American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #24- Bryant Tadeo

OK. So I had put this kid on the back burner. He has almost no fan following right now. I think he’s really good. I listened to God Bless The Broken Road, and it does his voice good. He’s a recycled contestant, having been cut last year in Hollywood. He recently won something called Hawaiian Idol. He also competed in “Lulu Factor”, so I guess people are now knocking off X-Factor. When he has a live band with him, he tends to slow his songs down making them into funeral dirges. Breakeven and Drift Away are both guilty of this. But if you force him to sing at tempo, he’s really good.

Check out the videos. Tell me what you think. Inevitably, that one guy who keeps commenting that there is no talent this season on Idol is going to appear, but what do the rest of you think?

God Bless The Broken Road

Breakeven (skip ahead to 2:00)

Drift Away

Use Somebody

Someone Like You

Just The Way You Are


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  • Jake W.

    oh, I really like this one.

  • kmd23

    I think he is very good. Great vocals. I remember that he did try out in S11. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    I get an Elliot Yamin vibe from this guy. 

  • hillstreetblooz

    Dude, been watching this fun/cheesy/shitshow for 12 Seasons – lemme pop your collar about Idol… they NEVER show all the really talented contestants, or give equal exposure or TV time to some really good contestants in the audition rounds or Hollywood week…We’ll get a Lazaro or a Kez Ban in the earlies here and there, but don’t get used to it. Being in constant anticipation of ‘the wow’ or ‘the watercooler moment’ kind of contestant this early… IMO waste of time… takes away the enjoyment of just being in the moment and enjoying what’s transpiring in real time…

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t remember him from last season. But he’s got a nice voice.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I don’t remember him either. He’s got an excellent tone and sings in tune – some of those riffs are quite impressive. I find his movements a bit distracting, but we’ll see as time goes on. If P2 can win with his odd moves, why not this guy?

  • XoLuv2SingOx

    I really like his voice…he has a unique tone and I think that he could definitely be one to watch!

  • Li Wright

    Is he Philipino?  Strong voices…Bruno Mars and Jessica. But does he have “it”? Star power?

  • lovetheusa1776

    Very nice – 

  • Kariann Hart

    Very nice voice.  I hope we’ll see him soon enough.

  • Larc

    I think he’s from Hawaii.

  • renzy24

    Yes he is Filipino, Watch the first video, someone asked him about his nationality.

  • cheese1

    He’s good, great voice, doesn’t over sing, not completely cheesy. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be Andrew Garcia once the live shows start.

  • poipugirl

    I would love a nice smooth R&B type Idol winner!  If he has Bruno’s natural charming personality, he can go far!

    There was a guy last year that was similarly good and a Bruno type:  Neco, Niko?

  • Shella Pascual

    i heard that he’s Filipino or Half Filipino. .also Jett Hermano and Adriana Latonio. theyre like Jessica Sanchez