American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #21- Melinda Ademi

We continue our premiere celebration with two more previews today. First off is Melinda Ademi, who was featured last season as the “final audition” of her day. Her parents are refugees from Kosovo. She sang “If I Ain’t Got You”. She has a very light voice, ala Britney Spears. I don’t think she has the ability to go far in the competition. She’s not a white guy with guitar, she’s not a power ballad singer, and she’s not country. If she makes the top 10, it’ll be a surprise. Idol hasn’t really embraced the Britney pop thing before. She does get a standing ovation from Nicki Minaj in Hollywood Week, so she must be doing something right. She also has a decent following on youtube. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Her Audition Last Year

What Makes You Beautiful (shot like a music video)


The Scientist

Moves Like Jagger

Someone Like You


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  • Jake W.

    I really like this one! I loved her One Direction cover.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I actually remember her. I think she is a way better singer than Britney. I could get behind her. 

  • guinness 416

    There’s something appealing about this girl, to me.   I know we’re not supposed to care about sob stories or parents or whatever but her Kosovar background is pretty interesting too.

  • Damien Roberts

    Two seasons ago

  • Leicester

    She was also part of the “Peggy Blu: Voice Coach from Hell” montage with Thia Megia.

  • XoLuv2SingOx

    i really like melinda’s voice! i’ve been watching her on youtube for a few years, and i was pleasantly surprised to see her on season 10! i’m glad that she auditioned again! :)

  • ladymctech

    After viewing her Moves Like Jagger video, I can see that this girl has some personality and stage presence, in addition to a pretty good voice — light years better than Britney Spears. I hope she does well in the coming weeks and makes it to the voting rounds.

  • Amaya Jones

    Loving Melinda :)