American Idol 12 Promo – Mariah Has A Crush, Nicki Suggests Auto Tune (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, American Idol heads to San Antonio TX, and Long Beach, CA. In this new This new promo features Mariah crushing on a contestant and also rolling her eyes when a Nicki suggests auto-tune to a hopeful!

The last week of American Idol auditions air this week on Wednesday 8/7-10/9c and Thursday 8/7c-9/8c on FOX.

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  • FinalFantasy13

     oh it’s the last week of auditions already? Can’t say I’m not happy, those always seem to go on way to long in past seasons.

  • Larc

    Actually, there were 8 hours of auditions last year and there are 10 this year.  Although we had 7 audition nights in S11 compared to 6 this year, S12 has more 2-hour audition shows.

  • samuelgrant

    These auditions are FLYING by compared to The X Factor’s. It felt like they would never end!

  • Dennis

    Yes but the audition shows have been way more tolerable this year. Last year the auditions were boring as hell so it felt like it was 20 of them.

  • abbysee

    Damn he’s pretty!

  • elliegrll

    For some reason it feels like this round has been shorter than last year.  Maybe it’s because the editing has been better, and the judges have had more to say.  It also seems like we’ve seen more contestants this season.  Having a mix of good, bad, and so-so contestants has also helped.

  • fantoo1

    I agree, the auditions have absolutely flown by this year. I feel like they are miles better than last year’s audition shows. They are actually showing people we can get excited about hearing again.

  • Leandro

    Don’t even try to comment on the irony of Nicki saying “there’s always autotune”!


  • Emmuzka

    I’m glad that the auditions are soon over and my favorite non-live rounds begin – Hollywood! – but I’m kinda irked that none of the singers so far have truly grabbed my attention. Oh well, I’ll probably be re-introduced to the advancing singers in Hollywood, anyway. 

  • James M.

    Nice one. Lol.

    It is a little ironic, I guess. I suppose what I’d have to say is that Nicki’s use of autotune doesn’t actually hurt her credibility. Also, from what I’ve heard, she’s not actually a terrible singer without autotune.

    Anyway, Hollywood is usually the part I want to skip. People like Todrick Hall, Mary Powers, Richie Law, and Tatiana Del Toro just bring out the sadistic, chokeslammy, punchy, extremely violent part of me. The Mariah/Nicki feud was enough drama for one season IMO.

  • Sara Traynor

    Wow! I’m delighted that the auditions are finished this week.  They always last about 2 weeks too long in all these shows IMO.  

  • MyDailyComment

    Maybe Nicki can get the rules changed so that autotune is allowed on the show.  Performers do use it during live performances that feature live singing.  

    “The music business is different from 15 years ago!”