American Idol 12 Girls Solos Poll Results, Video Recap

It’s time for poll results! Due to a little glitch (Me leaving the eventual winner off of the poll initially. SAWRY) our poll results post is a little late.  Click for full results.

The results are in, and they are decisive. Angela Miller handily takes 1st place for her original song, “You Set Me Free”. The 18 year old from Beverly, Massachusetts grabbed a whopping 60.48% of the vote. The clear winner.

Angela Miller – Solo – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Kree Harrison and her version of “Stars” is next with 11.88% of the vote. Check out her original song, “You Would Have Wanted it That Way.” Windmills has the videos and the details right HERE.

Kree Harrison – Solo & Judges Decisions… by IdolxMuzic

Kree’s fellow country singer, Janelle Arthur rounds out the top 3 with 7.25% of the vote with her performance of “I Told You So.”

Janelle Arthur – Solo – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Candice Glover and her performance of “Girl On Fire” is right behind Janelle with 6.6% of the vote. Not a surprise. But Guess who came in 4th place with 5% of the vote? Zoanette Johnson! Maybe the era of Zoanette really is beginning…

How long do you think Zoanette will last in the competition? If the producers advance her to the Top 20, I can’t imagine a groundswell of Vote for the Worst support that would catapult her into the Top 20.

Zoanette Johnson – Solo & Judges Decisions… by IdolxMuzic

Check out a video recap of last night’s show below:

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  • Landon Cox

    This is Zoanette’s world and we are all just living in it

  • Kariann Hart

    Zoanette needs a TV show or movie.  At this point, her singing is her weakest element of “talent”.  Although she does seem likable enough.

  • jammasta

    I’m happy with the Angela results. I’m not convinced she can win yet and there are still quite a few guys I’m rooting for over her (INCLUDING JIMMY. SUE ME)., but if a girl wins, I see it being her or Janelle (I strangely see Kree becoming a bit polarizing thanks to the Carly Smithson comparison, which is pretty spot on). I was one of the few disappointed in Candice Glover’s rendition of Girl on Fire, so much so that she was ALMOST replaced by Kree in my top 5… But I replaced Shubha instead. Candice is good enough to falter once.

    Granted, it’s still early in the competition and we haven’t even reached voting rounds yet, so everything can change. Angela could easily become my favorite. Or, she could totally Colton her way out of my top contestants (PLEASE no don’t).

    TBH, I hate TPTB’s pimping of the girls, however. If they don’t stop, I see myself rooting for a guy out of spite.

    Zoanette is my guilty pleasure. She’s like Jennifer Holliday on even stronger crack but with a much worse (yet still strangely with potential) voice. If Zoanette were able to use her voice in a bit of a better way, I’d definitely root for her. I wish there were someone with her entertainment factor who knew how to use her voice.

  • Lion’s DENN

    Hopefully, Angela doesn’t peak too soon. She might have shown the ace up her sleeve early in the competition.

  • Larc

    Zoanette is apparently S12’s Norman Gentle.  So far as I can tell, she’s just there for the laughs as pathetic as they may be.  Norman (Nick Mitchell) made it as far as Top 36 in S8.  They sent him home, as I’m sure they planned to do all along.  But it’s sad to see a slot squandered that otherwise could be used for a valid singing talent.

  • IrisandLilies

    I may actually tune in to watch this season because of Kree.  I was impressed by the snippet I saw of her performance last night as well as her original song.  Keith is right that she has something in her voice that causes goosebumps (and made me cry).  As for Angela, I didn’t find her original song to be likable at all.  It was very generic.  I realize that she’s only 18, but I thought the song that Crystal Bowersox penned at 13 to be far superior both in musicality and lyrics.  Her performance was just okay to me.  With respect to the other girls, I really have no interest in watching their performances because I favor singer-songwriter types. 

  • blackberryharvest

    I think there’s a lot of talented girls this season and with the right ones going through, this could be a great season!

  • Hazehel

    Would it be churlish of me to point out that, in this year of the girls, more people voted for the guys here than the girls?  Both Nick Boddington and Charlie Askew got more votes than Angela Miller –

    You can blame the cock-up with Angela’s name if you like, but still, the total number of people who voted for the girls is almost half of the guys.  White guy with keyboard, or white guy without guitar to win this season?

  • fantoo1

    She started this poll way later because of the mess up.

  • dabney c

    It’s early, I know,  but I’m calling a Candice Glover/Jimmy Smith finale, with a Jimmy Smith win. LOL, I am totally talking out of my ass, of course, but that’s my prediction as it stands today.

    Btw, I happen to love Jimmy’s David Cook-style understated goodness, and I think he can emerge from under the radar with one great performance. I’m not against WG’s or even WGWG’s … if they’re deserving. Enough with this “a girl MUST win” nonsense. The best performer must win regardless of gender, race, age, whatever. Right?

  • guinness 416

    Although she does seem likable enough.

    Well people predicted she’d bring drama but we’ve seen Zoanette shopping with Kez (which was surely set up, but they seemed to get along better than I would have guessed) and hugging discarded contestants and the other women are dancing and grooving with her tunes.  She does seem very likable!  I dunno, for me better her remaining in the show for a while and making me smile than some generic country dude or cookie cutter biggish-voiced lady who I’m not going to remember anything about a month from now.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Even though I would prefer Candice to win, I actual wouldn’t mind that finale. They’re my personal fav guy/gal at the moment. Kree and Burnell is not too far behind.

  • dabney c

    Yeah, Kree is not bad, but Burnell is a bit nondescript for me right now. Truth is, we just haven’t seen enough of anybody to make a meaningful call. But already I’m feeling that we’ve seen more than enough of Angela Miller (sorry Angie fans), so I expect her to be knocked down a few pegs once the less pimped contestants have a chance to wow us.

  • Hazehel

    She started this poll way later because of the mess up.

    A few more votes have gone her way, and I just voted for her too, so Angela has now overtaken Charlie Askew.  From the performances we have seen so far, I think she is the only girl who has that something extra that can give her the win.   I’m not too impressed with the other girls, but we’ll see if they can do better.

  • jammasta

    Enough with this “a girl MUST win” nonsense. The best performer must win regardless of gender, race, age, whatever. Right?

    So painfully right.

  • No Thanks

     Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe it was her goal to show the audience that she’s an “artist”.  She’s demonstrated she’s an accomplished song writer and musician.  It’s a long shot, but maybe that will help.  Although, upon second thought,  Crystal Bowersox and Brooke from Season 7 were very similar and neither of them managed a win.

  • Hazehel

    She’s demonstrated she’s an accomplished song writer and musician.  It’s a long shot, but maybe that will help.

    It definitely helps.  For some reasons, she reminds me of Carole King, even though they are quite different.  I think if people want a girl to win, they should all get behind her.  She is the only one with a real chance of winning, and I think she would be a worthy winner.  I can definitely see success from her post-Idol.   

     Although, upon second thought,  Crystal Bowersox and Brooke from Season 7 were very similar and neither of them managed a win.

    Brooke White isn’t much a great song-writer (she doesn’t have that spark), and rather too fragile on the show.  Crystal had a vibe that didn’t sit well with people (too proud?) but so far I get nothing negative from Angela. So yes, she could win, if people are willing to back her.

  • Lion’s DENN

    Indeed, it might help as all four judges gave her a standing ovation. But I don’t know if one could be labeled an accomplished songwriter based on one song alone. However, she does project a positive vibe which should endear her to the public. Then again, some of the other girls might spring their own surprise in the later rounds when they are given more screen time. Not to forget that viewers only saw and heard Jessica during LV, and Kris Allen was nowhere near camera range in the early going.

  • merkureye

    As someone mentioned, I’m kinda worried about Angela peaking too early as well but I’ve got to remember that the point is to make it to the live shows.  I believe Angela’s breakout performance last night virtually guarantees that.  She may not have had another chance to showcase her talent on the piano. Who knows about Vegas except for the SFYL.  The virtuosity she demonstrated on the piano and her vocals will not leave the judges (or producers) minds when they select the top 10.

    There is something elegant about playing the piano while singing.  It will serve her well in the live shows much like it did for Colton Dixon – that is until he sang a Lady GaGa tune and totally turned off his fan base.  Even though Colton was eliminated early his ability to play and write music has served him well with a record deal and a huge fan base in the CCM market.  Except for PP and JS, he is still the only one with a record deal and a concert tour out of everybody else on S11.  Anybody willing to bet Angela won’t get a record deal?

  • breakdown

    I have no real problem with the results of the poll. It’s way too early though, to really pick a favorite.

  • WhoDat2012

    Stop the world, I wanna get off!

  • maymay

    Considering the terrible ratings, if the winner wants sell well, he/her had better is a country singer. This season has no Phillip. You can expect a winner with non country genre can sell well.

  • blackberryharvest

    Terrible ratings? I guess if you compare it to say, Season 5 or 6, then you can look at it as “terrible.” If you compare it to most shows on TV today, the ratings are fine.

  • CB40

    I’m calling it right now: Angela Miller peeked way too early, and she will not win the entire thing.

    Idol voters don’t appreciate consistency and perfection, but rather that slow build and “improvement”.

    Now that Angela broke out, people will start to find little reasons to bring her down, and find any excuse not to vote for her at the very end in the Finals.

  • No Thanks

     Only if he lays off the fake tan and the curling iron.  He needs a make over BAD.

  • Incipit

     CB40, you could be correct, judging from past seasons. Whoever is TCO (The Chosen One) has not usually been featured from the git go – maybe Angela is cover for another hamster they want, because Idol hit that heavy on her behalf…very unsubtle.

    I do think she did well with the original song, I don’t recall the words, but she wrote a good melody…I don’t think it’s equitable that only the females had that option. Or that hers was the only original song done with serious intent that was shown …Also unsubtle, 2X.

     I mostly like her voice but I need to hear her sing other options – and I don’t know if Idol is even going to go there this season – we may still be in the “Sing what you like” Phase that started in Season 10, where everyone can stay in their Box.

    But what causes me to take two quick steps back from this contestant is what that Box may be – the buzz that Angela sings praise and worship songs, and will turn everything into that. Someone posted ‘a female Colton’…now, that can not be totally true, because she can sing, Heh. …but I don’t care how well she sings if that’s her genre. Not interested.

    If Kree and her country/folk/Americana/whatever is really TCO, or the other country singing female – then I am SOL this year for female contestants who are being positioned to win. But it’s early days, and a scant handful of songs have been sung – and no live judging has happened. So I won’t give up just yet.

  • jammasta

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the begin pimping Angela so hard they accidentally set her up for a shock elimination after using the save (if they still have it this year).

  • No Thanks

     I’m not into the country genre generally.  But there seems to be a couple of very high quality girls of that ilk this year (that don’t irritate me like Lauren Alaina did).  Janelle seems pretty impressive.  If Idol wants a female to win this year, then country is their best bet based on their typical voting demographic.

    BUT, if that’s they case, then they CAN’T put through a country male.  Because if they do, the audience will automatically gravitate towards them instead.

    That’s why I think the guys they put through will be of the pop and R&B ilk, with a few “weirdos” sprinkled in (like Charlie and JDA).

  • jammasta

    Only if he lays off the fake tan and the curling iron.  He needs a make over BAD.

    I do like Jimmy and even I agree.

    Nick tweeted a picture of him in the photobooth having fun with Paul, Angela, Jimmy, and JDA (I really like seeing all these contestants have fun together…. Hey, aside from JDA, 4 of my favorites this season!), and Jimmy looked like the creepy homeless guy they pulled in from the street.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m a big Kree fan so far. Keith is right. There is something in her voice. I also was very impressed with her original songwriting. I cried. That doesn’t happen often. 

    She probably won’t win, but she’s got Keith as a fan and other country music peeps in her corner so if she can just get into the top 5 or 6? I would be really happy because I think that would be enough to launch her. 

  • dabney c

    Only if he lays off the fake tan and the curling iron.  He needs a make over BAD.

    Haha! I happen to disagree. He doesn’t look overly-primped to me – I think that’s just his natural look. I can see him with a shell necklace and a surfboad, wearing Billabong swim shorts, hanging on the beach at spring break. His California look contrasts nicely with the down-home country vibe of his musical bent. And with his low-key personality, he has some serious heartthrob potential. :D

  • dabney c

    I’m calling it right now: Angela Miller peeked way too early, and she will not win the entire thing.

    Yup, just like David Archuleta was crowned winner in the first week while David Cook was waiting in the wings for his moment to politely crush him (sorry for using the name of Archie’s only hit song against him ;) ).

    Angela might have a career in CCM at the end of all this, but it will surprise me if she sweeps the contest the way Carrie Underwood did. I think she put her best cards on the table in Hollywood, and from now on it will be a constant battle to live up to her promise. Kind of like Andrew Garcia forever trying to match his “Straight Up” performance in season 9.

  • yclept

    I think it is too soon to worry about whether or not Angela has “peaked early” – David Cook didn’t peak with “Hello” – for all we know, Angela has only begun to show us what she has.    We’ll find out soon enough – for now, she is one of my favorites in the competition.  

  • Incipit

    …there seems to be a couple of very high quality girls of that ilk this
    year (that don’t irritate me like Lauren Alaina did).  Janelle seems
    pretty impressive.  </blockquote

    No Thanks,  they don’t irritate yet, but there hasn’t been an unadulterated diet of country from them either. Not yet – that could change quickly. Before it does, and I check out – of the ones I recall hearing who sang country, Janelle has the most natural, unaffected voice, and probably the best technical skills, IMO…but they all sing their own genre nicely – if that’s a genre someone wants to hear.

    Who knows what TPTB have in mind. Carrie was country – but Bo was Country/Rock  – so that was a double country scenario – even if Cryptkeeper Clive Biced him bad with that “very special album” BS.

    Hmmm – maybe TPTB are willing to toss the country dice again, who knows?

    All that country didn’t work out well for Season 9’s audience numbers – but whatever – or maybe it was the youngsters – they certainly have backed off on casting the Very Young People this season, TG.

    I have no favorites, if I even stick around, it’s all a ‘Wait and See’.

  • CB40

    Good points, it’ll be interesting how they position their chosen favorites from now until the Top 10 is revealed.