American Idol 11 Top 3 Homecoming Schedules!

This weekend, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet will be heading to their hometowns to be feted like rock stars! And it’s all for the American Idol cameras. Here are the kid’s hometown visit schedules:

Phillip Phillips – Leesburg, GA

Fri 10 PM: Phillip’s celebration starts when he arrives Friday night at the Eagles of America near the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport. The address is 3905 Newton Rd, suite 111. The brown building housing Eagles of America sits off just from the airport. It is not the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport and parking is not allowed there. Free parking is allowed at the service entrance in the grass lots. You are encouraged to be there by 10 PM and you are allowed to bring signs!

Saturday 10 AM: On Saturday, Phillips will make visits to the local Cumulus building for a radio tour on Broad Avenue at 10 AM. This will be followed up by a visit to his dad’s pawn shop afterwards.

Saturday: 2:30 PM: Then, the Lee County Chamber of Commerce continues the homecoming celebration with a parade that will begin at 2:30 p.m. and will run down Hwy. 32 from Starksville Avenue to the Lee County High School.

Saturday 3 pm: The concert will begin at 3:00 p.m. at the Lee County High School Football Stadium. Gates will not open until 2:00 p.m. No coolers or backpacks will be allowed. The event is free and open to the public. (FOX31)

Jessica Sanchez – San Diego, CA

10:15 a.m. to noon Saturday, Eastlake High School’s Stan Canaris Football Stadium in Chula Vista. The Chula Vista homecoming will begin with a brief parade outside of the stadium, which has a capacity of 6,000. Attendees should arrive from the south, using Olympic Parkway, or from the east, using Clubhouse Drive to Eastlake Parkway. Eastlake Parkway will be closed to traffic, from Clubhouse Drive to Otay Lakes Road, from approximately 8:30 a.m. until noon, in order to permit safe viewing of the parade.

2 to 3 p.m. Saturday on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum at downtown’s Broadway Pier. The homecoming celebration on the USS Midway is free, but only for those boarding between 1 and 2:30 p.m. Admission is limited to the first 3,500 people, so it is advisable to line up before 1 p.m. Public parking is available nearby, but is expected to fill up quickly. (UT San Diego)

(More Details about her Midway appearance at FaceBook

Joshua Ledet – Westlake, LA

Saturday 12 PM: The parade will go down Sampson Street in Westlake, starting at around noon.

Saturday 6 PM: The pep rally will start at 6 p.m. at Burton Coliseum, located at 7001 Gulf Highway in Lake Charles. The pep rally will feature live entertainment, including several songs by Ledet. (The Advertiser)

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  • Ryan

    unfortunately, hollie isnt getting a homecoming :(

  • No Thanks

    I bet Friday (today) will be family time for the top 3.  

  • raya

    I wouldn’t feel too bad for Hollie.  I’m sure it won’t be AI sponsored, but I’ll bet her hometown will do something for her when they get the chance.  I feel like the 4th placers usually get some kind of shindig when they go home.  She’s from Texas, right?  I remember Jason Castro getting a huge Texas homecoming on his return.

    Love hometown visits!  Should be fun, though hoping Jessica will get a good showing.  Not because she’s not popular, but just due to the area she’s from and all that.

  • Kirsten


    .  I’m sure it won’t be AI sponsored, but I’ll bet her hometown will do something for her when they get the chance.

    I don’t think AI ever sponsors it (well, they play for the jet to take them there and back). It is the hometowns that pay.

  • lisa

    I’ll be watching Joshua s homecoming.not interested in Jess or Phillip.shoulda been Hollies instead of either of these 2 

  • No Thanks

    WHY do people assume that only small towns can throw a good homecoming?  Do you assume big cities have no sense of community?  Do you think they don’t support their Idols?  WTF?

  • Trina

    I dont know what the deal was or why it even happened in the first place but that homecoming James got last year despite not making Top 3 I thought I heard AI did have a hand in it. I know he had a rep from 19 that was with him the whole time and arranged the press he did during it. 

  • raya

    I don’t think it’s the idea that only small towns can throw good homecomings.  I honestly have no idea what size towns Phil & Joshua are from.  But we’ve seen some rather sparsely attended homecomings on the show before.  It’s not like it doesn’t happen. Look at Kat McPhee, though I think she was from LA and that’s a bit of a different vibe altogether.

    Kirsten, I didn’t really mean that AI pays for the homecomings. I have no idea who pays for what. But I was under the impression that despite him going out in 4th last year, the homecoming for James was still a sort of official AI thing, which was different than past 4th place homecomings. Basically what Trina said.

  • Wex

    Surprised not to see the contestants doing the local Fox station morning shows…Not sure how far Leesburg is from Atlanta or Westlake from New Orleans…but seems like a missed opprty….to jin up the major metro markets

  • V Jemmy

    Do you assume big cities have no sense of community?

    For the most part yes, but then I grew up in a city that had 7+ high schools and very little sense of community.  School spirit?  What’s that?

  • No Thanks

    Well, that’s  not the case everywhere.  I grew up just outside Washington DC and trust me DCers are VERY proud of where they come from.  Same for New Yorkers (especially certain neighborhoods – there’s a reason why Jay Z says “Brooklyn ‘Til I Die”).  Chicago-ans are hardcore too – just ask Hilary Clinton and Kanye.  Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, etc…

    San Diego has many communities within the city and Jessica is from the military community.  They don’t come tighter than that.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I guess these’ll get filled with some more stuff later on?  

  • Landon Cox

    Because they usually don’t. Remember Kat’s homecoming?

  • Landon Cox

    No one in DC is from DC, and they would all just judge you anyway, let’s be real here. Maybe PG county is tight knit but other than that DCites are all about trying to scramble over each other to get to the top.

  • Lexie

    I have to say that Scotty’s homecoming last year was one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched (didn’t watch before last year so not starting a comparison thing).  They live streamed the whole thing and I watched much of Saturday (time justified because I was sick in bed anyway;).  Scotty’s face when Josh Turner showed up…priceless.

    Just imagining if there could be any cool surprises this year…

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, dude.  Stop hanging out in AdMo and on H Street after your work day.  In many parts of the city, people have been in their neighborhoods for a long time and have a sense of community.

  • No Thanks

    Maybe that was just McPhee’s (but I’ll give you LA, they’re some jaded MoFo’s).  Adam had a strong turn out.  Lee DeWyze had a good one in Chicago.   Wasn’t Haley from Chicago?  Blake Lewis was from Seattle.  All had pretty good turn outs. 

    Of course when you’re from a small town, you can probably LITERALLY have the entire town show up but that’s because they’re SMALL.

  • Gwen

    In the history of the show, those from big towns haven’t normally had big homecomings.  It’s just based on the show’s history.  Might change this year.  Might not.

  • Anonymous

    San Diego does have many smaller communities within the county, but it’s still a big city.

    I think part of the reason some of the bigger metropolitan cities don’t seem to get the same kinds of turnouts that the more regional southern and midwest cities do, is because places like Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, etc. are melting pots.  There are a lot fewer “born and bred” natives in these cities, thus a lot less pride in one of our own. 

    I live in San Diego and there’s just so much to do here already, there’s a lot of competition for our entertainment time.  

    Also the fact that we have celebrities that live and work here.  Shoot, i’ve gone to local events here in the past and encountered celebrities just hanging out, or coming into my place of work.  Shoot, Nicholas Cage came into my work once.  Plus local TV celebs would frequently come in.

    There’s also the fact that it’s considered kind of gauche here to be crazy over celebrities.  We celebrate our craziness in private, not in public :)

    ETA: that said, I think Jessica’s homecoming with be quite popular. Having it at the Midway is a good idea. You get quite a bang for your entertainment buck by having it downtown. People now have more than one reason to attend, they can hang out downtown both before and/or after. Plus it’s central, instead of having to travel all the way to Chula Vista. And like No Thanks said, the military connection will make it a bigger deal.

  • No Thanks

    I’m from PG County!!!  HEY!!!  Don’t confuse the politicians with the people who actually live and grew up in DC.  They luvs they ‘hood. :op

  • Brittany Keener

    The hometown pays for it. Chicago area did an article about either Lee or Haley’s and how much it cost the city to put on. They do have an Idol/19 rep who is with them the whole time, and probably works with the cities to help organize everything. Most towns start planning their homecoming weeks in advance, so Hollie probably has one “set up” it will just depend on whether they do still do something when she’s home.

    Previous Idol homecomings in SoCal don’t exactly hold the best record for attendance. Some exceptions…ie, Durbin had a huge turnout and his wasn’t an official Top 3 homecoming. Kat spent half of her homecoming in a helicopter. Adam’s parade was around a school’s football field. And both of their “concerts” were held in a school field or gym, where they had limited attendance. Adam’s probably would have been bigger had it been in a more open area.

    All three this year look to have smaller homecomings. Joshua’s is limited to about 8k & passed out wristbands last night. Jessica’s is 6-10k (I’ve heard both numbers) & the Midway hold 3.5k. Phillip’s is at his high school as well, and probably the same as Jessica’s? or not much bigger. The do seem to have less things going on…maybe they just aren’t on the schedule? Radio & Fox TV visits?  (Tho for Jessica…her two events are 20 miles a part, and radio/tv stations are on the other side of town)

    BTW…I will be at Jessica’s!

  • Anonymous

     In sheer numbers, I don’t expect Phillip’s homecoming to be that big. 

    Leesburg has a population of 2,965, and the entire county has just under 30,000 people. 

  • ZsusK

    As for who pays for the homecomings… the community does.  When Crystal came to Toledo, there were some editorials in the paper complaining about spending tax dollars on extra cops and closing off the streets for the parade and blah-blah-blah.  Corporate sponsors in the area picked up the tabs for some things. Crystal’s homecoming was really fantastic and a very exciting event that filled up the streets of downtown Toledo.She had a huge turnout at the parade downtown, at the baseball game, and at the concert she performed at the fairgrounds.  That was a great boost to the community.  But, if you watched the footage, you’d see the the only thing AI was interested in was getting what they needed for the show.  They could have done that on the cheap just by having her show up at her old high school or place of business, and greeting her family. The rest of it is really about the community rallying together. For Toledo, it was good for local businesses as it filled up the restaurants downtown, led to a sold-out Mudhens game which meant more downtown businesses were given a boost, and  gave local politicians an opportunity to pontificate.  But, the size of the crowds and the number of events doesn’t benefit AI, so they have no stake in making sure the homecoming is elaborate.  

    That’s why some areas, like LA, aren’t that interested in spending tax dollars to put on big to-dos. There is no benefit to them.  San Diego didn’t go all out for Adam. He, like Jessica, was restricted to his old high school’s football stadium and the military base. It makes for a slightly less exciting event than the ones where the Idol gets to parade all through the city streets of their town.  All homecomings are definitely not equal.  But, it’s no reflection the Idol’s popularity or on the show’s favoritism.  

  • Connie D.

    Joshua Ledet’s concert event is sold out, but he will make an appearance at the area’s annual festival already in progress:

    According to The Advertiser article, there are only 7900 passes available.*Please note that the tickets for the PepRally/Concert are no longer available due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the announcement that Joshua is in the Top3!

  • Brittany Keener


    There was an article about a month ago talking about Jessica’s homecoming and where it would be…that depended on how/who was paying for it. She’s very lucky to have Sycuan Casino supporting her. They are sponsoring her homecoming, as well as paying for a number of billboards around San Diego freeways. 

  • Christopher Auyeung

    There’s a decently sized Filipino community that I’m sure will be out to support Jessica in full as well. I have a couple Filipino friends from when I was at UCSD whose families live in San Diego as well, and they tell me that the community always makes a huge deal when a Filipino entertainer gets big.

  • Anonymous

    Hollie’s hometown will probably have a big welcome for her as well.  I believe that the tv crews go to the top 4 hometowns a week before to start getting ready for the hometown visits.  I remember that from one season the 4th place hometown did it all anyway – just without the FOX cameras!!   I hope Hollie gets a big welcome home in Katy, TX.

  • Anonymous

    I was at the homecoming for James and according to a woman from a Tourettes organization that I talked to he was scheduled to have a private meeting with a bunch of kids with tourettes, not wanting to disappoint them, their organization, the city of Santa Cruz, and the Boardwalk were the ones that negotiated James’s release from AI.  I don’t think AI funded anything, but James brought $1M into the city that day so there were no complaints from businesses or taxpayers.  The interesting thing was because of the 24Hr notice, the crowd of 30K were mostly from the local region, the police estimated it would have been at least 50K if James had actually been in the top 3.

  • Anonymous

    Atlanta is 190 miles away from Leesburg which is in South Georgia.  Atlanta is considered North Georgia, so there is quite a distance between them.

  • Anonymous

    Leesburg is part of Metro Albany. It is no huge area but there are 165,000 or so people there.

  • Anonymous

     I see the typical parades and concerts that everyone gets every year….I don’t see anything different.

  • Anonymous

    Love Joshua’s concert info….

    There will be two opening acts — both of which are related to Josh.
    Before Josh takes the stage, there will be a little Louisiana flavor on the floor. Zydeco artists Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience and Brandon Ledet will be his openers. They also happen to be cousins of Josh.

  • Anonymous

    There are supposed to be terrible rain storms in Westlake, LA tomorrow.  They have already had to move Joshua’s parade up to noon.  If it gets to roll, fingers crossed, it’s going to be a mini Mardi Gras parade with a float for his family.

  • No Thanks

    Visits to local radio stations and the local Fox morning shows seems to be missing from most of the visits.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Wow, I’ve really been in the dark. I assumed Idol paid for most of the expenses for the homecoming visits. Thanks everyone! I learned something new today, haha.

  • Gwen

    Those storms, moving that way from Texas, caused several tornadoes in our area last night. Hopefully, it’s not too bad.

  • Gwen

    Do they do that AT & T thing anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I live on the east coast so I wont be able to attend Jessica’s homecoming. But I hope someone takes some really awesome videos so the rest of us can enjoy :)

  • Chris

    I think people are just going by the crowds or enthusiasm.  Some, but not all, of the “big city” homecomings seem lightly attended considering the size of the city.  Some of the small towns, have a parade (e.g. the person mentioned Mardi Gras float for Josh???), the mayor comes out and gives them the key to the city or names a day after them, police escorts, so its just different. 

  • Anonymous

    The homecomings are always interesting. However, I feel like Idol never shows enough footage on the performance shows and they save much of it for the results show filler slots. 

  • Chris

    One would think that ATL would rally around Idol contestants from GA.  For the last 2 seasons, it appears the hometowns are too far from the city.  Last year Chatanooga, assisted Lauren’s homecoming, even though she’s officially a GA resident.  
    Now that we know the cities pay, maybe its just a cash issue.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the Hometown visits episode every year. No matter who gets to go home, my favorite or not so favorite. I love seeing how touched they are to see the outpouring of love. I love their families. I just love it all. 

    Also, a homecoming episode brought my all-time favorite line from an Idol, “Where did they park?” (David Archuleta) ha ha

  • Anonymous

    He’s baaaacccckkkkkkk!

  • too-cool-for-school

    “I love seeing how touched they are to see the outpouring of love. I love their families. I just love it all.”

    Me too! The homecoming episode always makes me tear up. :’)

  • sweetmm

    It tickles me that Jessica’s homecoming is almost exact to that of Adam’s; the school stadium and the armed forces venue :)

  • Anonymous

    After Joshua got off the private jet in Lake Charles, Phillip deboarded.  Louisiana gave him a very nice welcome and he signed autographs.

  • Anonymous

    Westlake, LA is 3 1/2 to 4 hours from New Orleans.
    It’s closer to Texas, which is only 1 1/2 hours from Westlake.

  • Kariann Hart

    I was at the homecoming for James and according to a woman from a Tourettes organization that I talked to he was scheduled to have a private meeting with a bunch of kids with tourettes, not wanting to disappoint them, their organization, the city of Santa Cruz, and the Boardwalk were the ones that negotiated James’s release from AI.

    Yes, James was/is very important to special needs children.  On the Parenting Forum, there were dozens of children who were rootin’ for him and some cried when he was eliminated.  There were some autistic children scheduled to meet with James, too.   They would have been disappointed had he not been able to go home.  James was a very special contestant and I wish he had been in the TOP 3.

  • Wex

    If not ATL< I assume theres still a Fox local station near these smaller home towns…After all, the families are watching Idol so they must be watching on FOX.  But yeah, there are other factors – $$ -scheduling – sponsors that take precedence…But Idol contestants from the South do very well and P2 may not only be another WGWG winner but also another Southern winner from a small town. Jess is at a disadvantage there as a california girl