American Idol 12 San Antonio/Long Beach – Your Favs! (POLLS)

You watched the American Idol 12 San Antonio/Long Beach auditions tonight, now take the polls!

Vote for your favorite city–San Antonio or Long Beach!

Vote For Your Favorite Contestant!

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  • blackberryharvest

    Shubha, Rachel, and Savannah were my favorites. 

  • Kariann Hart

    I really liked Rachel and Shubha and feel they will go far in the competition.

  • Stefan Wind

    Savannah was great and gets my vote, but I loved others; such as, Matheus, Matt, and the really pretty white girl who they said was so happy. Her personality really did radiate through the TV. Very infectious. Oh and Matheus is adorable and Matt is a hottie. The end lol. 

  • fantoo1

    Love Rachel(the happy girl).

  • Jake W.

    Savannah,Rachel,Shubha,Adam,Briana, and Jesaiah were my favorites. Now, I’d more than happy to back a contestant from my state like Rachel if she makes it to voting rounds due to her talent and personality alone. I usually don’t celebrate locals if they don’t got the talent to back it up. Overall, I’m going to be watching Savannah and Rachel like a hawk.

  • CB40

    I liked Micah a lot.

  • chessguy99

    Rachel and Shubha were my favorites. This was the worse episode of the season, particularly the San Antonio portion.

  • Jordana33

    I really liked Rachel Hale and Shubha Vedula. Somehow the guys aren’t impressing me much this season. 

  • GeauxSaints

      I loved Josaih, she had a beautiful tone to her voice, and most importantly, she didn’t over sing or SCREAM. (Thank you thank you thank you)

  • waynestrong

      Shubha Vedula and Briana were my favorites (voted briana)

  • Incipit

    So, I found my favorite part of the auditions so far. I’m not actually watching the show yet, but I was on Hulu catching up on some other shows. Each one was preceded by the Idol commercial for the last round; there was a person systematically destroying the SSB, and Keith Urban suddenly – just fell off of his chair. 

    That’s the part that keeps cracking me up. I don’t even know if Idol edited that in from another episode just for the Hulu commercial or what – but I still get a kick out of watching it, every time it plays. That’s definitely My Favorite Moment so far. 

  • Anny_nanny

    The more I look auditions, the more I hate the Top 40. I understand that all my favorites could burn in Hollywood, but it does not change the essence of things.
    Auditions is wery good, but so far I like Charlie only. I would have voted for Keith if I could. LOL

  • jcabby

    Rachel, Savannah, Shubah, and Micah were the clear standouts for me. Each had unique and beautiful voices. Yesterday’s episode was enjoyable for the talent.

  • Miz

    I’m sure this has been posted elsewhere here, but I was going crazy last night trying to figure out what other shows Matheus Fernandez has been on. Doh! He was on the Glee Project.