American Idol 12 Charlotte: Candice Glover, Brian Rittenberry, David Leathers Jr. and More

Tying up a few loose ends after last night’s Charlotte American Idol 12 auditions.  Candice Glover rules. Well here on the blog anywhere. Elsewhere? It’s country crooner Brian Rittenberry viewers are searching out. Plus, season 11 contestant, David Leathers Jr. auditioned, but was scorned by Idol editors. Sads.

There is more below.

The clear winner of the poll for favorite auditioner is Candice Glover. No surprise there at all. Candice was a favorite after last season’s fiercely gospelized performance with Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez of Buddy Holly’s “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.” She was inexplicably cut afterward. Here’s hoping she finds redemption this year.

Candice Glover – Charlotte Audition – American… by IdolxMuzic

Another Season 11 contestant, David Leathers, Jr. also auditioned in Charlotte. But unlike Candice, and another returnee, Janelle Arthur, his audition was not featured last night. I heard that his voice has dropped quite a bit since last year. Here is his “Road to Hollywood” video. You can find the rest at this Playlist.

While Candice topped the charts, so to speak, here at the blog. My partner in video crime, IdolXFactor tells me that the video from Charlotte that has the most views is… country crooner, Brian Rittenberry, with 36K views as of this morning. Isabel Gonzalez, the young singer nominated by her aunt was second with 17K. Hm. Do those numbers better reflect opinions outside of the Idol bubble?

Brian Rittenberry

Brian Rittenberry – Charlotte Audition… by IdolxMuzic

Isabel Gonzalez

Isabel Gonzalez – Charlotte Audition – American… by IdolxMuzic

Oh…and the poll asking whether y’all are on Team Mariah or Team Nicki? So far, it’s MARIAH, by just a smidge. 52 vs 47%….

If you’re looking for a breif recap from Charlotte auditions, AmericanIdol auditions has you covered.

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  • Tommyo2000

    Repost…Gotta say I really like Isabel, Candice and Seretha …. Candice was shafted last year and will likely get to the top 24 … not sure if she goes far, as she will have to break out of the church singer role, but she will have a lot of support from last year … Seretha has the story and the cute kid, and I really loved the twist up on Fresh Prince … Isabel, reminded me of Selina Gomez (at least in looks), and I could totally see them trying to push her far as she could really connect with the younger audience, which Idol needs … if Isabel makes is through Hollywood the pressure will really start to build … we shall see if she can handle it or she buckles … 

  • James M.

    Huh. Interesting, the comments on this site seem to be more supportive of Nicki than Mariah, it’s weird that the poll showed differently. I’ve warmed up to Mariah a bit and Nicki probably should be more professional and not outburst like that, but she totally had a point and I’m definitely still on her side. And Mariah needs to not egg her on.

    Although, tbh, at this point it seems like if one of them says so much as a “What’s your name” to the contestant, the other person rolls their eyes and throws some mad shade. I’m still blindly hoping Nicki and Mariah patch things up.

  • Garrett Clayman

    Isabel reminded me of Camilla from Fifth Harmony in the best way possible

  • blackberryharvest

    I saw that too, and last night Nicki was way ahead. Maybe the Mariah fans rallied up or something.

  • Al Kahn

    Update MJ….Brian now up to 52K…Isabel 26k & Now Brandy Hamilton 18K….thxs for the shoutout:)) 

  • Bug Menot

    Casey Abrams has a StageIt performance scheduled tonight at 7:30 CST.

  • Katie’s Uvula

    I only remember Candace. No one else stands out and thats not good. Does anyone else feel like every contestant at these auditions is just like the other? Typical small town person, has a good voice nothing decent, kind person, then they go thru to Hollywood

  • tucker davis

    Was Isabel the cute high school girl with the smiling eyes? If so, I predict she’ll go far if she makes it through Hollywood week. Having a great voice is definitely a plus, but looks absolutely matter when the voting starts…

  • Amaya Jones

    Candice is so great! If you check out her youtube, she is far from a church singer, so I’m assuming that because she made the reference to her friend Joshua, they made her out to be that church singing girl. She is very versatile and does so many different genres. She is my favorite #obviously