American Idol 12 – Live Judges Q&A – Watch it Here! (VIDEO)

Watch the Live Q&A with the American Idol judges and Ryan Seacrest right here! The chat is also being broadcast live in movie theaters across the country where the American idol 12 premiere is being shown.

Click to read my thoughts and recap of the preview


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  • Li Wright

    First?  They are reallyyreallyyyy pushing Nikki Minaj.  I can remember when Mariah was hired and she was supposed to be the ONLY woman on the panel….I wonder what happened?
    OMG the first guy holding his pants??? WTF?

  • ninergrl6

    DO. NOT. LET. FANS. TALK. OR SING. This is awful. I’d rather have dead air

  • ninergrl6

    Nicki’s “cooky” answers are not endearing her to me. It’s like she’s not taking this seriously. Or maybe I just take Idol too seriously?

  • Kesia Monteith

    I feel like anything that comes out of Randy’s mouth is just so false and contrived. Like he is a walking bilboard ad for Idol or something. It’s just hard to take him seriously. But then again, sometimes it’s hard to take this cheesy show seriously. LOL ;)

  • breakdown

    Wtf? What an obnoxious audience! Did they get everyone drunk and give pixie sticks to those underage? :)

  • Prime_Minister

    I got to watch the last half of the stream.  My thoughts:

    -Thank goodness Idol has the best host on TV.
    -Nicki is hilarious and real.
    -Keith is the only sensible voice who answers the questions straight (and doesn’t babble).  I think he will be my favorite.
    -Mariah may be talented, but all her answers are just platitudes – a little disappointing given what she’s paid.
    -Randy is Randy.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Oh wow, they played Taylor Hicks at the end. That’s shocking, I thought Idol rather treat him like he don’t exist LOL ;p

  • durbesque

    Maybe Mariah caught her cold walking around half naked.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The Q&A was interesting and gave a taste of each judge and where they were coming from. So far, I like all three new judges. If anything, I have a vibe from Mariah that she is sometimes less than genuine, whereas I feel that Keith is the most “real”. When it came to whether the judges were looking for great vocalists vs. overall entertainers, it was interesting to see Mariah/Randy have a different response than Nicki. I liked that Mariah/Randy were looking for someone who “had it all” and was a great vocalist as well as entertainer (not that this applies in everyone who has won Idol), but Nicki was very realistic in citing that being a great vocalist was not the most important thing, especially in today’s musical climate and that in these days of social media, an engaging “persona” was of key importance (not surprising, since this is a large component of her appeal). I have a feeling that this difference may account for some conflict in the judges deciding who goes through or not. Should be an interesting season, but only if the contestants are appealing.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Man, I really can’t stand anything about Mariah Carey.  I hope Nicky stays with the “natural” work as opposed to full on clown suit.  Love everything about Keith but wish he would dress up a bit, but then the country guys seldom do.  Randy, ugh!

  • bannanafish

    I like the fact that Keith stood up when Nicki entered and didn’t sit until she was seated (Mariah was already seated) Again he stood again and helped her from her chair at the end. Good old fashioned manners and a sign of respect, that you don’t see on TV very often.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I noticed that too, and thought that it was just so sweet of Keith.

  • SaSa8

    I noticed Nicki’s response to that question right away also.  I think someone on Idol needs to have all three – be a good singer, be entertaining and have that star quality.  I think if Nicki is only looking at the entertainment factor, I will not care for her judging.  HeeJun is a good example of that to me.  He was funny and entertaining but he did not deserve to stay as long as he did based on his singing ability IMO. 

    Keith also made an interesting comment about it being a little easier to say NO to people who come in all dressed out kinda crazy (I’m paraphrasing here) but it told me something about how he is judging the performers.  I can tell he will be my favorite judge already.