American Idol 12 – First 5 GUYS Advance to the Top 20. Plus TAKE THE POLLS! (PHOTOS)

AMERICAN IDOL: Johnny Keyser performs in the Sudden Death Round of AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, Feb. 21 (8:00-10:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright / FOX.

Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr. ,Paul Jolley, Elijah Liu and Devin Velez are Second Set of Semifinalists to Join Top 20 on American Idol


 Top 20 Semifinalists Announced Thursday, Feb. 28 on FOX 

Tonight from Las Vegas, the first group of guy semifinalists performed on the stage of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE Theatre at The Mirage. After another dramatic round of deliberations, judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban announced the first five guys who will join the five girls announced last night in this season’s Top 20. The five guy semifinalists are Charlie Askew, 18, from Little Rock, AR; Curtis Finch Jr., 24, from St. Louis, MO; Paul Jolley, 22, from Palmersville, TN; Elijah Liu, 18, from Rowland Heights, CA; and Devin Velez, 18, from Chicago, IL. 

Tune in next week on Wednesday, Feb. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) as the Sudden Death Rounds continue when the second group of girls – Melinda Ademi, Janelle Arthur, Juliana Chahayed, Cristabel Clack, Aubrey Cleland, Candice Glover, Rachel Hale, Jett Hermano, Zoanette Johnson and Breanna Steer – perform and the judges decide which five will join the Top 20.  

Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion from Las Vegas on Thursday, Feb. 28 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), as the final group of guys – Lazaro Arbos, Nick Boddington, Josh Holiday, Vincent Powell, Cortez Shaw, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, Bryant Tadeo, Burnell Taylor, Mathenee Treco and David Willis – perform with the hope of claiming one of the five remaining spots.

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  • Danny Latham

    Is there a button for none of the above for who got robbed? 

  • girlygirltoo

    That was the weakest group of guys I’ve ever seen on Idol. Not one standout in the whole bunch. Well, Curtis can sing circles around the other guys, but old fashioned gospel isn’t really my thing. I wish JDA had gone through…at least he was different and entertaining. 

  • Leandro

    I can’t believe I voted for Randy Jackson!

  • John S

    I think next weeks guys will be better-or at least I hope. There seem to be some strong voices next week- Burnell, David, Nick, Josh, and Vincent.

    But please producers, LETS HEAR MORE UPBEAT NEXT WEEK! For both girls and boys!

  • girlygirltoo

    Also, I thought Idol wanted a pop artist to win this season. But in the 10 people who have made it through to the semifinals, there isn’t one pop artisit (maybe Elijah? Although I don’t see it yet).

  • John S

    I think Angie is pop, and Adriana/Amber both sing pop on their youtubes.

  • Kariann Hart

    I hope next week will be better for the guys!  Looks like there’s more talent there.

  • girlygirltoo

    Angie strikes me more as a female Colton (CCM artist, not pop) and Adriana and Amber both sang old fashioned ballads last night. If they want to be pop artists, why didn’t they do something fun and upbeat and youthful?

    Maybe they will do that going forward, but right now, none of those girls strike me as a potential pop artist.

  • irockhard

    Curtis – was the best but I can’t stand him cause he’s such a douche. I wish I could ignore his vocal abilities but I can’t.Paul – as of now he’s the biggest threat to a female winner. He’s good and he’s cute but country purists might be put off by his Broadwayesque singing style and some frau may find him too effeminate.Devin – meh, and if he does another Spanglish performance during the voting rounds the viewers will “Karen Rodriguez” him.Elijah – er…well his YouTube vids were better, so what went wrong? I think the dude is picking songs that he likes as opposed to songs he knows he can sing. It appears he doesn’t know the limitations of his voice so for him to do well song choice is key. He needs vocal training but he’s no worse than any other auto-tuned pop artist out there TBH. If he gets signed his producers will work their magic in the studio, though I’m not seeing any star quality for that to happen.Charlie – ouch, I kinda like this guy but I didn’t love this, it was not good. Why is he getting stage fright all of a sudden? That’s not good. I dunno if this is a similar case to Elijah – that he doesn’t know what he’s doing – or he’s biting off more than he can chew. In think elliegrl nailed it that he has to be careful with song choice as his voice isn’t very versatile and few songs suit it. But yeah vocal training for him too, both he and Elijah can do better.All these guys are meant to be fodder, performance and potential are meaningless for casting the guys this season. And aside from Jimmy and Johnny, Charlie and Elijah were no worse than the rest who performed.
    Robbed: JDA, only cause I wouldda loved to see the fundies’ heads roll, heh.

  • irockhard

    Melinda Ademi (the girl who sang Price Tag last week) is most definitely pop.

  • jammasta

    TBH, I’m not too worried in how this season will play out yet.

    This was pretty much the Green Mile/Sing for your Life (SFYL) from S10/S11 episode with a live audience that shows every single performer. I wouldn’t be surprised if S10/S11’s SFYL round featured singing this horrible. But, in both of those seasons, the SFYL round was only one episode, I think, so they were able to edit out the horrible in those seasons and we couldn’t see just how bad it was. Now that they’re exposing everyone in the Top 40 by extending the SFYL rounds unlike the past 2 years, they can’t hide the crap they put through.

    I’d almost bet that if this were last year’s group with last year’s SFYL format, we would probably still barely know some of these people. We wouldn’t know who Elijah is. We would not have seen the SFYL performances of Kevin, Chris, Jimmy, and Johnny. Or, if they were shown, it would only be in snippets.

    Since we haven’t seen the guys/girls as exposed THIS much in the quarterfinals/Green Mile episode, it’s still hard to compare them to the past few seasons until we get to the semi-finals.

    This is treated similarly to a semi-final episode, however. I wouldn’t necessarily write any group out until the voting rounds.

  • Latin2

    Curtis’s singing is good…if we were back in the 1980s. There are very few of that type of R/B singers that is doing big today in music, that aren’t already famous. Even then those singers are having it hard also. Look at Rueben Studdard. I could see Curtis going into a Gospel singing niche after Idol more than pop or R/B.

  • Jake W.

    Horrible group of men. Charlie got my vote(not that he deserved it)

  • Latin2

    I see Paul moving up in the polls…lol

    I bet Paul becomes the WGWG of this season. I suspected that when I saw him in the auditions. I thought “if he makes it into the top 10 he will move up quickly”.

  • Latin2

     My niece LOVED Elijhah’s singing…I was like WHAAAAT?

  • Larc

    Simon would have called JDA’s performance indulgent and he would have been 100% correct.

  • Tom22

    You really need “none of the above” in the “who was robbed” category.

    I felt the results were pretty fair.  Where I differed slightly was probably with the contestant the judges liked best and I found about equal to a couple guys that went home.. “about the same” isn’t robbed ! lol !

  • irockhard

    Haha true. And I would’ve loved to have seen the look on his face through it all!

  • Stefan Wind

    Favorite performance tonight – JDA
    Contestant robbed – JDA
    Favorite Judge – Mariah (I was on board with Nicki throughout the auditions and hollywood, but I’m not a fan of her LOVING the bad contestants.) Simon would never do that, well except for season 9 that is haha. 

  • Tom22

    Yeah, curtis is a douche and , I can ignore his voice because the doucheness comes across listening even with your eyes closed.   Voices sound different when the heart of the person singing is different.  Subtle, but in the Sublime is about the subtleties. 

    I was impressed with Devin and liked him best when I saw the latin fire in him when he sung in spanish.. developed a bit of a rakish swagger that fit well with the song .. the way the words made the mild mannered serious guy moved with passion.  Kinda cool to me.  I like the sound and power of his voice too on top of the interpretation.. double whammy to the good side.

    Unfortunately he is missing the third component of a great entertainer,  a easy charm in saying  things that sort of light you up and take burdens of your day off your shoulders from good energy they exude… need a few doess of glib with a few doeses of humor, confidence with humiltiy …  and.. lets face it.. I think most of us like to look at attractive people… not necessarily model good looks but something pleasant and healthy and he is a bit funny looking without being funny enough looking to be charming… maybe I don’t have the right words for i

    …. funny thing was , once he started going into that macho spanish thing, suddenly his scar and little complexion blemishes suddenly made him tough instead of kinda bush league to be center stage.

  • genius13

    Everybody..literally everybody..aside from Devin was horrible….im not at all impressed by Curtis and his weird faces and mannerisms…he’s not even that good..Joshua would destroy him…and Charlie..smh…yes he’s weird and quirky…but his voice is horrible..and he hasn’t really given a solid vocal yet..I kind of liked Johnny last year when was more bluesy and r&b oriented.. this year he’s like some plain white bread version of what he was last year..the only person I liked right was Devin

  • jammasta

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that in Johnny. He seemed like a defeated shell of what he was last year. 

  • Sammy Joe

    Curtis can make millions of dollars singing about the bible in several thousand tax-free venues across the country.  So there is a music industry out there ready to support him, its just dressed up as a religion for the obvious benefits.

  • Beth Bowers

    Devin looks like the Adventures of TinTin kid to me.  But I do like his voice.  And I’m going to miss JDA – we need some spice!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. He’s the type who could easily win it all, given the viewing/voting demographic of the show. I think that he’s a real threat to a girl winning this year.

  • aj rabin

    I knew the Randy haters would come around. Randy can be annoying when he tries to be funny when he isnt but all through the years hes given some of the best critiques in between his YO and DAWG.

  • WestiesRule

    Wasn’t crazy about any of them. I usually watch every episode (and haven’t missed one since season 1 show 1). I could barely watch the Top 20 shows. I am not a fan of gospel singers on this show. It’s nothing personal, and I know there is a market for them, but I’m not sure this is the venue for them. They last a while but they never make it to the finale. I get what Randy says about loosening up. I also wish they would give credit to Leon Russell for writing Superstar and/or call it the L. Vandross version. 

  • RalphResty

    Charlie and Elijah were terrible!  Jimmy and Johnny sang much better.  The producers are really making sure no WGWG makes it this year.

  • maymirabella

    I do think and I hope next week’s group of guys is the stronger group. 
    I also think overall the women’s group next week have more of my favorites and it may end up being quite strong too, I hope.   I know there are several guys in next week’s group that I have liked so far but hope they do not blow it like so many guys this week. Of next week’s group of guys, I like Nick,  Cortez,  Burnell, the Turbinator, and fact,  I like the group of guys coming up next week considerably more than any in this week’s group, same with the girls group.

  • maymirabella

    I think Paul is the biggest hurdle to a girl winning depending on whether Josh makes it next week or not…as that Josh is good looking too and is much like Colton ..except not sure if he talks about it a lot other than wanting a career in christian music.

  • maymirabella

    I also think Simon would have said to Charlie..what the hell was that ? And I have trouble thinking Simon would put through Elijah for that mess unless he received pressure from Nigel and production to do so. As after all, they did put through Sanjaya and a few others in the past that were questionable.

  • Li Wright

    Of the boys, Velez had the best presence, the best voice.  I loved that he sang in Spanish.  If you remember a couple of seasons ago, Karen Rodgriguez(?) was criticized for singing in Spanish.   And I remember that JLO fought for Karen to stay in the competition. NOW — they want the Spanish!

  • HappyDaisy_2

    Randy can be a great judge — when the producers let him.  I’m convinced that much of the “judging” is scripted in advance.

    Four judges is too many.  Some of them say too much.  Are they always going to start with Keith and end with Mariah?  Boring.

  • elliegrll

    The Simon who has been on the X Factor UK and US hasn’t been very picky about who he puts through.

  • HappyDaisy_2

    Think of all of the singing talent that must be out there and those deserving people never get the publicity/experience of Idol because of the producers’ decisions.

    Instead of consistent, jaw-dropping, inspiring talent, we get a collection of singers selected according to some other criteria.

    Come on, many of the contestants this week were just plain awful and did not deserve to be on that stage.  The singers should all be very good at this point. Idol had a HUGE talent pool across the U.S. from which to select.

  • notthatmary

    The front runners in next week’s guy group (Nick, Lazaro, Cortez?) have to be feeling pretty good right now as they have no competition from this bunch.  3 18 year olds who didn’t sing well and will have to split the younger vote, an even more unlikable than Jacob Lusk church guy and a not very good country guy who will wilt under comparisons to Scotty or Casey James.

  • emme

    I think Curtis has a great voice but I can’t stand to watch him sing.  His facial grimacing makes me crazy…it remind me of watching JHud when she used to make all those weird facial and eye movements….she was able to learn to stop doing that…please someone help him.

  • HKfan

    Thought Charlie was really bad tonight (haven’t actually thought his voice was that great on any of the songs he’s sung) and he shouldn’t have been put through.

    I really, really don’t like Curtis, don’t like anything about him, voice, looks, personality, song choices, dress sense etc etc. Would have made my night if he’d been sent home.

  • Kesia Monteith

    “Is there a button for none of the above for who got robbed? ”

    That was a real trick question, wasn’t it? ;)

  • Kesia Monteith

    Which is f$%king awful, because almost all the guys next week are better than the guys they put through to the damn top 20 this week!!!

  • Kesia Monteith

    “Voices sound different when the heart of the person singing is different.  Subtle, but in the Sublime is about the subtleties.”

    Wow…..Kinda profound there.

  • mjsbigblog

    Paul – as of now he’s the biggest threat to a female winner. He’s good and he’s cute but country purists might be put off by his Broadwayesque singing style and some frau may find him too effeminate.

    Or that’s exactly why some will adore him and he’ll amass an army of fan girls.

  • Kesia Monteith

    It was hard watching Johnny’s “journey” this season. He looks worn out as f%$k. Kinda feel sorry for him, and I don’t know why. LOL :/

  • irockhard

    Question: is she a Bieber fan?

  • Kesia Monteith

    “I am not a fan of gospel singers on this show”

    I’m curious to know how a TV show with a somewhat conservative fanbase, where a good number of them are religious, have an open dislike against “church” singers.

  • nncw

    You should have a poll which night did you enjoy more – girls or the guys? Because it is obvious that these preliminary shows are not only about who is the best singer but how the show can be entertaining. I think for the most part the top 20 or maybe the top 10 even has already been determined by the producers. But to get there in these preliminary shows we have to be entertained – it is funny because you don’t have these shenanigans in SYTYCD.  But I don’t mind a circus every once in awhile although I don’t want to be laughing at people because of their idiosyncrasies. 

  • Incipit


    …almost all the guys next week are better than the guys they put through to the damn top 20 this week!!!

    The Top 20 is just the bottom of the ladder – they only need five guys, five girls. With 10 going through, and looking to be in the final rounds,  3/4 of them are actually fodder or mid card, and never intended to be more…same with the females. No matter who is actually ‘better’, which can sometimes be subjective, and can sometimes be obvious, with the new system, TPTB is doing the best they can to control who that fodder is before it gets turned over to the voting audience. They will continue to try to influence the vote thru the judges, the edits (and releases to TMZ) – hopefully with a little more subtlety? If they can.

    So…make up your own mind, and…vote? It’s the only thing that is proven to derail them. IMO. Of Course.

  • pj

    One of the first times I tuned in this season. Was a big snoozefest.  Even Curtis, good as he was, didn’t inspire.  My inner geek (okay, my outer geek too) finds Charlie endearing, but the vocals lacked.  I think Mariah did the best job of offering specific improvements they all needed.

    Idol obviously wants a girl to win.  I hope a girl does if these are the guys, but stacking the deck like this is an insult to the viewers.  

  • geekygirl

    I agree about Johnny Keyser, he just looked defeated.  I imagine he has been following his trends on the internet which have been negative across the sites.  I guess he knew if he did make it thru, the public wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.  I neither liked nor disliked him, but did feel sorry for him.  

  • Sassycatz

    Charlie is amusing and he has a ton of personality, but he doesn’t have the pipes to belt with the big boys. Maybe some vocal coaching and training would help, but it’s too late for that at this point. Too bad they didn’t hold him back a year or two, however, I think they’ve put him through purely for the entertainment value and I suspect it’s all about the producers, not the judges.

    Devin, I think, is the class of this bunch. Curtis obviously can sing but he’s not very personable. Paul Jolley is not a pop star. Elijah has talent but he’s swallowed up by the stage.

    If a girl doesn’t win this year, I’ll be surprised.

  • pj

    I’m not particularly religious or conservative, but I can see how someone could be and still not be a fan of that type of singing.  It’s the style, not the  substance sometimes.

  • Damien Roberts

    Anyone defending Mariah as top voted judge should keep in mind that JDA is in the lead for most robbed contestant…as pointed out in the girls poll, this has some serious flaws.

  • pj

    LOL. I don’t care about the poll. I think what I think.  I thought Mariah was specific and more constructive. Not telling everyone she wanted to hug them or have their baby.  Keith was honest and constructive as well. Randy made good points, but didn’t offer any suggestions for improvement.  I missed the first couple of guys, though.

  • No Thanks

    I still like Charlie.  He’s still very green and has a lot to learn but I firmly believe he has ENORMOUS potential.  So, I hope he takes Idol as a great learning experience.  He needs to learn to carefully channel and cultivate the “weird” in the future.  Last night it was just exploding all over the place (like most teenage boys :op ).

    I hope he takes advantage of the vocal coaches and the musicians around him.

  • Leandro

    I’m not a hater if I voted for him.

  • elliegrll

    Idol obviously wants a girl to win.  I hope a girl does if these are the guys, but stacking the deck like this is an insult to the viewers.  

    As others have said, this season really isn’t any different from earlier seasons.  I remember the semi final rounds that consisted of 24 or 36 contestants, where a different set of 12 people would sing every week.  For the most part, only those who made the top 12 and a handful of those who didn’t were good singers.   Those rounds were full of mediocre singers, and bad episodes, which is why the producers changed the format. 

    Remember the semi final round for season 8?  I think that the singing in those episodes was worse than anything that aired over the past two nights.  That was one of the main reasons why Kris Allen was able to advance, even though he received a lot less screentime than many of the other performers.

  • pj

    You may be right. I haven’t watched these earlier rounds in several years. I hate the auditions and, later, the fact they don’t show all the contestants. I tuned in last night halfheartedly and missed the first few.

  • Incipit

    I still like Charlie.

    Yeah, No Thanks, I still  like Charlie too – I also know he wasn’t good on that EJ song. But – TPTB also like Charlie, so he gets to stick around, maybe even benefit from some of the vocal coaching, or whatever – IDK who they have backstage this season and I think the one he really needs is Byrd, who isn’t there anymore. (Thanks, Jimmy)

    I see the Girl by Default plan – and unless someone actually likes Country, or Gospel, or whatever TPTB decide to allow through with the guys – this could work much better than it did in Season 9, when TPTB badly miscalculated their mid card…and what the audience wanted. IMO. 

    Everyone ‘could’ learn from experience. Not just the hamsters. *snerk*

    IMO. Of Course.

  • genius13

    They really screwed Charlie…they should’ve cut him last night so that he could have a year to mature and work on his technique….but now he’ll most likely be voted off in the next round and he won’t have that chance..and we’ll probably never see him again.

  • jammasta

    I actually voted Mariah because I wasn’t having it from Nicki, Keith was pulling the punches, and Randy can’t not be annoying for some reason. If Nicki has to judge with her hormones when she’s judging the guys, she’s gonna fall hard.

    As far as I care, replace Elijah and Curtis with JDA and Jimmy. I can’t stand either of those two they put through. JDA would probably be eliminated next week, and I think Elijah will.

  • fantoo1

    Simon always put through joke contestants, that’s why he had a big battle with Nigel in Season 7.

  • Tinawina

    So I watched MJs videos of everyone people around here are buzzing about in some way. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen back stories or anything, but I found most of them DREADFULLY boring and not that great vocally.

    Elijah – he’s cute and not too horrible, but he clearly will benefit from time with a vocal coach.
    Charlie – Still can’t sing. At all.
    JDA – was a hoot but can’t sing much.
    Curtis Finch – Bored. Yawning. Extra bored. Josh did not bore me like this.
    Devin- turned it off halfway through. Thoroughly competent, comes across like wallpaper for me.
    Paul Jolley – Oh brother. Corn oozes from his pores.

    The only one I halfway liked was Elijah, and he can’t sing that much. But he didn’t bore me. JDA wasn’t boring either but he could have done better. I’ve seen that schtick before WAY more entertaining.

    As for the girls, I liked Kree Harrison’s voice the most. She has real potential. I liked the My Funny Valentine girl but she yelled a bit too much, I would like to see her master more subtlety. Angela Miller was eh. Last week’s song from her was the only clip I watched, and while he voice was good I found her (and the song) a bit overrated. I saw Isabelle(?- he blond who got cut) and I didn’t watch the rest.

    So I guess that makes me #TeamKree so far.

    Are the people up next week more exciting?

  • Alar

     Transitioning from English to Spanish does not have to be done with ” fire “… Still have not seen a better morphing of the 2 languages the way Hayden Vitera does it here.. there were actually YT posts that urged him to try out for AI..

  • Alar

    Double post ..sorry ..tried to delete “((
    was trying to post as reply to comments re : ” Devin “

  • yclept

    Not one performance was even somewhat noteworthy.  They could have simply randomly chosen 5 out of 10 out of a hat and I wouldn’t have argued with their selections.

  • Anny_nanny

    How could they cut out Johnny? He would come back in a year, I will not survive!
    I am glad that Curtis was left, though he would not be able to repatriate.

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Curtis- Technically, he has a strong gospel voice and was the best of the night, but his attitude and over confidence is a complete turn off. I also dont think he is very marketable or unique. I find it funny how he thinks hes this year’s Joshua. NOT even close, dude. He has nothing on Joshua Ledet. We have seen many generic gospel singers like Curtis on the show before. Once he leaves idol, he will stay sheltered in the gospel niche instead of making marketable music. Joshua was versatile and could sing different genres, that is not the case with Curtis. Boring and nothing special. 

    Charlie- He was one of my favorites early on, but yeah this was a disaster. He was extremely nervous when he started singing and it was quite awkward and uncomfortable to watch. He Delivered a horrible performance, although I still like his uniqueness and style, and I hope he redeems himself in the top 20. 

    Devin- I really like this guy but he somewhat disappointed me last night.however, this was still pretty solid/decent but not the best i heard from him, there was something missing for me. I have a bad feeling he might be this year’s male version of Karen Rodriguez.

    Elijah- I actually kind of liked him prior to the show from his YT videos but based from what i’ve seen on the show, he desperately needs some vocal lessons. His performance last night was very shaky and showed his flaws. I do think he has potential to be marketable though and he isnt all that bad compared to pop auto tune artists today. I can possibly see him being molded into an R&B/Pop singer like Beiber or Bruno, but yeah he has a long way to go vocally, IMO. 

    Paul- Overall, hes a decent country singer. Not a huge fan personally but his performance last night wasnt that bad compared to others. I think hes the only threat in the males side this season, but I still dont really see him winning. Not sure if he is masculine enough for the country fans to vote for him. 
    I actually liked johnny a lot last season but is it just me or did he seem like a completely different person this year? I mean he was so confident and sure of himself, now he looks depressed as hell. I think he lost his spark that he once had, his performance last night was subpar to average at best sadly. The guys overall were not very impressive. Curtis and Devin were the only decent vocals we heard all night. Oh and surprisingly I liked JDA, I thought he was different and amusing, I wanted to see more of him LOL! Anyway, I hope the girls and guys are better next week. Cant wait to hear Jett, Candice, Cristabel, Melinda, Juliana, Cortez, Burnell, David, and Zoanette (for the lulz obviously)

  • lovetheusa1776

    Agree about Minaj – her “do-you-have-a-girlfriend” and other sexual remarks to these young males are inappropriate – if the sexes were reversed don’t believe they would be tolerated as easily.

    And Jimmy and Johnny were not thrilling, but better, IMO, than some who got through.

  • Tom22

    Alar, that was a nice link.. thanks. I’m not really a huge country fan but the type of country I like definitely has steel guitars and fiddles !

    Certainly a large portion of ballads in Spanish are tender.  It was a pretty passionate song Devin sung and his fiery in English was good but the Spanish better… I think it fit the song.

    While fiery isn’t always the word for it,  there are little differences in cultures and I do think people assume a slightly different outlook when switching between languages   Yes, it can feel seamless  even singing only one language there can be different emotions expressed in different verses. 

    Call me crazy but I saw a little shift in muscle tone and the type of light in Vitera’s eyes too.  Its beyond words but I know when I go to different countries people take on different types of postures and make different sorts of eye contact even when having similar conversations.  As much as anything i think I was trying to put finger on how Devin looked with my words.  That’s a hard thing to put in words but I like to try.

  • Gavin Grohowski

    My take on it:

    Paul ~ Has the whole package, could win the whole thing.
    JDA ~ Horrible, worst of the night by a mile
    Charlie ~ He’s good, but last night wasn’t.
    Curtis ~ Decent voice, he’s a jerk though.
    Elijah ~ Good, but his attitude is slightly offsetting.
    Jimmy ~ Would’ve went far if he would have gone through, I liked him.
    Chris ~ Not 100% bad, but there’s something about him that I don’t like.
    Johnny ~ He got robbed. Great voice.
    Kevin ~ Good, Probably 6th or 7th of the night.
    Devin ~ Fantastic, not a fan of the spanglish though.

    My Power Rankings:

    1. Paul
    2. Devin
    3. Elijah
    4. Charlie
    5. Curtis

    1. Johnny
    2. Jimmy
    3. Kevin
    4. Chris
    5. JDA

    Overall for the night:

    1. Paul
    2. Devin
    3. Johnny
    4. Elijah
    5. Jimmy
    6. Charlie
    7. Kevin
    8. Chris
    9. Curtis
    10. JDA

  • Tom22

    LovetheUsA .. you’re 100% right about the flipping it around

     but,  I really do think it it is clearly meant as comic effect… I mean a funny sort of exaggeration that a comedian makes and comedy and role playing is part of Nikki’s entertainment persona.   Groucho Marx or Chico Marx ? …  Dolly Parton used to play a “little ole me” lines,  I’m not sure, she might have even made “dumb blond” joke but certainly joked about her boobs on johny carson .   

    Part of Nikki’s appeal is maybe a sense in the country like “do we really need to be so darn sensitive about everything we say? … and a hope many people have that we can lighten up about things”

    “Have your children” and eat you up is a lot tamer than “take you to bed’ .  True, if a 40 year old guy was joking like that to a young lady it would need to be “I wish I was 20 years younger and ask you out to the prom”  or,  “Boy my son would like to see you in that dress ”  etc.   There is some sexism in terms of people not being quite so offended if a Woman “preys” on a boy than if a grown man trys to seduce a teen girl.  I’m not sure if it is that we figure a boy can defend himself physically or that he wouldn’t be “tainted”(sorta sexist maybe) by the experience.   

    We know that teenage boys think with their second head not their heart and  having that deflated isn’t the same thing as having a heart deflated.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Minaj doesn’t strike me as a trailblazer against political correctness – it takes real courage to do that, and it’s certainly not endemic to the entertainment biz unless you’re willing to be a pariah.

  • Daniel Fernandez

    curtis #9? really? curtis can actually sing and had a solid/decent performance last night. he just has an awful attitude but yeah he doesnt deserve to be #9 based on vocals thats for sure

  • Leandro

    People are still watching the show as American Sweetheart not American   Idol. If you watch both performances on the official YT channel of American Idol, you’ll notice a lot of dislikes for Curtis perfect performance and feel dislikes for Charlie’s dreadful performance. At this point, regardless the next performances, I would dare to say Charlie is gonna make Top 10 and Curtis won’t.

  • sdmama

    Like, Ring of Fire?

  • HKfan

    its never just been about the voice. Everyone who votes will base their votes on voice, looks, personality, charisma, stage presence etc etc. And everyones tastes are different…I don’t like anything about Curtis, including his voice, maybe its the tone or something. I found Kevin much, much more pleasant to listen to.

  • WestiesRule

    Well, I’m liberal and Jewish…. maybe that’s it… actually, there is something about the appearance an the shaking around that gets me. I don’t dislike all Gospel singers…. I guess I want to be able to listen to and buy some of these artists. I loved Colton but I wouldn’t buy any of that Christian music either. No offense to anyone, just not my cuppa. I also adore Carrie U and am not a fan of most of what she puts out. I’m more of an alt-indie, singer-songwriter kinda girl. I enjoy any good voice. I’m not into oversinging.

  • lovemyidol

    What a snoozefest. These guys were so boring. Not a single standout and all ballad’s, except for JDA (i don’t think you can really can’t “Sittin on the Dock” as something different even if it was a weird upbeatish arrangement).  Curtis may be able to sing, but he is full of himself and super boring and old-fashioned and that makes me not want to root for him.

    It seems like they are setting it up for a girl to win. We will have to see next week’s boys. I’m especially looking forward to seeing that guy who plays piano. Can’t remember his name, though. Does that say something? I think it does.