American Idol 12 Charlotte Auditions – Who Was Your Fav? Team Nicki or Team Mariah? (POLL)

You watched the Charlotte, NC auditions. Now, vote for your favorite hopeful! TAKE THE POLL

You saw the infamous dustup between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey…

Are you Team Nicki

or Team Mariah?

For the record, I’m STILL TEAM NICKI. I thought the judges were giving that girl a hard time over nothing.

ETA: Point taken on the role of the other judges in the argument. But, if you go back to the original TMZ video, it got pretty nasty between Mariah and Nicki–all of which was left on the cutting room floor by Idol producers, for whatever reason.

However, it is important to note that Keith and Randy had pivotal roles to play in the argument, which the Idol edit reveals.

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  • durbesque

    My goodness, that poll is decisive!

  • Celeste

    Can I vote for Paula Abdul?

  • Stavros

    MJ you should add Randy and Keith to the poll! I was curious to see which judge was going to be favored by the blog. 

  • raya

    I’m not on team anybody, but FWIW the way they edited the argument on Idol tonight, Randy was just as big a part of the “feud” as Mariah & Nicki.  It actually made it seem like Randy’s last comment is what caused Nicki to get up and walk off.  Don’t get me wrong in that obviously Nicki and Mariah don’t like each other and probably never will, but it just kind of bugs that the media (and idol) are only focusing on those two and ignoring Randy altogether.  Because you know, only females can fight and be catty.

  • mjsbigblog

    The poll is about the argument. So Keith and Randy don’t count… Maybe I’ll do another poll later.

  • Cory Patrick ??

    Didn’t Candi sing “Syrup & Honey” by Duffy?

  • fantoo1

    Mariah was a bitch from day 1.

  • Cory Patrick ??

    I really liked Isabel Gonzalez too, her voice is so unique! I see her going far, but Candi definitely was the most vocally talented! 

  • elliegrll

    I like Nicki, but that argument was no different than some other disagreements that judges have had over the years.  Simon stormed off once, and I’d guess that some of Paula’s absences from the panel were about disagreements that she had with Simon, Randy or the producers.  

  • forwarddad

    Why are people calling her Candi? Her name is clearly Candace. She was very good but I hope they push her farther than last time. They never even explained why she was cut. Even tonight Randy pretended he barely remembered her.

  • Aaron

    I like the black girl who sang “Cowboy Casanova.” I thought she sounded better than Carrie singing it live.

  • iluvai

    I really like them both.

  • Aaron

    That’s her nickname. Her twitter handle is “CandiRickelle.”

  • Brittany Keener

    to be far…ignoring randy is best.

  • Kariann Hart

    There were several good auditions tonight.  You can tell the judges want to see Candice Glover in the TOP 10.  There was much flak last year when she was cut.  I wish her the best as she continues her Idol Journey!

    Jimmy Smith was very, very good!  I would imagine there would be one or two Country singers on the TOP 10.  Obviously, we won’t be deciding.

    The feud tonight wasn’t anything bigger than what we have seen before.  It’s obvious they don’t like each other, I just hope there won’t be any scripted feuding going on.

  • Stefan Wind

    I loved Ashley “Blondie” Smith. Great voice and fun/annoying personality.

    Could careless about the feud between Mariah and Nicki, but I had to vote Team Nicki, because she is the most entertaining judge by a mile.

  • James M.

    I’m totally on Team Nicki over Team Mariah, but TBH, Mariah seems to have gotten much better since she started the auditions. She still has a bitchy air about her, but it’s not as significant.

    I know the blowup was supposedly between Nicki and Mariah, but if there was one judge to ignore it would be RANDY. He’s the weak link to me despite his “30 years of experience”. I found that comment pretty repulsive, I would’ve stormed out like Nicki too. 

  • Taylor

    Wasn’t the fight tonight between Nicki and the other three judges? Mariah wasn’t the only one that was talking to the girl about what type of artist she wanted to be. Keith is really the one that started it all.

    I’m Team Randy, Mariah and Keith or just Team Keith on this one.

  • FinalFantasy13

    hate to go with the obvious but I really liked candice.. she had some grit in her voice it wasn’t just that plain old style..

  • Listening

    I’m so down w/ Nicki she has so much personality. Mariah is nice but she’s kind of blah the only time she shows any spark is when she’s interacting/arguing w/ Nicki otherwise she’s like wallpaper.

    Oh and for the record I totally agree w/ Nicki when she called out the other judges for badgering Summer, the girl with flashes of county nuances in her voice, to go on and on about country and making her change her opinion. It’s one thing to suggest or mention but they hounded that girl. And I did notice this grateful look Summer shot Nicki when she jumped to her defense. Also Mariah and Randy were totally jerky when the girl was leaving to keep shouting out comments about country stuff. They were simply taking shots at Nicki and rubbing it in. And Randy’s 30 years of music  unneccassary just b/c you haven’t been in the music industry for decades doesn’t mean your knowledge isn’t important. Nicki’s could even be more important b/c she  more current and someone w/ decades of experience might be stuck in his ways/ old fashioned. That of bugged me too if I were Nicki.

    Anywho, Summer wants to be country soul and maybe even lean more to the soul. Sheesh let it be it’s not like we’ve never had other artists in the music industry that encompass multiple genres for example rock/country, country/pop, or rock/pop etc.

  • Ratchet13

    I totally get why Keith, Mariah, and Randy were put off. She sounded like she was saying she tried country, and couldn’t get a deal. So. She was on to the next thing. Kind of like that singer that tries to go mainstream, and doesn’t make it. Then magically they reappear as a Christian artist even though they’re not Christian. Those people are the worst because it’s never real there’s no passion. You end up with a Holly Brook who was supposed to be the next Michelle Branch. That didn’t work so she morphs into a goth girl, and changes her name to Skylar Grey. That doesn’t work o now she’s wearing bikinis, and singing about how guys can now ride her. In the end, Mariah and Randy ended up being right neither Tasia or Summer made the Hollywood cut

  • Zoey Giesberg

    I don’t feel like Nicki was in the wrong – why is there this continual push to pigeonhole musicians and singers into a single genre when they express interest in more than one? I understand single genres are easy to market but people are more complex to just be limited to one category.

  • IvanG

    I was so happy with day 2 in Charlotte. OVERFLOWING with good talent. Blondie, Dun Dun, Janelle, CANDICE. And all girls!!

  • b_james

    I was so ready to hate Nicki, because I haven’t been much of a fan of hers prior to Idol.  But I am LOVING her.  I agree with her almost 100%, she’s making me laugh, she actually has insight, she’s sweet (which I didn’t expect), and she’s into it.  Mariah just seems so bored all of the time.  

    I’m loving Keith as well, by the way. And in the case of Summer and the country debate, Nicki was totally right.

  • Christian

    …And she virtually insulted the culture of country music. “I sing country music but with more soul”? Well if country music has no soul, then what is country music?

  • Christian

    That’s not at all what they were trying to do. The girl walked in with an identity crisis. It wasn’t a matter of limiting the girl’s horizons. Not at all. They were trying to figure out who she was. And she was unprepared and all over the place. Bottom line, If you can’t decide who or what you are, then the public will and you might not like it. If people thought the judges were too harsh on her, how would you then feel when she meets with record executives? If she wins, and is locked into a contract, she would HAVE to accommodate every and any of the label’s musical preferences.

  • Christian

    Clearly that argument was rooted from something deeper than a country music discussion. Nicki specifically identified Mariah and Randy, while it was clear that Keith sparked the debate.

  • Dedra Jackson

    Team Mariah aka team classy :)

  • Dedra Jackson

    i think they are doing this for views :( now

  • CB40

    Team Nicki all the way. Nicki is refreshing and fun and cares, and she shouldn’t be dismissed just because of her age. And OF COURSE Randy is on Team Mariah, he’s her manager!

  • Miz

    Can I be team nobody?

  • Jaejae1

    I Like both Nikki and Mariah.  But i am totally Team Keith!  Love looking at him and listening to him. :)  As for the singers, there were a few that I really liked tonight.  I liked Candice, Janelle, JaBria. and Seretha(?) tonight.  I think this is the first season that I haven’t really liked any of the boys much yet. Even last week I liked the girl who sang Superbase and Kez Ban.  

    The auditions have actually been kind of fun this season. Not the same old same old.  And there have been more funny contestants too.  

  • Pippygirl

    I think Nikki was right about the “I tried the country music thing” girl. I felt like they were interrogating her to a ridiculous degree. She was a good singer-put her through and worry about her artistry later. Mariah wasn’t the one doing that, it was Keith, and he annoyed me to be honest.
    Nikki seems to take over a little too much for my taste but I like both her and Mariah generally. Meh on Keith although he had a few moments. Randy needs to go however.

  • SaSa8

    I thought the argument seemed more Nicki vs. the other three.  Wasn’t it Randy’s final comment of 30 yrs experience is what made her get up and leave? 

  • Jordana33

    I completely agreed with Nicki yesterday, although Randy seemed to be the main instigator. I don’t like when the judges try to pidgeonhole contestants, either. Most music listeners have diverse musical tastes, so why wouldn’t a musical artist be the same? When they push contestants to commit to a genre, it just limits their scope and forces them to make song choices to appease the judges. I think it’s easier for the rockers (or alt-rockers) to pull off different genres and still come off as rockers or “singer-songrwriters” (e.g. David Cook and  Phillip Phillips). However, it’s much harder for the contestants labeled as “R&B” or “country” to sway from their genres without the judges accusing them of not being “true to themselves”. So Yeah….team Nicki it is! 

  • TLB

    LMAO at all the stupid people here picking a team without explaining their logic or providing reasons that are irrelevant. For example, one commenter above says: “Team Keith” because they “love looking at him and listening to him”…that is not the point of the discussion. 

    I don’t even understand how people can pick Team Randy and Mariah. Yes, Keith sparked the discussion about “doing the country thing”, and it was understandable because the girl was unintentionally making country sound like an easy thing anyone can pick up and run with. But Nicki wasn’t arguing against Keith. As MJ said, Nicki was just bringing up the point that they were focusing way too much on the country comment, which scared the girl into backtracking a little and being more vocal about her love for country. 

    While Mariah and Randy may not have specifically intended to bully her into being solely dedicated to country, that’s the effect their words had. And Randy’s comment about his 30 years of experience was typical of him and if his “experience” made all his comments the objective and undeniable truth, then he should be saying that every time they judge a contestant and another judge disagrees with him. 

    People who are saying the judges (usually they’re just pinpointing and trashing Nicki) don’t realize the show is about the contestants don’t realize that the judges aren’t talking about themselves. Nicki was defending the contestants free will to choose whatever genre or combination of genres she wants to sing. 

    The funny thing about people who are on Team Mariah or Randy is that they are most likely ignorantly hating on Nicki based on unrelated factors or hypocritically believing that it is about the judges and that they’re allowed to dictate what genres contestants should sing (Again, regardless of M/R’s intentions, that’s how the contestant perceived their words and you have to understand your audience when communicating your message). And finally, MJ’s completely right about how Nicki probably should have kept her cool, but if you’re voting against Nicki because of the way she reacted over the contestants-first message she was trying to fight for, maybe you should reassess your priorities. 

  • meyers77

    Can we get rid of them both? But OMG, menage a trois is the most obnoxious judge/person I’ve ever seen on Idol.  If they keep this crap up (and it’s crap), don’t know if I can continue watching. Soooo annoying.

    Get rid of both of them and put Jimmie on the panel. Would be much better. They are so bad, they make Randy look good.

  • Jean Castañeda

    get out minaj, what are you doing in idol? judging? hahahaha that´s hilarious!!!

  • Miss Chaos

    I was so prepared to hate Nicki, for all I have seen and read about her, but I think she is a great judge, I am interested in hearing what she says, and shes cute and funny, and what I like the best is that she tries to make the contestants feel comfortable, when they probably are so nervous, she seems caring, and altho a little over the top sometimes, she doesnt seem to have a mean bone in her body.  As far as Miss Carey, she is so annoying with her hair petting, look at me I am beautiful attitude.  She can leave and I wouldnt miss her one bit.  I dont like her and all these opinions are from watching the show and since I dont know the ladies in person, this is how it comes across to me.  I am not sure I am on Team Nicki, but between the 2 I like her a lot more than I like Mariah.

  • mjsbigblog


    Name calling fellow commenters is not tolerated here. Respect other’s opinions, or you can’t post here.

    Please read my guidelines linked above if you are a newbie.

  • raya

    I refuse to pick a team, but I do agree with you MJ in terms of Nicki.  I agreed with her point in terms of pigeonholing contestants.  Sometimes I just think her delivery is a little over the top and I wish she could make her points without needing to escalate the situation.  I also thought she came off really distracted in the first several auditions they showed prior to the dust-up, but who knows in what order the events really happened anyway. 

    In the highly edited clip shown, to me, Randy came off as the bigger bully than Mariah anyway.  He is the one that spewed the “30 years of experience” line.  As for Mariah, I thought she was better last night than last week.  She looked more comfortable and engaged.  I do think she has something to offer the panel if she can let go of her obvious insecurities.  It’s not like she doesn’t know a thing or two about singing.

    That said, I understood Keith’s annoyance at that girl’s country music comment because it came off rather flippant and demeaning towards country music.  I understood him wanting to address that right out of the gate.  Then again, Nikki clearly didn’t have a problem with Keith.  Her problem was with the other two. 

  • sumidol

    NIcki is just the best, great move for Idol, SHE should have been given the 18 million, she is earning it.  She is bright, beautiful, funny and honest, best judge in a long long time

  • mjsbigblog

    If you go back to the original TMZ video, it got pretty nasty between Mariah and Nicki–all of which was left on the cutting room floor by Idol producers, for whatever reason.

    Although, I do think that it was important to point out that Keith and Ryan did have pivitol roles to play in the argument.

  • Miss Chaos

    And I am glad they left it on the cutting room floor, no need to stir the pot, they showed just enough, and showing Keith and Randy had a part in it to helps to show that the 2 ladies werent the only ones doing the fighting.  Now just get on with the judging, and stop fighting we dont like it:), not good for the kids who are scared enough as it is, alto some were laughing!

  • raya

    Definitely noted.  I do think the feud or whatever you want to call it between Mariah and Nicki is real enough, though I think Nicki kind of hates Randy as well.  However, I’m glad the rest was left on the cutting room floor.  At least the fight they showed involved all of the judges and was pertaining to an actual contestant’s audition, so it wasn’t just hurled insults for the sake of insults.

  • Dedra Jackson

    “For the record, I’m STILL TEAM NICKI. I thought the judges were giving that girl a hard time over nothing.”

    no nicki blew up and got extra crazy over a few comments that matters nicki do not know the industry shes a rapper/pop singer witch she sucks at the pop part yes she can rap but her attitude is garbage all she had to do was show RESPECT and vote and thats it but no she had to try and talk down to two people who have talent and been in the game hella longer then her crap!even Kieth was telling her she’s wrong.

  • guinness 416

    Some good ones in this episode but I’m on Team Frogkiller for now!

  • JPA5JPA5

    Minaj points were 100% right. It’s what idol does every year… they were trying to force the contestant into a box in a first audition. What happened to if you can sing, you can sing anything. Minaj made the point previously too.. with the girl who sang rap and country…
    She is becoming the standout.. Fun and yet smart. Urban is nice bit shows music knowledge.Mariah is the one who gives fluff and just plays with her hair… (And had looked sane and boring each episode so far).
    Also interesting they edited out all the TMZ releasedd video. I think the disagreement was real but I’m also confident Nigel released it to drum n up publicity and despite that ratings continue to fall. Shows like ncis and big bang get more viewers

  • JPA5JPA5

    Yet he was an ass.. the whole 30 years thing was an obvious dig at Nicki and rude. But he’s mariahs manager so will always be her clone. Nicki made great points that no judge had ever dared to say even tho audience had thought it. Another reason he should’ve been gone… But if they want to shake things up.. She’s at least telling the truth and trying to give good advice.. Plus she’s been dingy and entertaining.. Showing a fun personality and giving us different looks at each stop

  • Jake W.

    I loved Brian,Candice,and Seretha. I’m team Nicki all the way. She is such a phenomenal judge. she speaks exactly what most of us think. Randy can get the hell out. Is it just me or is Randy super annoying now to anyone else?

  • Kody Baker

    They are gonna narrow it down to a top 20 boys and a top 20 girls. There will be a period of two weeks.. where we get to hear 10 boys one night, 10 girls the next, and the same for the next week. After all of the top 40 have had a chance to perform the judges will create a top 10 boys and a top 10 girls. So a Top 20. The top 20 will perform on tuesday and wednesday. America gets to vote both nights, and we will narrow it down to make a top 10. I’m pretty sure there is going to be a wild card round again because the results show is going to be two hours long. So we will probably end up somewhere between a top 12-14. Depending on how the wildcard round actually works out.

  • Alissa Alissa Souk

    this is the transcript of “the fight”  Which I really think is not a fight.  More of tantrum from nicki.  As I see it Keith got pissed because I think he feels country music was being insulted by girl’s statement.  What mariah and randy did was more of a “guide” for that girl.  There is nothing wrong with what they did. Nicki just over reacted. And if this gonna happen during Live shows, it will be a total trainwrecked!!!

    Mariah: Nicki

    Nicki: I
    really like you. I think your voice was really really pretty… and controlled.
    And I loved your tone and I love your look. I was really pleasantly surprised

    Mariah: Keith

    Keith: What
    do you see yourself as a singer?

    Girl: Um, I
    don’t know. I did the country thing. I’m more of a soulful country… maybe?

    Keith: Right

    Girl: is
    kinda what I have been going.

    Keith: Right,
    I always get thrown, when people say “ I did the country thing” and I’m like
    well “ I did the brain surgeon thing”. It’s like either you’re a brain surgeon
    or you’re not.

    Girl: I’ve
    just been trying to put a little more soul into it I guess is the best way to
    put it.

    Keith: Right…O.K.

    Mariah: Randy

    Randy:  Your voice naturally lends itself to country.
    You have a yodel every time you sing. I can see you doing the country thing,
    more than anything. Mariah, what say you.

    Mariah: When
    you said, you did the country thing, Keith got mad. (laughs)

    Keith: I didn’t
    get mad

    Mariah: I’m
    joking, but question though, did you grow up listening to country music, do you
    love it, is it a passion?

    Girl: I mean
    I grew up singing all sorts of stuff, but whenever I decided to pursue music,
    it was country music. I love country music.

    Keith: What
    do you love about it?

    Girl: About
    country? I mean, it’s just so real. It’s just like being home.

    Randy: Shall
    we vote?

    Keith: I’ll
    tell you what. I love your voice. You can really sing, so this is a singing
    competition, so I’m gonna say yes.

    Randy: For
    me, ummm  I’ll give you a yes, too.

    Mariah: I
    agree with Randy that your voice seemed to work well in terms of like o.k. if
    you were going to sing country music. I can hear that in your voice. I think
    you have a really clear, clean, pretty voice. So I’m gonna say yes.

    Girl: Thank

    Mariah: Nicki

    Nicki: Thank
    you. Cause for like a minute I thought it was a country music debate.
    (Everybody else laughs)

    I  mean, why are we like picking her apart, like
    because of a country comment. I mean you guys make comments about everybody in popular
    music, all day non-stop.

    Keith: who’s
    you guys?

    Nicki: Not
    you, Keith. Randy and Mariah

    Really? Is that what I do?

    Nicki: Yeah,
    you guys

    Keith: If
    someone says, “I did the hip hop thing……oooohhh I did the hip hop thing” …

    Nicki: I feel
    like we going into “are you country, are you country?”

    Mariah: I’m
    sorry. It’s just that that’s what I do Nicki, I sing. So when I’m making
    comments, I’m trying to help her, we’re trying to help her as opposed to just
    talking about her outfit.

    Nicki: I’m
    going to continue to speak.

    Mariah: You
    always do. Go ahead.

    Nicki: What
    you’re almost actually doing is like scaring her into lying. She said what she
    said. She had every right to say that and feel that. You have a great voice.

    Mariah: I
    knew that and that’s why I asked. That’s why I asked.

    Randy: If she’d
    walked in there claiming country. She said ohh… I did the country thing. And I’m
    like baby you’re a country singer.

    Nicki: Then
    we kept on trying to make her claim it.

    Mariah: I
    really wasn’t.

    Nicki: But then,
    we forcing her to claim something.

    Randy: We’re
    trying to help her.

    Nicki: My
    view is that we kind of like making them change their minds.

    Randy: No,
    she can be whoever she wants.

    Mariah: I
    think it’s asking who she is.

    Nicki: Watch
    the tape back and you’ll understand.

    Really? Is that what you’ve done? (So you watch the tape back every night)

    Randy: In my

    Keith: Is
    that a yes?

    Nicki: That’s
    an absolute 10,000 times yes

    Keith: You’re
    going to Hollywood.

    Mariah: Yay Hollywood.
    I love this moment.

    Keith: Make
    sure you wear a hat.

    Randy: No
    matter what Nicki thinks, your voice still fits better in country.

    Mariah: Fits
    perfect in country. See you there.

    Randy: Trying
    to help you just a little bit.

    Mariah: Yay

    Randy: 30
    years. A little help… Insight.

    Nicki: Oh you’re
    right. I’m sorry. I can’t help her. Maybe I should get off the f*cking panel.

    Mariah: That’s
    a good idea.

    Randy: Every
    word she said was a yodel. What do you thing that fits in. That voice.

    Nicki: Let me
    go off the panel. I’m over it.

    Randy: Nicki’s
    mad. She walking out.

    Mariah: That
    was my move. I was gonna do that the next time she ragged on me.

    Randy: I was
    gonna walk out.

    Nicki: (out
    of shot) Shut the f*ck up.

    Mariah: What
    are we doing?

    Nick: Finish
    the show. I’m done.

  • Marimar Rios

    I always thought that one of the judges’ role was steering the contestants in the right direction as far as what works best for them is concerned. Nicki was simply creating unnecesary drama. I can’t be on her side on this one. She simply did not have a point in my opinion. Keith, Randy and Mariah all said yes to the girl. It’s not like Nicki was arguing to try to convince them to vote yes. She was just arguing for the sake of arguing.

    The judges were simply doing their job and if anything this poll should be Team Nicky vs Team Randy, as he was the one who made the snarkiest remark with his reference to having been in the industry for 30 years which arguably caused Nicki to storm off the panel. I get that what makes news is Nicki vs. Mariah but if anything what I’m starting to see is everyone vs. Nicki. All of the other judges seem to be getting tired of her antics. I predict that it won’t be too long before the rest of America does.

    ETA: I think it’s interesting to note that even in this poll posted in MJ’s site whose editorial line has been heavily pro Nicki the majority of the people are siding with Mariah.

  • James M.

    Nicki actually been pretty consistent about not wanting the contestants to be pigeonholed. I like that about Nicki.

    Nicki would have stormed off even worse if Simon were still on this show. Remember when Simon Cowell said Katie Stevens should stick to country (without her even singing a country song), or on X Factor US when he tried turning Emblem 3 into the US version of One Direction? Nicki would not have ANY of that.

    Summer didn’t really do herself any favors, though. TBH, all judges had points with their “debate”, including Mariah and Randy. Nicki’s was just most agreeable to me.

  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    I personally think Nicki is right in this situation…

    1- I HATE her music but she is actually a good judge
    2- Randy and Mariah teamed up and were kinda telling Nicki that she didn’t know anything and they knew better than her – wich is probably correct but it’s just too rude and unethical… Where is the professionalism?
    3- Nicki did the right thing by leaving as if she hadn’t left it would have been even worse than it became, ie. fatal – resulting in one of the judges quitting.

  • James M.

    I agree, although I think the way she left was a tad unprofessional (as was her overreaction in the TMZ video)

  • Leandro

    You’re completely right. Nicki behaviour is the problem, not he argument they had. If it were JLo acting like this no one would be defending her. But Nicki is the new “cool and fresh thing” and some people will give her a free pass because some people get  really excited with ANY meaningless novelty.

    Anyway, Mariah is winning the poll. I’m not even a fan but I’m glad, lol

  • Leandro

    You’re completely right. Nicki behaviour is the problem, not he argument they had. If it were JLo acting like this no one would be defending her. But Nicki is the new “cool and fresh thing” and some people will give her a free pass because some people get  really excited with ANY meaningless novelty.

    Anyway, Mariah is winning the poll. I’m not even a fan but I’m glad, lol

  • sumidol

    Thanks, this shows Nicki was justified in what she was feeling

  • HKfan

     Keith was good until he pulled the last night thing. He came across douchey during the fight.

    I don’t think he came across as a douche, I think he was just taken aback by her comment, ‘I’ve tried the country thing’. To me she came across as very dismissive of country music, which I’m sure to a country music star was like ‘whoaa’….

  • HKfan

     Keith was good until he pulled the last night thing. He came across douchey during the fight.

    I don’t think he came across as a douche, I think he was just taken aback by her comment, ‘I’ve tried the country thing’. To me she came across as very dismissive of country music, which I’m sure to a country music star was like ‘whoaa’….

  • HKfan

    I didn’t have a problem with them trying to pigeon hole that girl, with a voice like she had how can she sing anything but country? Its like Scotty, he’s got to be a country singer whether he wants to or not..

  • James M.

    There are no innocent parties here. Maybe Keith.

    Nicki’s behavior was a problem, yes. Mariah and Randy didn’t make the situation any better. Two types of “evil” acts: the evil acts themselves and the non-action of just letting it happen, or even adding fuel to the fire.

  • Damien Roberts

    I’m not sure how I feel about it, because I definitely think there was more to this than just the argument. From what I gathered in all the squabbling between Nicki and Mariah/Randy is that Mariah and Randy kind of think they’re running things, which wouldn’t necessarily surprise me. 

    Based on the edit I’m on Team Nicki, I think she had a point; if the girl wants to try something different than let her, crossover artists is hardly a new or unique idea. I hate Taylor Swift, but she’s the perfect example of someone who is both a country artist as well as pop.

  • tibitibis

    Looks to me that Nicki gonna have a hard time giving sometimes different opinions that her panel fellows judges , i mean is a common situation to not agree with the others but her way to handle that disagreements is very immature and childish ….to me

  • Leandro

    There’s always fuel around but you have to be able to control your own ignition.

    And I don’t think that Randy, Keith and Mariah’s comments pushed her to a situation where this kind of behaviour would be justified. Mariah so called “passive agressive” behaviour is NOTHING compared with the sadistic innuendos that a calm Simon Cowell would say. This girl Nicki would explode if he were still around.