American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #18- Nick Boddington

Another returning contestant.

You will likely recognize Nick. He’s got some music theatre training, but also a fairly decent pop voice. It would be interesting to see how he does in a voting competition. He doesn’t play guitar though, he plays piano.

He was cut in Las Vegas round last year. He’s been singing forever, independently released an album as The Wonderland Robbers. He is originally from Memphis.

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  • tomr

    Nope…not the one.  Still haven’t seen anyone that I can dial my fingers off for.

  • John S

    I think its hard to base it off of youtube videos. Once we see them in Hollywood then that gives us an idea of how good they are.

    But I guess in this guys case, we have already seen him. His Vegas group thought he got robbed(I remember Jen Hirsh being angry).

  • b_james

    Not gonna win.  Maybe if he played guitar, but nope.

  • IvanG

    Not good for this competition..

  • WestiesRule

    It’s amazing how many youngins’ who can sing, carry a tune, have training, some background in music who think they are entitled to (or can earn) a recording contract. I have to hear him on the live shows to decide for sure but I don’t hear anything that stands out.

  • kcostell

    Nick was in Groovesauce with Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsch, Reed Grimm.  All four of them made the Top 25, but none of them made the Top 13.   

  • Incipit

    Nothing special about the vocals, actually missing a certain timbre to his voice that would give it more resonance, IMO…but who knows what kinds of vocals get a pass nowadays? I guess anything at all can make it through.