American Idol 12 Las Vegas Girls Pt 1 Roundup – Poll Results and More

AMERICAN IDOL: Amber Holcomb performs in the Sudden Death Round of AMERICAN IDOL airing Wednesday, Feb. 20 (8:00-10:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. copyright / FOX

We’re going to party like it’s 2003, ya’ll! American Idol brought us back to the good old early days–or maybe just “old” depending on where you stand–of American Idol. It’s the battle of the big voiced girls, y’all. And we had our own little competittion going on right here in our polls. Click to check out the full results.

American Idol has put up new interviews on You Tube.

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Which were your favorite performances from last night?

1. Coming in 1st is country singer, and Keith Urban fav, Kree Harrison, with her deeply felt performance of “Up To The Mountain.” Kree captured 36.45% of the vote.

Kree Harrison – Vegas Singoff – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

2. Coming in at #2 is Alaskan Adriano Latonio with 23.48% of the vote! I was not expecting that. She impressed the judges with her soulful version of “Ain’t No Way.”

Adriana Latonio – Vegas Singoff – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

3. In third place is the gal I expected to take 2nd. Angela Miller’s cover of JesseJ’s “Nobody’s Perfect” was a bit of a letdown for the judges, who couldn’t let go of the original song she performed in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s why she’s dropped from 1st place last week, to 3rd this week. Hopefully, Angela won’t turn into a one-hit-wonder a la Season 9’s Andrew Garcia and his Hollywood Paula Abdul cover.

Angela Miller – Vegas Singoff – American Ido 12 by IdolxMuzic

4. Newcomer, Amber Holcomb and her beautifully-phrased version of “My Funny Valentine” came in 4th with 15.3% of the vote. She’s a dark horse!

Amber Holcomb – Vegas Singoff – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

The rest represented a miniscule amount of the votes.

The Favorite judge poll surprised me a lot. Mariah Carey came in FIRST, ahead of Keith Urban (whom I expected to win) and then Nicki Minaj. The Super Bass singer is so polarizing, maybe her haters were in an “anybody but” mood. Sweetheart, Keith, is #2, but not that far behind Mariah (I suspect her lambs were on internet prowl last night). Poor Randy is a very very distant 4th.

1. Mariah Carey – 38.15%
2. Keith Urban – 35.94%
3. Nicki Minaj – 24.88%
4. Randy Jackason – 1.03% (OMG)

And finally, the eliminated contestant you felt was robbed? Isabelle, overwhelmingly, with 57.55% of the vote. Shubba Vedula came in at second with 34.77% of the vote.

Isabelle – Vegas Singoff – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

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  • Jenna

    Amber really impressed me, I love the tone of her voice.

  • CanadianLady

    I also picked Amber’s performance as the best last night. I thought she was great.

  • fantoo1

    I guess I can’t complain too much about the big voices-after all, Kelly Clarkson was one of those also! Actually, all of our girl winners have big voices.

  • EliteHalien

    Mariah gave some very nice, technical feedback, and she was much more engaged with the proceedings. I loved her!!!

    Keith and Nicki continued to impress. Loved Keith’s thoughtful feedback, and I loved Nicki’s fearlessness in her critiques (Christina Aguilera and Psy LOL )

  • Elizabeth

    The judge polls don’t reflect honest opinions.. Mariah’s “Lambs” definitely had everything to do with her coming in 1st place. I’m 100% sure of it. In reality, she gives the least helpful feedback to the contestants. Btw, I’m completely unbiased. 

  • Leandro

    The poll are totally a reflect of the average viewer. The fact is that the opinions of the owner of this forum and most of active users are totally different from the average viewer. Nicki is unlikable on every place of the internet and it’s time to people realize it’s not gonna change.

    ETA: if someone would troll a poll, it would be Nicki’s fans, who are much more young and organized, hence much mroe active on the inernet

  • Eric Mitchell

    The real question is who is the 1% who voted for Randy. I’m banking on Randy voting from multiple computers.

  • Last Laugh Lane

    Wow kinda upset watching Isabelle back. It begs the question about Tenna being put through as fodder to let front runners advance

  • Leandro

    LOL, I also found that much more intriguing than Mariah winning. I guess 4% of the people click on the wrong name, so 25% of these votes go to Randy Jackson.

  • John S

    I would say its because of the Mariah fans. She still has an online fanbase presence.

  • Alissa Souk

    what helpful feedback nicki gave?

    advising teena about her hair when she’s wearing a blonde wig with black roots?  Giving critique regarding Amber’s “shine” on the tv screen after the horrific performance she gave at the grammy’s last year? Who in their right mind will believe her?  She has zero credibility even the hip hop community despises her.

    Nicki minaj might be funny during audition rounds but that ends there.  no more editing during live rounds

  • Elizabeth

    Um, no. The average viewer, with no bias towards Mariah or Nicki.. clearly feels Mariah brings the LEAST to the judges table. If you read most of the professional bloggers and critiques, Nicki has stole the show this year. Her and Keith together give actual feedback, unlike Mariah who brings almost nothing to the table.  It’s clear you’re a Mariah fan, so I’m sure your mind is made up. Just know, as a whole, Nicki has impressed many more people with her judging skills than Mariah. Coming from a fan of both.

  • woodchuck25

    Or it could be that Mariah was the only person to give constructive, technical feedback last night? I myself was quite pleasantly surprised. Makes me wonder whether she was actually giving helpful critiques before but they weren’t “interesting” enough to make the final cuts. Or maybe being at the end of the line, she realized she couldn’t just repeat the general sentiment of the 3 before her and so therefore went into specifics. Whatever was going on, it was refreshing.

  • Damien Roberts

    I disagree that the average viewer liked Mariah the most; I don’t think you can attribute a poll on a site like this as an actual reference of the majority of viewers. If anything, I bet Keith is the most Idol friendly of the bunch, he represents the South much more than Mariah or Nicki.

    Your comment on Ms. Minaj is a little more grounded in reality. The typical idol viewer probably isn’t her fan base, but she was actually very popular in some earlier episodes.

    I personally find Nicki and Keith to be the most constructive judges.

  • woodchuck25

    Another good thing about last night’s round – I think we can put all the speculation about the spots being pre-determined to bed, right? 

    Certainly TPTB rigged the groups enough that no more than 5 of their faves would be in the same group… but beyond that it does seem like they took performance quality into consideration. As in, I’m sure the producers would have preferred Shuba over Adriana based on previous camera time, but they couldn’t legitimately do so. 

    Isabelle and Tenna were obviously fighting for that last spot… neither of them would’ve gone far, so meh.

  • emlz

    I think both Mariah and Nicki fans could have trolled the poll, so the real winner was probably Keith if the diehard fans cancel out. I don’t know how anyone at this point could dislike the guy. I think Nicki gives the panel some energy, so even if I don’t like her personally, at least she makes the show more interesting.

  • Sassycatz

    advising teena about her hair when she’s wearing a blonde wig with black
    roots?  Giving critique regarding Amber’s “shine” on the tv screen
    after the horrific performance she gave at the grammy’s last year? Who
    in their right mind will believe her?  She has zero credibility even the
    hip hop community despises her.

    I actually liked what Nicki had to say. It reminded me a little of some of Simon’s comments, only with actual good intentions and knowledge behind it. For instance, the comment to Brandy about coming across like a pageant performer. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I also thought that Tenna’s looked made her appear older — esp. the hairstyle — and, considering this is, relatively, a young person’s (read woman’s) contest, you should do all you can not to look older than you are. Unfairly, all the ladies who’ve won have been no older than 20 or 21.

  • Li Wright

    I like Nicki’s critique, but she dominates the table.  She seems to be backing off a bit….but there are times she just goes on and on and on and draws out the critique.  Mariah was looking at them from a singer’s point of view.  I don’t even think Randy should be included in the poll.  Loved Amber the most, then Angela.  I’m sure there’s a record producers (maybe Clive? LA Reid? Jimmy IO) who’s looking Amber over very closely because she seemed to have it all and can probably sing the phone book.  But, I would hope she stays with standards and not get into that pop-singer basket with the other girls.
    Nicki to me is the Simon they’ve been looking for.

  • golcook

    For me Shubba was the one robbed… even if her interpretation of the song was weird, she’s interesting with a great voice and was the only one who didn’t sing a freaking ballad. I hope she’s picked as a wildcard.

  • Elizabeth

    Was my comment deleted in response to Leandro? If so, why?

  • Stefan Wind

    Really hoping Shuba and Isabell are picked as wildcards, because both are very deserving. Deserving enough to probably both be in the top 12 even IMO. 

  • Mafalda Abreu

    I wasn’t crazy about Shubha and Isabelle performances but damn… they were much better than Charlie and Elijah (and even Paul!) so now I think it was unfair to watch these girls being eliminated. I wish them the best of luck, though!