American Idol 12 Guys Sudden Death Pt 2 Roundup – Poll Results, Recap, Videos

AMERICAN IDOL: Devin Velez. performs in the Sudden Death Round of AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, Feb. 21 (8:00-10:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright / FOX.

Sorry this post is kinda late. I couldn’t face it had some other blog issues to deal with this afternoon.  The results of last night’s poll are not very surprising.

American has posted interview with the contestants. Meet the Finalists: Devin Velez, Curtis Finch, Jr., Paul Jolley, Charlie Askew and Elijah Liu.

Sudden Death Farewells: Chris Watson, JDA, Jimmy Smith, Kevin Harris, Johnny Keyser.

Here’s how the judges’ poll turned out.  Voting for Randy Jackson? I’ll admit it. I was that guy. Last night, he was the voice of reason.  But y’all loved you some Keith Urban and Mariah CareyNicki Minaj and her obsessions came in at the bottom of the poll.

Keith Urban – 34.34%
Mariah Carey – 32.58%
Randy Jackson – 17.63%
Nicki Minaj – 15.44%

Here’s how the fav contestant poll shook out:  The guys results weren’t quite as decisive as the girls (Kree Harrison came in first this week, with 36.45% of the vote).

1. Devin Velez and his “Splanglish” version of “Listen” came in first, with 24.51% of the vote.  He was more or less the best singer of the night, so it makes sense.

Devin Velez – Sudden Death – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

2. Despite his grating personality, Curtis Finch Jr., who also sang reasonably well, came in second with 17.9% of the vote. Hey, it’s all about the voice, right? Ha.

Curtis Finch – Sudden Death – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

3. Paul Jolley took 3rd, with 13.16% of the vote.

Paul Jolley – Sudden Death – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Coming in 4th? THE FABULOUS JDA (12.39%), with the quirky Charlie Askew right behind him in 5th (10.12%). Neither vocal performance was very good, but at least JDA and Charlie had a pulse, which is more than I can say for the remaining guys in the group.

Most robbed contestant finds Johnny Keyser (37.82%) and JDA (35.57%) running neck and neck for first place. If I had to choose, I’d pick JDA. He was pretty entertaining.

JDA – Sudden Death – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Sudden Death Round: Guys Round 2 Recap

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  • Gretchen

    My Dad & I were totally STUNNED that JDA did not get picked to continue on…

    Yeah, he might not have had a PERFECT performance, but it was one HELL of a performance!

  • Alissa Souk

    JDA’s performance is entertaining but not for american idol or any singing competition. 
    That type of performance should only be seen in a strip club.

  • Latin2

    I hate to say I saw some pretty nasty comments on social media/youtube regarding JDA. It was pretty shocking to see some people are still so narrowed minded towards transgender people.

  • yclept

    Nicki’s comments last night were over-the-top, pointless, and just not necessary.    She is going to be an absolute nightmare during unedited live rounds – she can’t shut up, she goes on unrelated tangents, and is more annoying then even Paula Abdul in her love for boys she thinks are “cute” in some way.    This is turning out to be a big miss IMHO.  And even though I am no fan of hers, I was willing to see what she brought to the table.  Answer?  Very little.   She does give decent critical feedback from time to time – but if a contestant is one of her favorites, all of the stuff she criticizes others for is swept to the side.   

    Randy was fine in his role – at least he is giving honest feedback, whether you are annoyed with his tired act or not.  

    Mariah is interesting – she gives technical feedback, which admittedly goes over my head and I am sure many others – but this is a singing competition and these are aspiring singers who NEED that kind of feedback.    She has been a bit too positive about every contestant, but I can appreciate a more technical kind of judge.

    Keith is fine.   I think he was a good choice as a judge for this show.
    I already posted about what I thought about the performances in another topic…I will just say critiquing the judges last night was the only thing that probably kept me awake.

  • Latin2

    JDA’s American Idol farewell video, uplifting and sad at the same time;

  • MellyPer1692

    Was JDA naked? I must have missed that.

    Did he come out as transgender?

  • MellyPer1692

    Why surprised? Read any comments under stories about LGBTQ person and you’ll see the same thing.

  • Alissa Souk

    Actually nicki did comment about “vibrato” with two contestants last night.  The funny thing is, those contestants didn’t use any vibrato.  I can never treat her seriously.

    Yes I agree and I said this before.  Nicki will be a nightmare during live rounds.  Last night was not totally live and its already a big issue.

  • Kariann Hart

    The producers will need to rein her in.  At times, Nicki has been witty and funny, but she takes on too much screen time.  With four judges, there’s just no time for that to occur.  Wonder if any changes will be made by the judges?  I would have liked for J’DA to go to the voting round.  Oh, well…

  • jammasta

    I’m not LGBT, but I definitely appreciated what JDA stood for after that video. And I thought his performance was very entertaining. A part of me hopes he learns how to sing and comes back next year. I’m no fan of androgyny, but hey, he made it werk…. er, work. Good luck, dude.

    I voted Johnny as most robbed, but there wasn’t really a great fit there and I almost voted JDA. Paul was my favorite performance of the night (I can NOT get past Curtis’s personality. CAN NOT STAND HIM. His singing doesn’t appeal to me anyway).

    And I voted Mariah for best judge that night. She’s definitely improved A LOT from auditions (She actually looks at contestants when she speaks now! It bugged me during auditions when she looked away during some critiques and some yeses… She doesn’t come off “too cool for Idol” anymore), and this is more or less what I expected of her. She needs to toughen up, but so far I’m impressed.

    For that matter, Keith is also great, but, at the same time, he should hold back less. I found myself agreeing with Randy most on the guys, but I can’t get past the fact that it’s Randy, who has largely been annoying lately. I still have hopes for Nicki. She just has to control her hormones. She did a great job with the girls but not with the guys. Does she need a boyfriend or something? I’m single, I’ll take one for the show even if she’s not my type.

  • Kariann Hart

    It is so good to actually hear J’DA speak.  He seemed sincere and if he’s serious about singing as a career, he should take some vocal lessons.

  • jennyl2

    Finally caught up with Idol. I’m really liking these Sudden Death rounds and judges. Been a long time since I sat through a whole show without feeling bored with the judges. Favs so far (can I go back to the girls since I missed the boat) – Angela (anyone who can pull off Jessie J’s Nobody’s Perfect is a win in my books), Kree, Adriana and Amber. Guys – Paul (cute!) and Devin. The rest meh. Elijah will have the tween vote.  Judges – Love Mariah (she has always been a great mentor), Keith, Randy and last Nicki. It’s kinda interesting that Nicki loves and is obsessed with the oddballs and weird ones. 

    ETA: Most robbed – girls none (totally in agreement), guys – I would have loved to see JDA again.

  • sjames08

    I can’t believe a lot of the comments towards Nicki. Sure, she wasn’t as critical when it was girl’s night, but she’s been doing SO WELL until the guy’s night. For me, she’s still a GREAT judge. Because if she can comment on how sexy Kree is, she can certainly comment if she likes a guy’s look. It’s never just about the voice on Idol. NEVER. You all know what I’m talking about. We’re very lucky if a great voice is married with a beautiful exterior as well, and hence, stars are born. But we don’t always get that.

  • tomr

    Always hate it when “joke” contestants make it through.  Charlie is this year’s Heejun.  Devin has much potential but who dressed him?  That sweater used to be my grandfather’s and I’m OLD.  Curtis has quite the range but the facial contortions when he sang were too much.  Nicki was just plain creepy (that one guy …Chris I think…just didn’t warrent anyone hitting on him)  She seemed to be trying to find “performers” in an attempt to justify her own style of “C”rap.

  • forwarddad

    I don’t understand how those who found Curtis annoying were okay with Paul J.? I found him just as grating. I hope he Listens to judges and dials it way back.

  • Li Wright

    Let’s face it JDA DID NOT HAVE A CHANCE IN HE!! to get to the finals.  He was there only because he was “novelty”….and if nothing else, the TV air time gave him/her a chance to get some bookings at strip clubs and gay clubs.  But beyond that, he was a waste of air time.

  • Shana Collier

    JDa was a waste of air time? He may not have had much of a chance at getting middle America to vote for him, but he was at least entertaining.  The waste of air time were all the boring as HE!! people INCLUDING Elijah Liu, who unfortunately we’ll have to see again.

  • iani

    and if nothing else, the TV air time gave him/her a chance to get some
    bookings at strip clubs and gay clubs.  But beyond that, he was a waste
    of air time.

    I’m thinking how would have been if he would have come to semifinal with some perfect vocals a la Adam Lambert?! “Panic at the TPTB”, to spoil the perfect AI “environment” of the laid back, cute-contender show with some strange looking guy, I think they really let him compete because they knew vocally he is weak and can’t get to the final round. I’m pretty sure his look might be his every day one, maybe less glamorous, heck I know a guy on JDA’s verge looking and  he’s getting a phD in biology this year, not really training for a strip club job. I didn’t feel his performance was a waste of time, indeed it wasn’t perfect, as well the other “normal” guys’ ones.

  • Miz

    I agree. JDA could greatly benefit from vocal training. I’d like to see him improve and come back next year.

  • Taylor

    But beyond that, he was a waste of air time.

    I have to disagree with this. Even if he didn’t make it to the top 20, he was as qualified to be there as the other nine who didn’t make it (and some of the top 5 guys) this past week. He was no more “a waste of air time” than Charlie doing his Mercury impression on stage, Elijah’s Bruno impersonation, country musical theatrer boy, girl dressed in teacup dress, or the out of tune mess from the girl who sang MKIA.

    Strip clubs? Did I miss something? Did JDA say that this was his proffesion?

  • Taylor

    Nikki didn’t make a comment stating that a guy looked nice or that he was an attractive person. That would have been fine. She stated that she wanted to have one of the male contestant’s babies and she asked another one if he had a girlfriend. It was those types of comments that people are referring to as inappropriate.

  • Incipit

    Taylor, I have to agree with your disagreement, simply because your case is so strong for comparative “wastes of time” – if one is subjectively measuring any appearance that way. Also, “the girl in the teacup dress”. Heh.

    And also, because this wasn’t the Semis, it was the Quarter Finals that we have not seen before – and Idol is certainly aware of that – so two things occur to me – the onus to provide ‘entertainment’ for the televised segments is even heavier on the producers’ casting choices, because the Semi-Finals are yet to come. Ratings seem to indicate they could have added even more unusual (for Idol to televise) choices…people who were never going to make the Semi-Finals.

    The other thought? TPTB uses some contestants as bellwethers,(an indicator of future trends) and telegraphs their ideas seasons in advance, I think they have been doing this all along. The degree of response to some contestants is an indicator to TPTB as to where they can go with casting in the future – but now I think they are being especially mindful of the competition’s less ‘narrow’ parameters…and looking to expand a horizon or two, even if that doesn’t include Rap. *snerk*

    IMO…Anything that eventually works to obliterate forever the stupid remarks from Ryan and exchanges between him and whoever that cast shade on the LGBT community and have passed for his version of wit for 11 seasons would be a very good thing. (Even Cryptkeeper Clive’s announcement.) Maybe I can stop wishing to smack him upside the head thru the TV. Someday.

  • girlygirltoo

    He wasn’t any more of a waste of air time than all the bland, boring guys and girls who got to perform. No, JDA doesn’t have the best voice and no, he probably wouldn’t have had any chance of winning, but he was very entertaining, which is more than I can say about 90% of the people who actually did get through to the next round. He was actually my favorite of all the guys who performed Thursday night.

    If there is another season of Idol next year, I hope JDA comes back — or, if not, at least continues to pursue his dream, because there’s a place for him in this industry, even if the mainstream music industry is too conservative to give him a chance.

  • sumidol

    Nicki and Keith are still my favorite judges, they bring great personality, honesty, intelligent critiques and fun.  Al of that in one judge has been lacking, for a long time.  Weird choices for the boys this year, putting together this not so good group of boys just to have a girl win might just backfire. The tweens and moms wont tune in to vote vote vote for their fav cute guy because there arent any this year, so we shall see how ratings go?

  • girlygirltoo

    Nicki’s comments towards some of the guys are just as cringe inducing as seeing Steven Tyler hitting on the young girls the last couple seasons. The only difference is that she is fairly young (not sure how old she is — I’m guessing mid-20’s?), but still, it’s not professional at all (she needs to take her own advice that she gave Paul). If, after the season is over, she wants to go ask one of these guys out, well then, go ahead and do that (as lng as they aren’t underage, haha). But keep it out of the competition.

  • jammasta

    I don’t think Paul’s melodrama (which, while it’s there and could use some fixing, is a bit overstated IMO) is anywhere near as bad as Curtis coming off as an insincere douche.

    And I think the poll was for who the best judge was that night. At least that’s what I thought when I voted. I do think Nicki was excellent until that night, but that night raised a huge red flag to me.

  • dreamr23

    Am I the only one who actually liked JDA’s vocal performance? XD

    I see all of these comments about how he “needs vocal lessons”… and well, I actually liked his performance just how it was. Not saying that he can’t improve (everyone can improve, no matter how good they are)… I just don’t see how he needs vocal lessons in comparisons to some of the other people who have been put through to the semi-finals? I don’t think he was was any worse than any of the others? o.O

    Btw, in reply to comparisons between JDA and Adam Lambert… it’s kind of funny… I wasn’t an Adam fan (his shrill, over-the-top shrieking grated on my ear drums) but I did like JDA. lol

  • milwlovesadam

    I don’t think JDA was a waste of airspace at all. I think he was campy and over the top, for sure, but on purpose. Just by making it as far as he did in the competition, he was a voice for “different” guys. I think he was brave and talented. I also don’t think he would have gone this far if the judges weren’t Mariah and Nicki. I hope he does come back, even a stronger singer, with a more polished act.

    As far as the Seacrest comment about Adam. Meh. It just shows his discomfort. And, how much of an impact Adam made on the show ( and on Ryan ). IMHO. He sure sticks in the memory banks, doesn’t he?

    Adam’s fans know he was never that glittery or made up on Idol. LULZ. He saved it for his tour.

    The elimination of interesting guys: As far as these picks for the first of the top 5 males, “let the homogenization begin!”  ( said with snark ).

  • H.A.

    I loved JDA but it was obviously he wasn’t going to go far on Idol but I salute him
    for being fabulous and fierce. I don’t think he was a waste of time. I give Idol credit for trying because who knew they would even give someone like JDA this much airtime. Unfortunately the lesson they will come away with is that the majority of fans who watch Idol isn’t ready for contestants like JDA even if his vocals was amazing. It still amazes me today how Adam Lambert even got so far as the runnerup but that was almost 4yrs ago. I think as much as the country has progressed with regards to the LGBT community the mostly conservative(not all) audience that watches the show not so much. They don’t want to see it in their faces. JMO. As for Ryan’s comment “We haven’t seen this much glitter since Adam Lambert” wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Ryan every season finds a way to name drop Adam. lol. I took it more as Idol has come a long way since Adam with regards to JDA. Remember when Adam did “Ring of Fire” and the bloggersphere blew up. Ryan said to Adam “We’ve come a long way since Taylor Hicks days” I think he was just trying to make the same comparisons with JDA.

  • Lion’s DENN

    My guess is, Curtis Finch wants to be this year’s Joshua Ledet.

  • elliegrll

    Unfortunately the lesson they will come away with is that the majority of fans who watch Idol isn’t ready for contestants like JDA

    How are they going to come away with this message?  JDA never went up for public vote, and frankly, no one from this season is getting a lot of ink or buzz.  I think that Nigel and company realize how few people comment on message boards, so that’s not a good sampling of how people feel about JDA.

    I would have liked to see how far JDA could go, but unfortunately, his performance made it seem like he wasn’t presenting himself as a serious artist or contender.  I would have ranked him 4th or 5th among the people who performed on Wednesday, and think that there’s a chance that he could have made the public voting rounds, if he had concentrated more on singing.

    Actually, thinking about Ryan’s somewhat idiotic reaction to JDA, including telling Charlie that none of the guys are taking fashion advice to JDA, I doubt that the producers saw JDA as a serious contender.  I bet that they thought that they could use him and Kaz Ban to get some press, and the funny thing is if they had treated them like they treat everyone else, maybe the press would have taken notice.

  • iani

    to comparisons between JDA and Adam Lambert… it’s kind of funny

    Maybe if I would have said “some perfect vocals a la Jessica or Scotty” it would been funnier for other posters, I’ve chosen something closer to JDA, as more theatrical, gay guy and Adam was a for TPTB a strong competitor for the title also.

    I loved JDA but it was obviously he wasn’t going to go far on Idol but I salute him for being fabulous and fierce.

    He came I think with no expectation to go too far, but to give his best possible, the rest of the guys have come on the show with many or more expectations than JDA to give their best, so far I didn’t see too much but some emotional contestants already “begging” using easy/cheap points to go further on the show.

  • durbesque

    JDA stood out on Idol, which s/he would not on AGT, where different is normal.  If s/he is truly transgendered, could someone clarify….from what to what? 

  • Ronnie D

    JDA is a dime a dozen on the drag circuit. I think there a lot of of people from both gay and straight audiences that wouldn’t want to see that. It was like Liza Manelli meets Sasha Cohen. He was way too full of himself, especially when he said he loves the lights on him and always has to look in a mirror. That isn’t American Idol material IMO. At least Adam had some friggen humility. 

  • HKfan

    Actually Nicki is 30 (I know, way too old to be a popstar!!!), so I thought her wanting an 18yo’s babies a bit inappropriate….. 

  • irockhard

    1. She’s a rapper.
    2. She’s already established.
    3. I thought her fangirling was 100% contrived.

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Lol, not happening. He’s more like a Jacob Lusk. You can’t come close to Joshua Ledet. 

  • Karen C

    Randy was fine in his role – at least he is giving honest feedback, whether you are annoyed with his tired act or not.

    I think Randy did a good job.  Quite  a few times, Nicki spoke over him when she disagreed, especially with Elijah.   I think the other judges should let each of them give their opionion.  Jlo used to do this too, and it annoyed me.

  • tibitibis

    Well, i don’t think the screen time in any of this guys was a waste of time , but i don’t think at all JDA or Johnny were robed with their elimination, i found my self distracted by JDA clothes that paying attention to his singing, that was not that strong in my view . Now overall definitely Devin and Curtis were the best vocally , but Curtis personality  annoying me too much :/, Elijah , i agree he can be very  commercial and young people can relate to him and his musical style, but his voice needs some lessons ;)…. i care less for Paul and Charlie disappointed me with his performance :| ….i never saw anything special in Johnny so …i don’t gonna miss him. SOOO Devin is my favorite , he just need to lose a little bit and become more active on stage. ……just my opinion.

  • tibitibis

    Oh, and about the judges i like a lot Keith i think is honest , Mariah technical observations are very value , but she needs to deliver it with less rainbows around, Randy for once was independent and coherent with his points :) , and Nicki …… well she has already her favorites and has the tendency to loss objectivity  , especially with the guys , but i found many of her interventions very clear and precise.

  • Kariann Hart

    J’DA was fine.  If he became a wild card, I would have no problem with that that!

  • HKfan

    She hasn’t been around that long, so I reckon she was 26/27 when she started making it, still old by this blogs standards!

  • Lion’s DENN

    Looking forward to the day a contestant sings a Mariah song in front of Mariah. What would she have said to Joshua and Jessica?

  • Incipit

    Looking forward to the day a contestant sings a Mariah song in front of Mariah.

    That’s already happened, more than once, Lion’s DENN. IDK what Mariah would have said to Joshua or Jessica, or how many of the auditioners we never saw used a Mariah song, we know there have been some – but we do know what she said to all the Top Seven people who sang her songs on Mariah Carey Week in Season 7 – (David Cook, David Archuleta, Michael Johns, Jason Castro, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, and Christy Lee Cook)  because she was right there mentoring them.  The thread for the 2008 episode is on this site, plus Mariah mentioned it in an interview when this season started.

    Here’s the excerpt from NBC 5 on 1/16/13:

    When one of the contestants sings one of your songs, do you tend to judge them more harshly?
    No. Honestly, I can’t say it’s all the same, but if someone comes and does a really nice rendition of one of my songs, I love it. A couple of years back, David Cook sang my song. He sang ‘Always Be My Baby,’ and I was mentoring. He was great. It was a day that…it was just like, ‘Wow.’ He took ‘Always Be My Baby,’ which was a number one song for me years ago and he did a great acoustic twist on it. And that’s what I love to see, when people get creative, because you see the artist within them. It’s not just a sound alike or a this or a that.

    Have any other aspiring ‘Idols’ sung your songs this season and what songs have they been?
    Right now I’m blanking. Did someone sing ‘My All’? Somebody sang ‘Hero’ – shocking! I’m trying to think if they sang ‘We Belong Together.’

    Doesn’t sound like she has a problem with a version that isn’t a ‘sound alike’. IMO.

  • Jaejae1

    I think a contestant like JDA or that sassy kid from way back who could sing but had a terrible attitude, just hits people the wrong way. Just like certain sorts of african-american male contestants don’t do well with the Idol audience in terms of likeability.

    I don’t know.  I just agree with the posters who,knowing the demo of the show, knew JDA wasn’t going to go far but gave him a chance for entertainment value.  Other than the dance music world, gay artists like JDA just don’t resonate with the majority.  I could hear that he had some vocal potential but then he went all RuPaul’s drag race on the stage.  That is not what American Idol is about. Maybe Xfactor would have been a better choice for him. 

  • Lion’s DENN

    Thank you, Incipit. Yes, I remember that because I became a (casual) fan of David Cook after he sang ‘Always be my baby’. However, the dynamics are different now with Mariah sitting as judge instead of mentor, and ‘live’ audience instead of auditions. Would any contestant go out on a limb to sing a Mariah song on their own if it was not a Mariah week or something? Hearing as how in the past Randy et al would ‘discourage’ contestants from treading the Whitney-Mariah-Celine territory if they were not up to par, it would take more than guts to sing ‘My All’ in front of the diva herself. Just saying. :)