AMERICAN IDOL: Casey James peforms on AMERICAN IDOL Thursday, April 4 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

Casey James returned to American Idol tonight to perform his brand new country single “The Good Life.”

The Season 9 alum even bought the finalists little gifts. Very sweet. Ironically, he forgot his shirt at home and had to run to the mall to buy a new one. He briefly considered going shirtless but…nah.

Watch his performance below.

[HD] Casey James – The Good Life – American… by IdolxMuzic

AMERICAN IDOL: Casey James peforms on AMERICAN IDOL Thursday, April 4 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

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  • sweetmm

    Gorgeous; he will always be my #1 eye candy from AI. Its as bonus that he’s a good musician too :)

  • lisa

    loved,loved loved Casey J.performance! it’s about time he was asked to come back and perform.Lazaro top three! really????you have got to be kidding.I never laughed so hard in all the idol shows i have watched

  • Joe Daniels

    He’s a freaking superb musician. ‘Suitcase’ is still my favorite track by him.

  • Incipit

    That’s all I tuned in to see and hear tonight. Casey sounded great, the band sounded tight, especially considering the sound that Idol has to offer .. and I would rather have Ryan talk with him about his single or have seen what he brought the Hamsters than that useless filler “Who Do the Judges Think are Top Three. smhI Loved the intricate guitar work at the very end of the song, reminds the listener what Casey can do, given the opportunity ‘Live In Concert’..

  • albean99

    Loved seeing Casey. He’s come a long way from the Idol days with so much more confidence. Still a cutie.

  • toother

    Found Casey’s vocal very weak just like when he was on Idol

  • Axxxel

    Happy to see Casey James !!!
    Hehehe they did not show in the video that Randy asked Casey to take of his shirt…

  • db987

    Thought Casey sounded great he has mad guitar skills as has beenpointed out. The song is catchy hope it does well for him.

  • Axxxel

    Isn’t Casey going to be the opening act for Taylor Swift, somewhere in the future ?

  • Li Wright

    OMG Casey is just too pretty. I betcha Nicki is wondering — where the hell did HE come from….eye candy indeed.

  • roaringpen

    Nice job by Casey. He is eye candy, great guitar skills. Although his voice does have that goat sound. Still, good for him. I like to see the Idols do well.

  • HopeForMusic

    Such a great performance by Casey! He is definitely gorgeous, with great guitar skills, a nice voice, writes great music, and seems like a really sweet guy. So why hasn’t he become more of a sensation in the country music world? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s doing so well, particularly considering he’s done it with no help from Idol until tonight, but I think he’s quite capable of great things. Carrie was great, but she always is, so I particularly appreciated Casey as being the best thing to happen on my television in the entire hour. Thank goodness the entire hour wasn’t wasted!

  • lovetheusa1776

    A superb musician who knows how to put a song over. Great performance.

  • Shana Collier

    I want to know what he gave the contestants so bad! lol

  • windmills

    Loved CaseyJ’s segment! I may or may not have definitely let out a “YESSSSSSSSSSS” when I heard them feature ‘Drive’ so prominently during his intro package. It’s his best song and just a great song period. Nice album pimpage, and I’m so glad the label discounted CaseyJ’s album on Itunes. The album’s up to #40 all genre already!

    I enjoyed CaseyJ’s performance too, the mic was a little low for his voice but other than that, no complaints. Nice guitar solo! He looked a little teary eyed to be back on AI but mostly joyful. Awesome that he brought gifts for the finalists! It was way past time for AI to bring CaseyJ back and I have to say, now that they finally did, they did it right and with respect. Congrats CaseyJ!

  • Amy

    I haven’t watched Idol at all this season, but I clicked on this post just to watch Casey’s performance! Thank you MJ for posting this! :)

  • mtlfan2

    nice job Casey!!
    So so glad that they finally are pimping former contestants on the show. I mean just not let them sing but presentation and afterward chat. That makes so much more sense!!

  • AlesheaDominique

    His performance proved I could still fangirl with the best of ‘em.
    Loved it

  • Liteasy

    Casey was sick with bronchitis and pneumonia most through the whole season while he was on and never once complained about it.

  • hoosiermama

    I’m glad you also noticed Casey’s mic being too low–I often think it’s my tv, but no, just another bad Idol sound mix (*sigh*). Great video intro–wow! He looked so happy to be back and he sang & played well. Good for him! I should “complete my album”!

  • vortexpanel

    The only reason he has any kind of career is because of his looks. Guy was a weak singer from day one.

  • jennyl2

    If Casey deserve to win, he would have won. End of story.

  • nazalin

    Really really happy to see Casey performed. He is a great musician and glad he is doing so well in Country. Tonight, Casey is so gorgeous, OMG, such an eye-candy :D And he is so sweet and considerated that he bring gifts for contestants.

  • Happyhexer

    I really like when they “package” the former Idols they bring back to perform and update the audience with what the former idol has been doing, rather than rush them on and off the stage as as they’ve done sometimes. I don’t miss the random “stars” at all.

  • iurqal

    What’s more important is what happened to the contestants after Idol. He’s done better than others.

  • Happyhexer

    I thoroughly enjoyed CaseyJ’s performance and the package AI did for him. They showed do a “catch up on what they’ve been doing” package for all returning contestants. YAY! And yay for having more former alums return to the Idol stage. Much prefer it over random non-Idol-related artists.

  • jennyl2

    You are so right. Its what’s happen after that’s important. I’m sure he is raising up the charts now which is good for him and Lee would have been very happy for him.

  • macfae
  • macfae

    awww, I love Casey and was so happy to see him back on the idol stage. And yes, that was a very nice video package – I feel it was well deserved.

  • patriciajames

    Windmills, I had the same reaction when they were featuring Drive. I know you have a lot of inside info on country performers, do you have any idea why Sony didn’t go with Drive as Casey’s new single. You are so right when you say that its a great song.
    Loved that Idol invited him back. He was awesome! And has matured so much as a performer. I’ve been to 4 of his live concerts since Season 9 and, either acoustic or electric, he slays the audience with his personality and mad guitar playing.

  • patriciajames

    My husband likes his new single, says its very catchy countrified. LOL

  • Madilo

    Casey looks good on that stage

  • Madilo

    i don’t think he’ll have the jump Cloton had but i hope i’m wrong

  • Caro3278sweet

    Snowflake was solid. Good looking, band tight, great guitar work. They needed to turn up his mic a bit, but this is Idol, so not surprised at the lack of good production. I loved how they played some of Drive in the intro (why the heck is that not his new single???) and overall, I was happy.

    But then Casey did his – well, I just brought a little something for each contestant from their hometown – and oh! What a great guy. Really. Made me proud to be his fan. That was the cherry on the top for me.

  • stargazed

    Excellent performance by Casey …. so talented and IMO was the best of his season.

  • vdawg

    Casey was my fav of season 9, I think he could have won but I think he did not want to win and it has worked out for him. See idol what you are missing this yr.

  • Miz

    There is the studio mic and sound mixing and then there is the audio output for TV. The TV audio seems to be what usually gets messed up – intentional or not. It would be interesting to hear from people who were there how it sounded in studio.

  • Miz

    Thanks for posting this, MJ. I missed Casey’s performance since I was watching another show at the time. He sounded good and I love his guitar playing. I hated that they used that ridiculous clip from his audition. It annoyed me when it happened and it still does.

  • jpfan2

    I don’t see a big boost for Casey or Carrie songs on iTunes after their performances but it’s possible country fans buy albums not singles. I don’t really follow country.

    I didn’t really like either song but I don’t think the sound system sounded great for either singer. Casey is a cute guy but I’m not fan of the low neck T shirt. But again maybe doing the sexy thing is part of making it in country these days.

  • DragonFly

    He couldn’t have looked happier performing there. One thing you can’t deny is that males do have it easier in the “what to wear” area. A girl to dress as casual as that (wasn’t plaid but…) that part, m/f it will never be equal!

  • HopeForMusic

    His album did indeed get a good bump, going from not on i-tunes at all, to 40 I believe, all genres. Windmills posted it in the other thread. On the t-shirt, I see very few of the girls who don’t show a LOT more skin with their low cut tops, short, short skirts, practically no fabric on their legs (ripped jeans), etc. If it’s pretty much the norm for the girls, why can’t he wear a t-shirt that the neckline is partly open? At any rate, when it came to his physical appearance, all I noticed was his smile. Honest. ;)

  • RalphResty

    Yeah, and those idiots didn’t even bother to thank him on twitter!

  • RalphResty

    Was really nice of him to give gifts to the contestants. Too bad they’re so ungrateful they didn’t even bother to thank him on twitter.

  • LVD

    Casey does not play up his looks. I am highly doubtful that he would ever pick out shirts to accentuate his sexyness.

  • LVD

    I would have liked to see some mention about Casey opening for Taylor Swift. And the volume of his microphone was obviously a bit low compared to the instruments in the band.
    But other then that it was good, and it was nice to see Casey finally get a opportunity to play on the show.

  • windmills

    CaseyJ’s album (aided by a $6.99 Itunes discount) is up to #33 all genre on the Itunes album chart. It was nowhere to be found on that chart before. His single hasn’t made the t100 country at Itunes but his album bump is looking strong.

    The thing about single bumps is they usually depend on some prior familiarity based on radio play. Neither The Good Life nor See You Again is getting that much play right now. The Good Life just went for adds Monday and See You Again hasn’t even sent to radio yet. So from that point of view I’m happy with the bumps I’m seeing for both of them (Carrie’s SYA is #36 at Itunes country and #136 overall, BA is #19 Itunes country and #75 overall, and 2BC is #22 Itunes country and #80 overall, and her album’s up to #46 at Itunes). For Carrie, the BA album was somewhere in the 110-120 all genre range at Itunes before AI and SYA was nowhere to be found in the t1500 (it was somewhere in the 400s on the country chart).

    The Good Life and See You Again are, IMO, safe, pleasant songs. I like them both but the songs that were featured in their intro packages (Drive for CaseyJ and Blown Away for Carrie) are much edgier, stronger songs, as was Carrie’s previous single Two Black Cadillacs.

  • windmills

    I don’t have *that* much inside info, especially not from the label side ;) I’d guess Sony made its choice based on feedback from PDs and focus group testing of the singles but I really don’t know. I’m just thrilled that if Drive couldn’t be a single, it got so much attention in that intro package.

  • Happyhexer

    Why would they need to if they thanked him in person?

  • tierbee

    I don’t buy albums because people are cute. I buy them because I like the music – and I like his. Different strokes for different folks and all that :)

  • Happyhexer

    And I repeat, since when has it become socially required to publicly thank someone on twitter if you have thanked them in person? Or, for all we know, sent a private DM? Or intend to send a thank-you note via snail mail? The absence of a public thank-you on twitter means less than nothing. We didn’t see the gift-giving itself, and we’re not going to see any thank-yous either. So what? It neither means that the AI12 contestants were grateful, nor ungrateful.

  • Happyhexer

    I wasn’t a fan of the shirt, either, but Casey forgot to bring one and had to stop at a mall to get one. I don’t know where he went or how much time he had to shop. I’ve never seen Casey deliberately pushing the sexy. If other people go there, he may go along. (I feel like he mentally rolls his eyeballs and thinks “Whatever!” And no, I know I don’t share Casey’s brain, lol. That’s just my perception.) But I have just never seen Casey deliberately showcasing his perceived sexiness. Personally, I don’t find Casey all that sexy. Likeable and attractive, yes; sexy, no. (Yeah, I know I’m probably in the minority on that one.)

  • Happyhexer

    Please, considering we all wondered if CaseyJ would ever grace the Idol stage again, let’s take what we can get. He got a nice video package. I’m happy.

  • Eilonwy

    Wait, what? Normal social etiquette is that when somebody gives you a gift that you open right then, you thank the giver face-to-face.

  • CanadianLady

    I think a girl could, actually, but she’d have to own it and likely have to fight even harder than Phillip did.

  • rodavlaS eaM zuL

    So so so proud of CASEY JAMES!!! That was a brilliant performance!!! At last, Idol invited him! I have been waiting for that moment. I am really liking the idol this season, not because of the contestants and the new judges, but it’s because Idol is giving importance to idol alumnus by inviting them to perform on the idol stage again, and not just the winners. I am hoping to see Anoop Desai,Megan Joy, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson and her band etc on the idol stage in the near future. And I am hoping to see more of Kris Allen, Philip Philips and Casey James. :)

  • Liteasy

    Casey had to go to the mall to buy a shirt, because he forgot his at home. This is more or less how he dresses and is comfortable – he’s doesn’t need to be sexy – he is without trying.

  • Carman

    vocals weren’t weak, the sound mix was off. All you have to do is listen to his album to hear that his vocals are spot on.

  • Carman

    haha, he down plays his sexiness if anything. But you are right about country fans buying albums vs singles. His album jumped all the way to No 6 on the itunes country chart last night and No 35 in all genres

  • RalphResty

    His performance was much better than Keith Urban last week.

  • patriciajames

    Yeah LOL you are in the minority. I went out on the web last night after the show to see what the more popular A.I. bloggers on the well known sites had to say about him. It was all very positive about his performance and every one of them emphasized what “eye candy” he is. IMHO Casey doesn’t have to try and play to his looks — he just a naturally gorgeous guy. At the last concert we saw him at a girl jumped up on the stage and threw her arms around him. He looked totally shocked (but he hugged her back while the security guy dragged her off).

  • Indigobunting

    I was surprised he wore that shirt also (I don’t like the open chest look for guys at all-just as I hate deep cleavage for women-subtle wins the race people)-he does usually dress more casual in tshirt, hair in a bun sometimes. Maybe Idol brings out the bare chest impulses in him ;)

    I think the album (vs singles) is getting the boost because a lot of his Idol fans are probably just hearing about it now-this is the first time he’s been back to Idol (not all fans visit Idol blogs). Although country fans do tend to buy more albums, they don’t buy like they used to.

    Not a fan of the song, the vocals aren’t the best live or recorded(I like his ballads on the album by far the best) but is is a typical country radio song so I hope it does well for him.
    He did a good job and I’m glad he finally got his Idol appearance chance! Hoping he can rally and break 100k in album sales.