American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #22- Mathenee Treco

Another returnee.

I didn’t think he was good last year. He had drama with his group. He stumbles through lyrics. And he has some sub-par stuff on youtube. Other than having a high range, I’m not sure why he’s here. Maybe the producers saw his Sweet Transvestite video and figured he’s worth a feature. He’s a good dancer. I’m just not convinced he has a great voice (or at least, a superstar voice). I like his music theatre stuff more. He has a Music Theatre degree from Carnegie Mellon. Mathenee was cut last year in Las Vegas. What do you guys think? Is he Top 10 material?

Sweet Transvestite (yes. please watch.)

Edge of Glory (not great)

Hey Jude

I Will Always Love You

Fortune & Fame

Mathenee asks you for money


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  • Jake W.

    He has just a average voice. He isn’t that special. I would send him home.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Meh… That’s what I get from him. Yes he is a far better singer than i’ll ever be but I wouldn’t vote for him based off these previews. 

  • MissMyEm

    He can carry a tune for the most part but seemed to be stretching on the really high parts, but halfway through I felt like drifting.   Someone tweeted the other day, that since Randy predicted a female would win this year that they’ll stack the deck with average male singers.  Could be true.  I didn’t think this guy was bad…but.

  • dreamr23

    I really liked him in the group with Lauren Gray, when they sang “Will You Still Love Me?” in the Vegas rounds. These clips, however, were just alright.

  • Amaya Jones

    I feel like that first video is going to hurt him in the long run :-/

  • Shante

    Ok. Listen. I saw this production in Pittsburgh. It was a musical production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A play. 8 years ago. At one of the most prestigious colleges for musical theater/acting in the country. A school that has boasted the talents of Megan Hilty and Leslie Odom Jr from SMASH, Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Parick Wilson, Cherry Jones, Ted Danson, Holly Hunter, Billy Porter, Judith Light and Joe Manganiello. Not to mention a former idol alum Zak Resnick currently starring in Mamma Mia on Broadway who also starred in this particular production. That video is genius. Mathenee is a star. Trust me.