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You watched the AI 11 Top 6 take on Queen and their own personal choice. Now vote in the polls. Who was your favorite Idol? Which was your favorite performance?

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  • Zach Leswick


  • Aaron Krandel

    VOTE HOLLIE: 1 866-436-5706 OR 1 866-436-5712 or text VOTE to 5706 from ATT Phones!!!! SHE IS NOT SAFE. PLEASE KEEP POWER VOTING! OR START POWER VOTING!

  • Ryan

    cant believe i voted for the climb (despise the song and original singer), but that was the performance of the night to me

  • Stavros

    Voted multiple times for Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica and it wasn’t busy once… (my ideal top 3)

  • Stavros

    I will say that though Hollie slayed the Climb, Jessica really surprised me into liking the Luther song for the first time. I’ve never really been a fan of any cover of it until tonight.

  • Guilherme Ripper Jatobá

    Hollie has finally got some positive comments from the judges!

    I’m so happy for her…
    PLEASE GUYS! Vote for her!

  • lisa

    I’m still voting like crazy for Hollie!!!!!

  • Stefan Wind

    I voted for Hollie and only Hollie all night and online. I hope it was enough, but dialidol isn’t looking all that promising this week. =/

  • Frank

    I had high hopes for this Queen theme and wanted Jessica to sing Show Must Go On and Hollie Who Wants To Live Forever. It’s probably for the best :/

  • Shair Shamsuddin

    Whoa!! so many Hollie fans in this thread…I probably jump right in and join you guys..

    anyway…favorite contestants for me was Joshua but performance-wise Hollie sang ‘The Climb’

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Jessica on Dance with My Father has been the performance of the season for me. The nuance in her interpretation and the vocal control she exhibited was freaking magnificent. Currently on repeat.

  • aizjanika

    I voted for Elise, Hollie, and Phillip tonight.

    Oops. I posted in the wrong place, so I moved my comment to the recap post.

  • Landon Cox

    My friend texted me about the Caps winning during and I ended up sending him about 15 minutes worth of votes for Hollie and Skylar. FML

  • Anonymous

    Where have all the Hollie fans been while the judges were sending her under the bus?

  • Ronald Hepworth

    I think Elise and Skylar are for sure in the B3. Both of their second part songs were absolutely awful. Rounding out the B3 would be either Hollie or Joshua. The judges ridiculous over the top S0’s for Joshua, like before will probably backfire. He was fine, but not that good. Probably Elise will go home

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m Jessica and Joshua all the way.  I do think Hollie is awesome but she is a little stiff in her performances. I think Elise is gone tomorrow.

  • Enough already!

    I can’t be the only one who’s ears bled during skylars Show must go on!   These judges are tone deaf.   Again they threw Hollie under the bus when she was no worse than the others.   Randy’s take on Philips Fat Bottomed Girls was so wrong.   Think the best of the Queens songs went to Josha who at least gave it a little Freddie vibe. Elsie did herself proud.   Jlo’s soliloquy about Hollie’s song should get expunged from you tube forever.   WTF Jlo?  Just write a book and we’ll decide if we want your long winded views on the world and music.

  • Margaret Feeney

    LOVED Hollie’s performances tonight! Joshua is so totally talented & is my pick for the win..Would be so happy to see them in the finale !

  • Anonymous

     Umm… Has anybody else listened to Elise’s studio version of I Want It All on iTunes? HOLY CRAP. Perfection. Blown away. Even better than the live performance.  The last minute and a half were killer.

  • Anonymous

    Loved Skylar’s second song.  And I hate country :) 

  • Stefan Wind

    Don’t forget there is no time limit to vote online @ American Idol’s website for Hollie. 50 vote max. 

  • chili1000

     I thought it was OK and my ears certainly didn’t bleed, but the entire time Skylar was singing, I was thinking how awesome this song would sound with Hollie’s voice.

  • Kariann Hart

    Jessica’s version of “Dance With My Father” was so pretty and the dedication was sweet.  Maybe some Veterans will send along some votes for her?  She needed more time on Bohemian Rhapsody.  She can sing the whole song with professional polish.

  • Anonymous

    Joshua’s performance of the India.Arie song was easily the best of the night, in my opinion. Also thought Hollie was excellent on The Climb and that Elise and Jessica were also very good on their personal picks.

    Did not like any of the Queen covers very much. 

  • Anonymous

    “My friend texted me about the Caps winning during and I ended up sending him about 15 minutes worth of votes for Hollie and Skylar. FML”

    Hehe…I only wasted 5 minutes sending votes to my Husband by mistake. It was so embarrassing, in addition to being a waste of time. It’s not cool to watch Idol in my household…lol. I don’t know anyone who watches it.

  • TFLS

    Elise came across as the only grown-up in the group tonight.  The rest are mostly all teenagers and it shows – and not only in behavior.  Next to Elise, P2 had the most interesting song choice (The Stone).  Its not that I didn’t enjoy any of the other performances (Skyler’s one hell of a performer as is Joshua) – but I’m sick and tired of cookie cutter choices and performances.  You’d think Idol would have learned that ‘Same’ doesn’t sell.  All their ‘safe’ ‘usual’ choices have underwhelmed when it comes to moving records.  It’s the out of the box performers who’ve done well post-Idol.  So Judges….throw a little love Elise’s way.  Adults buy music too. 

  • Anonymous

    I just voted 420 times….is that enough to match or beat the power-voters? :-/

  • Frank


  • kesia monteith

    God I hope so.

  • Leandro


  • Anonymous

    For me: Joshua’s “Ready For Love”, Skylar’s “The Show Must Go On”, and Phillip’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” were head and shoulders above the rest (though Phillip’s was more for sheer fun and joy than his vocals).

  • Carriefan1

    1st Performance:

    Skylar = A
    Jessica = A
    Joshua = A-
    Elise = B+
    Hollie = B
    Phillip = B

    2nd Performance:

    Jessica = A
    Hollie = A
    Skylar = A-
    Joshua = B+
    Elise = C
    Phillip = C-

    Can we please just eliminate Phillip already?

  • Anonymous

    Probably not, usually power voters vote most of or the whole two hours. 

  • Anonymous

    sadly i don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    best performance of the night was that of Jessica Sanchez – dance with my Father
    least favorite of the night that of Jessica sanchez – bohemian rapsody – difficult song to edit

  • Anonymous

    i think b3 will be p2, elise, and jessica.

    p2 or elise going home.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought Jessica’s “Dance with my Father”! P2 “The Stone”!! and Josh’s “Ready For Love”!!!!. Each is soooo Amazing!!!!…

    Ready for Love is my favorite…It was definitely a “Jar Of Hearts” moment for Josh. Too bad it was cheapened by his 13th standing O. It should have been only his 2nd or 3rd.

  • Shair Shamsuddin

    From all the performance tonight 

    Here is my grading for each of them 

    Queen theme:
    1) Jessica – B – She sang on-pitch but no attitude2) Skylar – B+ – Overall, the song for me was forgettable for her but I prefer Hollie/Jessica sang it
    3) Joshua – A – He is amazing but I don’t give a standing O yet, Its too over the top
    4) Elise – A+ – Now this is a worthy queen performance, she puts the blues in the rock song.
    5) Phillip2 – C+ – Well, he delivered it but was all over the place
    6) Hollie – B – Same comment as Jessica, I was expecting for her to sing “Who Wants To Live Forever”

    First part of the show was not too terrible but some did amazing job with it, Top performance was Elise
    Contestant Picks:1) Jessica – A – She gave a chilling performance but I wish she showed more emotion in that performance, She was suppose to cry after she talked about her father
    2) Skylar – B – I don’t know, she does the same thing every week but still a solid performance. 
    3) Joshua – A+ – I’m speechless right now (O_o)!!! WOW
    4) Elise – B – Elise took a big risk to perform a song that I’m unfamiliar with, but that’s keep the viewers unsure of the song and I think she could have chose song that meant something for her.
    5) Phillip2 – B – I liked the baritone sax, it was well meshed with his performance but still left something missing
    6) Hollie – A+ – I gave her props to take on some cheesy song and showed more passion, attitude in that song. She’s improving a lot. Did Miley do a cover of this song? *Sarcasm*
    Now, This is better than the first part. Top performance, I have to pick one and it should have been Joshua but Hollie did well. 

    Overall, There were no terrible performance, everyone was on-pitch (except P2) just we want something new in that particular performance.


  • Natalie Blake

    Um, I didn’t really freak out over much tonight. I enjoyed Elise’s Queen song and Phillip Phillip’s “too artsy” Dave Matthews. But as far as my favorite this week? Hmmm….I’ve got it. Write in vote: Colton Dixon.

  • sf3456

    No.  You have to get into the thousands, kid.

  • Anonymous

    I think this will be interesting because no one had two great performances. In Philip’s case neither performance was great for me.  I have tried to give him credit for his talent, even thought it’s not what I like but I kind of ran out of patience tonight.  I just don’t feel it with him.  I have to be honest here.  I am sure there are people who love his kind of music, but I don’t happen to be one of them.

    Skylar should do well in country music with her twangy voice, but I am getting a bit tired of her.  She is starting to seem kind of one-dimensional.  Of course, if I am keeping it real country music is so not my thing.  I believe her great strength is her performance skill. Her vocals to me are not particularly outstanding but she connects with her songs and has great stage presence.  I did not think she did justice at all to “The Show Must Go On”.  I heard a few strange notes at the end. I don’t think she hit them cleanly.  It should have been Jessica or Hollie singing that song.  Her second performance was just a little country dittie.  I think her Queen performance was the better of the two, but I don’t get what the judges are going on and on about with her. 

    I thought that Joshua, Jessica and Hollie were amazing with their second performances.  Well done! Hollie made a mediocre song like “The Climb” sound like something decent.  It’s wonderful when you hear a song done by someone who can actually do it justice. She lifts up everything she sings. 

    Elise did her best with the Queen song. That was definitely Elise at her very best.  However, that second performance really did not work on any level for me. That song was weird. 

    I am not going to even guess about the bottom three. Anything can happen.  What I will say is if Philip isn’t in the bottom this time, then he really should be considered almost a sure thing for the finale.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I really love everyone that is left, but Joshua is just sooo good.

    The standing o’s are getting tired, I agree, and I don’t think it was really deserved for ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ but ‘Ready for Love’ was AMAZING and the studio recording is flawless.

    Even if a girl should finally get the crown once again, he totally deserves a place in the finale. He has been consistent, consistent, consistent. If he were to go this week or any week soon, it will be really sad.

  • kirk charles

    Bold As Love stole the night, bow to Queen Elise plzz

  • sf3456

    Well, if dial idol is to be believed, he’s in trouble.  I’m going to be really mad and very sad if he gets the boot.  I will blame those judges and those stupid standing ovations.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I don’t see him leaving this week but it still feels pretty grim. He could wind up in the bottom three tomorrow still, even after having a great night. Then his fate next week or the week after is hard to predict. :(

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you aren’t looking at Dial Idol Raw Numbers.

  • Romeo Guapito

    agree.Jessica makes me cry and remember my dad …

  • Romeo Guapito

    bottom 3 would be ,lets be honest, Elise(will have to say goodbye), Hollie, and Skylar, who else? guys c’mon this is a singing contest and non of these 3 ladies should be in this stage of competition.

  • Li Wright

    For me, Skylar and Joshua should be in the top 3.  Sklar knows who she is and she sticks with, same with Joshua.  I think PP needs to go.

  • sagi

    My friend texted me about the Caps winning during and I ended up sending
    him about 15 minutes worth of votes for Hollie and Skylar. FML

    LMAO! That just started my day off on a good note!

    I don’t know who should win, they are all very good, and I have been watching the whole season. But I am not vested in anyone. Joshua, IMO, based on performances week after week, deserves it. From of the remaining 6, the most marketable one would be Skylar. She could make an album immediately and it would fit right in with her genre and sell.

  • idolstruck

    Phillip’s studio version of The Stone is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I will say this: Phillip and Elise’s studio versions of their second songs are absolutely incredible and on a real “artist’s” level. I think both songs didn’t lend themselves to having to be edited down to 2 minutes, esp. The Stone.

    Kudos to Elise and Phillip for being themselves, you know, like the overpraised Skylar has been doing.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this week was very solid.  Everyone had at least one decent performance. 
    Round 1.1.  Skylar: A/A+ Skylar continues to amaze me. 2.  Jessica: A/A-.  She did a great job, and she made the song fit her style. I disagreed                    with the judges. She didn’t have to rock it out more. 3.  Phillips (tie) : A-. Not a P2 fan, but I really enjoyed this. It made me want to dance!3.  Elise (tie) : A-. 5.  Joshua: B   That song choice didn’t work for him. 6.  Hollie : B-. Technically perfect, but bland and predictable.Round 2.1. Jessica (tie) A1. Joshua: (tie) A3. Elise: A-  I didn’t know the song but I loved the performance
    4. Phillips (tie): B+. I thought it was a good song to perform, even if obscure, and he covered it with lot of emotion. I  just think he could have done a little more with it vocally. 4. Skylar (tie): B+6. Hollie: B . Once again, perfect but boring. As much as I like Hollie (she was originally my favorite), I really think that it’s time for her to go.  Technically, she’s an excellent singer, but her performances continue to be a bit bland and lacking in personality. She still hasn’t learned how to just inhabit a song and make that connection, which is what the judges have been trying to get her to do. Due to the recent “save-Hollie-from-being-thrown-under-the-bus” movement, I doubt she’ll be the one to leave tomorrow. It will either be Elise, Skylar or Joshua, which is a shame.

  • John Rey Celiz

    judges always gave SO’s for Joshua even though its not a solid performance

  • Anonymous

    Overall both performances in consideration I would rate:

    I think bottom three will be:

    Going home:
    Elsie maybe Skylar

  • Anonymous

    since we know he is getting a SO i don’t want to watch his performance the judges are boring with it i also think they are holding back on Jessica. they want her to win, so they aren’t going to give her a SO 

  • BonnieDee

    I am hoping they are downplaying their love for Jessica so she can have a “comeback” moment.  That’s the only way I can make sense of it.

  • Anonymous

    Joshua’s India Arie song was the best of the night.   Every couple weeks he sings something that makes me sure he should win it all.
    Philip philips still holds my attention with his song choices and his stage presence–I enjoy the musicians he brings on stage with him as well.
    The rest of the contestants really aren’t keeping me in it for an entire performance.

  • V Jemmy

    So last night was the first night that I’ve sat down and watched Idol this season (thanks Queen).  A few thoughts.

    What was Phillips second song even supposed to be?  I like Dave Matthews, or at least I did back when I heard him on the radio, but seriously?  All I heard was mumbled mush.  It even seemed like the band was mumbled mush.  Just seemed like a mess..  And his first performance?  He looked like he was going to pop a kidney stone on stage (yes, I’ve heard he has issues).  It was unpleasant to watch.

    Joshua is the type of singer that I would expect to see at my in-laws church when I’m forced to attend.  Oversinging, gospely nonsense that gets in the way of a good performance.  He sounded off the entire time on both songs that I heard.  I really dislike his voice. 

    Skylar… is country.  She did better on the Queen song than the country song.  It sounded like she was lost in the country vibe of the instruments on the Aldean song.  She’s got spunk, but in he end is country.  Not my cuppa.

    Elise was neat.  She has a better-than-you vibe about her that’s somewhat interesting and somewhat offputting.  She does well with the rock vibe.  I like her I Want It All, but I think I would have preferred someone else singing it.  I enjoyed the Hendrix song, though I didn’t recognize it. 

    Jessica was amazing on Dance With My Father.  Loved that performance.  Bohemian Rhapsody… it was just too truncated to make a fantastic impression, but I thought she sung it well.  If I had voted last night, I would have tagged them for Jessica.

    Hollie…  I don’t know what to make of Hollie.  Her tone is interesting and I thought she did The Climb well, but then when you’re competing with Miley, that’s not hard to do.  I thought that she did the best of the Queen songs, though I don’t think that it was a good song to show off her skills, especially considering that she essentially repeated the same words over and over again.  That can be fun for a four-eight minute song, but in a truncated version, it just becomes boring.  I was wanting more lyrics out of her to really get an idea of her voice, but I didn’t get that.

    So, I think I inadvertantly listed them in the order of preference, from last to first.  Hollie and Jessica is a toss up.  I think Hollie did better overall, but I would have voted for Jessica over her due to the Dance with My Father performance.  Personally, I would prefer Thia over either of them, but she isn’t there, so I can’t toss her any votes.

    Overall, it was…. a bleh night for me.  I think, if anything, it’s confirmed in my mind that I made a great decision in not watching this season.

  • Anonymous

    Philip Philips studio version is very good.  I can appreciate Joshua and Hollie but  I would buy Philip.
    So if I am voting for my favorite artist it would be P2.  If I am voting for the best singer it would be Hollie.  If I am voting for singer/performer(whole package) it would be Joshua.

  • Anonymous

    I just downloaded Phillip Phillip’s version of The Stone. Amazing! Very cool stuff!

  • Tess

    No horse in the race so I’m listening and judging based on a somewhat unbiased platform, I think.

    Queen songs in their entirety:  what a waste of an hour.  Not that the kids were bad, they weren’t, but these songs are just way too familiar to almost all AI watchers….and to do them real justice it does take a rock voice with lots of attitude and for most of the songs it takes some unholy range with the ability to throw your voice beyond the top tier rafters while being able to hang onto every nuance of the song and to move within the melody to places only thought of by most mortals (heh, flowery prose, my AP English teacher would be proud).  Without having access to all the pre-requisites most voices, no matter how good, just sound like someone trying to do justice in a garage band.

    OK…now for the “real” part of the night.  All sentences to be proceeded by an “I think”.

      Hollie has a very unique sound to her voice but is really really untrained…with mentoring and experience she could climb to the top of the industry, if a label takes their time with her she has all the talent and the bones of “IT” to really go far.  She enunciates, she doesn’t lose the melody, she has great control, she just hasn’t been doing this since she was in diapers and it sometimes shows.

    Jessica…I can’t find the “unique” in her voice.  She has all the technical tools, understands what she is singing, but nothing about her raises the goosies, for me.  

    Phillip…does have something pretty “unique” and interesting.  He is identifiable and doesn’t fade into a crowd. For him, for me, it will all about the material.  Song choice will always be paramount for him.

    Joshua…like Jessica he has all the tools…but for a young singer he does sound slightly old fashioned and hasn’t, yet, developed that swagger in his voice that he really really needs.  Is that something that can be learned or is that innate.  I don’t know but until it surfaces, if it does, he just doesn’t have that punch.

    Skylar…Skilled, understand performance, but I haven’t found “Skylar” yet when she sings.  I hear lots of other country singers, their styles, their nuances.  Can she make herself into something special?  

    Elise…Oh, I’ll get hell for this, but I can’t identify with her at all.  No matter how great she sings or interpretes I will always see a front women for a weekend band….In fact, I think she could move forward in that capacity but she just doesn’t move me as a solo artist.

    Going home this week:  Elise.  I just don’t think she connects across the board.

  • BonnieDee

    What gets me is they come out and admit that Skylar is using Autotune and she STILL gets praise from the judges.

  • justshootme

    Hmmm.  *TO ME* Jessica, Joshua, and Elise are in a different league as singers than the other three.  Like they’re ready for the NBA and the rest are playing CYO ball. Unfortunately *TO ME* the other three have traits that make them more appealing to the typical AI voter, so they’ll outlast those that *TO ME* deserve to go further.  Like Hollie is the sweet victim of the mean old judges, Skylar is the spunky Jesus lovin’ country girl, and Phillip is the marginally attractive WGWG.  Oh wells.  

  • Joel S. Andrada, Jr.

    thewildbrain . wordpress .com

  • Anonymous

    I usually snooze at Luther Vandross’s songs but Jessica made me cry with her version…. ok maybe not externally cry but in my heart lol. Maybe it was also the fact she dedicated it to her dad. You see, she’s trying to connect the emotion. Lol!

  • Tess

    For sures…Jessica, Joshua and Elise have the most technically proficient voices but what does that get you in a world where people like something more unique and spirited, joyful and interesting, raw and playful.  If I want technical I can go to the opera or listen to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday mornings.  

    In 10 seasons of Idol I don’t ever think “the best” voice has ever won…nor can I think of many of my favorite artists over the years fit into that category.  Sure there is a place for a Celine or a Mariah but they rarely capture my interest.

  • Bazzle

    Tonight was one of the best nights!… wow I am so surprised how well they’re doing. Elise and Phillip gave extremely polarising performances for their personal choices… they both did something artsy and out of the norm cos thats who they are. I’m glad they did that.. But Steven contradicted himself when hes like the song didn’t matter to Phillip but to Elise he said it did even though he loved it. He probably just forgot. Am I bad for saying that I still think competition wise…. Hollie has had so many weeks where she probably for me should have been the one packing. But now I have to admit shes getting so much better. Garrggh.. ….. im so conflicted.  

  • judes

    Isn’t it funny how we all differ in what we liked.I much preferred the Queen covers to their own picks apart from Holly as I thought she did a great job.[Some of the songs were too obscure for me -especially P2’s which I thought was weird.]
    I thought Elise’s Queen song was the best.

  • SaSa8

    Just trying to understand the whole autoune thing?  What did the judges say about Skylar’s performance?  Did she use Autotune and do others on Idol use it too?  How can you judge a legit performance if they are using it?

  • EH

    I think Steven was referring to the use of reverb on Skylar’s mic, and not Autotune (I really don’t think Idol uses Autotune at all, I’ve definitely noticed reverb at times.)

  • Mateja Praznik

    Watched the performances… 

    Picking Queen for this group of contestants was pointless. They turned in some decent covers (with help of backup singers), but nothing really noteworthy. There is just no rock spark with this group, Skylar and Elise try, but it’s just not working.

    And twangy “Show Must Go On” was a bit too much.

    All in all, I don’t think this group will do too well after the show.

    Joshua is a great performer and I definitely look forward to his performances every week, but I don’t think I would be interested in his original music after the show.
    Skylar is just too country for me. I like country pop (Carrie, Lauren Alaina, Shania Twain), but Skylar’s singing is just too twangy for my taste.
    Phillip seems solid as a performer to me, but I have no interest in his type of music.
    Elise is a hit or miss with me, her song choices on the show work about half of the time. Jimi Hendrix song last night was just a bad choice.

    Hollie needs more seasoning IMO.

    Jessica is the only one I would consider buying music from.

  • Bazzle

    Jessica: B-Like I said before. Bohemian is a no no. But she still sang it well with some characterSkylar: A-Woa, this girl just sells every song she sings. Completely blown away by the range. 
    Joshua: BUh, he had great character and performance skill… but I didn’t feel the vocal was that good. He was pushing so much… and it didnt resonate as much. You’ll know what I mean when you compare it to his second performance. This is exactly what he did in the songs last week.Elise: AThen Queen pwns Queen what a suprise, but… she just commanded that band and the audience. Her tone just goes well with rock songs. Phillip: B+Uh… nothing too special, but if you talk about how it sounded Phillip pushed even less than Joshua and if actually sounded heaps better. I thought this was one of his best vocals. I don’t know even though Phillips voice is gravely it always resonates, it doesnt get stuck in his throat. Hollie: B+Uh… this wasn’t that bad at all.. I thought this was just as good as last week. I actually liked her better than Jessica and Joshua in this round. That’s not usual. 

    Personal:Jessica: AWow. Just wow. I don’t care about the song choice. This was so incredibly controlled and smooth… also I really felt it. One of her best for me.Skylar: A-Again… screw the song choice… I didn’t know it at all… but now I want to go download the original after this. I agree with Steven out of everyone I am most impressed with Skylar at the moment. Joshua: A+I thought it couldn’t get more smooth after Jessica… but…. for me im gonna quote Randy … “THE JOSHUA WE FOUND in A MAN LOVES A WOMEN is BACK”. Voice wasn’t stuck this time. Milked everyone single phrase,note, emotion.. Impeccable. Next to a Man Loves A Women I thought this was one of his best. Elise: A-Screw the song choice! If you don’t know it you should know it!I agree there were some bits that weren’t spot on but…. the tone and phrasing was amazing! It’s really like she’s narrating Hendrix’s experience. 
    Phillip: AMight have been a bit obscure But I think this was one of his best. He was so in his element and his vocals just matched it. I don’t care if he’s like Dave Mathews Dave Mathews is great! thus my logic is… Phillips good too!Hollie: AI have to say… this was indeed her best performance… she is starting to hit her stride! This is the first time I’ve thought she completely nailed it.   

  • Anonymous

    Hollie is smarter than I gave her credit for – she pulled out The Climb at the perfect moment. I don’t think Colton’s votes are going to Phillip at all, I think they are going to go to Hollie. Phillip is perhaps to eccentric and unusual for the average tween or teen girl, but if they can’t have their emo heartthrob Colton, they want a girl they can relate to, and that is Hollie. Talented singer, but lot’s of criticism and trips to the bottom three. Smiles and laughs when she’s in the B3 or getting criticized by the judges, but cries when her friends are there. And now coming out and singing this anthem of preteen angst. Smart girl.

  • Alessandro Hutapea

    Jessica Sanchez – Bohemian Rhapsody: B
    Skylar Laine – The Show Must Go On: A
    Joshua Ledet – Crazy Little Thing Called Love: C+
    Elise Testone – I Want It All: B+
    Phillip Phillips – Fat Bottomed Girls: B-
    Hollie Cavanagh – Save Me: B-


    Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father: A-
    Skylar Laine – Tattoes on the Town: B
    Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love: A
    Elise Testone – Bold As Love: B-
    Phillip Phillips – The Stone: B-
    Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb: A


    Skylar did a great job after she got a standing ovation. She did great. I think she’ll be safe along With Joshua Ledet. Joshua Ledet absolutely safe until top 4. Then,P2 will be safe i think. I hope we only have bottom 2 so there will be Jessica and Elise.

    1.Skylar Laine
    2.Hollie Cavanagh
    3.Joshua Ledet
    4.Jessica Sanchez
    5.Elise Testone

  • Anonymous

    Hollie is definitely growing on me. A few weeks ago, I blew her off as a pageant princess, but she has definitely turned it around. She has been great these past 2 weeks. Props to her.

    Elise is still my favorite. I love that Joplin-meets Etheridge-meets Grace Slick sound. I don’t know how well she would do in today’s music market, but I am interested in her post-Idol career.

    I have come to hate P2 a little more each week. I love Joe Cocker, but this guy is no Joe Cocker. His smug attitude makes him even more intolerable. I know he’s probably going to win, but that will just be the result of “virtual boyfriend” voting.

    Sadly, I think Elise or Jessica will get the hook tonight.

    My ideal finale would be Elise & Joshua, but that will only happen in my dreams.

  • Anonymous

    No one said she was using auto tune.  That was a touch of reverb.  [Did Skylar shoot your pet deer? LOL]

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I said no one should sing The Climb but I agree with you as I have seen it two years in a row, teen girl struggling with at least the appearance of being hobbled by self doubt sings the climb (both rather nicely I might add) and the world rejoices as one.

  • Anonymous

    I think all the singers on Idol this season are exceptionally good. My head says Jessica, but my heart says Hollie. I seriously want a girl to win this season!

  • Christopher Auyeung

    I would use all of those adjectives to describe Jessica’s voice. At least some of them to describe Joshua and Elise’s voices. Maybe two of them to describe Phillip’s voice, who I’d categorize less as joyful or interesting and more as constipated.

    In ten seasons of idol, I’d personally say Kelly was the best voice in her season (I always thought she was better than Tamyra), as was Carrie (loved Vonzell to death, but she was pitchy). I think Ruben vs. Clay is debatable, because they were both technically very good singers, and Jordin vs. Melinda is also quite debatable.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    You know, the thing about Hollie is that everyone compares her to Jessica but I think they’re completely different artists. The only thing they have in common is being “big-voiced”, but their genres and styles of singing couldn’t be more different. Jessica is firmly entrenched in urban and r&b, and performs with a great amount of swag both in her attitude and in her voice. Runs are effortless for her, and she glides on and off of notes smoothly and fluidly. I would liken her to Mariah.

    Hollie is all about the big notes. Sings everything in a very straightforward manner, with no runs. She holds out lots of phrases, and people like her mostly because they like the tone of her voice, in combination with her power. I’d imagine she’d want to do pop after the show. I’d liken her to Celine. People always compare Mariah and Celine, but really, very different artists who put out very different music and sing very differently.

    Point being – I also find her boring, because she sings in such a straight-ahead, not a lot of dynamics or embellishment kind of way. The things I love about Jessica’s performances are the fine subtleties in the ways she uses her voice.

  • Tinawina

    ITA about the difference between Hollie and Jessica, though I don’t find Hollie boring, just raw. But yes, besides surface similarities they are very very different singers.

  • Chris

    Hollie needed that to stay in the competition or at least go out on a high note. Song choice really makes a difference and the teens struggle.

  • Chris

    She might have! !!! I don’t remember a girl talking about guns so much since the old cowboy shows.

  • Ringo

    This year is odd indeed. At this point, more often than not, there are two or maybe three consensus top contestants, with the WGWG in the lead or no. 2. There are two or three clear fodder choices too. But I think the last two weeks with seeming leaders falling into the bottom slot (Jessica and Colton) show that anyone can go, and that reading the tea leaves, so to speak, is so much BS. That’s why I get annoyed seeing bold predictions as to who is leaving. My own annoying bold prediction:

    P2 is elminated because he has shown no growth, every song sounds the same and he picked the wrong songs. His fans thought he was safe. Mark my word.

    Skylar will be eliminated because she has shown no growth and was identified as the best of the evening. Her fans thought she was safe. Plus she was so nasty in the critiques of others. Mark my word.

    Hollie will be eliminated because while she has grown in confidence, she is still robotic and was over-praised for a Miley Cyrus piece of drivel. Her fans thought she was safe. Mark my word.

    Joshua will be eliminated because he is over-praised and sings an unpopular style of music. His fans thought she was safe. Oh yes, he is African-American. Mark my word.

    Jessica will be eliminated because she is too perfect, too robotic, doesn’t connect with the audience and dared to do B.H. She is also not white and Asians never win this contest. Her fans thought she was safe. Mark my word.

    Elise will be eliminated because she picked an obscure second song, gives off a stink-face too often, talks back to the judges and thinks too much of herself. Her fans do not vote. Mark my word.

    You’ll see.  When it happens tonight I can say I told you so. 

  • EH

    For me, Skylar, Hollie and Jessica are all alike in that I feel like I’ve heard them all before. Jessica, in particular, is fantastic at what she does, but I couldn’t necessarily pick any of their voices out on the radio.  I’m not knocking them for that – they will fit right into their genres.  “Clear-voiced” or “big-voiced” is just not a big selling point for me.

    Elise has a voice unlike any I’ve ever heard. Phillip and Joshua are pretty recognizable in their tones too. I would probably buy albums from Elise and Phillip and maybe a catchy single from Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly is the best voice in ANY season!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica is the only one I voted for several times!  Go Jess!  In spite of being first (the Death Spot).

    Her “Father” song was featured as the best of the night on the View.

    Hope Skylar or Hollie goes home tonight.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great season. You should keep watching :)

  • Jake Williams

    I feel like the producers are throwing Jessica under the buss because she is so obviously getting signed. I think they want someone who would needs the title the most to get a career going.

  • Anonymous

    Respectfully, I don’t believe that race should be brought up in any part of this discussion even in a speculative way.  I think this is about the singing, the performance value, song choice, likeability and just delivering on that stage. 

    Regarding a comparison between Jessica and Hollie, it is true that underneath the surface they are two very different singers. But for the purposes of this competition, they would be appealing to the same fanbase.  That is why in the last two weeks as we are getting to crunch time, one is up and the other is down.

    We should also keep in mind that Jessica has had a good deal of training. She had voice lessons and has been performing since she was nine years old. This information is from her online biography.  She was also on America’s Got Talent and made it to the semifinals.  She has had years to hone her skills, starting at a very young age. 

    Hollie is the better pure singer. She has more clarity, tone and resonance in her voice.  She has unbelievable power with incredible technical skill.  She is a true amateur. Hollie hasn’t had vocal lessons or any training or experience performing. She is a phenomenon.  This girl was just born with a God given gift. I like her more because of the beauty of her voice. I like that straightforward style of singing, going for those big high notes. 
    I think Jessica does have more versatility in her voice. She can do runs, nuance, style and has great range.

    The truth is that I like both of them. However, Hollie has become my favorite because of the timeless beauty of her vocals. I like the purity of her sound. It gives me the chills.

  • Listening

    I hope Elise goes home she’s the only one who didn’t have a performance I liked. Also she does weird things w/ her voice it’s so affected, most the time her tone just bugs me. Listen just b/c it’s different doesn’t mean it’s good. Hollie has a strong voice and has really started connecting w/ songs and also picked it up style wise. I really liked her performance of The Climb 

  • Leandro

    I’m not a fan of Hollie but this whole thing of emotionless,”not connected to the lyrics” is getting boring…I think many people are  stating she isn’t connecting even before she starts to sing. “Hollie = no matter what I hear and what I see she isn’t connecting”.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    I dunno, I tend to disagree. Why would they be appealing to the same fanbase when they sing totally different styles of music? If anything, Jessica and Joshua would appeal to the same fanbase because they sing in similar genres, and they’re both powerhouse singers who use lots of melisma. Even reading through the comments on this blog, I haven’t seen too many people who are fans of both Hollie and Jessica.