American Idol 12 Hollywood – Vote For Your Fav Girls Solo (Polls)

The Hollywood Rounds ended tonight with the girls singing their last chance solos. Which were your favorites? Take the poll!

ETA: I created a new poll, adding Angela’s name. If you voted before, you will have to re-do. Sorry about that.

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  • blackberryharvest

    Angela wasn’t on the list, or else I would have voted for her. Voted for Kree though. Also like Candice, Juliana, Janelle, and Melinda. 

  • maymirabella

    Early faves for me are Candice, Janelle, Cree

  • quickjessie

    No Angela?  Okay, Kree it is then.

  • Sean DeFrancesco

    Nice try assholes. Angela Miller. 
    Don’t try and fuck her over already. You know the kraus live amongest us. 

  • jdanton2

    Candice , Shubha and for the entertainment Zoanetta.

  • Jake W.

    Um Angela Miller for me. Rachel should be on the list as well. Guess I won’t be voting on the poll. The Kree girl was way overrated for me. I don’t get her hype at all.

  • Cindy

    Angela Miller for me, too!  I’m surprised they had her first but she was fantastic!

  • IDreamIn4D

    where’s Angela Miller on the list? she was my favorite on Solo night! Why isn’t she on the list?

  • BBchez

    So we’re just gonna act like angela’s amazing performance never happened? alright fine ill vote for candice

  • albean99

    I liked Angela Miller.  Gutsy to have an original and it was a good one unlike the other 2 we saw. 

  • jpfan2

    Pretty sure not listing Angela was just an oversight and not part of any bigger idol “conspirashy.”

    Idol fans and polls are always good for laughs.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    Angela Miller was my favorite, that performance gave me chills.

    Overall I feel underwhelmed with girls and majority of contestants that we have seen so far. A bunch of competent singers, but barely anybody who makes me feel exited and/or at the very least curios about what their next performance would bring.

    Now that  Kez Ban is out Charlie Askew is probably the only one who I would be disappointed to see cut.
    But he is one blue shoe in the top 10, so…

  • ladymctech

    I am hoping we are seeing a lot of “diamonds in the rough” this season who will improve from week to week and make it an exciting competition in the end. I found Seasons 10 and 11 to be pretty predictable after a few weeks, and not that interesting by the time the finale rolled around.

  • teekee

    I like several. All good vocally, so it’s probably going to come down to song choices, story telling, and  believability. I’m so hoping I can hear some more obscure songs than in the past.

  • Miz

    I want to vote for Angela Miller, but she’s not on the list. So I won’t vote.

  • Truthisagun

    Angela Miller by a landslide. Her song reminded me the style of Tori Amos.

  • Robert

    I went with Kree who was very good but it would have easily been Angela if she was on the list.

    What Angela did last night was one of the most impressive things I have seen on AI.

  • CB40

    Angela, Kree, and watch out for my personal favorite Melinda Ademi!

  • overthetop1

    The poll doesn’t have Angela Miller. She was the best.

  • Namarinad

    Wow that Angie Miller performance was really really good, i have no words
    like it’s a recorded song already
    if they want her to win, they can because she has it

  • shell29

    Angela was pretty solid and lived up to the pre-show pimping. One of the best solos shown last night. However I voted for Melinda-her performance was fun and I enjoyed it. Zoannette’s “song” was a mess but for me it was an entertaining mess. I’m not worried about her making Top 10 (I doubt she will) but I look forward to her keeping me entertained for at least another week. She might not be great but she ain’t boring (IMO).

    I still like Candice but did not like her solo last night. Hated the song choice (but I’m biased against Girl On Fire anyway) and Candice oversang it. I get the feeling that Candice feels like she needs to add a bit *extra* to every performance just to make it after being cut last season. She has been oversinging all through the Hollywood rounds in my opinion (and I’m an R&B fan who usually doesn’t mind that every now and then). Candice, sometimes less is more. If she can just reign it in just a little bit, she’ll be golden.

  • alonzo7

    Angela for me-no voting on that list.

  • Guilherme

    Really that you missed Angela´s performance? Ok, won´t vote.

  • mjsbigblog

     Of course. You’re kidding o_0 right? 

    It was an oversight. Calm down everyone.

  • maattt

    There is a lot of female talent I love this year. I always thought Angela was good but last night she blew me away. Loved that performance. Also loving Janelle, Kree and Candice!

  • Wally.

    I will vote for Jett Hermano if she makes it to the top 20 after the unfair airtime she has gotten so far. Which is a total of three minutes. Unbelievable. Shes great, and marketable yet they shun her.

    Angela was my favorite, Kree with being a second.

  • EliteHalien

    I love Jett, but at this rate I don’t think she can make it because they haven’t given her any screen time. 

    I loved Angie’s solo, but I think she’s the reason they didn’t want to show Jett’s solo, because Jett did an original as well and it would have taken away some of the specialness of Angie’s (as they pimped it as being the only good original since Kez Ban was cut)

  • No Thanks

    I’ve noticed that the poll votes for the females are considerably lower than the boys.  Just more proof that Idol’s core audience is biased towards the boys.

  • ali_359921

     The girls can’t win coz the girls don’t vote 4 the girls anymore . It’s all about the girls .. lol

  • MV007

    Or maybe Jett wasn’t that great?  Or maybe the show was only an hour long and they only had time to show so many people for any significant portion of time.  The show has to pick some people to showcase, thats just the nature of the show.  They don’t have to have nefarious motives for every decision they make. 

    And by the way, Jett won’t have any problems getting attention if she knocks it out of the park in her first live performance.  Allison Iraheta didn’t have problems getting noticed and neither did Kris Allen.  In fact, if Angela doesn’t perform well in her first couple of weeks then she’s going to get booted because she’ll be seen as a one-hit hollywood week wonder so it can work both ways.

  • MV007

    Is there any chance this is due to the fact that people have been voting for a week while the girls have been voted on for 16 hours?  I’m not being sarcastic, I’m wondering because I don’t know how many people vote after the next day of a performance show like that.

  • Incipit


    girls don’t vote 4 the girls anymore

    That’s fishy, IMO. And unproveable. Ryan Seacrest has a poll up for most anticipated album of 2013 right now – the poll leaders are all female groups that appeal to teens, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande?, Girl’s Generation? – – and if the girls aren’t voting for the girls there – then who is?

    I think it’s a big assumption that teen girls are watching Idol that much – and I think the aging Brits who are TPTB on Idol just can’t figure out how to cast a female contestant and provide her with music that appeals to the teen girls  anyway…they certainly vote enough in other venues.

    ‘Girls don’t vote for girls anymore’ doesn’t fly for me – because they are, elsewhere. – JMO.

  • genius13

    Well mj had to make a new poll because Angela’s name was missing on last nights poll…so the numbers shown here are naturally gonna be low

  • Alyce Wilson

    I voted fir Kree because she surprised me the most, but it was really a tie between her and Angela. And if this poll was about song-writing, I’d choose Angela in a heartbeat!

  • Jenny Williams

     Even the ratings for the girls shows are extremely low.

  • Kesia Monteith

    For as long as Angela stays, based on what I have been seeing on other Idol boards…prepare yourself, LOL ;)

  • No Thanks

     But we’re talking about the AI viewing/voter demographic.  It’s clearly biased towards the boys.  But I agree, out in the real competitive world, female artists do incredibly well.

  • girlygirltoo

    It may be biased toward the guys in terms of who has won the last 5 seasons, but a female has been the runner up in each of the last 3 years (Crystal, Lauren, Jessica) after having an all-male Top 2 in S7 and S8. So it isn’t like the public is refusing to advance any of the girl contestants. And I’ll point out that those 3 female runners-up are all very different types of artists.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Yeah, but it’s usually the winner of the season that gets the best launch and promotional push after the show. So, if the winner is always male and artist of particular type, it gets really frustrating, if you don’t like that type.

    So yeah, we want a girl to take it all and get the preferential treatment for once.

  • ali_359921

     OK, then , put Demi lovato with her background story in the
      show “If she wasn’t famous ” VS Scotty or even PP … then, we will see !

     We are talking about AI , not Ryan Seacrest poll ..

  • Guilherme

    The girls poll started last night *the guys one week ago*, plus it had to be reset just a few hours ago because Angela wasnt on the list.

  • Shannen


    I don’t watch American Idol usually until the live rounds.
    I mostly keep up with auditions through blogs  and will watch it online if

    there is one that catches my eye or everyone talks about.

    I decided to watch some of the girls last night and from
    what I have seen of them and the boys, I think the girls are quite strong this year, but that’s
    only if they can make good song choices.

    The standouts so far to me are:

    Candice Glover – I really liked her cover of Girl on Fire
    and totally see her as a young Jennifer Hudson which this show has not had in
    years. Sometimes she over sings a bit which I hope she would tone it down if
    she makes live rounds as it will get old very fast, but I see a lot of
    potential with her.

    Jenelle Arthur – I don’t care for country at all but she is
    very marketable for country. Could be this years Carrie Underwood.

    Melinda Arthur – Didn’t care for her in the previous years
    she auditioned but she blew me away with her group performance and I loved her
    solo, how it was not a ballad, it was fun and upbeat. I think with the right
    song she could do really well on radio and in the pop world.

     Shubha Vedula – I liked her audition and I think she could
    do really well on this show if she had the right song choices and stayed away
    from ballads. Her cover of Hero was fine but nothing special and didn’t stand
    out. If she would switch it up from ballad to something upbeat each week or so
    I think she might be someone to watch for and could be a contender. If she
    happens to stick to ballads and do the diva thing I don’t think she would last
    long like Jessica because she is not up to Jessica’s level at all.

  • No Thanks

     That’s not an excuse,  I made note of the number of votes the guys got LAST WEEK.  And it was almost twice as much.

  • Miz

    THanks for making a new poll, MJ.

  • jammasta

    Angela’s getting all the votes and I like it. That was really a great performance.

    That said, I’m beginning to think that if Angela’s stunning performance were done by a guy, it wouldn’t be nearly as well received.

    That’s not an excuse, I made note of the number of votes the guys got LAST WEEK. And it was almost twice as much.

    Nice observation. Hm. I do have to think that Valentine’s Day may have had influence in the poll votes, though :P.

  • jammasta

    So yeah, we want a girl to take it all and get the preferential treatment for once.

    Only if there isn’t a better, more deserving male.

  • Incipit


    But we’re talking about the AI viewing/voter demographic..


    We are talking about AI , not Ryan Seacrest poll ..

    Yeah, Ryan Seacrest from AI – so, you figure teenagers listen to the radio show Ryan hosts and vote on Ryan’s Poll for the females – but somehow you also figure there are teenagers watching the TV show Ryan hosts but they will only be voting for males?  Wait, What?

    Over and above the completely unproven assumption that all these teenagers are even watching AI or planning to vote – what is the rationale for the presumed 180 difference in their voting pattern?? And this little detail – I guess none of you are familiar with the poll? This is the second stage –  all the girl bands I named are in the top at the moment… Then comes David Cook and David Archuleta, in that order…so this voting demographic for Ryan’s radio show is also a demographic aware and involved in people from the TV show that Ryan hosts. ie. American Idol.

    I think this ‘teenager girls won’t vote for girls’ theory needs work.  JMO.

  • Leandro

    Angie Miller already has tards? whoa! That was fast! Maybe her fans can bring some buzz back to AI.

  • cheese1

    Am I the only one who didn’t like Angela’s song?  It sounded like a Colton Dixon-esque inspirational ballad and I mean that in the most negative way possible. Hopefully she peaked in Hollywood! 

    Weirdly, the female voices I like the best (out of the people they showed last night anyway) are probably Kree and Janelle and I don’t even like country. 

  • Tanya Harvey

    You’d think with two whole days of Hollywood Week just for the girls, we could have seen more than 12 solos. And there are many of the top 20, like Jett, that we never heard sing at all. How can we decide who are favorites are at this point?