American Idol 12: Devin Velez Talks Nicki Minaj and More (VIDEO)

AMERICAN IDOL: Devin Velez (L) is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Ryan Seacrest (R). CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

In an interview with reporters this afteroon, Devin Velez talked about his time on Idol, how he feels about Nicki Minaj and the trio debacle, and much much more.

Was he unfairly judged on the group song? “Not really unfairly. I think that I am a little at fault. I didn’t forget my lyrics. I think that when you’re in a group, because one person is representing everyone else, I think it should have been my job as a brother to the other two–we maybe could have discussed learning the lyrics a lot better, just because if we knew we were going to be so unsure of our lyrics getting on stage, we probably should not have done the song. What happened–and I tried to save the song to the best of my ability–but it wasn’t my job to do so.  I know that though my solo performance went well–because our group performance was following the solo performance–I know that’s what America remembered freshly in their mind.

About wanting to win Prom King at his military school, “Prom is June 1, and so I’m hoping that with all this publicity and stuff, that I don’t get too busy. Just because I am still a kid and I still do have my last teenage years ahead of me. I want to live them up. My dream has always been to win prom king. I won homecoming king this year… before I came to idol. It’s always been my dream. If this dream was achievable, I don’t think that one is too far out of reach now that I’m going back home.”

Is he ready to concede that a girl is going to win this year, “You know you can never be sure. I know that the odds are scary right now, but if the guys step it up, they do have a chance. I think that all of the people that are left–it’s really scary the way this competition is going to go, just because the talent that’s left is amazing. These people–they are some of the best singers I’ve ever heard.”

When is he going back to Chicago? Will he return to school and his job at Starbucks?  “I’m stopping in New York for a couple of days, then I’m going back home. But when I do get back, I’m hoping to go back to school. I’m not sure how that transition is going to work, just because we did have to sign me out temporarily because I had to miss time for Idol.  As far Starbucks, I kinda want to for the money reasons, it was my job–that was another passion of mine. I don’t know how that’s going to work out. It might be a little hard now that people know who I am–I’m not just going to be writing “caramel macchiato” on cups but, I might be signing them and passing them off, and that’s going to get crazy. I’m debating on whether I’m going back to be a barista or not.”

Will he attend college this fall? “I would still love to get my degree in music education. It’s been my dream for the last year and a half.”

Which week did he find the most challenging and why? “I’d have to say was, when I sang “Temporary Home. That theme was past Idol songs. It was interesting –there was so many song choices and yet I didn’t feel that I could do any of them justice.  When I heard “Temporary Home” I had an emotional connection with the song meaning, but I don’t think I had any moments to shine in the song, so that week it was really not that great for me. It was the first week I was in the bottom 2.”

What critique will he remember the most from any of the judges or Jimmy, “It’s from all of them. ‘Stay true to yourself.’ I think I’ve been pretty consistent in doing that on the show. I’m the same before the show, I’m the same on the show, and I’m going to be the same after the show.  Idol hasn’t changed me, I have grown as a person, but I haven’t changed who I am. I think America fell in love with me for a reason, and I don’t want to change–not just to let them down, but also not to let myself down. I think you should be proud of who you are and the decisions that you’ve made as a person. I can say that I have no regrets on the show, and if I can go back and change anything, I wouldn’t.”

Who will he keep in touch with on the show? “Oh man. I have to say–Burnell, Laz, Angie, Kree, Janelle, Amber, and Candice. Oh wait…that’s all of them. There’s no way I can narrow it down. These people are my family. We’ve been together for 3 months. I’ve fallen in love with these people. I’ve had almost all of the top 5 guys–I’ve had them as roomates. The girls–we’ve gotten closer and closer throughout the weeks.  I think that’s the saddest part about leaving the competition –isn’t leaving the stage, but it’s leaving your brothers and sisters.

When Nicki told the guys to get off the stage after the group number, how did they deal with that? “It was a little difficult. Just because–right when you get off stage, as an artist, you are your worst critic. You’re always thinking about all the negative things that you had during the performance–and if you could change things–you’re trying to play it back and change it in your head. I really was OK. I did feel a little embarrassed, just because–this far into the competition, we shouldn’t be having little mistakes like forgetting the lyrics. I totally agree with Nicki Minaj when she says that it felt like Hollywood week. But mistakes do happen and the pressure does get to us. We’re still human. But it was a little disappointing just to see that–when you are so far into the competition that THAT was the mistake that we made. That’s a mistake that shouldn’t even be questioned right now. We should know our lines and know are parts.  What happened, happened.  I think that was a wakeup call for all of us, whether we went home or whether we stayed. ”

Did he think he was going to be saved? Or did he know the writing was on the wall? “I kinda knew the writing was on the wall, man. Nothing of course, was definite until the moment of…even the night prior I was getting this feeling, and I was like ‘alright. I think I’m going home.’  I wasn’t sad about it. I’m still not sad about it now. It’s weird. People are expecting me to be all mopey and crying. But my thing is–making top 10 was winning for me. It’s a great accomplishment. Some of the contestants on the show that are still left–they’ve auditioned 2 or 3 times and this is my first time auditioning, and I’ve made it this far. It’s a great accomplishment and I’m so blessed to have made it this far.”

Was he pointing fingers at Lazaro after the disastrous trio performance?  Did Nicki over react a little bit? “Looking back at the video, I know where Nicki was coming from. I agree with the first half of her critique, when she said that it felt like it was Hollywood week, that it was a joke, that stuff like that should not happen, that she was going to pretend that she didn’t hear it. I agree with that. When she went crazy–when she was like ‘get off the stage, blah blah blah’ and it’s just like ‘whoa Miss Minaj, I need you to calm down please.’  We’re still human, we still have feelings. She doesn’t care sometimes. It’s all good, we still love Nicki. Hearing that, it still is a little cutting while on stage. But the way my mother raised me was when someone was saying bad things about you when they’re not true? Guess what, they’re not talking about you. When Nicki Minaj was saying that we were forgetting our lyrics and we were off-pitch–without pointing fingers–I wasn’t off pitch, nor did I forget my lyrics, therefore I didn’t take that to offence. But it still sucks to be up there, seeing your team get knocked down that hard. But what happened happened. We’re growing and I think it was a great wakeup call. I don’t think that’s going to happen again on the show.”

What was going through his mind as he waited to hear if he was saved or not? It seemed like they might save him, “It wasn’t that tough. I think it was already set in stone. I kinda felt like today was just going to happen–I thought I was going home. Sooner or later we all have to go home. I think they are going to save the save for someone really really special. Not that I don’t think that I’m special, but with all the talent that’s left–if someone is in the bottom 2 that doesn’t belong there–just because they have one bad song day–I think they should use that save on that person.

Are there any song choices he would have changed in hindsight? “No. Even the week that I first was in the bottom 2–when I sang “Temporary Home”–though I didn’t have any moments to shine vocal wise, I’ve always had a personal connection with that song. I’m a firm believer in staying true to who you are. And I think I make decisions as an artist–and I think them through before I make them. So the fact that I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten–It was my doing and no one else’s. I wouldn’t go back and change anything.

Was there anything that really surprised him about Idol that he didn’t think would happen? “Yeah. Looking back at the show, after watching every episode of every season–when you see top 10 and you see the photo shoots and you see the commercials, and you’re just ‘man, these people are just rolling in money and they’re sleeping in and getting room service.’  And the biggest wakeup call is that we get no sleep. Call times are super early and we have to go through hair and makeup and dress rehearsals and run-throughs and press. Our schedules are really really tight. One of the things I’m taking away from this is a lot more respect for people that work on television programs like this, just because they work so hard to make us look good. It looks so nice and sweet on the TVs. There’s a lot of effort that goes into it.”

Has he ever seen an Idol summer tour before? “I haven’t been to one of the tours. But I’m so excited to do it. It’s been a dream. It’s every performers dream to do that–to perform across the country and have fans shouting out your name, and sing with people you love. What I’m looking forward to the most is that I’m going to be singing with the same people that I was a couple of weeks ago, except we’re not competing in the competition. So the fact that we’re just going to be able to sing and not have anybody go home–we’re still going to be together–I think that’s going to be the greatest experience ever.”

Did the “girls will win” talk put the guys to a disadvantage voting wise? “I can’t speak so much on it, because I don’t know who votes for what. But I do know that though the judges aren’t voting, I know that their critiques do have a very big influence on America’s votes. As for the guys being in the bottom 3 last night, I think that our group performance is what put us there. I think it was well deserved. I think that we weren’t prepared, and we went up there, and  it was unprofessional. Because of that, we were in bottom 3. I wouldn’t change that for anything, just because I don’t want to be treated unfairly. And the fact that we weren’t prepared showed how serious it can be, where you can go home. The girls–they have power, man. They’ve been consistent with their performances and the vocals. None of them have gone home yet. That’s crazy! They’re fighting strong.”

Does he think Nicki’s tough critiquing this week was the result of Jimmy complaining that the judges were too soft? “Nicki Minaj is one of those characters where she has multiple personalities–she’s her own person. And it’s weird, because you never know what you’re going to get with Nicki Minaj. She could have been upset because the night before she was wearing the same colored dress as Mariah, or that she was on time. We never know. But I know that I love her as a judge…It’s when she gets into the exaggerative speaking, where it’s just like, ‘Ah, take it easy! You don’t wanna hurt somebody else’s feelings.’  But yeah, she is who she is.”

Was he very close to Mariah Carey? “Our time with the judges–it’s not much. It’s a little bit during rehearsals, and maybe backstage before we go on. But it’s not like we get to sit down and talk. After I got voted off last night, I actually had a conversation with her, and hearing things like–that she was so proud to see the artist that I was becoming, and that if nothing works out later on down the road, that she would love to contact me.  Hearing things like that from Mariah Carey–it’s crazy because she is so huge. It’s crazy how big this woman is in the industry. Hearing that was a little reassuring and I’m a little more at peace just because if nothing happens, I know that I always have that to fall back on.”

Did he have similar conversations with the other judges? “Nicki might have had to step away earlier, because I didn’t get to say bye to her, she had prior engagements. Keith gave me a big ole bear hug, and he was just being Keith, and I love him and he said that he was sad that I had to go and he said to keep going and that no matter what, I was an Idol in their eyes. Randy said the same thing that Mariah did–if nothing happens, that they would love to contact me sometime down the road, just because I had true talent. Hearing that from such great people makes me feel good as an artist, but also as a person. I enjoyed every moment of it last night.”

Closing remarks: “I want to say thank you guys for having me. The fact that I’m leaving the show doesn’t mean that this is the end of Devin. I have spoken about this before–I’m not changing who I am for America. I’m not changing who I am for family or friends. I’m not changing who I am unless I want to change, and right now, I don’t. I think that America fell in love with me for a reason, I’m going to continue to give them 100%. So whatever life brings, just as long as I have my Devineers out there, and my God, I think everything is going to be alright. Keep voting for me in life. To support me in life. That’s all that I ask.”

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In this interview, Devin calls Nicki Minaj out for the way she treated the boys after their disastrous trio Wednesday night.



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  • durbesque

    Devin was chosen because he would be no competition for the girls. Does simply being on Idol open the possibility of a singing career? I don’t think so.
    I’m more concerned with the knotted vein in his neck when he sings. His strained high notes also indicate self-abuse. Clearly, much work needs to be done before he can entertain the notion of making a living by singing.

  • Liteasy

    As usual Nicki leaves and doesn’t give her goodbye to any of those she doesn’t like.

  • ptebwwong

    Well she loved Curtis and didn’t say goodbye to him either.

  • EB

    Devin is a really well-spoken guy, and to me sounds like he has been trying to see it from all angles. He is able to admit where he too was wrong in certain areas. I don’t think that he sounds bitter or jaded, just maybe wishes Nicki wouldn’t act the way she does at times which I can’t for a moment blame him for, as we all have witnessed it and it isn’t pretty.

    I don’t know if he will have a career, but he is extremely talented and should absolutely continue to pursue music and go to school if that is his dream. I’ll miss his voice on the show… I wish we could have heard it at least a few more weeks.

  • Sammy Joe

    I disagree with the entire notion that the save should/could have been used on him. The save was started to fix shock eliminations. Devin has been bottom feeding for weeks with trite performances coming out of an expressionless face with no physical energy.

    Dull as stale plain toast. Now all of a sudden, just because Mariah is clueless and likes her booze, everyone is pretending there is controversy that Devin was not saved. Its redicuous, like using the save on Tim Urban or Highschool Student Aaron Kelly.

  • Rami H

    To be fair he came out of nowhere during Hollywood and Vegas rounds and he was very good then and the public voted him into top 10. He had the potential and for me he was the most disappointing contestant because he does have a great voice but for whatever reason the emotional connection never happened. I don’t know why he never sang in Spanish after getting to the top 10 that was part of his package.

  • Bug Menot

    After “America” eliminated him, she stood up and started to leave in protest. She was called back so he could sing for the save. After he finished, she leaned away from Randy Jackson with her arms crossed and glared at him as he said the vote was not unanimous. Ryan sensed she wanted to save Curtis and asked if that was so. She replied they could have used an extra minute to discuss it because she didn’t feel there was a real discussion.

    After the show ended, she was the first judge to approach him:

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I thought that Devin conducted himself very well in that press conference.

    After I got voted off last night, I actually had a conversation with her, and hearing things like–that she was so proud to see the artist that I was becoming, and that if nothing works out later on down the road, that she would love to contact me.

    Randy said that same thing too. It will be interesting to see if Mariah and Randy follow through on those sentiments and put their money where their mouths are.

  • Valarie

    Contestants like Devin would benefit from this type of interview while they are still in the competition. I like him much better now, but it is too late.

  • elliegrll

    The choices were rather slim in the semi final round. LOL. He has a great voice, but like too many of this year’s contestants he is very inconsistent, and doesn’t know how to use it to showcase his strengths or connect with people.

  • Miz

    Yes she did.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Randy will support him if he really does believe in him, like Brooke White or Casey Abrams. Randy seems to come through for contestants after the show if he feels they do truly deserve their shine. That is one of only two things that I like about Randy ;)

  • Lori

    Nice interview. I wasn’t a Davin fan while he was on the show but reading the interview in full, Nicki shouldn’t have reacted with her “BS… be gracious” tweets. There was nothing ungracious about Devin’s answers to the press conference questions. And it’s unfortunate for Devin because Nicki has so many followers that will never see Devin’s comments in context. Shame on her, again. I wish him well.

  • Pat H

    I don’t think Devin said anything wrong. He is an 18 year old high school kids. Nicki is the 30 year old professional. I’ve been up and down with her this season. 1st, I hated that she was chosen as a judge. But she won me over during the audition rounds. Now, she has totally lost me. Can’t stand her. She has too many personalities. From rumors, she seems to be completely unprofessional with the show by being late all the time. Her “hitting on” contestants and guests is worse than Steven Tyler ever was! She is so long winded. I want her to just STFU half the time! I think she is a large part of the ratings drop. Her “Barbs” that are watching are not making up for the Idol fans that have left! Sad, because I really, really love Idol.

  • TLB

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, so I want to preface it by saying I like Devin as a singer on the show and that I’m indifferent about his elimination because anyone who’s been following the season should know that he wasn’t going to win against the likes of Candice, Kree, and Angie.

    I thought he was a little holier-than-thou with his comments. He did insinuate that Nicki “wanting” a girl to win had something to do with him being eliminated and not being saved, as if not getting saved after getting the lowest number of votes in the Top 8 stopped him from winning the whole thing. And he was also passive aggressive in his interview about Nicki being upset at the male contestants’ trio because she was wearing the same colour as Mariah (it’s clear Devin is a Mariah fan) or because Nicki was on set on time.

    While Nicki could’ve just let Devin’s comments slide, I think she was right. Devin can’t go about tweeting and retweeting Bible verses about God’s plan and then try to “subtly” point the finger at Nicki because God’s plan didn’t align with Devin’s plan. Nicki’s comment that America chooses is completely valid. Devin came 8th and he seems to think he objectively deserved to go further and that Nicki was mostly responsible for his elimination. I guess he’s forgotten that Nicki praises him during his solo performances. At this point, if you’re in the top 10, your ranking doesn’t really make that much of a difference unless you’re in the top 3, maybe top 5. And if you’re in the bottom three for three weeks in a row and you’re eliminated, I think America’s message is pretty clear.

    I just think Devin is a little self-righteous and hypocritical with the Biblical stuff. And he might need to keep his ego in check. He seems to think a little too highly of himself, i.e. his reply to Nicki’s tweets was that she should grow up “hun” because he has songs to write. He kind of just looks like a sore loser, deflecting responsibility for not getting further.

  • perfectstorm

    The Save would have just delayed the inevitable for 1 week. Devin had been consistently in the Bottom. He is a good singer, but he just wasn’t able to connect with audiences.

  • Rami H

    I actually think the conspiracy theories are a bit over the top, both Devin and Curtis had at least one judge pushing to save them, Devin moved Mariah Carey to tears with his save me song so clearly three believed in the talents of the male contestants.

  • CanadianLady

    Wow! Been following this from the beginning, and it is really weird.

    First, I don’t for one minute believe Devin was on the bottom because of the trio. Viewers aren’t stupid. He was there because while he can sing, and had a voice with potential to get him into the top 3 or 4 – he wasn’t selling his songs very well at all. His best was in the save me spot. But since that was the same song he’d done quite well earlier, it didn’t convince me to save him. One song you can do well isn’t enough.

    Second, Nicki’s reaction to the trio was totally over-the-top ridiculous. And she was laughing about it. It’s one thing to say it wasn’t good and another to try to embarrass them all. So bad. And the guys reactions weren’t good – especially when the judges had talked to the girls earlier about having each others backs. Sigh.

    Third, when I heard the clip where Devin was sarcastic about her dress colour/being on time, I was floored. As in “Devin, you are an idiot!” For me, he was way over the top delusional to say some of the things he did.

    Fourth, where are these guys getting their coaching? I’ve heard at least 3 variations of “America loves me” and “as long as I have my fans I’ll be fine.” Say what?

    Fifth, there is the whole “I gotta be me” thing. While I do believe it is essential that you know who you are and what you do best, that doesn’t mean you should be arrogant about it, or think you can ignore everyone who isn’t a fan. I think maybe all of them are getting some bad advice somewhere. Not liking a lot of the attitudes we are seeing (could well be the editing).

    Sixth. If Idol wants to cut Nicki right now, I would be fine with that. I think the other three would make a good panel. It’s way too much the Nicki Minaj show for me. And the tension is so thick.

    Missing season 10 and 11 so much.

  • CanadianLady

    Agree. I feel I barely know these people. So different from season 10, where I even felt I knew their dogs. Last year was better that this one, but when I think about it, I don’t believe we got as much background there either.

  • CanadianLady

    Apparently, you have to be in the US to watch that.

  • CB40

    ^^^^^^ this

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    It is comical that six months ago they were singing into hair brushes and now someone has convinced them they are “artists” and they throw that word around casually. Jhud is the exception nit the rule. Most Idols ate forgotten. Jhud got lucky she boring cast in dreamgirls. Devin has a smooth voice but mist if his performance s lacked emotional or connection… the save sing showed what he does best;he just didn’t do that weekly. If someone takes a chance on him and outs time and effort into him,he could come out with a Spanish language album. Also random seem to do better in niche markets like COlton. Take advantage of the Idol spotlight; problem us it’s no longer as bright

  • Shana Collier

    I agree. I feel like we hardly know these contestants either. I keep wondering if it is because they only had a Top 10 this year. Normally, we’ve had 2 more weeks to start connecting with the contestants.

  • Miz

    That is the one thing I do like about Randy. He does try to help some people out after Idol.

  • CanadianLady

    There don’t seem to be much in the way of background packages, etc., that tell us about them as people.

  • Miz

    Huh? I don’t see anyone here, including Devin, saying that the save should have been used on him. The only reason it’s a topic is because of what Nicki said.

    Only reason I might have wanted it used is to get it out of play. It’s nothing more than a gimmick.

  • Maj

    You made some excellent points here. I have to say when this whole thing broke I was more on Devin’s side but after watching the above videos I really am not on either side. *sigh* I actually quite liked Devin, even after he became a big disappointment in the live rounds but I really have no intention of following him any further. That’s all.
    As for Nicki…sometimes she entertains me, sometimes she’s just annoying and saying incredibly stupid things. I don’t hate her but she really should stop contradicting herself. But then…she is the rapper of multiple personalities so I guess I can’t really want something like that from her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That’s true about Randy and maybe the ONLY thing that I like about him. lol What’s the other thing that you like about Randy?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Devin is quoting Scripture to back himself up?? OK, I’ve changed my mind about him. lol

  • Latin2

    I don’t because the majority of the contestants and previous contestants were raised in the church. Besides I predict he will be coming out sooner than people think…lol


  • Latin2

    What I didn’t like was Nicki retweeting nasty remarks about Angie. I am not a fan of Angies, but she is a kid and some of the tweets Nicki retweeted were down right nasty, one calling Angie a “B*tch”.

    That is really unprofessional

  • taylor

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain all that! It really seemed out of the blue and was completely uncalled for.

  • Latin2

    No one has even mentioned it in the AI bubble or news media which is surprising.

    I saw it posted here and thought “Maybe it was a fluke and Nicki has deleted them if it was true”. So I checked AND THERE THEY WERE…I have to admit I was kinda surprised she would retweet tweets that were pretty nasty towards a contestant.

  • Latin2

    I wonder if anyone will ask her about those retweets or post them as a lead story.

  • TLB

    In my opinion, Nicki way overreacted to Angie’s performance. It’s so frustrating when people post things that are completely untrue and that’s exactly how tabloids and rumors that fully rely on the celebrity’s current reputation/public perception. “Nicki’s crazy so this must be true.”

    Nicki did not retweet nasty remarks about Angie and no one called Angie a bitch. Nicki did retweet people who agreed with her (as most celebrities do), but unless you consider any opinion that isn’t positive a “nasty remark”, then these were hardly nasty comments against Angie, especially since Nicki loves and has profusely declared how much she loves Angie in the past. I invite everyone to go read these tweets for themselves. Below are four for example, but if you look at the time stamps of the tweets corresponding with the time of the performances, there are only two more tweets about Angie: both of which just said they agreed with Nicki.

    1. “RT@Flawless_EhEhF1: Nicki look like she wanted to say “Bitch!” at the end of that lol”
    This is the alleged “bitch” tweet. In my opinion, it’s pretty obvious they were referring to the stereotypical sassy way people say “bitch” after telling someone off, not that Angie herself is actually a bitch. Maybe it’s an age thing, but this was quite obviously not a direct insult to Angie, unless you actually think Britney Spears is calling the entire world bitches every time she says “It’s Britney, bitch.”

    2. “Nic just clockedT thee enitre fvck out of Angie :((”
    This means Nicki shut or told Angie down passionately.

    3. “RT @MisszSharii: RT @IzzyReloadedd: @NICKIMINAJ I love your passion for the contestants. Shows you actually care for their possible careers.”
    …No insult here.

    4. “!!! RT @NickiDaBadBitch: PREACH NICKI PREACH”
    Someone who agrees with Nicki.

  • Bug Menot

    It’s “sassy” to say “bitch” after “telling someone off.”

    But it doesn’t mean you’re calling them a bitch. Or thinking that they’re a bitch.

    Got it.

    “This means Nicki shut or told Angie down passionately.”


    Got it.

    Just shut the fuck up, bitch!

  • TLB

    I can’t tell if you’re trying to tell me off due to a misunderstanding of my comment, but I agree with what you wrote. That’s what I was trying to tell Latin2.

  • Charlene Israel

    In an interview with Good Day LA Devin said he agreed that the save should not have been used on him!

  • summer69

    i think we are either fooled by the media or minaj’s dramatization. we have chronological issue here. i’d like to see the video where devin says “When she went crazy–when she was like ‘get off the stage, blah blah blah’ and it’s just like ‘whoa Miss Minaj, I need you to calm down please.’ We’re still human, we still have feelings. She doesn’t care sometimes. It’s all good, we still love Nicki.” is that really after his elimination?

    in the video above i saw that his complaint about nicki’s comment was made after the performance, when he wore the suit with bow-tie, which he also wore during the trio performance, NOT AFTER HIS ELIMINATION, when he wore red shirt.

    although i agree that devin shouldn’t have said those words about nicki wearing the same colored dress with mariah becoz those are very likely the things that have pissed her off, i think nicki shouldn’t have tweeted those rants after his elimination for revenge.

    overall i think this feud is ridiculous bcoz nicki’s comments and devin’s performance are the reasons i watch AI12. i love them both