American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #6 – Elijah Liu

I had originally pledged to not do any of the “returnees” until later, but Elijah Liu really didn’t get any screentime last year, so it shouldn’t matter. Last year, he had a tiny following from people who knew he made it and checked out his youtube videos. He’s a pretty good singer. Much more pop music relevant than Heejun was.

Last year, Elijah was cut during Hollywood Week. This year, he’s survived the process to get to the final judgment. He also plays guitar. So he’s our first AGWG. He’s from California, a region that doesn’t traditionally create winners (although they do create runner ups).

More Youtube Videos (he has a ton):
His Road To Hollywood from last year:
Talenthouse profile:
His Tumblr:

Pumped Up Kicks

Sunday Morning

How To Love

Thinking About You

Not Over You


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  • wordnerdarchie

    Now this guy I like, I could get behind him.

  • Henrique Mendes

    He really is nothing like Heejun… I don’t understand why Heejun was brough up. I really don’t understand why always compare people just because they share the same race. It’s silly, really.

    If he is the best this year he should win. Guy, girl, asian or whatever

  • SullyD

    He has a nice tone.

  • Henrique Mendes

    It’s different. Interesting. I like the slight raspiness on his upper register

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I like this guy. He sings on key (heh!) and looks and sounds pretty current too. Here’s his “road to Hollywood” video from last season:

    He seems young. Does anyone know how old Elijah is?

  • renzy24

    First AGWG American Idol winner. :) love it.

  • George Wilson

    I like this guy a lot! 

  • irockhard

    Californians often place high but don’t win. Where’s Gurpreet from? If he and Gurpreet are the final 2 that will be a hoot.

    He’s quite good, but not my style of course.

  • Kariann Hart

    I like that he mentioned, “Foster the People.”  Nice voice; nice look; and he can whistle.  Definitely TOP 10 material.

  • Miz

    Good sound, good look, current song choices, and likeable. One negative for me is that I got distracted by the lump that comes out on the side of his neck when he sings. 

    Hope he makes the voting rounds.

  • tomr

    Nice look but voice is too high and annoying. Much more likeable than Heejunk!

  • fantoo1

    He could be the replacement for the WGWG lol.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah his nasal, high pitch tone bugs me. And I personally found the vids a bit boring. He just feel kind of monotonous to me. *shrug* He does feel current, though. I guess he could fill the Blake Lewis role of unique and current, but I didn’t like Blake either, so…LOL ;)

  • Karen C

    I think he’s ok, his voice and arrangements are good but not really unique. 

    LOL proves to me that I don’t like an artist just because he has a guitar.

  • chessguy99

    His vocal could get annoying week after week. While he may be current, there is little personality  in his performance. There is a camera there, and he barely plays to it at all. Seems to be the good fodder type Idol has come up with the past couple seasons. If cast, I expect him to get  just enough  screen time so we don’t say “who is that?” when he makes it past the final cut.

  • Larc

    This kid’s not too bad, especially on “How to Love.”  Too many sour guitar chords, but most guitar-playing singers on Idol are no more than just adequate at it.  Not many play as well as Casey James can.

  • milwlovesadam

    Nasal. Nasal. Nasal.

    Maybe a voice coach could teach him.

    In through your nose, out through your mouth. Out through your mouth.

    Otherwise, he’s kinda cute and has potential.

  • durbesque

    Love this kid!  He’s not afraid to put some nuance and meaning into individual phrases.  Most contestants sing whole songs with the same expression.  His bright, forward projection is effortless and easy to hear.  All he needs is direction, arrangements, production…which he will get on Idol.

  • George Wilson

    I agree with durbesque. I think he’s definitely the type who will progress exponentially as soon as he gets in the show. He leaves a part of him in every single song he sings. He lends his voice to the song. It’s not the song lending itself to his voice. He’s “brand-able.” That definitely makes him an artist.

  • DianeZee

    Needs major vocal technique so he can learn to sing properly.  Voice is too high and nasal.  After less than 5 minutes, I had to turn him off.  Other than that, he’s cute and the girls will like him.

  • kansasfemale

    only watched part of pumped up kicks – what is the deal with the thing on the side of his neck – distracting…….

    as far as vocals – way way too nasal for me