American Idol 12 – Final 2 – iTunes Studio Performances (AUDIO)

Tonight’s new iTune studio performances! The winner’s single will be released tomorrow.  Candice Glover’s reprise had already been released, but I added it here anyway.  Kree Harrison’s reprise was performed prior to the finals. Her studio is new.

Kree Harrison – Angel – Sweet and plaintive. Kree turns the tune into a pure country lament. Reminds me a little of Emmy Lou Harris. Enjoying this more than the live version. – Download from iTunes

Candice Glover – Chasing Pavements – Absolutely lovely. Lots more adlibbing toward the end of the song than in the live version. Pure Candice! Download from iTunes

Kree Harrison – Up to the Mountain – I’m glad she performed this song on the final just so we could have this gorgeous recording of one of her best performances of the season –  Download from iTunes

Candice Glover – I Have Nothing – This was released when she performed it earlier in the finals – Download from iTunes

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  • boods farkleface

    here’s the ‘i who have nothing’ acapella reprise:

  • boods farkleface

    and for all that, here’s the best i could do for the live lovesong, in terms of removing the ghost of judges past from the middle of the song:

  • Kariann Hart

    Candice’s voice is like that of a well-established singing star. There is such perfection in her delivery. I would be pleased if she did win.

  • Jenny Williams

    I love ‘Angel’. One of my fav songs ever. But Kree’s studio version had me bored to death. Sorry. Just the truth

  • boods farkleface

    i totes admit, i buy her stuff on itunes, but that’s just so she gets the credit for having the sales. i own no apple anything, so i find i have better luck converting youtubes to mp3s. which means i can choose between live and studio, usually. and some things, like you’ve changed, and lovesong, are just BETTER live. and somewhere never got a studio, which i think lost them money, but whatevs. when you add in the duets and group numbers, there’s basically an entire album already. and the best part, is it ALREADY SOUNDS like an album, you know? so good. i recommend getting all the itunes stuff, and then padding your collection with the youtube live versions of what’s not on itunes, like ‘the letter’ and ‘i’m gonna make you love me’, which, let’s be real, sounds like a candice song with angie and amber singing backup. it’s almost 2 hours of sonic bliss.

  • voco qara

    I just wanna hear the studios for their coronation songs.

  • L.A.N

    OMG, I just want to lie down and listen to Kree all day. Seriously, her voice could heal any wound.
    That said, I still want Candice to win, it seems to me that Candice wants it more than Kree, and for another, I kind of wish an R&B artist rises up after so many country idols.

  • Bazzle

    I don’t think Kree would sound as good as Candice in certain songs and I don’t think Candice would sound as good as Kree in certain song. Angel is not one of my favourite songs… but if you have the right vocal tone.. it sounds amazing…. and Kree does. Not too big a fan of Candice’s chasing pavements. The song is just weird changed up and it doesn’t suit Candice’s voice. Adele is a tall order. I like I Who Have Nothing Better. Kree’s UTTM is good but I also prefer Crystal’s performance. I don’t really care who wins… I’m more concerned with what music they’ll produce.

  • jennyl2

    Kree has a beautiful voice but when she stays in her safe ‘region’ of her voice, she’s boring just like this version of Angel. When she’s pushed in power choruses like in her ‘coronation’ single, she struggled. I thought the single was not a great but good song. It was better than Candice’s IMO. It would be interesting to hear her studio version with the help of technology. I have no problem with technology in my music. Unfortunately for her for me, Crystal did a way way better version of Up To The Mountain.

    Candice’s Chasing Pavement sounded better live. She’s competent here. Is she the next Adele? I think that question answers itself. I Who Have Nothing is a winner. Unfortunately it’s not a contemporary song. I’ve bought every winner’s CD since Season 7. Hopefully, I’ll like this years’ as well.

  • Anny_nanny

    So, what do I see?
    After a year we had a long argument “as important it is to have a radio-friendly single” and “as important it is to show the audience what you have artist”, we have two songs that no one wants to buy even to share a studio-version on youtube. And I have to understand it that both of the participants are not able to create independently (or with the help of co-writers) nothing is better than one strongly overdue songs and one cheese ballads.
    They must released a cover of the 3th round as singles and we will be looking at the second attempt to sell the “Up to the Mountain” as a coronation single.

    I have one question: what to do almost the all S10 in LA? And can we join the fun before I die of boredom?

  • jennyl2

    I think they will only release the winner’s ‘coronation’ single after the results. The runner-up will be keep forever in whatever dusty storage never to see the light of day.

    I don’t care who wins but I want to hear Kree’s studio.

  • Anny_nanny

    Adele is a great author, no one can be compared with Adele if you can not write songs.

  • tati83

    I wanted to hear the studio versions of the coronation songs :/

  • Ira

    Awesome! Thank You!

  • Damien Roberts

    Likely won’t release those until tomorrow that way they can “chart”…

  • Damien Roberts

    I don’t think so…they’re totally selling the idea that only the winners single will be released, but the fact is they’ve already made both. It would simply be financially stupid of them not to try and make money off of both. I foresee both being released Friday morning and both doing fairly well.

  • Damien Roberts

    Both girls should be thanking their lucky stars they weren’t up against Angie in the finale…her coronation song would have likely been “You Set Me Free” and she would have easily won.

  • jennyl2

    Yes. They might released both. I just remembered (short term mem) they did that for S11 and S9. I wonder if the runner up’s single would sell more than the winners.

  • flog gnaw

    Up to the Mountain… SO GOOD. Kree’s voice is so soothing to listen to.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    I don’t care who wins since I like them both. First time ever I’ve felt that way. I think Crystal has more on stage presence and wants the win more. Both have beautiful tones. I still prefer Kelly Clarksons Up to the Mountain she did on Idols Give Back show. Ive only listened to the coronation songs once and don’t care much for either, but both are a big boost over previous coronation songs. I don’t know why they did those cheesy songs for 10 yrs. instead of decent songs that had a chance. That said, I did love I Believe, Do I Make you Proud and Home. My fav coronation song is Scottys. Still love it. It still makes me feel like he is singing it just to me. Thats a real gift for a singer, esp. a country singer who can tell a story in song.

  • Millie Jacksun

    Love Kree singing Angel! Best I’ve heard from her.

  • Jason Gorny

    Candice tweeted the cover art for her coronation song. it’s a really nice one!

  • Damien Roberts

    I think Candice has the competition in the bag, but good point. The country base is huge on Idol and Kree could easily go onto greater success.