American Idol 11 Top 4 – The Power List

Attempting to rank the Idols this week is probably an exercise in futility.  I feel pretty confident that Hollie Cavanagh will go because she has spent too many weeks in the bottom 2 this season. If two stellar performances couldn’t keep her out of the bottom last week, I can’t see how she would survive against 3 contestants who ALL had moments.

I’ve ordered Jessica, Joshua and Phillip according to how popular I think they were in the wake of their performances last night. In my mind, all 3 are bunched pretty close together at the top.

1.Jessica Sanchez
2.Joshua Ledet
3. Phillip Phillips
4. Hollie Cavanagh

Having said all that…I think Idol continues to be unpredictable. I would not rule out a shock boot for tonight.

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  • Kylee

    One would think that its Hollie, but that girl has nine lives. I would love to see 2 girls in the top 3, so I would be happy if she stays. It could really be anybody. You could argue a case for any of them leaving:

    Phillip: Gets lost in the mix because of Joshua and Jessica performing stellar performances after him and because fans want to save Hollie.

    Hollie: Weakest of the night, worst criticism.

    Joshua: Lowest on Dial Idol, voters getting complacent, voters getting annoyed by the pimping, getting lost in the mix.

    Jessica: Save momentum could wear off and she could be splitting votes with Joshua and Hollie. Fans assuming she is safe.

  • Ron Hep

    I do think Jessica, given her good performances last night and her seemingly strong fanbase, and the highest rankings in the polls is probably the front runner right now. Hollie had poorer performances last night than her previous couple of weeks, and was still in the bottom then, so can’t see how she will not be the one leaving tonight. Althiough the judges really like Joshua and keep giving him SO’s, he ranks consistently low in polls everywhere, and I am sure his fan base is much smaller than P2’s, so wouldn’t be surprised to see him in 3rd place. I believe though that they don’t actually have a B2 now, so aside from Hollie probably leaving, we won’t really know the actual rankings of the others.

  • Anonymous

    I think the #4 contestant gets a great deal – a week of media appearances that the #3 contestant doesn’t get due to the finale. I love Hollie – just wish someone would have told her to bring out her party piece like the others intuitively knew to do last night… 

  • Mari Yasmin

    I agree with your ranking.
    Jessica, Joshua and Philip gave their own best performances this season.
    Hollie should be the one to go.

  • James Gebelhardt

    I’ve got a gut feeling it’s going to be a shock Elimination, Hollie will be the first Idol declared safe!  I have my fingers crossed for a P2 departure!

  • Doniel Treeley

    As a Hollie fan I can even admit this is her night to go. Faithfully was decent but she needed a much stronger second round and she managed to do even worse. I think Phillip is the least talented and should’ve gone right after Colton, but his second performance was pretty stellar and without a bottom 3 visit to his name, he’s sailing through..

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your list MJ, but the only reason why Jessica barely has the edge to Joshua is because both of her performances were amazing last night.  I’d love to see Phillip go instead of Hollie, but his second performance last night was very good, and Hollie needed to have two “Moments”, but bad song choices will do her in.  Vocally Hollie was good, but she wasn’t memorable, and she didn’t deliver the emotion of either song.  

  • Anonymous

    Phillip has the best sound for me. Like Stephen said, he could put his ear-phones on, kick back, and listen to Phillip sing a song like ‘volcano’ over and over. I liked both of Phillips songs. No denying Joshua, Jessica and Holly have the most powerful vocals. But really, its all a matter of personal taste in music, and I hope enough people like Phillip’s music, so he makes the top 3. 

  • Madred

    Unless a “shocking elimination” is announced, Hollie is going home. 

  • Anonymous

    Ever read Don Quixote?  Great book about the eternally sanguine you night want to check out.  That said, I like your spirit and loyalty.

  • Anonymous

    My Power Rankings, with +’s and -‘s indicating momentum after last night’s performances.

    1.  Jessica Sanchez +
    2.  Phillip Phillip +
    3.  Joshua Ledet +
    4.  Hollie Cavanagh –

    (Yikes, I just pulled a Randy!)

  • tommy

    I wouldn’t count Hollie out.  It seems when the judges are hardest on her, her fans rally and save her.  Whether they are strong enough in numbers to push her above the other three, remains to be seen. 

    I predict if not her, then it will be Joshua.  I hope not.  The finale should be a Joshua/Jessica shoot out – not only do they deserve it, but it would be by far the most entertaining one in years.  Both have amazing pipes and seem to shine when the pressure is on. 

    But I suspect Phillip will be one of the standing two.  A nice guy, a good musician, arguably decent vocals, but he has given the same performance for weeks.  Safe, predictable and boring.  He should be in 4th place, Hollie in 3rd.

  • Anonymous

    I love Joshua.  I mean I really love Joshua (in a purely maternal way, cough).  But I am sitting here listening to Tea for the Tillerman, Cat Stevens, so umma gonna guess P2 could put out an album I love if he can write.  I can see me buying it, right after I snap up Joshua’s.

  • Anonymous

    I put my 20 points on Josh so that saved him, no doubt. 


    That is just the order I like them in, not a powerlist of suspected fan bases.

  • Anonymous

    Last week, Holllie had 2 excellent performances. It was upsetting she was in the Bottom 2 after last week.   She has been in the bottom a lot so it would seem natural she would be the one to go this week. But this season has been unpredictable with shock boots. I did not expect Colton and Skylar to have been booted before the final 4 either.  Skylar’s boot last week shocked me, I thought for sure she would make top 3.   I fear if there is a shock boot, it will be Joshua. Asthere is a lot of chatter about Phil ‘ s second song and he has never been in the bottom group with very loyal fans who power vote and Jessica did so much better and stood out this week over last week. I think Jessica may be gaining fans and votes as time goes on.  She may be getting some voters from those who seldom vote and are casual viewers.

    And isn’t top 4 when Ryan does not use a Bottom 2 but it is all random. The person with the fewest votes can be standing there in the final minutes with the person with the highest number of votes for all we know , like when Scotty was standing there with James last year, right?  At this stage of the show is when Ryan says in random order, right?   He will say one is going home and one is safe and does not mean they are in B2.

    What I worry about is if at the end of the show tonight, Josh and Philip are standing together and Holly is sitting on the couch.   Then I fear Josh is gone.
    Or if Josh and Jess are standing together at the end, Josh goes. But if it is Holly on stage with any of them instead, that could mean Holly goes.

    But I am very worried about my favorite, Josh as I do think Jessica, my second favorite is fine after last night, much buzz that I bet translated into votes for her after her last song.

  • Anonymous

    I put pool points on everyone except P2. He was already strong voting wise and he’s the only one of his kind (not a big voice and popular) so no one to share votes with.
    Likely hollie will go but it could be any of those 3

  • Anonymous

    I just hope it is not a Daughtry 4th place shocker boot tonight. I really do. As I do not think Josh or Jess deserve to go home after their consistent performances and their voices and the moments they have had. And to be honest, as much as I am NOT a Phil fan and do not care for his voice and his music..his second song was good !!

  • Anonymous

    Yes and say Hollie is that person, I think she will do very well and get a lot of media attention and appearances.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Most common criticisms of each contestant:

    Hollie: Boring, bland, emotionless, not ready. Subjective.

    Joshua: Boring, screamy, screechy, over-the-top, not relevant. Subjective.

    Jessica: Boring, screamy, screechy, emotionless. Subjective.

    Phillip: Pitchy, no range. Not subjective.


  • Jake Williams

    MJ’s power list is exactly like mine. That is how I see it.

  • Anonymous

    I was a Hollie and Joshua fan. But as much as I like Hollie, I am starting to be a Jessica and Joshua fan.  I still like Hollie but I think last night was one of her weaker nights. But her fans could rally to save her. If Joshua goes, I am all in for Jessica however. I just think Joshua and Jessica have had consistently good performances over all of them and had their best night last night. 

  • raya

    But the thing is I don’t think the judges were that hard on Hollie.  Meaning I expect her fanbase rallied to vote for her of course, but they have been doing that for the last several weeks. The Hollie as underdog theme isn’t exactly new.  I actually suspect that the judges would have needed to be far harsher to Hollie last night to inspire enough pro-Hollie outrage to get her to stay.  She got praise for her first song and IMO relatively mild criticism for a second song that was kind of lackluster.

    I wouldn’t exactly be shocked to see Josh go because I do think it’s possible that the overpimping is starting to wear thin with voters.  But I still think it will be Hollie.  

    For the Hollie fans, I’ve always thought it’s almost better to go out 4th on Idol as opposed to 3rd. I feel like a lot of the third placers wind up getting shafted in terms of their media tour due to the finale and having to share media time with the winner/runner up. At least fourth place gets a press tour to themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your list MJ. Hollie is likely to be voted off. I love Hollie, but something happened in her second song. She seemed awfully nervous and shaky. I noticed her mike was shaky and she nervously touched her earrings. She sounded nice, but she needed to be stellar. I have to agree with Randy, she needed to have a song that would give her a moment, and that Raitt song wasn’t it.

    Phillip totally impressed me with his second song. Joshua and Jessica were amazing in their second songs. I give a slight edge to Joshua. That was a heck of a performance.

  • Anonymous

    Actual Powerlist               

    Who it should be list
    Phil Phil

    Hollie will go home.  It will be too bad as she needs the third place spot more than anyone else.  From comments on the show, we know Joshua and Jessica have some kind of verbal recording commitments from Jimmy.  I don’t think Phil does but I suspect he will come in first or second and get his contract the traditional way.

  • Pam

    Yep, 3rd place is a horrible position to go out in because of preparations that are underway for the finale so if you have to leave and you miss out of the F2,
    then this is the week to get the boot.
    I understand where mj is coming from with her rankings and why it’s getting so difficult to really get a handle on who is leaving each week.  I find myself with the same dilemma when making a list too.

    Even though I’m sensing a shock elim as well, here are my rankings for whatever it’s worth.  Heh

    1.  P2-His 2nd song was very good and if it hadn’t been for that, I would have switched P2 and Joshua’s positions.

    2.  Joshua-He really nailed his performances last and was proabably the best of the night but the overexcessive pimping by the judges was a real turnoff for me.  I could easily see his fans possibly getting a little complacent with voting or some of the viewers being turned off by the pimping making him a possible B2 without leaving or being the shock boot.

    3.  Jessica-She did very well last night.  Last week was sort of weird for me but I think I enjoyed her better last night.  It’s always nice to see Jessica tackle obscure songs but I could easily see that getting her into trouble with the voters.  That could have been one of the factors that led to her boot and eventual save t7 week and so it wouldn’t surprise me if she left tonight or ended up B2. 

    4.  Hollie-Last night, she was coming off of 2-3 weeks of pretty strong performances and just didn’t have the moment she needed.  Plus, she has made multiple trips to the B3 and for whatever reason, the viewers aren’t connecting with her..  I think her time has just run out.

  • Anonymous

    Although the judges really like Joshua and keep giving him SO’s, he ranks consistently low in polls everywhere, and I am sure his fan base is much smaller than P2’s

    I don’t think that AI related internet message boards are good indicators of how big anyone’s fan base is, especially when we are talking about minority contestants.  

  • Loretta

    Like with Daughtry voters could assume someone else was safe and vote for as in Daughtry’s case Elliot and poop one of the favorites goes home. 

    This has happened numerious times in the top 4 especially if one of them was seemingly bashed. 

    When Chris D got the boot I was crying and severally depressed, upset etc.  I just assumed it would be a Chris -Taylor finale.  I did throw E some votes trying, hoping to bounce Kat out.  As we all know that did not work. 

    I will not have the same reaction if Joshua gets the boot.  I may just cheer.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like the weakest Performer on top 4 night almost never goes home (if we use WNTS totals from top 4 night the only exceptions are Jason Castro and Tamyra Gray, of all people).

  • Anonymous

    Yes Hollie has a stronger first performance while all the others have stellar and memorable second performances which I think sticks with the fans who are voting.  Granted fan bases will vote for their favorites but casual voters may decide what happens tonight.  Plus if someone is a fan of two of them , they may decide to just give their votes to one tonight.  And that may affect Hollie. But that girl has practically lived in the bottom 2 and always survives so hard to tell this season. This season , except for Phil always being safe, has been very unpredictable.  But no way do I see him leaving before Finale if he was not in B2 after  a rough week last week when he improved a lot this week.

  • Anonymous

    We have the same power list for once this season MJ.  So I am sure something unlikely will happen, sigh, unless the planets align properly.  Hollie is a nice kid, beautiful voice, but she didn’t bring her A game.  Joshua always does, even when I don’t like a performance, I know he gave it his all.  I know it’s not a popular opinion lately, but P2 did something last night that made me forgive the previous week’s debacle.  Volcano was a tour de force for him, he pulled that one out of the ether when he needed it most.  Some who were ready for him to be beheaded gave him props on that one, so he’s golden.  Jessica busted a vein on that stage last night. I’ve never seen a child perform like that.  It was powerful, and emotional, and gut wrenching.  That last best after she pulled it in was almost more than I could hope for, she did Miss Holiday proud.  She put some stank on that.  I also loved Steal Away, I know some thought it too old for her, and I am not gonna get into that….but vocally, and performance wise, she was sassy, bluesy, and uniquely Jessica.  That was not a copycat performance, she put her own little stamp on that song, and I loved it.

    I haven’t decided who my pool points will go to, because my power list means nothing, this has been the most unpredictable year, imho

  • Ron Hep

    If nothing has been mentioned by now about a shock elimination, it is for sure Hollie. Any of the other three right now, would be a shock

  • raya

    I guess I question though why in the long run does it matter much if Hollie goes out third or fourth.  Third doesn’t guarantee her a record deal any more than fourth does.  The only way she is guaranteed something is by finishing first or second and I can’t see any outside parties that are interested in working with her caring too much which spot she finishes in at this point.

    Also while there often can be shock boots at Top 4 to some degree, the reason I expect it less this week is only because I think most fans have been voting in overdrive ever since first Jessica and then Colton got the boot.  There’s been this air of anybody can go at any time dealio.  The only voters I could see getting at all complacent are the Phil fans, just because he hasn’t been in the B2/B3 yet, but on the flip side I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked up a whole slew of casual votes last night based on his second performance.

  • Anonymous

    Given that Hollie is almost always n the B3 and  (IMO) she gave the weakest performances of the 4 last night, I would guess that she will be going home tonight. But if it turns out to be one of the other 3, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

  • Beach Ammo

    No shock was mentioned last week and Skylar went home….I believe Joshua will be going home this week. Many Skylar fans voted for Hollie last night.

  • Ron Hep

    He is also last on Dialidol, and his your tube views are not that high either. Everything combined including the polls makes you realize that maybe he is not connecting with the masses as well as he should

  • Anonymous

    If nothing has been mentioned about a shock elimination, it could very well be Hollie, but I also believe that it could be Jessica because she has already been eliminated once so it wouldn’t be a shock if she was eliminated again.

  • Tyra Ray

    So… I cried three times last night.Volcano, This is a mans world, and I am telling you…I am a huge P2 fan. If I were to buy music from any of the top 4, it would be his no doubt. That being said, I think Joshua and Jessica are obviously far superior when it comes to vocal ability.If Hollie goes home tonight, which im guessing she will, I will have a hard time watching the next result show.Also, if Hollie goes home tonight, this will be my favorite top 3 ever.

  • Mikala

    I think it might be a shocker tonight….I think maybe Jessica…. I would LOVE to see a phillip/joshua finale. In my opinion they are the two that deserve to be there. I don’t care what people say Phillip is sooo good and has such a chill/raspy sound that is super original. Jessica is so boring. Ya she’s got the pipes, but she has no showmanship. I personally think Hollie is a lot more marketable and has a nicer voice. GO PHILLIP!!!!!!

  • raya

    But as Skylar had hit the B3 twice prior, I don’t understand why her boot would be seen as a shock.  A shock boot is only a shock boot to me if the person being booted has never hit the B3/B2 before.  The only person left in this group that even qualifies is Phil.  I could see calling Jessica’s original boot and Colton’s the week after being legitimate shocks since neither had ever been in the B3 before.  Skylar?  Not so much.

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried about Joshua. I hope he is safe. Dude is dynamic! Like Skylar, I look forward to when he takes the stage. 

  • Gwen

    Top 4 down is a battle of the fan bases.  Sigh.  Not ruling out the shock boot, either.  My fingers are crossed.  I could actually make a trip one state over this weekend.  Maybe…oh, probably not.

    Either way, Nigel tweeted at about 1 a.m. West Coast time, and I’ve learned to listen to what the man doesn’t say.  They would have had a general idea by then.  And, I’m crazy enough to believe that they can track out-of-country votes and throw them out, if necessary.

    If there’s no news about the shock boot, then maybe…maybe Hollie goes home.  If not, it could be ANY of the other three.  Best to go out now than at #3, in my opinion.

    This really is anyone’s game.

  • Anonymous

    He could be connecting with the masses but not the power voters as in thie end with this show, the power voters and voters who will vote solid for 2 hours determine the outcome, particularly power texting.

  • Anonymous

    My faves:


    I agree with whomever said P2 is not sharing votes with anyone else – you either like his style or you don’t; there’s a huge style difference between him & everyone else left.  Jessica & Joshua might be splitting votes with the R&B/big voice lovers which could hurt them, but I really do think it’s Hollie going home. She made a really poor song choice for her second song – those lyrics are just not believable coming from anyone her age. She might love that song, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart choice for the show.

  • Grant

    Jessica WILL GO HOME —– after she is declared the WINNER on May 23rd HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Me too, Josh is my favorite and I am very nervous for him. If Hollie is not standing next to him in the final minutes and someone else is, I fear Josh will be one leaving.  He will be ok and get a record deal but still I want to see at least another week of him peforming even if he does make Finale.

  • Anonymous

    I really think we will know before Ryan announces the outcome. It depends who the Two are standing on the stage in the final portion of the show.
    If it is anyone but Hollie on the stage with Joshua and he is there, I fear he goes home. If is Jessica and Phil on the stage at the end of the show, that would be a shocker and not sure who goes home in that case as Jessica had one of her best nights on the show with that final song. But my fear is if Hollie is not one of those on the stage with Ryan in the final minutes and say it is the two guys, Josh goes or Josh and Jessi, I think Josh goes.
    I am very nervous.

  • Cindy

    Too be honest, last night they were all great.  Even Hollie’s last song.  It was the judges who gave her that bad critic.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it does her in, but I really liked her performance. 

    Anyone can go home. 

  • Reflects On Life


    I ranked Hollie this high for picking up some skylar and colton votes and because josh & jess might be splitting votes, unless its a repeat of last year with an all r&b finale.

  • HaleyIsMyBaby

    The Judges Drive me nuts! They are supposed to give honest professional evaluations on the contestants, instead they give their personal opinions. Jimmy set Hollie up for failure by creating a mood for the viewer to find fault even if there was none.I admit Hollie didn’t help the situation, she was nervous and looked lost at first but who wouldn’t be, after all, Jimmy is one of the biggest names in the industry.The viewer trust the Judges to give honest professional evaluations of each performance. too bad (for the contestants) that the viewers never get the whole truth

  • Anonymous

    No one who was eliminated by the voters should be #1 in the rankings. No one who has been eliminated has ever come back and won. P2 should be the top since he has never been in the bottom 3 and based on history, he is the most likely winner.

  • TFLS

    I agree with your assessment.  I’m a P2 fan as well.  Either you like his style or you don’t.  I do think there’s a possibility Josh will be the one heading home rather than Hollie, however.  Or, (oh I hope not!), P2.  If Phil and Josh are standing up on that stage at the end – anything goes; and anyone CAN go.  It’s been a crazy season.  I’d love to see Phil in the finale…..but who knows?  His performances have been greatly affected by his health issues.  It’s hard to concentrate when you are in extreme pain.  As someone who lives with chronic, often debilitating pain, I know how it can scatter concentration, destroy focus.  Tonight should be interesting.

  • lisa

    expect anything tonight,alot of times things never go as you expect them to.
    nobody would bother watching if it goes as you think.I still want Hollie in 3rd
    place not a Phillip or Jessica fan at all.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Jessica goes home. I can’t take any more of her screaming she and the judges seem to want to pass as singing. Puleese!

  • Anonymous

    “They are supposed to give honest professional evaluations on the contestants, instead they give their personal opinions.”

    What in the world is the difference between these two things?

    Seems to me the only place you can get your honest professional opinion is in your own honest response to whether you thought something was good or bad or in between and how well you think it will connect to the audience and/or translate into recordings that people will buy.

    Sometimes (a lot of times) I think the judges are wrong. But I don’t see any evidence that they aren’t at least trying to give honest opinion, from their own points of view as longtime professionals.

    Given that at least some of their future cred will depend on whether what they say on this show pans out in the real professional world of music selling, I can’t imagine what motivation they would have to avoid giving an honest professional opinion to give some other kind of “personal” view instead. What in the heck motivation could they possibly have to do that?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but Hollie has had trouble on those types of songs all season, so it should have dawned on her to pick a song that she’s familiar with, and that she’s had a history of singing well.  I think that’s what the other three did, and what other people have done at this point in the competition.  That round was basically “sing whatever you want.”  Hollie was nervous, because she wasn’t comfortable with the song.

    Nigel indicated that she changed her song, and that her first choices fit her better.

  • Anonymous

    I look for it to be a shocker tonight. Yes alot of people feel Hollie should and may go home tonight, but I don’t feel she will. Another part that may help Hollie is that the people who voted for Skylar will now vote for Hollie. I could be wrong but this is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    No one who was eliminated by the voters should be #1 in the rankings. No one who has been eliminated by the voters only to have the judges veto the choice has ever come back and won. P2 should be the top since he has never been in the bottom 3 and based on history, he is the most likely winner.

    I think Lisa has the best answer for this:

    expect anything tonight,alot of times things never go as you expect them to.nobody would bother watching if it goes as you think 

    What’s the fun in watching, if it’s already been decided that Phillip is the winner? One of the reasons why he’s never been in the bottom three is because he’s not splitting votes with anyone else, but what happens when anyone from the group of Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica are eliminated.  If he goes up against either Jessica or Joshua, there’s a good chance that he won’t win.

  • Anonymous

    You are probably right but I  think Hollie needs as much exposure as possible and it would help her if she went out with more dynamic performances. The more opportunity she gets on that stage the more opportunity she has to convince someone to sign her.  The others just don’t need it at this point.  They have already convinced Jimmy.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Phillip: Pitchy, no range. Not subjective.”

    I agree, those qualities are not subjective, and based on his cumulative
    performances, P2 has repeatedly shown that he’s a very weak singer and
    should go home.  However, he won’t (I still think that he’s destined to
    win), so I think that Hollie will go home, with a small chance of Joshua
    being a mildly shocking elimination (but a majorly shocking elimination
    to the judges).

  • Ron Hep

    I think this is just wishful thinking. Even with excellent performances from Hollie, she was always B2 or 3, and she wasn’t good this week, and the others were at their best. She is almost for sure going home tonight

  • No Thanks

    She’s made it to Top 4, if she hasn’t convinced anyone to sign her by now, then maybe she should work on developing herself some more before trying again.

    I don’t think she’s ready for a major record deal, but I could easily see her getting some kind of work.  For some reason I can picture her singing in Disney cartoons or jingles.

  • GaryOC

    I’ve often seen contestants go home on a good performance and stay on a bad one. That’s because their fans rally to save them on a bad night and get complacent and think they’re safe on a good night. So I’m hoping that Hollie will be safe tonight.

  • charles

    Everyone has to remember American Idol is first and foremost a Television show here to make a Profit during the Season and after with Album Sales. If there’s anyone who doesn’t believe they don’t try to manipulate the results they haven’t been paying close enough attention over the years! As to why the Judges might do as scripted.. could be the millions of dollars they are paid?
    Ask yourself why P2 didn’t get even one bit of negative feedback last week for “Time of The Season” I believe even he would admit it was “Rough” 

  • No Thanks

    I really fear Joshua will become the victim of

    1) People feeling sorry for Hollie and throwing her votes because of the “big bad judges picking on her”
    2) Enamored P2 fans clinging to the cute country boy despite being outclassed vocally on every level
    3) Voters resenting Joshua’s constant standing ovations.
    4) Voter complacency BECAUSE of the constant standing ovations.

  • Jae

    I’d switch 1 and 2 but otherwise I agree with MJ’s ranking. I think Hollie is leaving us tonight but though I love her, I am ok with that.  The others delivered at least one special performance last night and she didn’t.  And 4 is the most favorable non- top 2 place to finish though #3 hasn’t been too bad for Hailey.  But if Hollie leaves 4th, she is in excellent company.

  • Gwen

    I honestly think he’s a goner tonight.  I’d be surprised if he wasn’t.

    I’ve said all along that he’s splitting votes with Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    I still miss Elise, I bought more of her music than anyone.

  • Kylee

    Technically they are all going home this week :)

  • Anonymous

    We’ll be at Disney during the finale.  If Joshua goes home tonight (or next week, for that matter), I’ll watch the DVR of the finale when we get home.  If he stays the course, we’ll have to stay in those 2 nights (I already have scheduled around it, just in case)!

    It took me until the last few weeks to decide on a favorite.  I thought this season was so solid, from top to bottom, and it made it hard for me to come up with just one that stood out.  But Joshua’s passion when he sings has won me over.  He makes me feel the song, and no one else has done that this season.

  • Chris

    What show are you watching? Idol has had wild cards like Clay finish 2nd. If Jessica stays its fan votes. Sometimes saves work, sometimes they are out the next week.

  • Anonymous

    With everybody tossing Hollie a few votes last night, I think Jessica is going home.

  • Anonymous

    So true Cindy…I posted on the other thread some similar thoguhts. Funny that I saw the audience stand up and clap after Holly’s second song and didn’t see them do it to other performances. I thought her song was beautiful but the judges deemed it poor thus seeming like they were fishing for excuses to knock it down thus planting a seed to America to not favor it thus knocking out competition for their favorites.

  • Willis Dunlow

    PUTTING ASIDE PERSONAL LIKES–IN reality, WHO WILL SPEND $ TO BUY Josh AND HIS OLD SOUND r&b?….. Not many buyers want to be taken to “church” as he so often tries to do!…Drama is fine but that’s what IT IS-DRAMA!….We have Patti LaBelle for that!..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE send him home and lets get with the new fresher talent!….I can think of NO other better night than to see him SHOCK booted and see him walk with all those standing ovations!….It would restore my faith in voting!…I have ALL season been trying to grasp the love for Josh?…His singing is just so effected….so overkill…so as Simon used to say-“indulgent”………IF there is an IDOL GOD—let him go HOME and give me personal peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….all said with a smile!

  • BonnieDee

    I think this is Hollie’s night to go home.  I will miss her and truly hope she has great success.  She was the weakest last night.  I would put Joshua at the top of the power list because his performance of “man’s world” was out of THIS world.  Jessica second for her amazing rendition of “I’m Telling You” and Phil third due to his large fan base which is keeping him in it.  

  • Kylee

     Many famous singers are “Screamers.”

  • hayes

    I kinda wanna see Phillip get Tamyra’d/Daughtry’d/Durbin’d. That would be awesome. This is Top 4 week after all.

    Although in reality, I think Hollie will go. As long as Jessica gets in the finale, I’m good to go. I voted last night for the first time all season.

  • Itsmekg

     I didn’t split my votes, and I am one R&B loving woman.  I chose Joshua all the way.  I voted for over an hour for him.  This was my first time voting this season, and I figured I better do it, because from all the weeks I have read the different blogs, the majority of the people don’t like R&B they are only familiar with pop and rock.

    I believe Jessica can sing, but she is has as many flaws as people ascribe to Joshua.

  • Wex

    P2 definitely seems to have the tween screaming girls locked.  P2, Jessica & Joshua all have definite record deals from Jimmy Iovine…he’s already said it in various ways “It will be good for us.  We have to do xxx”

  • Anonymous

    Willis Dunlow

    I will!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really see whose ouster could be considered a shock tonight.

    This isn’t a season where there’s been any really obvious frontrunner — as in the Daughtry season, for example.

    Hollie, Jessica and Joshua have all been in the bottom three or two or even one, in Jessica’s case(Joshua only once (maybe twice???), I guess, but nevertheless…).

    And PhilPhil had one of his worst weeks last week, and there’s a long tradition of people going home on a good performance the week after a bad one.

    And last night they were all at least pretty good and, generally, better than that, at least to the ears of people who are fans of each and like their voices and styles. Anyone could go, so I’m not expecting a surprise of any kind. And, if the past tells us anything, everybody in the top four has a chance of some kind of career and also absolutely no guarantees of anything.

  • Landon Cox

    I picked Josh to go home as well.

    There was an outcry in the Idolsphere when Hollie got bussed again.
    It was similar to last year’s top 4, when Randy decreed it was a tie
    between Lauren, Scotty, and James. Unfortunately for Hollie, she didn’t
    have an “I Who Have Nothing” to follow that comment up; her second song
    really felt like a Swan song. I really wished she had picked a better
    second song. I think she was seriously affected by the loss of Skylar
    this week; both her songs showed serious restraint. I think her second
    song would have been better if it was kept more intimate, but it did two
    favors for her non-withstanding. The first is that its country tones
    might court some new voters over to her with Skylar’s void; those voters
    are not going to pick up their phones for Josh and Jess, maybe Phillip,
    but Hollie is definitely the most country, having done Jesus Take the
    Wheel, The Climb, and being from Texas. Secondly, her restraint on
    ICMYLM paints her in STARK contrast to the Js, who to many come off as
    shrieking messes, especially the older crowd. I also think her close
    bond with Skylar will pull a lot of those voters who are still engaged
    over to her side, especially those who look at the season as a whole and
    not just last night.

    There’s also a lot of backlash against the overpimping of Ledet; you
    would think the judges would have stopped by now, but I think the reason
    they are pimping him so hard is that he is only slighlty above Hollie
    in votes. I don’t think he’s as nearly as popular as they want us to
    think. His performances can be very polarizing. I think his fans might
    be complacent, while Hollie’s fans will be voting for her like Kat
    McPhee’s after her top 4 trainwrecks. While Hollie didn’t bring it like
    the others this week, the judges essentially dismissed her, like when
    Simon told Jasmine Trias that every person in Hawaii better have a phone
    because she should pack her bags.

    Top 4 is pretty much always a shocker/injustice boot. Tamyra, Latoya,
    Daughtry, Allison, James. Most of the other top 4 eliminations were
    mercy kills, such as Josh Gracin, Federov, Lakeisha, Castro, Big Mike,
    and the only person I could make a case for that kind of elimination is
    Phillip, but he did excellent on the second song and he was bulletproof
    last year.

    I’m nervous to say the least.

  • Mitchell

    I think Hollie’s time has come.  She is a sweet girl but simply cannot relate emotionally to a song.  She was outclassed last night and it shows.

    I like Hollie very much, but I think this is it for her tonight.  Great singer, lousy performer – kind of like Pia Toscano (who I also liked).

  • Tiffany

    As much as I love Josh, I think he will go tonight.   P2 had a good night, I even liked him for a change.  Odd  though, the judges and the blogger from Idol Chatter all made the same comment, which I also was thinking.  Volcano was so good, in part for the staging.  HIs vocal was better then usual but still no match for the other three.  I still think he could stand on stage and barf in a baggie and win with the hormones that range every season.  Jessica did very good and has people.  I think Hollie has people too and I loved her first song.  Someone posted last night that Taylor put out a call to vote for Hollie.  Im assuming that was Taylor Swift, who has done the same for someone on the Voice.  If she did put out a tweet, her fans are like sheep following sheep lol, and Hollie would get a lot of extra votes there.  Also, besides the pimping by the judges, Jimmy’s on camera remark about making a record with Josh might cause people to think he doesnt need to win and not vote for him.  Thats not true as the winner gets far better material for their albums, usually, and theres more money available for their promotion.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just hoping Joshua is still there. I can’t imagine the show without him. My gosh, after last night’s thrilling performance, Joshua should get a slew of votes. I know I voted like crazy for him. Well, I do each week. :)

  • Zarke

    Its all about “FANS” “FANATICS” “FANTARDS” (call us what you will) now. Its all about POWER VOTING at this stretch!

    So, VOTE VOTE VOTE for your IDOL non-stop until the IDOL Phone Dies! :)

  • Tiffany

    Country music is my favorite genre but Ive voted for Elise or JOsh each week, never for skylar.

  • Tiffany

    Country music is my favorite genre but Ive voted for Elise or JOsh each week, never for skylar.

  • Anonymous

    Josh is far more than gospel, he is R&B and check the charts, those singers do very well. I think Joshua will do very well.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Joshua makes me feel the emotion of the song each time he sings.

  • Anonymous

    I am worried about that as well, that Joshua and Jessica may be splitting votes and Jessica had one of her best nights and I believe she got a tremendous amount of votes.

  • Anonymous

    Hollie has come a long way she is so much better than  Pia who was stiff and boring to watch

  • Trina

     Sigh. Well I’m starting to get that weird gut feeling I had when Chris and James left. I should be use to talented singers getting voted out in favor of pity votes so nothing will shock me. And please. If people really thought Hollie got bussed last night you have no idea how brutal judges can really be. She did a damn good job of helping rev up that bus by picking boring crappy songs. Hell even Phillip I cant get annoyed at by now because he actually did a good job last night so I can see why he would get LEGIT votes.

  • Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see who the last two are standing on stage before the final result is announced. If it is Josh up there with anyone Other than Hollie, I worry that Josh will get the boot. If the final 2 up there are Jessica and Phil, anything goes. But sadly if Hollie is on stage at the end, I think she goes.
    I say this because after all of these weeks of being bottom 2, one would think if she is safe and not going home on final 4 weeks, Ryan would declare her safe in the first 40 minutes of the show.  So my gut tells me since Final four, we never get bottom 2, who the Pair is on the final 10 minutes will give us a good Guess at who is going.

  • artgoodart

    Pia may have done the same if she got the opportunity to perform for a few more weeks like Hollie. In any case at least Pia had confidence, Hollie is just a deer in the headlights.

  • sue

    The power list looks right. Hollie will most likely be packing her bags tonight. :(
    Why the heck didn’t Jimmy talk her out of singing that second song? WHY? She does so much better when she sings a contemporary song. She really does have a lot of potential. Oh well she choked with poor song choice and it will probably cost her.  Plus she has been in the bottom 2 a lot this season and her time is up.  I really wanted her to make the finale with Jessica or Joshua.
    P2 was good last night and he will win it all.  :( Another WGWG winner, dang it!

    No announcement of a shock boot yet huh? Maybe Nigel just want to keep it on the down low? :)

  • Anonymous

    Im actually kind of hoping for a guy to leave tonight(im not really too picky on which one), my reasoning is that this atleast guarantees us a female in the finale. Its about time girl wins. Of course my username gives away which female id like to see in the finale but honestly, after last night, she deserves it. I thought Jessica actually kind of lost her “mojo” after being eliminated after stuttering (which I think is her best performance). To me, what she did last night was “you know what, f**k it, Im going full out diva this week” I felt like she really just finally let go and didn’t care what people thought of the song choice, she was gonna make us love it with her vocals. I really hope shes safe this week, she was awesome last night. (as were josh and phil)

  • sue

     I have no chance in catching up on the pool so I just put 5 pts on each of them, lols.  :)  This season has been really unpredictable.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I think anyone could go tonight, and any outcome will make me sad. I love each of these four contestants!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, I have not liked a top 4 this much since the Kris/Adam/Allison/Danny Top 4 of their season. 

  • Tinawina

    After sitting on it all day I think it’s Hollie’s night to go. It just feels like her time. :)

  • Anonymous

    1. Phillip
    2. Hollie
    3. Joshua
    4. Jessica

  • Chris

    My concern for Hollie is she has a lot of comments about busing, and people want to prove the judges wrong. That’s fine but record labels still want sales so she needs to find her nitch soon. A lot of good people left in 4th place but it was clear what Daughtry, J Hud would do in the industry. We know where P2 is and where Jessica is headed. A little foggy on Joshua and last night Hollie stepped back a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Joshua can just go now, one more OH HE IS THE BEST SINGER EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and I will just throw up

  • ReginaFilange

    I think Jessica will probably have stolen a lot of Joshua’s votes. On top of him getting annoying and voters pretty certain he’ll make the finale (thanks judges), Jessica put a ton of soul into her performances, which is what Joshua’s fans love.

  • Anonymous

    OK then I better not say he is my favorite and he is one of the best singers I have heard on this show, up there with Adam and Jennifer Hudson. 

    Sorry to make you want to throw up. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that Hollie will go home, at least that’s what my gut is saying.  I will be totally blown away if either of the guys do.  So I think, even with the sympathy vote, or the Taylor Swift vote, she’s toast, and she should be.  She didn’t perform to the level the others did.  Of course in idolland it’s never as simple as that, but it should be.

  • Anonymous

    I am confused, how is Josh getting annoying?  I am not seeing that at all.  ????

  • Anonymous

    I think Hollie is what is known in athletics as a practice player.  As much experience as she has, I think she is great in rehearsal and just gets lost in the performance when it counts.  I give her votes each week because I think she really tries hard.

    P2 is pitchy and has a very limited range. If he is really in such pain, he should have withdrawn a long time ago and taken care of his health. Any money he will make will never buy him back his health.  If I was the producer, I would be horrified to think another WGWG with serious pitch problems might win.

    Joshua comes across to me as a very reserved person.  When he sings, he lets it all out.  The opposite to me from Hollie.

    Jessica …. I am in even more awe of her after last night.  She stood there shaking with real emotion.

    As a mom, I hope P2 goes home so he can start to try and get healthy again.  If I was a producer, I would hope he went home and worked on his pitch problems.

  • Cassie Doran

    i completely love and adore phillip. Have you guys not realized that everytime he finishes a song, the crowd erupts in thunderous applause and cheers. I like how some of you say that phillip sounds the same every week yet none of you can acknowledge te fact that jessica sounds the same everytime. she really does. She sings ballads all the time and she’s super predictable. Phillip is someone that if he releases a record then i’ll probably buy something like that. i nvr bought a jessica sanchez type of cd in my life. and i also love the fact that the judges think that jessica has had no bad performances. um, excuse me, does bohemian rhapsody and turn the beat around mean anything to you. those songs were terrible. hollie also needs to live although she keeps getting better and better. and enough with all the ballads. and i also think the judges are super hard on her.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Joshua go home. I’ve never been a big fan of his style of singing, and the last couple of weeks he seems to be coming across a bit smarmy.

    I thought Hollie didn’t look very well last night, her eye definitely looked odd, kind of swollen.

  • Madred

    30 minutes to show time and no “shocking results” time to move all my points to Hollie. 

  • Anonymous

    Not the ones I listen to.

  • ReginaFilange

    Not him, just the judge’s inflation of his talent. He hasn’t done anything wrong, but almost every performance warrants an eyeroll.

  • Anonymous

    ‘ Ask yourself why P2 didn’t get even one bit of negative feedback last
    week for “Time of The Season” I believe even he would admit it was

    Because they know the general gist of the voting totals. And therefore, because, like Scotty right before him, they see PhilPhil’s votes turning into fans and music buyers (at least in the short term.) And, therefore, in their professional judgment, he’s got the most market potential?

    I wouldn’t call that so much an attempt at manipulation as a professional judgment about his marketability based on the market research the show is doing by counting votes.

  • Ryan

    lol, remember, they didnt announce a “shock” with colton until about 10 minutes into the show

  • Reflects On Life

    Mine is just a theory having to do with how the metrics play out.  I agree with your assessment re Holly, but it is despite Holly’s performances, not because of them, that I ranked the power list as I did.  It’s not wishful thinking because I don’t actually wish this list to be true.  Just throwing an idea out there is all.

  • Darrel Flores

    I think Phillip is safe. He will make the most fun Top 3 Homecoming episode. Jessica also makes it to the Top 3 – Her homecoming will also be interesting to contrast the South and Middle America  so there will be a little of the West Coast. I think Joshua or Hollie could be in trouble. 

  • Madred

    You’re right. Dang it, my gut says Joshua is going home, but all I am seeing is Hollie. 

  • Anonymous

     “As much experience as she has,”

    I keep asking this and not getting an answer, so i’ll ask it again. Can anybody describe the actual experience that Holliee *does* have? Somehow I don’t know anything at all about her music and performing background. Can somebody fill me in on the details? My impression is that she doesn’t have much experience at all, but I don’t have any idea what the actual facts are.

  • Anonymous


    I will, as I’ve done pretty much every week this season, which is a first for me.  Of course, his sound doesn’t sound old to me, as he showed when he sang Bruno Mar’s “Runaway Baby”.  They are all singing songs that are usually thirty years old, but Josh’s strengths are in his ability to interpret the emotion of a song, no matter how old or new that song is, and to make people feel a song.  That strength is timeless, and will always sell records.

  • Madred

    When she tried out in Season 10, she had a bunch of videos and stuff out there and deleted them. But I am not sure she ever did anything professional. 

  • Anonymous

     “When she tried out in Season 10, she had a bunch of videos and stuff out
    there and deleted them. But I am not sure she ever did anything
    professional. ”

    Thanks! …

  • Anonymous

     Her video diary this week answers some questions about her lack of experience:

    She says she didn’t really know she could sing until around age 14 when she did a middle school talent show and has only really performed at her high school since then. That youtube channel also has all her pre-idol videos which are mostly just recordings of her singing at home and at small events which she deleted after she got onto the show.

  • Dee Miggel

    I agree with your Power List MJ, but none of them nor their fans should be too confident that they can retain such standings.  It’s just so ironic that for AI to have a girl winner this year, we started of the Top 6 with 4 girls versus 2, and now in the Top 3 having only 1 girl versus 2.  I therefore conclude that the female species tend to eat out their own kind first.  Well, hopefully many people will consider Joshua as seemingly-female after his trying to be manly performance of It’s a Man’s Man’s World (or should it be “It’s a Gay Gay Man’s World, lol) and gets booted out next.  P2 is handsome and talented but he’s not the best singer or performer out there.  I’d be pretty sad if he lands the title.

  • meee meeee

    Thats ok, you can like who you like but Josh is no where near those two, not even close and Josh is so unattractive.  Adam and Jennifer are at least beautiful.  He is just the one the judges love so people will always vote for who the judges shove down their throats.  I have seen it happen so many times.  I love Adam and Jennifer though :)