American Idol 12 – New Promo Poster (PHOTO)

Look! It’s a brand new American Idol 12 poster! The judges round auditions just wrapped up in Long Beach, CA. People magazine is confirming what Nicki Minaj told MTV recently. That she and Mariah Carey are getting along just fine, sitting next to each other on the panel.

According to MY source, 43 people auditioned on Day 1 in Long Beach, and 16 got through. There were online auditioners who sang for the judges as well.

From People Magazine

“Mariah and Nicki sat next to each other yesterday,” an Idol source said Thursday. “There really is some great chemistry among all the judges.”

The new panel has been working long hours, adds the source, but “they’ve found what they think is some seriously superstar talent out there.”

The Long Beach set had its fill of special, expressive moments too, such as when an 8-year-old girl showed up dressed like Minaj – complete with a pink and blue wig – to support her auditioning aunt.

“Nicki told her she loved her color palette and talked to her about how important it is stay in school,” says the source. “The little girl sang ‘Starships’ for Nicki, who let the girl and her brother sit on her lap for the audition. It was really cute.”

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  • Quaribea

    It is interesting how Ryan is now front and center, and Randy is marginalized, sitting down.

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    I hope Keith ‘brings it’ – I didnt see him on the Australian XF which so many seemed to like.  He just seems so boring compared to the 2 women and in the promo materials looks so out of place.  It would really be nice to see Idol get refreshed and keep high ratings – at least bigger than the Voice and XF.  Simon really has screwed up X Factor.  I think this season is so much worse than last. First the talent.  Second, Khloe as a host is not making Steve Jones look that bad, the releasing of the votes each week is not a plus, Britney has not paid off and the judging seems off (yes everyone is amazing and Brit gives the worst comments – Demi is the one who has really stood out and should get a raise if she stays); not sure more 13 year olds who potentially can melt down is great; the talent is just much worse than last year – and so far, some of the eliminations dont make sense.  You keep Paige who is off key every week just cuz shes pretty and skinny?  Lyric145 didnt get to show off what they got – Im not a fan of that type of music but they definitely seemed talented.  Why continue with the groups if every year youre going to create your own groups.  Expand it maybe to groups/bands – You should be able to get 4 groups t hat come to you as groups instead of all the fake groups (despite 1D and Little Mix success) – just dont like the idea.   And the fake fights that keep putting the focus on the judges instead of the contestants is also a turnoff- especially this weeks Simon forcing Demi to embarass herself and decide to vote off a contestant Simon knew would still be there.  He was just trying to stick it to her for revenge.  We dont need the snarky comments that hurt a contestant.  And t hen the contestants telling us that the mentors are barely involved and producers choose the songs..which then they get criticized for.  Why should contestants keep getting dinged cuz someone chose the wrong song or outfits.  Could go on and on but so much is going wrong with this show…Its  atrainwreck – still waiting for an album from Melanie – If her single has been released – it didnt seem to go anywhere.  No $5mil.  It will be ironic if Simon gets a country winner….but like it or not, those Country music fans seem very loyal.  Can Simon get the male Carrie Underwood?  Tate is ok but I still dont see the XF in them.

  • samuelgrant

    Randy is barely in the picture… just as it should be.

  • durbesque

    Ryan is centered…. After all, he is the prettiest.

  • md

     “an 8-year-old girl showed up dressed like Mina”

    She had pink hair and was wearing a push-up bra?

  • Montavilla

    I hate to say this, but with the photo listing at that angle… it sort of looks like they’re standing on the deck of the Titanic.

  • suenigma

     Hahaha. And Nicki’s the Captain.

  • Jake Williams

    Randy needs to go.He’s like a virus that keeps coming back.