American Idol 11 Top 7 – Songs From This Decade – Song Picks! (UPDATED WITH NIGEL SPOILERS)

UPDATE: Nigel Lythgoe tweeted: “I love the Gotye song. It makes a great duet on #AmericanIdol this week. How wonderful and ironic that we’re doing 2 Kelly Clarkson tracks!”

TWO Kelly Clarkson songs? OY. And the Goyte song “Somebody That I Used to Know” is also being covered on Glee this week.

Enough of us bitched at American Idol executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, that he finally gave us a modern theme. The kids will be choosing songs from this decade. That means tunes from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Here’s my wish list of songs for the Idols to sing. What’s yours?

Hollie Cavanagh – Skyscraper by Demi Lovato – Hollie should go back to ballads this week, and concentrate on really delivering it.
Colton Dixon – “Without You” by David Guetta/Usher – I can imagine Colton going all angsty on this.
Jessica Sanchez – “1 + 1″ by Beyonce – A little too obvious? Probably. Still, she’d kill it.
Skylar Laine – “Back to December” by Taylor Swift – I want Skyler to outsing Taylor on her own songs. I would enjoy that.
Phillip Phillips – “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons –  So perfect for P2.
Joshua Ledet – “Grenade” by Bruno Mars – Bring your passion, Joshua–but leave the gospel choir backstage.
Elise Testone – “Shake it Out” by Florence + the Machine – This song could mark the return of Queen Elise!

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  • Patroo

    If Colton brought out the piano (it still feels weird he only did it twice) to sing Without You, it could be a Heartless-moment.

  • Wally.

    Here’s Jessica singing 1+1 pre-idol

  • Axxxel

    Jessica Sanchez ? Maybe a song by Rihanna ?

  • anibundel

    If Elise sings Florence Welsh, I will powervote. That is a promise.

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    Looking at that photo and i already want a SAVE this week, no matter what they sing. 

  • Anonymous

    Elise is singing You and I by Lady Gaga.  Nigel hinted to it by responding to someone’s tweet regarding Elise singing that song by saying “You must be a psychic”.  Her sister also tweeted that Elise would be closing the show with You and I.  Though I am not sure how soon they determine the performance order? I always assumed they did so after rehersals.  Either way, happy to see Elise at the piano again! (Another assumption)

  • Anonymous

    I agree, “Without You” is a great suggestion for Colton.  Nice pick mj!

    Hmm..not sure if Hollie can pull of the emotions of “Skyscraper.”

    Jessica will kill anything Beyonce.  I AM SO EXCITED for some current music!

  • PFP Talent Agency

    Joshua should sing “Believe” by Jennifer Hudson

  • Wally.

    Joshua is singing Rihanna, he already stated last week.

  • jake santos

    I suggested this song for her two weeks ago, but I will again.  Others might say “not another Beyonce song,” but I am positive that singing Love On Top could give Jessica another moment.  She just has to perfectly execute the key changes, which obviously is the most critical and catchy part of the song.  Hope she sings this.  

  • Nanc

    AHHHHH love it if Elise sings You and I…that is my favorite Gaga song and Elise would kill it….
    Others:  Josh; The Lazy Song by Bruno/ he needs to have fun and show another side
    Colton: Somebody That I Used to Know/Gotye
    Skylar: Dirt Road Anthem/Jason Aldean
    Phillip: I agree….The Cave is the best choice…
    Jessica: The Only Girl in the World/Rhianna
    Hollie: Jar of Hearts/Christina Perri

  • Anonymous

    Perfect suggestions, MJ.  I think I’d like to see Jessica cover Skyscraper though (her version on Youtube is great).  I might also give Colton something like The Fray or Coldplay.  

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with the Hollie and Elise picks MJ. I think they could both have a moment with those songs, and Shake It Out really would touch on what Elise is experiencing, while Skyscraper would do the same for Hollie.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that dislikes the song “Skyscraper?” I think Hollie could do better, but hey, she might make me actually like the song.

    I think Colton will sing a Paramore song. He loves the band, and so do I. But I would like to hear him tackle Gotye.

    I would love Skylar to sing Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” or his duet with Kelly Clarkson.

    “Grenade” would be a great choice for Joshua. I also think he’ll do amazing with Usher and Guetta’s “Without You”.

    I rather hear Jessica sing something from Rihanna.

    I agree that Phillip should go with Mumford and Sons.

    Elise and any song from Lady Gaga. Elise is so good.

  • Tinawina

    I won’t be mad at the save being used this week, unless its Hollie and she tanks it again.

    This week is going to be interesting regardless because there are only 2 perpetual bottom dwellers left (Elise & Hollie) so there is bound to be at least one new person in the B3. Plus, they might Hoff someone! Yay for the Hoff!

    I am so excited but kind of scared for this week. This is the chance to show how current they are, and tanking this could really change perceptions. Plus singing very recent songs is always tricky. I like all your suggestions except for one. Jessica: No Beyonce. She sounds copycat on Beyonce and she’s already covered her. Maybe if they are singing 2 songs. I would prefer her covering Rihanna or Bruno Mars.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever the song is that Joshua is singing, Nigel says he loves it.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm… doesn’t she know that in the paraphrased words of the judges last year when Hayley “debuted” it and knocked it out of the park… “ew, that song, I don’t know, not the right the song, ew dawg, not happenin’ “…

  • Anonymous

    SOOOO not excited for that. Of all the songs, why why why Elise must you do this to me? I do not want to see a piano bar version of Gaga’s You and I any more than I wanted to see a piano bar version of Adele’s One And Only. And I’ve been trying so hard to see Elise as her own person and not as a Haley 2.0, this time with more producer’s love and less vocal control (sorry mj, I know you love her, but girl has hit some straight up WONKY notes), but COME ON! You gotta work with me here Elise!

  • Anonymous

    They want Elise around. Ten bucks says she gets a standing ovation and they tell her she made them love the song, it was the best anyone has ever sung it, it’s perfect, she’s perfect, vote for Elise, etc. Ugh it’s already annoying me and it hasn’t even happened. And I like Elise!

  • itsalleternal

    Will someone do “Rolling In The Deep”? Surely that would draw comparisons to Kim Yarbrough (who was worst of everyone last night IMO).

  • Anonymous

    I totally thought the same thing.  But at least now the judges know the song since it has been released.  I didn’t understand the criticism last year because I thought it was a great song and Haley did a great job.  Now that it has been released I bet the judges opinion regarding the song have changed.

    I really don’t think Elise knows what has and hasn’t been sung on Idol before based off of her song choices of late. (She had no idea Adam sang WLL before she chose it, she tried singing Hallelujah last week, and now You and I which was just sung last year by the one Idol contestant people try to compare her to for some reason). All in all I think Elise can play the piano and make it her own enough to avoid a complete Haley/Elise comparission.  If she does close the show, or goes anywhere towards the end, I think she makes up a lot of the ground she lost after last week.  You and I fits her vocally to a T.

  • Tinawina

    I don’t think anyone compares Elise to Haley except people around here.

  • Valentin432

    Skylar was in the B3 2 weeks ago.

  • Ringo

    I said earlier that it would be interesting to hear Elise do “You and I” particularly because I’d like to see Stooge 1 (MoLo) and Stooge 2 (Curly Jackson) eat their words that it is not a good song.  Elise is likely to have more of a Gaga vibe than Haley, so I am not that concerned with comparisons.  The alternative would be for Elise to pick an instant classic/quality song like “On the Dance Floor” or “Dance Again” and we can all throw up in our mouths a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but just like people wanted to compare Elise and Adam 2 weeks ago, it’s bound to happen this week with Elise and Haley.  Though it shouldn’t.  They are all different artists with different takes on the songs.

  • Tinawina

    Drat! I forgot abut that! So then it’s Hollie, Skylar and Elise fighting to stay out of B3 this week. And if one of them pulls it off, we will get a new visitor?

    Well, at least we have the Hoff to possibly look forward to. LOL

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    Hmmm…as much as I actually enjoy Hollie’s ballads, I think something more midtempo would be good for her. Nothing that she has to think too much about moving around, but nothing too boring either. Any suggestions for the midtempo range for her?

    If she does go the ballad route, how about having her sit in a stool in the middle of the stage dressed casually but cute with her hair down. 

  • Incipit

    I could pretend and say Interesting Choices – but actually, all Greek to me. (Except “Grenade” – that inexplicable audition favorite from last year.) I know Haley did that Gaga song, but it didn’t make any impression – so I still don’t know it.

    I hope the actual song list is posted early, because if I have time I’ll youtube the titles before the show – then at least I will have a baseline for comparison’s sake…but reading the possible artists, I wish them all lots and lots of luck with this theme.

  • Andro Dominic Calimot

    LOVE ON TOP by Beyonce would make Jessica THE Idol. I agree with you, she needs to PERFECT the transition of keys. Hope she picks it!

  • Anonymous

    Really? For every Elise comment that considers her on her own terms as an artist, whether on Youtube, tvline, EW, or here, there are 2 that compare her to Haley. And I can’t even blame them. I think the show wants to cultivate that image for Elise, because they paid attention to what happened accidentally with Haley last year, and they want to create the same media and fan frenzy, just with a contestant that they approve of and therefore are more able to control. Think about it. They’ve set Elise up with two songs Haley covered now, they’ve given her bad criticism in an attempt to fire up her fans (obviously the difference is that last year they had no intention of firing up Haley’s fans, it just happened), they pull out the same references during critiques (do they even know who Janis Joplin is?). What’s frustrating for me though is that most viewers don’t seem to be looking at the pretty obvious manipulation that’s happening with Elise. They just think, oh wow! That was awesome! Could she be the new Haley??? And I don’t want that from Elise. I want Whole Lotta Love. I want Vienna. I want her to be her own artist with her own style and influences. I don’t want Haley 2.

    Rant over! Sorry for the length lol.

  • Anonymous

    Hollie-Firework by Katy Perry or When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
    Phillip-Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
    Jessica-California King Bed by Rihanna or Price Tag by Jessie J
    Joshua-Forget You by Cee Lo Green
    Colton-Without You
    Elise-You And I by Lady Gaga
    Skylar-Hip To My Heart by The Band Perry

  • raya

    I don’t care that Haley sang that song, so much as I just don’t care for that song and really have no desire to hear Elise sing it either.  I also think it’s interesting that Elise seems to have no grasp on what has or hasn’t been sung on Idol before.  Not that I think a song should be off limits, or that present Idols should be scared off by such a thing, but I always feel like Idols should do their Idol homework and have some sort of background of the show they are on.  Even just for their own benefit in knowing how to play the Idol game.

    I can’t see Hollie doing anything with Skyscraper.  Don’t get me wrong in that I think she would sing the heck out of it and from a vocal perspective she would wipe the floor with Demi Lovato.  But I can’t see Hollie nailing the emotional heft of the song.  

  • Anonymous

    It is possible this decade means the last ten years.

  • Tinawina

    LOL! Don’t apologize, you are clearly passionate about the subject!

    If it means anything, I watch TV Line and go to EW, and I’ve never noticed. I guess I’m not observant enough. Heh.

    Are you talking about the comments sections?

  • Jason

    Hollie – When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus (We saw a glimpse of it on during Hollywood Week in Season 10 and she sounded great on it.)
    Jessica – We Found Love by Rihanna (I would love Jessica to start slow on it and then build up and give a fun good performance.)
    Joshua – Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera (Maybe I’m thinking of Marcus Collins’ performance but I could see Joshua bringing the soul and swag to this song, it would be fun and less predictable then singing Bruno Mars.)  
    Elise – Grenade by Bruno Mars (Now this wouldn’t be predictable at all, I think Lady Gaga would be more obvious but I like the idea of Elise singing this with soul and putting her runs and Elise stamp on it.)
    Phillip – Somebody That I Used to Know (I like the song and it’s current, I don’t really care for Phillip and don’t know who Mumford and Sons are so I will go with this one.)
    Colton – Without You by David Guetta and Usher (Perfect song choice MJ! Would love him to be behind the piano and give a beautiful, heartfelt performance.)
    Skylar – Firework by Katy Perry I think she should do another song not country since it has worked more like Stay With Me and Wind Beneath My Wings. I would love to hear the country version of Firework, she would bring her dynamite performance skills to it.

  • hcpoirot

    Will someone in top 7 sing another Adele song? Hope not.

  • Ronald Watts

    Isn’t it obvious that Elise doesn’t care who song what when, She song Adele’s One and Only less than an hour after Jen sang it.  That’s why she is called Queen Elise forever now know as Lady Elise. 

  • Jon Glass

    katy’s done a country firework version. twice.

  • Anonymous

    They did a ton of contemporary songs on last year’s tour, so I’m hoping not to hear any of those songs, since last’s year’s tour was all kinds of awesome (but we’l probably get at least one of them anyway because my voice doesn’t count). Here’s my “forbidden” list:
    Lady Gaga: “Born This Way”
    Alicia Keys: “Empire State of Mind (Part II)”
    Rihanna: “California King Bed”
    Selena Gomez: “Who Says”
    Janelle Monae: “Tightrope”
    Jennifer Lopez: “On the Floor” (it would be a bad idea to do this in front of Jennifer anyway; if the girl screws it up, she’ll rip her to shreds)
    Neon Trees: “Animal”
    Katy Perry: “Firework”
    Bruno Mars: “Grenade”
    Usher: “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”
    Cee Lo Green: “Forget You”
    And let’s not forget all the current stuff that we heard last season:
    The Band Perry: “If I Die Young” (shining moment for Lauren)
    Adele: “Rolling in the Deep” (Haley nailed it)
    Usher: “OMG” (semifinal disaster)
    Rihanna: “Only Girl in the World” (also a semifinal disaster)
    Other songs to avoid because they’ve already been done this season:
    Maroon 5: “Moves Like Jagger”
    Adele: “Set Fire to the Rain,” “One and Only,” “Someone Like You”
    Lady Gaga: “The Edge of Glory”
    Am I missing anything?

  • Anonymous

    I like your choices for Hollie, Skylar, and Elise, but I would change the others:

    Colton- Heartbeat by the Fray
    Joshua- Forget You  by Cee Lo 
    Jessica- Titanium by David Guetta/Sia or Impossible by Shontelle
    Phillip- The only thing I’ve really liked from Phillip was his “nice and slow” cover, so if he can find an RnB or Hip Hop Song to rearrange then I’ll be good with that.

  • Doniel Treeley

     Hollie: FATM- Dog Days Are Over

    Joshua: Brynn Christopher- The Quest

    Skylar: Lana Del Rey-Video Games/Born to Die

    Colton: Radiohead- anything from King of Limbs the new album

    Jessica: Beyonce- Countdown   

    Phillip: Mumford- Winter Winds

    Must Happen: Elise singing Paparazzi by Lady GaGa

  • Doniel Treeley

    Also think a P2 cover of ‘We Found Love’ could steal the show, its the best pop song in recent memory and sounds great in different formats (check out Coldplay/Sam Tsui covers)

  • Anonymous

    Any idea on whether or not there will be multiple performances of some capacity?  The last few weeks there were Trios & Duos.  Not sure how that’d shake out with 7 contestants, but isn’t it a 2 hour show this week again?  They’ve gotta do something to fill that time don’t they?  If not we are in for a long, long night of filler. Bleck

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    There are repeat songs on Idol because the Idol song lists are skimpy in certain genres. Last weeks choices pretty much sucked but I can’t help thinking their options were pretty limited.
    This week? 2 and 1/4 years of songs and who knows how many of those are on the official list of songs approved for Idol?  There are a few artists who have multiple places on the charts…Adele being one example, and people here don’t want to hear any more Adele covers, so who does that leave? Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Rhianna… many of whom have been covered this season on Idol in Hollywood or the semifinals.  
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, why must Elise – or any of the others for that matter, have to try to find something never sung before on Idol especially with a narrow theme? 
    Anyway, I like Elise‘s choice “You and I” by Lady Gaga (if true).
    Philip should sing “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys. I think Mumford and Sons is stylized enough without the PhilPhil treatment.
    Joshua should sing “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. It’s not a song that lends well to churchifying.  
    Colton will probably sing something by Daughtry; maybe “Life After You”.  I don’t know what I’d prefer for him.
    Hollie should sing “Mine” by Taylor Swift. It’s a catchy song that’s uptempo to break out of the ballad rut.
    Jessica should sing “We Found Love” by Rihanna
    Skylar hmm… she’s already done Miranda and I think she should avoid former Idols like Carrie and Kellie.  How about something a little more pop-ish like “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland?

  • Valentin432

    Nigel Lythgoe? @dizzyfeetRT @MrAlanGordon: I found it extremely disappointing that last week’s AMAZING duets were not for sale on iTunes [THIS WEEK’S ARE GREAT TOO]
    Nigel Lythgoe @dizzyfeetI love the Gotye song. It makes a great duet on #AmericanIdol this week. How wonderful and ironic that we’re doing 2 Kelly Clarkson tracks!

  • Mateja Praznik

    So Nigel says 2 Kelly Clarkson songs this week and Gotye duet.

    Damn, for Idol current music almost starts and finishes with Kelly Clarkson. 

  • Valentin432

    Somebody That I Used To Know will be a duet so probably not a solo performance. I’m guessing Colton and Jessica or Hollie for this one.

    Two Kelly songs? I’m guessing one will be Don’t You Wanna Stay with Skylar and P² and the other one will probably be a solo, maybee Already Gone for Hollie.

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    I wonder…how can they do duets with an uneven number of contestants?  Two duets and one trio?

  • Kylee

    Gotye is extremely current and out of the box for idol.

  • Tiffany

    I liked Elise’s version of One and Only better then Adeles.

  • Ringo

    I like this week because it got me to explore new music (a few years late which is my usual lag time). The artist Kimbra, who is the female in Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” is one of my current favs.  Reminds me a lot of Camille who turned out an extra-ordinary album a few years ago.  It would be too much to ask someone to do “Settle Down” here:   I also really love “I Could Be Wrong” for the 70’s groove by Chromeo here:

  • Krista

    no. Nigel specifically tweeted 2010, 2011, 2012. 

  • Anonymous

    YUCK to all this pop music can somebody shoot some R&B in there.

    Here are some current R&B artist:

    Jazmine Sullivan (last CD was in 2011) Elise could kill one of her songs
    Anthony Hamilton – Joshua would really do well on this music because it has so much gritty soul already.
    Musiq Soulchild
    Corrine Bailey Rae

    This is a small list that is in my cell phone. 

  • Kylee

    Unlike “Breakaway” or “Because Of You” or “Since You’ve Been Gone,” I think Kelly’s newer songs wouldn’t come across as karaoke as much as her older ones. 

  • Brittany Keener

    Only 4 KC singles qualify for the theme: All I Ever Wanted, Don’t You Wanna Stay, Stronger & Mr. Know it All….of course, they could always do another song off of Stronger….any other song on AIEW (besides the title song) is technically 2009.

    So I’m gonna guess one of the duets is DYWS, and the solo is one of the two current singles. 

  • Amanda Mothershed

    This should be really exciting, interesting song choices MJ… This could really separate some contestants, like as which ones will fall and which ones will rise to the occasion.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    of course, they could always do another song off of Stronger….any other song on AIEW (besides the title song) is technically 2009.

    Technically but Idol loves to stretch the rules. I bet if the song was on a Billboard Chart in 2010 that TPTB would be willing to count it as a 2010 song. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Already Gone tomorrow night at all.

  • Nick

     Phillip needs to sing “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. It’s such a great song, and it reminds me of Phil so much.

  • Frank

    UGH. Anyone else angry that two contestants are gonna sing Kelly Clarkson? Do they really want the comparison? And I’m pretty sure the two songs are What Doesnt Kill You and Mr Know It All.

    I want Phillip to sing a hip hop/rap song and acoustify it like Kris Allen and Heartless and Jessica to sing Beyonce (yes she sang a Bey song but I want more! haha).

    I think Hollie and Skylar are singing the Kelly song. Don’t they know better? Sigh.

  • CircadianDomination

    PP would murder The Cave… That isn’t a song you can yell through. I think a good choice for him would be “Not Your Fault” by AWOLNATION, but I doubt that’s cleared. 

    My choice for Colton would be a cleaned-up version of “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons.

    Beyonce for Jessica seems too obvious. If there are two Clarkson songs being performed, I would guess that she’s performing WDKY. The other may be a duet of DYWS between Skylar and someone else.

  • Amanda Mothershed

     I don’t really like Elise’s song choice, Haley did it last season but again who knows. I was really hoping she sang “Born This Way”

  • Kylee

    I’m not really part of the party that thinks nobody should do an idol alumni song. They just have to be able to pull it off. I personally think Jessica could pull off a Kelly song. I’m sure the contestants don’t want Whitney or Beyonce comparisons, but Jessica nailed both of those. I think with this theme all of them are bound to be compared to their artist because the theme is so current.

  • BonnieDee

    I really hope Hollie doesn’t sing another ballad.  She needs to nail an uptempo song this week to stay.  I am very interested to see what Joshua does with a current song.  He’s given off such a “vintage” vibe to me since he’s been on the show.  I really want to see him slay a current song.  

  • EH

    “Little Lion Man” is not a song that you whine, mumble and squeak through.  I think Colton and Phillip should just leave Mumford and Sons alone. Marcus Mumford does sound like Jesus, so I can see why Colton may be an admirer. But no.

    Maybe Skylar will sing the country Mr. Know it All?  I think Jessica could handle Kelly pretty well. The rest? No thanks.  I do see why the girls would pick Kelly if they need something from the last few years that requires real singing, since Beyonce and Adele have already been done. 

    I hope Phillip rearranges an r&b or hip-hop song and brings his acoustic guitar.  Those are the two essential ingredients for a white guy to have an Idol moment!  Why doesn’t someone tell him these things? 

    Colton loves his Idols. Maybe he’ll sing LLWD or something. 

    Overall, I’m looking forward to this week’s “modern” theme.  It should be sort of like The Voice, but with good singing. 

  • Anonymous

    “Hollie: FATM- Dog Days Are Over”

    Hell, if she sings this song, I’ll power vote all over the place for her. This is the perfect song for her.

  • Eilonwy

    How wonderful and ironic that we’re doing 2 Kelly Clarkson tracks!

    Dude. If the purpose of your show is to create successful musicians, it’s not “ironic” that your first winner is still making hits. Look it up. (Hint: Alanis Morisette does not know the correct meaning, either.)

    Also: I would be delighted to hear somebody do a Florence + The Machine song.

  • No Thanks

    I’m pegging Colton and Hollie for the Gotye song.

  • The Glee Fanatic

    The only contestant that I can see giving Kelly Clarkson justice is Jessica, probably Elise… Skylar might do good with her country hits (DYWS/the country version of MKIA or if it is valid — Because of You)… But if Hollie murders Kelly I’m gonna cut a b****… Also, I like the Gotye song but I’m feeling it’s getting saturated… first the Voice, then Glee, now AI plus SNL…

  • Anonymous

    yeah that’s what i’m thinking for skylar, too. maybe she and PP will duet DYWS?

    also, i can picture colton, elise, and jessica singing SIUTK together.

  • ReginaFilange

    Skylar + P2 – Don’t You Wanna Stay. Because I don’t want anyone soloing on a Kelly song (although it will probably be Hollie -_-) and it would really work for Skylar. Phillip has real trouble holding notes so it could be tricky for him, but it hasn’t bothered the audience before. 

    Elise + Joshua – You and I. Because there are better choices for Elise’s solo.

    Jessica + Colton – Somebody That I Used to Know. 

    That knocks out the spoilers, and leaves room for everyone to make a good, fresh, choice for their solo. Although one of these needs to be a trio. . . no idea which.

  • too-cool-for-school

    “I want Skyler to outsing Taylor on her own songs. I would enjoy that.”

    Ha-ha! I like the way you think, MJ.

  • El oh El

    I’m not one to say that any song is off limits for a contestant but the “you and I’ performance from last year is a Haley Reinhart fan favorite especially the studio version (fantastic). At that time it was an unknown unreleased song which Randy said “wasn’t a great song” x) Dollars to Donuts the name Haley Reinhart won’t pass the lips of Randy or Jklo this year and it will be praised as “great song choice’ el oh el

  • Tinawina

    I think the Kelly songs are both group numbers, or at least its implied. I can see Jessica and Hollie doing Stronger while Skylar and whoever do Don’t You Want To Stay.

  • Anonymous

    In a word: yes.

  • Ringo

    I am thinking one of the Kelly songs is a ballad done by Hollie.  She has shown virtually no imagination when it comes to picking songs, going with Carrie’s JTTW a few weeks ago.  She has the lungs for it, just not sure she has the necessary sass.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I actually got into Idol more as a study than as a show, and now of course I’m obsessed over both aspects of it. So I like to check out the comments on any recaps that I read for Idol, because it tends to give a good view of what’s going on with the average Idol viewer, and how they’re responding to Nigel’s master plan. So I thought it was strange from the beginning that people seem to lump Haley and Elise together, but Nigel really seems to be pushing the issue lately. He’s determined to get Elise to Top 3, and the easiest way to get her there is to follow an existing storyline, and Haley happens to be the most convenient. 

  • Anonymous

    If Elise would do any Lady Gaga tracks, it better be “Speechless”…and leave all in that state.

    Jessica, stating the obvious can pull a Kelly or a Beyonce. I just want to see that girl move on stage and booty slap all those haters saying she’s c3pO.

    This is high tide for Colton, so many hipster tracks to choose from. It better be something from The Neon Trees, Airbone Toxic Event or Gavin De Graw.

    Little Hollie can go either way with a Kelly or pull a sneaky one and sing a Lady Antebellum song. That would give Skylar a run for her money.

    I want (but this will never happen anyways) Skylar to sing Beyonce.

    Can P2 carry Train? That should put a stop to all DMB-esque moves.

    Joshua…lets do something crazy..and sing Cee-lo’s “Forget You”..

    Oh well, it’s not bad to have a wish list. Hopefully the kids will enjoy singing something recent and not pull out a “I’ve never heard this song before” excuse.

  • Anonymous

    I like Hollie and FatM way too much to want her to sing this song. 

  • Anonymous

    I want Skyler to outsing Taylor on her own songs. I would enjoy that.

    Me too!!!! Not that it would be hard.

  • Kariann Hart

    It is interesting looking at your choices, MJ!  I am learning.  If I had one request, it would be for Jessica to sing a guy’s song.  No comparisons to another female!  I can’t help but wonder if someone will have a “moment” tomorrow night!

  • Erika Fernandez

    This has the potential to be a great week if the kids choose good songs and think of creative arrangements.

    Skylar: Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland, I’m so out of my element w/ country, but Skylar also has a bit of rock side to her so may be she doing Mr. Know it All by Kelly Clarkson

    Josh: Bright Lights, Bigger City by Cee Lo Green, Forget You by Cee Lo Green, Love on Top by Beyonce
    (He better not do a cover of an old song)

    Jessica: Love the Way you Lie Part 2 by Rihanna, Impossible by Shontelle, We Found Love by Rihanna,
    Love on Top by Beyonce

    Phil: Hey Soul Sister by Train, Find your love by Drake (reworked of
    course), Misery by Maroon 5, Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, Pumped Up
    Kicks by Foster the People

    Elise: Cooler than Me by Mike Posner (She would really need to
    rearrange, but it could have potential if she flipped it), Paparazzi by
    Lady Gaga, Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, Pumped up Kicks by Foster the
    People, *beep* Perfect by Pink

    Colton: Breakeven by The Script, All the Right Moves by OneRepublic,
    Animal by Neon Trees, Secrets by OneRepublic, Pumped up Kicks by Foster
    the People, Paradise by Coldplay

    Hollie: You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift (too cutesy for Skylar),
    Impossible by Shontele, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Pricetag by
    Jessie J

    Skylar and Phil: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

    Hollie and Colton: Two I Better Than One by Taylor Swift & Boys Like Girls

    Elise/Colton or Phil: Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye

    Skylar and Phil: Don’t You Wanna Stay by Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean

    Jessica and Josh: Without You by Usher and David Guetta

    I understand that it will be two duets and a trio but these are just predictions.

  • Frank

     You hit the nail on the head especially with Adele but I think some of these songs would work if the contestants put their own twist on it and didn’t sing it the way the original is sung

  • Pam

    I really wish the show will steer these kids away from covering songs by former idols.  I agree that Adele has been covered to death.  I like your choice for Skylar mj.  Since most of us know that Taylor’s vocal ability is an acquired taste, I think that Skylar might could pull it off.  

    ETA: I would love it for Elise to knock it out of the park again like she did two weeks ago. We know she’s capable of giving killer performances!

  • Bryant

    Somebody read my Skyscraper for Hollie comment last Saturday… haha

  • Anonymous

    Does Skylar have enough range to sing Kelly’s part on Don’t You Wanna Stay? They might have to rewrite the song for her if that’s her song choice.

  • Anonymous

    I think P2 and Jessica can cover Goyte’s Somebody That I Used To Know. Now that’s a show stopper.

  • Anonymous

    “Isn’t it obvious that Elise doesn’t care who song what when, She song Adele’s One and Only less than an hour after Jen sang it. ”

    It’s not that Elise doesn’t care who performed the song on idol. I agree with those above who said that she just doesn’t know. She has admitted that since she was performing 10 times a week with her band, she never watched idol. 

    Also, she didn’t like singing the same song as Jen. She made it clear in an interview that she picked the song first while Jen had a different song. Since Jen didn’t perform her song well, Nigel encouraged her to go with her 2nd choice, which was “One and Only”…Elise wasn’t happy about it and thinks Jen didn’t realize that the song was already chosen.

    As far as Elise duplicating song choices from past idols. I agree with those who said that there is nothing wrong with it (See Haley’s HOTRS and I Who Have Nothing). But she better read from the David Cook Strategy book and at least search youtube 1st so she’ll know the risk she may be taking.

  • sf3456

    Anthony Hamilton – Joshua would really do well on this music because it has so much gritty soul already.

    Yes.  All this talk of there being no place for Joshua in the music business and that he’s not relevant.  Anthony Hamilton.  Real, gritty soul.  I can see Joshua singing some of his stuff.  I can see Joshua doing something like that.

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    “Enough of us bitched at American Idol executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, that he finally gave us a modern theme”

    You think if enough of us bitch about changing the voting system, he would listen? I’m beyond sick of the 12 year old girls deciding the outcome of this show!

  • too-cool-for-school

    Me too! If Elise would cover Florence, I would like to hear her take on ‘Spectrum’. I
    think her raspy voice and kinda funky runs she can do with her voice would be really awesome on that song, but ‘Shake
    It Out’ would be really great too.

    But it would be cool to hear someone else sing one of her songs too. I’m feeling doubtful that it will happen though. :(

  • NFLRocks

    I’m sure that Jessica would sing a great Beyonce…but, I’d like to see her forge her own path with less known songs.  The chance of her making it big like Beyonce is very small.

  • Anonymous

    P2 needs to do a hip hop/R&B/rap song.

    Kelly Clarkson song? WAIT I KNOW THE PERFECT DUET FOR 2 GIRLS! (I mean it can be a guy too..) The Sun Will Rise! Ohh, if someone sings this song I’m so voting for them.

  • Anonymous

    So TheIdolTown has been tweeting spoilers (kinda) and Phillip is rearranging a techno song? 

    Phillip Phillips went the techno route this week, made his top 7 performance song “jazzy”, will see buddy hee-jun this weekend !! #IDOL

  • Anonymous

    I am listening to “Skyscraper” right now.  I think Hollie could absolutely kill this song.  She can outsing Demi in a heartbeat.  We would actually hear someone hit those high notes.  What she will have to do is project the emotion of the song.  I also spoke with a classically trained professional singer who said that Hollie has a tendency to oversing. I thought that was an excellent observation and it got me thinking. That could be one thing that might be hurting her, in addition to less than stellar song choices. 

    What I loved best about MJ’s song choices – No Adele! Thank you!  If anyone here listened to the Voice last night, one of the contestants just had to sing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. She has a big voice, but it just did not work. That’s why I say, please do not do Adele. There is only one Adele.  I think there are a number of good choices from the current songs for this decade. 

  • Damien R

    I have a feeling that Hollie and Jessica will be singing the Kelly Clarkson songs, which will almost certainly be the nail in Hollie’s coffin. The only other person I can imagine doing Kelly Clarkson is Joshua.

  • Anonymous

    I am listening to “Shake It Out” now.  This is a really hard song to pull off.  I don’t know about the range in this song.  I think that Elise might have to rearrange it a bit for her.

    Also, I listened to “Jar of Hearts” over the weekend and don’t like it for Hollie. I think it’s too much of a downer. 

    I am nervous at the prospect of Hollie singing Kelly Clarkson. Not because I don’t think she can do it. She has the power, the technical strength, the clarity and tone to do it well. I am just concerned about comments from the judges.  I also don’t know how the viewing audience will receive it.  There is this thing about not doing songs from former idols. 

    Either Jessica or Hollie definitely have the pipes to sing Kelly. 

  • Anonymous

     If this is actually true, then I’m gonna be SO happy!

  • Anonymous

    I think Colton should sing the Fun song, We Are Young.  It would fit his voice, and be uptempo. Might be too much fun for his usual style, though.

  • Anonymous

    I’d pick something other than Beyonce for Jessica. She’s done her so many times, I’d like something different. Jessie J’s album is one of my favs of all time and her vocals are so incredible. So, I’d pick Who You Are for Jessica.

    I’d pick Christina Perri over Demi Lovato’s Skyscrapper for Hollie. Demi sung the song with so much pain that I’m not sure if Holie can do better. 

    Side note: I was reading Darren Criss’s interview on Billboard and he has a pretty good comments on how to tackle songs sung by big vocalist and I’d say he’d done a great job. I love everything he’s sung so far. Most of the time, more than the original artist.

  • Karen C

    Here’s some ideas:

    Phil- Walk by Foo Fighters
    Colton- Heartbeat by the Fray or Breathe by Ryan Star
    I would have actually picked You and I for Skylar

    Joshua- I agree with Grenade by Bruno Mars

    Hollie- Fireworks by Katie Perry or I agree with Skyscraper

    Elise- Would have said Paris by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

    Jessica- Only Girl in the World by Rhianna

  • Anonymous

     Aww, what’s wrong with covering former Idols?

    I wish one of these guys would cover a Kris Allen song. Or Elliott Yamin. Or any Idol that isn’t Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, or Daughtry.

  • Anonymous

    Elise, Jessica and Colton – Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye feat. Kimbra

    Skylar and Phillip – Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars

    Josh and Hollie – Without You (Usher and David Guetta)

  • Anonymous

    MJ! The Cave is PERFECT for P2, been hoping for that one all week.

  • Erika Fernandez

     Grr. I was okay w/ Elise doing a Gaga song but You and I is more of Haley’s song to me even more than Gaga.  Oh well.  I guess this song may be one that will be recycled or years to come.

  • Anonymous

    Elise: Paris (Ooh La La) would be perfect for her too

  • Erika Fernandez

     She already has a youtube video of it and basically every song from the past 3 years.  She’s the best mimicer in the biz.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it obvious that Elise doesn’t care
    who song what when, She song Adele’s One and Only less than an hour after Jen
    sang it.  That’s why she is called Queen Elise forever now know as Lady


    I love this! It just seems so ballsy for some reason, even
    if I know it’s not. Lol

    I’m not so mad about You and I. I loved Haley’s version and
    I think the judges were definitely wrong in their critiques of it, but I wonder
    how many people outside of the bubble even remember she sang that song for one
    of the reasons the judges hated it: it was unheard of before. And if Elise uses
    the piano, which I’m assuming she will, it will be different.

    I agree with you MJ about Hollie. People typically want
    contestants to change it up and diversify herself, but at this point she’s not
    going to succeed if she keeps trying to sing songs she’s not comfortable with.
    Her best strategy would be to pull a DeAndre and just sing what she wants to

    I wonder if one of the Kelly songs is Don’t You Wanna Stay
    and it’s the duet that Skylar is in.

  • Anonymous

    One last thing: If there are two Kelly songs, I am predicting Mr. Know It All for Skylar and Stronger for Jessica.

    Or maybe Colton does Dark Side emo style lol.

  • Anonymous

    Peeps sure are having trouble spelling “Gotye,” LOL.

  • BonnieDee

    I’m thinking one of the Kelly songs is a duet, and the other will be sung by Jessica.

  • Karen C

    I also think that Hollie needs to project emotion more when she sings.  I think she just needs some more coaching and experience.

  • Trina

    Well Colton has covered David Cook so he digs deeper beyond the typical 4 LOL

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Colton is the last person I want covering another Idol.

    I hope Colton picks an obscure song. I like him best when he picks a song I’ve never heard before.

  • judes

    I also don’t see Hayley & Elise as being similar at all.I love Elise but didn’t really like Hayley’s style. I really hope Elise is back at the piano-as that’s where she is the most comfortable [WLL being the exception]

  • judes

    Same thing happened to Kris Allen with Falling Slowly.Randy criticised his choice although the others loved it.The next year Crystal & Lee did it as a duet -no mention of Kris doing it the year before & bringing the song to the Idol audience.Happens all the time -the judges have amnesia about other seasons sometimes!

  • too-cool-for-school

    “Skylar and Phillip – Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars”

    Awesome pick, CB40! I love that song. :)
    I had that suggested for just Phil but you can never really trust the background singers on Idol, ha! It would need to be a duet and Skylar would be perfect.

    And Mumford & Sons for P2’s solo would be my ideal choice. I have my hopes so high now for him to sing them. It will be disappointing if he doesn’t, bahaha.

  • Anonymous

    I have probably listened to more current music in the last few days than I have in ten years. 

    I checked out “Brokenhearted”. It’s a cute song, uptempo and fun.  I don’t know that it would work for Hollie. 

    I also listened to “Grenade” and think that Joshua has too much voice for that song.  It’s kind of repetitive with a lot of chorus. I don’t know that it would show off Joshua’s r&b chops. 

    I have been trying to keep up with the suggestions.  Lots of good ones from everyone.  It’s been an education. Who knows when I will listen to so much current music again. :)

  • Anonymous

    Joshua should not sing Bruno Mars, it’s just not a good fit for his voice in my opinion as Bruno is very stylized (in a good way) and not a big singer the way Josh.

    How about Josh singing Kelly’s “Why Don’t You Try” , now that would be a curve ball, and a good one at that.

    I still think his voice is perfect for Guetta and Usher’s Without You though, or maybe it’ll be Josh who does Adele, he certainly has the voice for Someone Like You.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I picked Brokenhearted for Hollie, she needs to let loose but still be able to use her big voice, if she keeps doing ballads jessica will slay her.

  • Karen C

    Another pick for Colton: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars

  • aubreyr

    I want Hollie Colton to have a duet!! maybe a song by Paramore.. They look cute together. :)

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Nigel say we were getting a Springsteen and Rush song last wk?  Don’t know if I trust his spoilers. 

     Love Shake it Out for Elise but when Kat covered it on Smash,  there was not an ITune version released.  So it could be it wasn’t cleared for that purpose. If it qualifies I’d love to have Elise sing the 30 Sec. to Mars cover of Bad Romance. 

    Wish Josh would cover the Kelly version of the Carrie song, I know you won’t.

    Barton Hollow was my first choice for P2. Black Keys are my favorite band so I’d be happy if he’d cover them. 

    I can see Colton covering Needtobreathe. Maybe “Something Beautiful.” Or how about “It’s amazing” by OneEskimo.

    Don’t have enough interest in anyone else to care what they sing. Jess and Hollie bore me. I have issues with the Reba-clone, so I usually hit the mute button when she comes on.

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    Sorry but Jimmy is a horrible mentor. He has a purpose somewhere but it’s not in the mentoring sessions. He doesn’t do much to help them. Hollie would fare better if she had good coaching.