as herself.. So for people sayin her comments are constructive and gives great feedback obviously haven’t seen all her critiques..

    Ps I’m not a 40-60 year old mom either..

  • Landon Cox

    I hope Nicki scares off the frau, it can only be good for the show

  • blackberryharvest

    It might have been idol’s idea all along. Scare off the “housewives” and attract the younger viewers, who may vote for an “edgier” winner, instead of a safe winner.

  • NickiFan

    She wasn’t serious about the eyeshadow. Get real.

  • EliteHalien

    I apologize in advance to those who did, but to the Nicki detractors:

    Did you ever give her a chance? I mean honestly, just because someone isn’t your genre of music doesn’t mean they have no talent. Although she misses more often than not, Nicki is a very talented rapper; check out her verse on “Monster” which outshines Kanye IMO.

    Just ask yourself whether you actually gave her a chance or whether you judged her based on something superficial like her voice or the what she wears.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Nicki is winning me over,  Mariah isnt as  bad as I expected so far, Randy not as annoying as usual yet, and Keith is great.

  • HKfan

    i’m in that stereotypical idol fanbase being 40 something, but no way do I want Steven Tyler back, could never understand what people saw in him. So far I’m quite enjoying Nicki (although I think she would have been a better fit on X factor than Idol). So far this panel is much,much better than the last 2 years, lets hope they can get soe better performers than the last2 years too!

  • Li Wright

    I will watch….Nikki is a comedian at heart, why is she doing rap? 

  • elliegrll

    I see more negative talk about her than any of the other judges and do not know anybody that likes her in the group that I’m in.

    But, the producers aren’t just trying to appeal to the group that you are in, or the group that I’m in, and thank goodness for that.   Having diversity among both the cast and the panel is a good thing.  Hopefully, it will happen for both, and lead to some positive changes.   Also, hopefully the diversity will lead to a more diverse audience, and not just people like you and your friends, or me and my friends.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    lol Nicki is like the best part of this season, she keeps it fresh and she gives some great critiques.I think this “bitch with no talent” argument is getting old, at least she cares about the contestants, and she’s taking this job seriously, her gimmicky clothes and extravangant music style have nothing to do with her ability to judge.For me, she is the standout so far.

  • Nolie Nolie

    What a surprise? MJ kissing Nicki’s ass. What’s the deal MJ? Does it hurt to give mariah a compliment? LOL MOST people hate nicki on idols.  #hater

  • mjsbigblog

    I’d give her a compliment if I thought she was doing a good job. #boring #Zzzz

  • Nolie Nolie

    yeah right. You never mention when nicki roll her eyes at mariah. Nicki is jealous cus the contestant love mariah.  Nice try MJ, You’re so biased it frickin hilarious. I take boring mariah over that disgusting attitude of nicki the clown. 

  • fantoo1

    I personally haven’t seen anything wrong with Nicki’s attitude so far.

  • justmefornow

    Frankly, I find Nicki is very amusing. She can be rude when she interrupts others, she needs to work on that, but at least she isn’t boring. Mariah seems so full of herself, she needs to work on that as well.
    I don’t know if Nicki will bring in younger viewers, it didn’t help XFactor, I don’t think it will help Idol either. I think it’s too late for a show this old.

    I still say they better cast an exciting group or none of this will matter anyway.

  • Larc

    Keith seems to be doing a pretty good job as judge so far, but I’d grade the others D or less.  Preening Mariah’s opinions have been negligible, freak Nicki’s irksome and dull Randy’s vapid.  Maybe they can improve.  It’s probably too late to fire them.  On the contestant side, not much uniquely good talent up to now.  But hopefully that will improve as well.

  • Landon Cox

    Oh my god the Mariah stans are coming to MJs

  • Nolie Nolie

    Oh please. I’m no mariah stan. Why would people love nicki minaj for flirting with guys, rejecting a talented girl for a stupid reason? If you think thats funny, then i think yall don’t know what IDOLS mean. I love how serious mariah, keith are. Give good advice and don’t need to act crazy,. 

  • ZsusK

    Oh my! Are we going to be treated to Nickki/Mariah fanwars this season? 

  • Jaejae1

    Who is talking about bringing Steven back? One of the most useless idol judges ever. I agree with everything said.

  • ZsusK

    Well, if Idol’s plan was to scare me off (I’m a 40-60 year old “frau), it backfired. I love Nicki. I’m a fan of her music and, so far, I think she brings a lot of entertaining moments to the show.  Sorry Idol! You’re stuck with me for another season.  :)

  • hellomusicgirl

    I’m watching Idol and I guess I’ll probably continue to until they finally put her out to pasture. I’ve suffered through some real piece of work judges over the years but (so far) I’m liking this panel. And Nicki has been my fav of the new judges which actually surprises me considering how I pretty much can’t stand her on twitter lol. I’ve found her entertaining and sweet toward the contestants in an off-kilter way on the show. I’m not sure how much of that is edit though. I guess the real verdict will come in when we hit the live shows but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • hellomusicgirl

    I’m watching Idol and I guess I’ll probably continue to until they finally put her out to pasture. I’ve suffered through some real piece of work judges over the years but (so far) I’m liking this panel. And Nicki has been my fav of the new judges which actually surprises me considering how I pretty much can’t stand her on twitter lol. I’ve found her entertaining and sweet toward the contestants in an off-kilter way on the show. I’m not sure how much of that is edit though. I guess the real verdict will come in when we hit the live shows but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • Jordana33

    I’m pretty sure that Nicki was kidding with the eye shadow comment (plus the other judges interrupted her before she could finish her joke!). I love the fact that she gives very constructive critiques, but also knows how to be goofy and not take herself too seriously. She’s also bluntly honest without being too mean and always makes the effort to identify a positive quality in the contestants’. Keith Urban has also been a pleasant surprise. He’s down to earth and shows great attention to detail. 

  • lila6089

    What bothers me is that Nicki seems to dominate and be the central focus in most of the critiques.  I always thought that the judges usually were given equal time to speak, and took turns speaking first.  I don’t see anything about her that makes her more special than any of the other judges.

  • milwlovesadam

    I’m stunned at myself. I absolutely cannot stand Nikki when she’s talking in interviews or working a red carpet. I actually like her as an Idol judge. I’m stunned. Yes, she’s rude and interrupts, but I don’t really care, because Mariah has nothing to say anyway. She’s too busy preening and patting herself, literally. And if she can’t keep her hands off her hair, somebody put mittens on her. They must all have her hair all over themselves, like they had been around a cat all day.

  • Enough already!

    They would appear to be working  towards a good panel…if…Keith continues to give articulate and meaningful comments, if Mariah will pull the Diva back a little, and stop darhlin everyone to death, and particularly if Nicki will stop talking over everyone in such a rude manner.  If anyone should be running the show, one would think it would be Randy not Nicki as it is annoying.   Be glad to get the whole “fight” over with this week and move forward.  I still think the panel would have benefited more from three judges, but what do I know.   I am not a teenager, nor am I in my dotage and haven’t picked up a phone to vote since Season 8.   After this many years, one would think the producers would be thrilled to get any age audience still watching.  btw I believe Mj entitled to her opinion on her own blog, and I welcome her comments even though I don’t always agree with her.  Oh yeah, I will watch this week for the catfight and why not?   Then I’ll tune in again once Hollywood week starts.   Get all the info I want from the recaps.

  • Debbie Johnson

    I love Nicki. I find Mariah very passive aggressive. Looking forward to seeing more, and oh, yeah, I’m a 60 year old widow, and I don’t have a horse in this race,:)

  • Liteasy

    Last years panel was diverse and the ratings went down again.  People are just not watching Idol anymore probably because there are so many other reality shows or just done with it.  Also, my “group” is an AI group from across the USA – not friends.  We all like different winners from the past, but none of us openly like Nicki.  She just sticks out like a sore thumb.

  • elliegrll

    What bothers me is that Nicki seems to dominate and be the central focus in most of the critiques.  I always thought that the judges usually were given equal time to speak, and took turns speaking first.  I don’t see anything about her that makes her more special than any of the other judges.

    That didn’t happen when Simon was on the show.  Nicki’s persona catches people’s attention, but along with the editing, she’s also been the judge who has stood out the most.   Keith has been more laid back, and Mariah has faded at times, but delivered a few key moments.

  • emme

    Nicki is crazy….it is as if nothing exists behind her eyes…weird

  • Sassycatz

    Being in the despised age group, I feel “so loved” by my fellow Idol watchers. It just warms my heart every time I read here. That being said, I’m really enjoying this panel. They’re fun and playful. Hopefully, Idol won’t screw it up this coming week with the focus on a more hostile interaction between Mariah and Nicki. If they can get passed that, I think this could be a good year.

  • annie12120

    How can they have an “edgier” winner when they don’t even cast “edgier” contestants? Also, I’d love to see some Hip Hop or cleaner Rap on Idol, but according to Nigel, that isn’t going to happen.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    “Mariah, Randy, and Keith would have been a great panel.”   
    Really? any panel that contains Randy Jackson, be definition, cannot be “great”, IMO. I, too, was not excited about Minaj given her anemic talent. However, she was rather entertaining in the role. She wasn’t doing the arse-kissing that J-Lo so overtly did, the famous, phony elation and “goosies” …and I don’t foresee her giving a shite who the producers want her to push. I’m hoping she won’t be jumping on the Idol pimp machine with Randy. Liked Keith as well who was surprisingly witty and rather clever at times. As far as Mariah…eh…and Randy, well, he sucks just as much as always, but haven’t we all come to expect that?

  • elliegrll

    Last years panel was diverse and the ratings went down again.

    Last year’s panel was boring.  They didn’t have diverse opinions, and Jennifer and Steven made it clear that they were there for their careers.  Their attitude towards the show, added with their inability to be honest in their played a huge role in the ratings decline.

    There was some diversity among the contestants but not a lot, but that was undermined by the horrible editing that was done during the first round of auditions and Hollywood Week.    

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I like her…and I’m pretty critical of Idol. I’m a hater from waaaay back. Nicki is holding her own and Mariah ain’t doing shite. Let’s see what happens in Charlotte and Baton Rouge…Mariah may liven’ up. I’m not hating this season like I thought I would…though the night is young.

    Go Idol.

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    the eye shadow thing is obviously a joke that too many ppl take it seriously. I mean, she’s cray cray, but not that stupid to give such ridiculous comment. (and if you watch that one closely, she did give constructive comment before they voted)

    I think casting a polarizing artist like Nicki/Gaga/Bieber will always receive mixed reactions.

    I’m totally not a fan of Nicki’s music, but so far, I am liking this funny and sweet judge. It’s like how Britney can be “slutty” in her music video and all, but in reality, she is just a sweet person like many other ordinary ppl. 

  • CB40

    This is something I shared with friends last week when asked this same question. It’s me, in my own words, why I still watch Idol:

    I feel excited about the new season but you guys know I obviously have always been a pretty optimistic person.

    And sure, when the first white male country singer comes on, I’ll probably say that he’ll win in a landslide.

    But, Idol is still fun for me, and it’s certainly better than the other music shows.

    Also, I just love music so much and maybe it’s because I can’t sing worth a lick, but these contestants still manage to inspire me every once in awhile.

    Last year, Joshua’s It’s A Man’s World or Hollie’s Bleeding Love or Elise’s Vienna of Phillip’s Volcano or Jessica’s “Insert Song Here”

    They all stay with me, just like Haley and Chris Medina’s What Are Words and going all the way back to Kelly and A Moment Like This.

    In a lot of ways, Idol has gotten me through my tumultuous 20s and has seen me through my calm 30s, hell the song I came out to at my wedding reception was Kelly’s My Life Would Suck Without You.

    For me, it’s not just an aging show, but a collection of experiences and memories that remind me of pain and loss and also of friendship and family.

    In a lot of ways, it’s the fabric of society, and personally, it’s become the soundtrack of my true adult life.

    I was 22 and lost when Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, and now, well, I am 34 and so luckily to have found my way, and my love of my life, and my firm ground.

    This is not just American Idol, despite what Ryan Seacrest says.

    Instead, this is my jukebox, this is OUR jukebox. Sure, it may be a little trite at times and some of the songs are forgettable.

    But then I find that certain record from that certain singer, and it unlocks a part of me I almost forgot I had.

    And even now, when I hear “A Moment Like This,” it makes me feel frozen in time.

    To when that sweet Texas girl with the booming voice awakened my ears and blew me away.

    And yes, maybe those moments are fewer and farther in between due to over saturation and years of wear and tear, but what if…

    What if it happens again some how, some way?

    I just wouldn’t miss it for the world, especially in the world we now live in.

    The 21st Century has been a pretty tough time for so many people. But for one or two nights per week, I’ll give anything to forget about the Towers falling and Katrina and Sandy and Sandy Hook …

    …so please keep singing those hooks

  • Happyhexer

    I like all of the judges individually, but collectively they are still a work in progress.  They need to behave more professionally — cut out the catfighting and some of the free-for-all, out-of-control, everybody-talk-at-once bullsh*t.  I can’t imagine how the contestants feel when the judging panel degenerates into a massive squabble.  I am hearing-impaired, so the everybody-talk-at-once cr*p makes me want to turn off the TV.  Some squabbling and talking over each other is understandable and even desirable.  But not as much as I saw last week.  Still, I can see potential in this panel, if they are able to jell.  (And I think they can if Nicki AND Mariah dial it back a bit.)

    I like Nicki just fine.  She’s fun.  I felt bad for her when it seemed like every contestant fawned over Mariah, so maybe I will cut Nicki a tiny bit of slack, just this once on the scene-hogging.  But Nicki just needs to get over it.  When she’s been around as long as Mariah, she can expect the same ‘worshipfulness.’  On the other hand, I understand that Mariah is a legend, but jeez, there are four judges. You’d think the contestants would be a bit more diplomatic?

    Overall, I was very turned off by the initial episodes, way more than even Season 9.  Not sure whether I will watch.  If the catfighting and everyone-talk-at-once continues, I’m outta here.  Still, I see potential in the judges.  Just not sure I can stomach to stick around long enough to find out if they find the right balance/rhythm. 

  • springboard2

    The new judges  have been giving inghtful and witty comments, but there is also too much activity besides judging, like the bickering.
    Also the whole thing comes across slightly fake and rehearsed. Of course, it is, since what we see is a montage of put together judging scenes, some of them even created once the contestants have gone.
    I don’t know whether this is less subtle than it was in the early seasons, or whether I am more aware of it though.
    Since everything can be rehearsed at this stage, I am waitring for the live shows to have an opinion on the judges.

    From what I have seen, not everything yet, the talent is good, and I particulalry like that they are picking girls with an interesting vocal tone, rather that plastic stereotypes with huge range and high pitched voice but little else.
    May be the girl season is going to happen this time.
    In my opinion, the level of talent leaves the other singing competitions in the dust.

    Overall, I have a good feeling for the rest of the season.

  • Ntrsensei

    I don’t dislike her and like I said I think she’s good tv I just don’t feel she ever really gives CONSTRUCTIVE criticism..

    Her comment to the guy butchering the Mariah Carey song saying she would love to hear it everyday.. Bush you’ll always be my bush.. The girls are coming to his concert.. You’re very handsome, I like the twinkle in your eye.. Yeah I get she’s not being serious but how are those comments constructive..

    All her constructive comments are the same thing.. I see a spark in you. I just didn’t feel that thing! You just have IT! I don’t feel a star… I will say though I am curious as to how she’ll be on the live shows..

  • blackberryharvest

    She has only judged a few cities so far. It takes awhile to find your groove sometimes.

  • blackberryharvest

    I mean “edgier” as in not having a white boy winner from the south. I am a huge fan of one of them, but I am just saying.

  • Li Wright

    On further thought, Nikki would make a good cartoon character, like the Family Guy.

  • hillstreetblooz

    Why watch? It’s American Idol. Kinda like American Bandstand. It just IS.  As long as they can keep audiences in the tens of millions, they’ll keep rolling on, becoming one part of the fabric of our musical and pop culture lives, sorta like Bandstand. I love music, so at its core, what Idol offers me musically on the show, and sometimes off the show, still entertains. As long as they continue to fill that small corner in my musical life, I’ll keep watching this cheesy ass show.

  • Steppen

    I love Mariah and Nikki as artists, but so far I’m not loving them as judges. I’m actually surprised by that. Nikki is too dominating numerous times, and does not show respect for other judges, interrupting other judges or dictating what to do. I do not appreciate that she rolls her eyes every time someone says Mariah is his/her idol. Mariah is as expected a diva, but I want to hear more coming off her. I want to hear more from Keith also. He seems to have more facial expression and gestures than words. The whole panel has not gelled yet. Their interaction seems unnatural at times. Their decisions are often too unanimous at times. I felt not everyone was being honest in his/her opinions. I really wish we can hear more from Mariah and Keith, and less from Nikki sometimes.

  • justmefornow
  • Tess

    If you read any of the other headlines you would know this is a “fantasy” site.

  • justmefornow

    All those rags are pretty much the same crap. Although that one did break the John Edward’s scandal.

  • Miz

    Isn’t that the same ‘paper’ you used to be able to get in check-out lines with headlines like ‘Woman has Bigfoots baby’ ‘Man born headless wins Senate seat’, etc?

  • Eilonwy

    Yup, Weekly World News is that one… most famous for its Bat Boy coverage. (There’s even a Bat Boy musical.) 

    Idol has not yet reached the point at which Lythgoe has to leak rumors to WWN instead of TMZ, though XFUSA may be getting there.

  • justmefornow

    LOL. I think in “Men in Black” they called them the “hot sheets”. And Nicki does look a little like an alien. 
    Maybe that’s the attraction.

  • cheese1

    That’s how I feel about the show. It’s there so I watch it out of habit. Out of 11 seasons, I’ve found like 2 or 3 artists that I really like and heard a few really good covers. That’s enough for me.  

    I don’t care who the judges are and I plan to continue to only half pay attention to auditions, and then I’ll probably just fast forward the judges during live shows like I’ve been doing for the last few years. Their 30 seconds of feedback doesn’t offer much of to the contestants even when it’s good feedback. I guess some viewers feel validated if the judges agree with them? I don’t know. For me, they are there to advertise Coke and to take up air time.  

    For now, I don’t mind the bickering between Nicki and Mariah. The audition shows have always been full of stupid filler and if it’s not a “feud” it would be something else just as uninteresting. The show doesn’t need to be about the contestants right now when 3/4 of the people getting through to Hollywood aren’t that great and won’t be seen again anyway. 

  • Mikko

    Before seeing the idol, I considered Nicki as a real street poet and very creative and exciting, and I thought Mariah is maybe aproud, boring diva. So I was prepared to like Nicki and not like Mariah, but surprisingly, it went the other way. Mariah has this far just felt like a nice, sane person. And Nicki is kind of OTT. She IS hilarious also, unpredictable in a good way, interesting, but somehow it seems to me she wants to be in front too much, like a kid wanting the attention. But it is not too bad. I am happy that Mariah seems so nice, I was really afraid of her being arrogant diva, who she does not seem to be.

  • teekee

    CB40, What a beautiful post.

  • CB40

    Thanks so much teekee to you and everyone else who identified with and “liked” my comments. I’m glad other people find Idol to be as resonant as I do. 

  • http://MJO judes

    I’ve been away so Ive just caught up with the 1st Idol episodes. I watched with my husband [who’s a big Keith Urban fan] & daughter & we all were amazed how much we liked Nicki as a judge. We all hate her music & up until now in all her interviews I wasn’t impressed but she impressed me with her wit .I wasn’t that impressed with Mariah & her hair tossing & to me she was rolling her eyes far more. I liked Keith on The Voice here so I wasn’t concerned about how he would go -only he seems to be trying to put on more of an American accent -maybe he was told he wouldn’t be understood by the idol audience if he used his natural voice?
    As for the contestants -there were a few I liked .I thought the girl who redid a Nicky song showed some spunk & like that Johnny has come back again.