American Idol 12- Sir Mac’s Top 10 Girls Power List

And since the girls are tonight, I should be doing their power list. Heh. The boys are pretty close, whereas the girls are a bit more spread out. There are some clear frontrunners, and some dark horses, and a few who just aren’t going to make the cut.

10) Tenna Torres- Let’s face it. She doesn’t deserve her top 10 spot. Even if you thought she deserved to beat Isabelle and Shubha, there’s at least one girl from the second week you could swap for her. Whether its Rachel or Jett or Cristabel or Juliana, you could swap someone for her and make a stronger top 10. I don’t think there’s anything she can do to make the top 10, so I’m going to move on to the next contestant.

9) Aubrey Cleland- A pretty girl with a good voice is about to get lost among the front runners of the season. Reaction to her performance was good, not great. Nothing against her, I just think there are better singers, more compelling singers, and Aubrey is going to get lost in the crowd. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Close the show.

8) Adriana Latonio- I’ve been told not to count out our filipino contestant. It’s hard not to when there are just so many compelling girls. Adriana isn’t as strong as a vocalist, and would sadly be relying on her background to pull her through. I just think there are stronger girls. If she was a guy, she’d probably have a better chance. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Close the show. Remind America she’s filipino.

7) Amber Holcomb- Now, remember those “dark horses” I talked about? Just because she’s in 7th, doesn’t mean she can’t make the top 5. Amber just isn’t quite the front runner yet, but if someone in my top 5 messes up this week (I think at least one will) her or Breanna could steal their spot. Amber just needs to deliver another strong vocal, and she’s still in the game. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: America just met her, and we need to feel compelled to vote for her. Either a fun song that shows off her personality, or a ballad that’s vulnerable could pull voters in.

6) Breanna Steer- Not the best singer, but her aggressive personality and ability to choose songs that really fit her style could differentiate Breanna from the rest of her competition. Breanna still has 5 “front runners” to contend with, and she needs someone to bore America to death next week to seal her spot. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Stay current, stay urban, and stay aggressive. Mary J Blige perhaps?

5) Janelle Arthur- She didn’t get any new fans last week, lets be honest. She’s most in danger of losing her spot, despite having the benefit of now being the only country girl in the competition (technically). Kree isn’t billing herself that way (yet). I hope Janelle pulls through, as I am a fan, but I can see her pulling a Baylie Brown and missing out on her shot this year. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Song choice has never been more important. I would almost suggest doing something by Carrie Underwood to draw that comparison. She needs a strong performance, not just a good performance, to keep her top 5 girl spot.

4) Zoanette Johnson- There’s a chance that America will revolt, or that she’ll just be boring and awful, but I’m betting she’s actually earned herself a Top 10 spot on her wild journey on American Idol. The funny part is, she’s not the worst girl in the top 10, nor does it feel like she stole her spot from someone more deserving. It’s almost as if she deserves to be here. I won’t even bother mentioning the VFTW effect, as I think Zoanette would make it through even without their support. If they wanted to actually get the worst girl into the top 5, they’d pick Tenna, as Zoanette doesn’t really need them anymore. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Keep it interesting. That’s what her fans want.

3) Candice Glover- I think the introduction of Zoanette into the equation, as well as Breanna and Amber pulling votes, keeps Candice from being the top pick. Surely, she’ll kill her vocal this week. And even if America slighted her, I can’t see a world in which she’s not wildcarded. Even if the judges have to add another wildcard just for her. There’s no way Candice doesn’t make the top 10/12/13/etc. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Avoid overdone songs. Natural Woman played it too safe. Surprise your fanbase with something they haven’t heard on the show before. Rally their support.

2) Angela Miller- Right now, she still seems to be riding high from he pre season pimping. I would say she’s still in danger of being “too safe”, and could pick another boring song. But if any front runner loses this week, it’s Janelle. Worst case scenario? Angela is the 5th girl in voting. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Get back behind that piano.

1) Kree Harrison- She is “the” frontrunner right now, in the entire competition. It’s hers to lose, as of this moment. She’s not attractive enough to scare the frauen, and she’s unassuming enough to feel like a dark horse (ala Phillip Philips) right now. But trust me, this girl is in it for the long haul (bet you thought I was about to go Randy Jackson on you). Plus, she’s crazy talented. If she sang an original this week, it could throw her way ahead of the pack. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO: Just build on last week. She doesn’t have to do much to get through, just not screw up.

Again, just to be clear, i think our top 5 will consist of some combination of the top 7 in my rankings. I fully think it will come down to performance for many of these girls, with Breanna and Amber poised to knock out any frontrunners who falter.


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  • Stefan Wind

    It’s a sad day in American Idol land when Angela Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison are the top 3 female contestants. And the award goes to Boring, More Boring, and Most boring. Pia would have won hands down in season 12. At least she was decent to look at with an exotic sounding name. 

  • raya

    Whether or not I think these females are boring, Pia would not have hands down won this season. Pia would have suffered from the same issues that ultimately brought her down in her own season.

  • aj rabin

    My top 5 girls going into this is Angela M , Kree , Brianna ,Aubrey and Amber. Not gonna happen though. Candice who is generic and predictable Jannele the bland blonde and Zonnette the screeching lunatic likely to steal 3 spots of more dynamic better contestants.

  • richiek88

    Oh yeah because Pia was not boring at all, she was so exciting unlike these 3, I mean really. lol

  • Jake W.

    I thought it comes on wed/thurs. Idol is on tonight?

  • aj rabin

    Ide bet 10$ that Candice gets the pimp spot tonight.

  • Peg

    I love Zonnette.  She’s a star.  A singing star?  Not so sure about that.  But she’s definitely a star.

  • Stefan Wind

    My post meant that Pia was boring, but she was decent to look at with a marketable name. Go back and read my post if it was confusing.

    Any who, I would like to see Breanna, Aubrey, and Adriana advance out of this sorry lot. If there are wildcards, then I hope Rachel and Shuba come back.

  • richiek88

    Oh I thought you meant that Pia wasn’t boring, I’m like WHAT? lol

  • richiek88

     The girls perform tonight, Wed. the guys, results will be Thurs.

  • tigervixxxen

    I wouldn’t be surprised either way with Zoanette but I agree that she has to keep doing her “thing” to get through. If one of the teenagers don’t get through I strongly bet one gets wild carded. There has to be that one token little teen girl each year and I do think the 4 here are talented enough. But one needs to either close the show or go 9th to really get noticed. I agree that Janelle is in danger of falling off. She seems to have lost a lot of momentum and the other top girls will be tough to beat. Interesting to me that the top girls have more or less a clear delineation from the top to bottom where I think there is a wide variance and decent arguments for placing the boys any which way.

  • jammasta

    I kind of agree. I’m giving these contestants a chance, but so far, the Top 5 girls on this list are not very strong at all. Kree and Candice are arguably the best two girls (and probably two of the best this competition), but they bore me and they would have been sent home already any other season. That’s not very encouraging for the rest of the Top 20.

    Kree is way ahead of the pack, I’ll admit that, but it seems like she’s only considered crazy talented and a 5-star performer because everyone else around her is so mediocre. She’s just merely a good contestant to me, not great, not bad. Interestingly, about S3, S6, and S9, there was that ONE contestant who just flat-out led the pack: LaToya, Melinda, and Crystal, respectively. None of them won. If Kree is this season’s answer to LaToya, Melinda, and Crystal, this might be a very long season unless she (or someone else) steps it up.

    I’m almost wondering if it’s coincidence that all 3 of those seasons were heavily female dominated AND considered terrible for the most part.

    Kree, Angela, Zoanette, Janelle, and Candice are the girls who I think will go through, although I’m totally not sure on Zoanette because she’s so polarizing and admittedly far from the best singer there. IMO, she’s really no worse than P2 (before the Top 4 week when he suddenly started singing somewhat well) or Lee were.

    I’d personally replace Candice with Breanna so that at least the Top 5 girls gets a little more interesting. Candice can probably be the Wild Card or at least one of them.

  • Sassycatz

    My post meant that Pia was boring, but she was decent to look at with a
    marketable name. Go back and read my post if it was confusing.

    Not to pick on you, but — considering the comment about the “Frauen” not being threatened by Kree’s looks — and therefore she could, perhaps, get their vote, what is the insulting verbiage we could use for men who vote for female contestants because they are attractive? Men?

  • CB40

    Can we have Haley Reinhart back? :)

    In all honesty, I think your rankings are spot-on. Great job! 

  • Damien Roberts

    Agree with your rankings almost completely, but I’d be willing to throw Adriana and even Aubrey into that maybe area seeing as I don’t know if I would consider Zoanette a frontrunner as she’s surely polarizing enough that she probably doesn’t have the same fan support as Janelle, Angie, Candice or Kree. So I could see even two of the more fodder girls making the top 5 voting.

  • forwarddad

    I just hope that Zoanette earns her spot with a good vocal. It’s time to move past the drama and perform and earn a spot- not just have it given to get the ratings.

  • Stefan Wind

    I’m gay. It’s totally different. =)
    In the real world, eye appeal is buy appeal. Unfortunately, it’s just how humans operate. Please don’t kill me I don’t make the rules. Just follow them most of the time. lol

  • Sassycatz

    Hey, we all vote for attractive people. I’m as guilty as the next person since I initially was on the Luke Menard (Orlando Bloom lookalike) love train during Season 7.  I just personally think a certain term has worn out its welcome, and this was my opening to make the very point you did. We *all* do it. ;-) We just don’t all get lovely names assigned to us for being human.

  • fantoo1

    Why is that sad? Those three are stronger than many other “frontrunners” over the years. They have proven they deserve to be there. I mean, even Carrie Underwood wasn’t “omg amazing!” at the start of her run. Give them a few more weeks to see where they stack against past females.

  • Last Laugh Lane

    I randomly just realized that the Kristy Lee Cook prophecy could be fulfilled through Kree.

    Don’t know if that’s early signaling but still… interesting.

  • Kariann Hart

    I agree,  Janelle, Angie, Candice and Kree have a terrific chance of being the TOP 4, but I’m just not sure who the 5th oe will be.  I do believe we will have some outstanding performances as weeks go by.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I thought it was boys tonight. Didn’t we experience this confusion last week? Plus, if the show wanted to give the girls the upper hand, wouldn’t they put the girls on a higher rated night?

  • mjsbigblog

    No. It’s girls tonight.

  • Tom22

    The something for everyone approach makes more sense to me than the “best singer” approach. Now, I do expect the best each type of fan to pick their favorite out of similar entertainers who appeal to them.

    That is one of the things I like about the voting system. I would limit the number of votes per number.. but having enthusiasm play a role in how many votes you cast really helps ensure that only peoples opinions about their favorites matters. If a person doesn’t really like R&B their opinion of which R & B singer is best kind of warps things so people don’t get the best of what they do like.  If people see exceptional talent in other areas,  they are free to vote for those contestants too and have influence.. but they need to be enthused enough to make the effort to have that influence. 

    Charm and the “do I relate to this person” are very legitimate parts of the “who would I like to see perform on stage most question”  Singing is one vital leg of the stool, but not the only one.  It is called american “Idol” .. a search for a singer fans will get attatched to, … not American Singing Champion.

  • raya

    I suspect, if you’re referring to which girl will likely take the 5th spot this week, I think there is a bit of room for a wildcard depending on whichever relatively unknown girl manages to kill it this week.  Folks like Janelle, Angie & Candice in particular have gotten plenty of screentime, so even if they aren’t amazing tonight I think they likely have enough good will to be voted through.  Whereas we’ve seen so little of people like Amber, Adriana & Breanna that I think for them a chance at Top 10 is completely dependent on their performance tonight.  IMO whichever one comes out on top tonight is likely to get that spot.  I don’t think Tenna or Aubrey have a shot at all.  Tenna for sucking and Aubrey for being bland.

    Zoanette, while she’s entertaining, I’m just not convinced 100% that the non-VFTW audience will really put the effort into voting her through.  It’s not out of the realm of possibility so much as I just don’t see it a sure thing.

  • H.A.

    Top 3 choices are pretty typical. Milktoast boring. I would like to see move on


    The rest are a toss up. Don’t really care.

  • Liteasy

    No no Zoanette – she’s a joke, and I hope America doesn’t go along with the judges.

  • buffynut2001

    I think you are underestimating Aubrey. She actually got an excellent critique last week and, for me, she was the best vocal of the night. She is similar to Breanna except, that for Idol voters, Aubrey is more likable & less threatening!

  • BBchez

    Angela tweeted earlier “#messengers you should definitely watch #AmericanIdol tonight =)#justsaying”..of course messengers is the colton dixon fan group. Theres a pretty solid youtube video of her singing “Never Gone”..maybe thats her song choice for tonight?

  • jammasta

    Those three are stronger than many other “frontrunners” over the years.

    I can’t even think of a single front-runner who was shown to be weaker than any of these three at this point. I can think of some who collapsed, but none who were just plain weak. Then again, I didn’t consider P2 a front-runner at this point. Who are you thinking of? >_>.

  • Jon Glass

    JANELLE IS TERRIBLE. Liker seriously? I told you so and Just a kiss are the easiest songs ever to sing. I cannot stand that phoney girl. 

  • Niall

    I predict Kree will Make the overall Top 10, but will leave before the top 5. Not from lack of talent, I just think she’s going to be one of those girls who is more popular on the blogs than with voters. Same with Breanna Steer, who, as much as I love her, is going to be too pretty and too urban in her choices to connect to America. Amber Holcomb might turn out to be this years Ashthon Jones. I hope not because I really like her.

    On the flip side, I think Adriana might be top 5.

  • tigervixxxen

    That would be fantastic strategy on Angela’s part. Good strategy to align with Messengers in the first place.

  • durbesque

    Pia would have won hands down in season 12.

    Another hypothetical that can never be proven.

  • tigervixxxen

    Zoanette is a caricature. If people are entertained by that then fine, I understand that. Lee and P2 were never fronting anything, they were being true to themselves. If people didn’t find their tone, voice, style to be their cup of tea then I understand that too. But just because they didn’t pass the opera style singing of scales standard some have doesn’t mean neither were good singers nor did they try to advance by the schtick that Zoanette offers. So for me that’s a rough comparison.

  • raya

    Oh Angie.  I swear she is trying her hardest to make me dislike her.  I’m not saying it it is necessarily a bad choice for her to sing a Colton Dixon song in terms of the competition.  If anything it’s probably smart since it will just solidify his fanbase even more to rally behind her voting wise.  She is playing the game hard.  It will just annoy the crap out of me since Colton annoys me. 

    As for Aubrey, I don’t think she’s bad and I know she got raves from the judges.  But Nicki’s raves IMO were coming from the point of seeing her as a complete package.  I don’t think Idol viewers tend to care about voting for the complete package.

  • H.A.

    My dislike for Angela just went up another notch.

  • durbesque

    I disagree.  I’m an Idol viewer and I care about the complete package.  I would vote for a complete package before I would vote for a cow, even if the cow sings better.

  • forwarddad

    Not sure it’s a great strategy for Angela to sing a Colton Dixon song. While I know there is a following I am not sure enough of a following. At this point IMHO the viewers want songs they know. Not sure Nicki and Mariah are going to relate to Colton song. Think it’s a mistake.

  • Kody Baker

    I’m confident in saying right now that Angie and Candice will get through no matter what. Kree, although I love her voice, I question whether or not the people will relate to her, but I want her in the top 5 and think the odds favor that. Amber, same thing with her. Those four ladies I think can and will make it. The last spot is going to be a toss up between Janelle, Breanna, Aubrey, and Zoanette.. and I think Janelle or Zoanette will come out victorious in that battle. But, if Janelle screws up yet again and either Breanna or Aubrey have a standout performance then we could be in for a surprise tomorrow. Only time will tell! 

  • Omar Angel Dominguez

    How can you mention three people as boring and then bring up Pia?  She is the definition of boring.  FAIL

  • jammasta

    I agree that Pia defines boring, but at least she had I’ll Stand By You and even a performance of Grenade that was I guess a little fun. These girls have zzzzzzzz so far aside from Zoanette and Breanna.

  • MellyPer1692

    It is called american “Idol” .. a search for a singer fans will get attatched to, … not American Singing Champion.”

    Nor is it called “boy next door” or “morals and beliefs like me” either, doesn’t stop it from happening lol

  • H.A.

    IA. Since this show is not about the best singer or the most talented a complete package is what it takes to make it in the business. Zoanette for me is good TV who will avoid the snooze factor from this lame bunch. She must stay!!

  • lizland

    I keep reading comments about Breanna being unlikable and aggressive  I don’t remember even seeing her before last week, and to me she seemed a bit tentative and deer in the headlights when not signing.  What did I miss?

  • Kesia Monteith

    Well, my bad then. :P

  • H.A.

    She’s pretty and too sexy?

  • jammasta

    She’s “pretty” (Well, she isn’t ugly but she doesn’t grab my eyes as much as she does other people) and she sang a song about busting windows, which I suppose worked for Carrie Underwood but not Breanna.

  • lizland

    Thanks, I guess I thought she actually did or said something during Hollywood that I missed.  I don’t get it, but it sure seems to be the consensus on her.

  • sumidol

    I completely agree with you, I am so sad that this list has that horror anywhere near the top.  Its a joke, Zoanette is a hot mess, not funny, cant sing, awful to even look at and I am sorry, I am not just talking about her looks, its her actions, awful but she probably will get through :(

  • H.A.

    What’s wrong with Zoanette look? I hope she gets through :)

  • woodchuck25

    Are you sure you’re not confusing her with Aubrey? 

    Breanna was in that hell group with Janelle, Angela and Kez-Ban btw.

  • Tinawina

    Has Kree defined herself musically? She has the voice for bluesy rock, if she chooses to go in that direction it would make her stand out from the other girls. In fact, there’s a hole there this season, it could give her a ready made niche overall.

    There really is no way to know who is popular with the audience right now since we’ve never had actual voting before IMO. Pimped doesn’t equal popular. The only ones I’d count on having enough of a fanbase to survive a bad performance are the stuttering kid and Angela.

  • Cory Patrick ??

    I want Amber to make it so bad, I feel like she is one of the best vocalist out of the females…but unfortunately  think she will fall victim to the “Who are You”Idol syndrome, as we weren’t introduced to her early on with a back story. I really like Kree, Candice, and even though I’m not a huge Angela fan I can recognize the girls talent. In a perfect world, my top 5 would be Kree, Candice, Angela, Amber, and Adriana (because I thought Janelle was boring last week). ZOANETTE SHOULD NOT MAKE IT! I don’t think she can sing at all, I’m like shocked every time the judges praise her…it’s kind of disgusting. That’s just my opinion though, and who am I? lol 

  • Cory Patrick ??

    I think Aubrey and Breanna have been hyped way to much, they both are below average vocalist. Breanna is a great performer, but Aubrey to me is like Rihanna in the stages of her two first failed albums…NOT THERE. 

  • Tom22

    If a person legitimately relates better to “boy next door”, or “morals and beliefs like me”  that is a 100% valid reason  for them to vote: would you tell them to play and listen to music they don’t enjoy at home and in their car … to put music they don’t relate to on their phone playlists?

    Artists do bring who they are to their music.  And as this is a stage show, like a concert but also showcasing “talk show appearance” type banter that are a part of what the job of “star” is.

    You’d agree that story and attitude of lyrics and interpretation are important to whether or not one person enjoys a song more than another ,  wouldn’t you Melly?   

    My personal enjoyment is less about how someones appearance stirs a physical interest or if they are from the same region as I am.  I’ (personal preference in music) am more into “is that person an optimist ” ; someone who is a realist or cynical is never going to be able to really convey song about hope and romantic dreams like so many songs are.   They can try to fake it and act like they think a dreamer would act,  but even without a video I can tell who believes the world is a place of unimaginable possibilities and who is sort of thinks that’s all a pipe dream (so people like angry singers and some people like singers who aren’t about things bigger than reality) 

    No-one needs to like what I like, but I usually hear a person’s personality and outlook through the music. 

     “Music is a language that speaks directly to the heart” is an old saying.  Having a voice that can sing a long clear note is a major plus, yet it’s not nearly enough by itself to be called and artist.   And being an artist isn’t enough to be a great performer.  Voice-Artistry-Charm(if on stage) are all equal requiremnts

  • H.A.

    Although I think a boy is going to win regardless, Jimmy Ivoine is going to look for a girl that is marketable. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t great singers (P2). Just hand them a great song. Angela will be going the Colton 2.0 route so that leaves her very limited. Kree may have a chance( maybe). Janelle fits the blonde, cute country girl.  Amber, Candice and Adriana have a snowball chance in hell of winning. Jimmy isn’t even going to entertain the idea. Don’t forget he has a lot of say behind the scene.

  • girlygirltoo

    Angela tweeted Colton’s followers (#messengers) to make sure to watch tonight. So she is going to sing one of his songs? 

    I guess she really wants to be tagged as a CCM artist? Which is cool if that’s the type of music she wants to pursue post show, but I have a hard time seeing a CCM artist winning Idol.

  • LeahKittyS

    I’ve been dropping by the Top 20?s Twitter pages, and Angela has a massive following. Between that and her past performances, she’s pretty much a lock for the Top 10 (good; I like her a lot.) The same goes for Kree and Janelle, whom I also both enjoy, so that gives me hope. Tenna and Zoanette have very small followings, so maybe America has the sense not to vote them into the finals. With three spots taken, I would want the last two definite spots to go to Candice and either Adriana or Amber (though I’ll settle for Aubrey or Breanna). Odds are there will be Wildcards after all this year, so we could have any combination of those last 4. Jessica’s fans are gravitating quickly towards Adriana, so we’ll see if that means anything.

  • Stefan Wind

    First of all, I am in no way a Pia fan. Haley all the way. A Durbin fan should know that by now haha. I’m just saying that she would fit right in with the other talented, but VERY boring singers this year, but she’s prettier and exotic then the likes of Kree, Candice, and Angie. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sheesh, some people just can’t let season 10 go on here. =P I guess that speaks well for a great season. Ahhh, sweet memories of better years. 

  • Renee Loyd

    I agree, I definitely think Janelle and Kree will come out of this with some sort of contracts because they are very marketable.  Janelle in the country scene and Kree can do cross overs like Kelly Clarkson.