American Idol 11 – Top 13 Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes Photos


The American Idol Top 13 had a busy day Saturday that included a photo shoot and press interviews. @idol_insider tweeted some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot.

The Top 13 take the stage on Wednesday to sing the songs of Stevie Wonder (The Boys) and Whitney Houston (The Girls). Mary J. Blige will mentor!

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! Totally loving Elise’s, Heejun’s, Hollie’s and Phillip’s photos, although i can’t say much for the rest because they aren’t proper frontal pictures of them yet, but they are all looking good!

    Just a fun fact:- On youtube, the most viewed performance of their latest performances is 1) Jessica, 2) Phillips 3) Colton respectively. The rest are not even in the hundred thousands… Elise comes closest after these 3. An indication of frontrunners and likely results?

  • Axxxel

    I have not seen all the contestants so maybe my comment may not be fair… but why should the girls sing Whitney and guys Stevie ? I mean why not give them the freedom to choose between those two great singers ? What’s wrong for a girl to sing a Stevie Wonder song ? I still remember Kris Allen singing a Donna Summer song (She works hard for the money) and it was great !

  • aquayers

    I think they got the most viewed hits on youtube because they have the most rabid fanbase of this season. I don’t think I’ve seen Elise rabid fans anywhere. A lot of casual people and forum members like her but she needs those dedicated crazy fanbase to power vote for her and spread the word about her in online world. IMO

  • S

    i want to see more photos

  • Ronnie D

    Phillips is so hot lol. Although his voice isn’t my thing, I can see him going far and even winning. Blogs all over the net are saying he is going to. 

  • escape



    P2 and Heejun’s twitter followers consistently growing.

  • Pam

    Love the pics of the girls!

  • Anonymous

    Phillip is so adorable.  <3

  • sf3456

    Phillips is so hot lol.

    Phillip is so adorable.  <3

    And this is why he is going to win. With probably Heejun coming in second since they have a bromance going and people are going to vote based on that.  Man, should I even watch the rest of the season?

  • Anonymous

    Erika looks old. At least like, 35.  They need to do something to freshen her image. 

    I think only 3 girls so far are showing fun, relatable personalities: Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica. They are cute but not like, I hate you cute.  I think females will vote for them.  I have so far. 

  • MikhailXO

    Agree there buddy…Jessica’s youtube hits are largely from regions outside of the US where folks can’t even vote.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not the only reason…………he is also mad talented.  The cuteness is a bonus! 

  • Adam Alamillo

    Hollie is adorable.

  • escape

    Now to the snark.  Does J Lo seriously think Jeremy is marketable?  I can even excuse his physical appearance or that he doesn’t show a lot of charisma.  But it was him getting on his knees in front of America, wailing with his arms raised.  Then he goes on post interviews saying he is in the favor of God and that will get him farther than anything else. 


  • buffynut2001

    Erika was really fun and outgoing during the commercials the other night. I think it shows in her photo above. I hope she let’s that come through on TV. Right now I see Skylar and Erika as the girls with most winning personalities. I think Jessica’s cool, calm, and collected personality might come across as aloof and too sure of herself. I guess we shall soon see if this year is a repeat of last year’s 3 girls in a row being voted off.
    Right now, even though he is not my favorite, I am already seeing P2 as the winner.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Twitter followers mean anything because some of their followers are not eligible to vote since they live in other countries or follow them just because they are funny (Heejun).

    Twitter followers I don’t think are a good indication. Right now, the top 4 in Twitter followers look like this:

    1. Phillip
    2. Heejun
    3. Colton
    4. Erika

    Even with Heejun’s great personality, I see him being eliminated before the top 4. I like Erika, but I can’t see her being in the top 4. Last year, Casey Abrams was #2 in Twitter followers behind Scotty during the top 13. He was eliminated at #6 & without the save would have been eliminated sooner than that. So Twitter followers don’t mean much.

  • shell29

    And this is why he is going to win. With probably Heejun coming in second since they have a bromance going and people are going to vote based on that.  Man, should I even watch the rest of the season?

    I’ll disagree about Heejun coming in 2nd (the bromance will only carry him so far if his performances don’t improve) but yeah, I think P2 has this in the bag.  He ticks all the boxes for what the typical Idol voter goes for.  I don’t think this show wants a fifth White male winner in a row.  Even if those guys have somewhat different styles, I think it’s going to hurt the show if the perception that only a certain “type” can win this show is validated. I think it’s going to take a fleet of Greyhounds, tanks and bombers to keep P2 from the crown and that might not even be enough to stop him.

  • Anonymous

    If Nigel wants Phillip to win, Phillip will win. If Nigel wants someone else to win, someone else will win. The only time Nigel hasn’t gotten the winner he wanted was Season 5, and I think he learned from his mistakes that year.

  • Anonymous

    Nigel wanted Lauren to win last year. His other favorite was Durbin. We see how that worked out. lol

  • Anonymous

    P2 is the early frontrunner, but the early frontrunner has ended up winning Idol probably only about half the time. So I wouldn’t be giving him the title quite yet — especially since we don’t know how he will do without his guitar, and I have a feeling he won’t be allowed to play it every week.

    I do think he’s a lock to make Top 5 unless he has a complete meltdown, but beyond that? In my opinion, it’s too soon to tell. There are a lot of strong performers this season, although not a lot of big personalities (that I’ve seen so far, anyway).

    I do think Heejun’s personality will only get him so far. Unless his actual performances get stronger, he may be cut sooner rather than later (although I think he makes tour).

  • iFoundIt

    I don’t think this show wants a fifth White male winner in a row. Even if those guys have somewhat different styles, I think it’s going to hurt the show if the perception that only a certain “type” can win this show is validated

    They basically want someone who can sell records. David Cook had a platinum CD. Kris Allen had a huge platinum single. Scotty McCreery has a platinum CD. Lee Dewyze was the oddman out, but it wasn’t like anyone else from Season 9 has proven to be marketable.

    Yeah, so unless Phillip Phillips stumbles big time, which I don’t expect him too, he will be hard to defeat.  Unless someone else can step up and show that they not only can sing, but have the personality, the look to market themself with the mainstream.

  • Anonymous

     LOL, anyone paying close attention knew that Scotty was who the show wanted for the winner the whole time, and that Lauren was the sacrificial lamb to get him there.

  • tinawina

    I look at the popularity thing on Idol as having 2 phases. You have your people who carry things from the auditions to the early stages of voting, then you have folks who emerge during the voting rounds and carry it home to the end of the competition. Sometimes people can ride both phases like Scotty, and sometimes you have a second stager take it all like Kris.

    I wouldn’t say any of the early popularity winners are guaranteed a ride until the end. It remains to be seen if Phillip can be a strong singer who retains his charm for 12 whole weeks. And there are already some likable second phasers emerging… I think Hollie is a charmer and if she grows she’s one to watch. If Skylar can show some versatility she’ll be dangerous. If Jessica can warm up her personality some shell be a very strong contender. Elise already has a lot of the parts… if she can continue improving she’s a threat as well. And then there are sleepers like Erika and Joshua.

  • Anonymous

    I was paying attention and so were other AI fans that had watched the show for years. 

    Lauren was TCO from the very beginning. They started talking about her being the winner from the audition on. Nigel sent out a tweet about her being the winner the day the judges heard her. She and James got the pimp spots on the live shows. Nigel’s second favorite was James. Nigel and the judges did everything possible to keep Durbin in the contest.

  • Anonymous

    You may have been paying attention, but you weren’t thinking very critically if you assumed Nigel wanted Lauren to win. The minute they pimped her in auditions I knew she wouldn’t win. The most pimped in auditions never wins. Nigel knows this, people don’t like to support someone who was front runner the whole time. Scotty got just as much screen time as Lauren, and even got a redemption arc in hollywood, but all people could hate on going into the live shows was Lauren because she was “the front runner”. Scotty got glowing reviews the entire show. Nigel played a clip of him on the view before the season even started. He was clearly TCO.

  • Incipit


    “What’s wrong for a girl to sing a Stevie Wonder song ? I still remember
    Kris Allen singing a Donna Summer song (She works hard for the money)
    and it was great !”

    Exactly, Axxxel, and in Season7 the guys were the stand-outs on Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton nights. When guys sing from a female artist’s catalog, they are not compared to the original singer or song, so if they have  a good arrangement and execute it well – they have an advantage over the women, who risk sounding Kareoke.

    If Idol is after a female winner – the problem wouldn’t be girls singing Stevie, the problem would be guys having the option of singing Whitney, with that built-in advantage.

    JMO. Of Course.

  • tinawina

    But by that logic Phillip is not the chosen one either, since he was massively pimped during auditions as well.

  • Anonymous

     Which is what I clearly believe lol…

  • Goboywonder

     That’s all part of the manipulation to get who they really want. Keep everyone focused on the so-called “front runner”, so that the winner looks like an upset. It’s happens over and over and over again.

  • getgetaway

    I like Elise, and I hate to say this, but at 28, is one of the older contestants so I just can’t see her making it to the end.  If anything, she may be a shock boot. Skylar’s timing may be off.  Not sure if Iovine has room for a 3rd Country singer.  In as far as Jessica, I do agree that she comes off too polished, too mature for her age, the same way Allison Iraheta came across.  She doesn’t have (or yet has shown), the goofy teenage side like Lauren Alaina.  I do like Hollie.  I can her maybe being a dark horse.

  • Axxxel

    hhmm, I guess I have to start paying more attention to the female singers and see what will happen if they eventually sing a song that is originally performed by a male artist.

  • tinawina

    LOL! So who do you think is this years stealth pimpee?

  • Anonymous

     I can’t tell you, because I want to win the pool…..

    Okay I’ll tell you. Either Hollie or Jessica. Nigel will be okay with either winning, so it will be whoever performs better.

  • Incipit

    Axxxel, like just about everything else in the world – the guys will get more credit for taking on a female artist – someone will make a “cutesy” remark about “shopping in the women’s department”, etc.

    The women contestants have taken on men’s songs before – I recall Siobhan doing a fine job with “Superstition”, for instance –  – iconic Stevie Wonder – but I don’t recall anyone saying – “Wow, and that was a guys song!” – it just isn’t given as much weight.

  • tinawina

    You know, I can see that being true, and I think either is capable of pulling off a win if they fix their weaker points. Hollie has to emotionally connect to her songs and Jessica needs to be more like-able and perhaps tone down the vibrato. But both ladies are ambitious so I can see both working their tails off to improve.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Lauren was TCO. This is a grassy knoll discussion, and all they are all a bunch of speculations. Your speculation is no better than mine!

    Everyone in the top 4, except Haley, got glowing reviews the whole time. James never got a critique. Did they want him to win?

    Who is TCO and the sacraficial lamb for season 11? You should know if you are paying attention and thinking critically, because at this point in season 10, it had all been determined and you had figured it all out! I’m dying to know who it is this year!

  • Anonymous

    Elise seems so nice.  Loving this girl.

  • Kathleen Moore

    nvm…replied to wrong person.

  • Kathleen Moore

    Incipit, IIRC, I think the judges were critical of Siobhan’s “Superstition.”  I know Simon gave her a harsh review. 

  • Incipit

    Kathleen Moore, I wouldn’t doubt it  – but that was another agenda. Also. Whenever Cowell would start focusing on the contestant’s clothing or personality for the ‘song critique’, he tipped his hand.

    Other examples, ranging from bad to medium to good could be found, but I don’t think in any of them, you will find the judges or the Idol bubble marveling that they did a guys song.

  • aquayers

    Jeremy’s been answering all interview like he’s running for America’s Next Top Preacher. While the others talked about their musical idol,influence etc,he’s constantly talk about favor from God,Jesus,etc. It’s beginning to turn me off.

  • Trish Martin

    It could come back to bite them all in the butts, this early pimping of Colton, Jessica and P2.  The only difference of the three, Colton and P2 seem very humble and likeable and for right now not tooting their own horn.  Jessica on the other hand comes off as aloof, unlike her counterpart Hollie who seems just so darn cute!  Not saying this is how I feel, just saying that is how it is coming across to me.

  • Kesia Monteith

    But didn’t he want Lauren Alaina to win, and that didn’t happen.

  • Listening

    Hollie comes off to me like a school talent show while Jessica is a
    seasoned performer oh and  Jessica’s voice is better so hands down for me i’m
    rooting for Jessica. To be honest I wasn’t impressed by Hollie’s top 24
    song. I much preferred the snippet we heard of her Top 42 when she sang
    Carrie Underwood’s Change the World there she showed her pipes and
    passion. I actually predict Hollie going out early unless she steps it up shows some personality and picks better songs.

  • Stefan Wind

    Reading all this back and forth about TCO. Nigel and the judges ALWAYS have a fake chosen one and the real one is “hidden”. They know that America likes to pick the winner, so they fool us into thinking we do just that lol.

    Archie and David Cook ring a bell?The only time I honestly don’t think it was so was with Kris Allen. He had “fodder”  written all over him earlier on in the show.

    Concerning this season, I believe Hollie or Jessica will be the next American Idol. That’s fine by me, because I would buy either of their music.

  • Stefan Wind

    I agree with you 100% Trish. Hollie has the sweet personality that will get her far. Hence why so many of us remember her from last season and are voting/rooting for her. Likability is key to winning this show.

  • Stefan Wind

    Follow Colton on Twitter and you’ll feel the exact same way. Religion is great, but it doesn’t have to be shoved down your throats every second. 

  • Tess

    Based on life experiences, I believe that the last thing a teenager or young adult has any “idea” about is being “politically correct” in all their dealings.  They haven’t lived long enough or been around the cynicism long enough to “know” that how they view life can be construed as obnoxious and over-bearing to many others.  I think if you have spent your formative years being raised with a strong “religious” background someone often tends to embrace that and hasn’t learned the hard life lesson that no one “should” talk about religion, sex, or politics outside of their group and if they do they are open to the ire and dissonance of others.  

    For me, whether I am a believer or not, I feel that these kids should be given the luxury of talking about their life choices openly…after all this is a singing competition and the kids aren’t affecting how I make my own life choices in any way.  If I don’t like what they are saying I won’t read their twats, or hear their interviews.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m hoping that Erika will be a dark horse.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Nothing turns me off a contestant faster than this kind of talk.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    They are free to talk about whatever they want, just as people are free to react to what they say however they want.  Talking about their religious beliefs so much will shape the kind of fanbase they attract (which is probably the reason they do it).

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

     Um. Jessica needs to do the same. Her lower register is a message + I could barely understand her during her Top 24. Sure, she has a great set of pipes, but she needs to show more restraint.

  • J3%%!C@

    IF another cute white boy wins the show, I surrender.  

    Rooting for Jessica!

  • Chrissie H

    “IMO, Lauren was TCO. This is a grassy knoll discussion, and all they are all a bunch of speculations.”

    IA. Looks like the different perspectives and speculation depend on who our fav is. It´s interesting to watch Joe /HotelAngels reviews from last season. He then argued  that they did not want Scotty to win and throughout the season he presents some solid arguments for his speculations. Looking back many of his assumtion became true.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not “shoving it down your throat”.  No one had to follow any one on twitter or read tweets they don’t like.  US had freedom of expression and freedom of religion. That means you can talk about your beliefs or not if you like.  Praise God we live in a free country. 

  • Anonymous

    It actually makes me respect him more.It was one of the things I liked about Scotty.

  • rocklet1

    Miss Jessica looking cute as always..

  • songsungblue

    Dear Idols:  Feel free to worship where / how / as often as you please! Because I’m hoping there aren’t cameras on the pulpit.  Please do look skyward whenever you are safe, because we all know that God lives on the ceiling of the theater.  Duh.  But if you tell me every frackin’ day about your personal relationship with the Lord and how He has personally led you to your latest pitchy rendition of America the Beautiful, I will feel free not to vote for you and your giant cross because it is so flippin’ annoyingballs to me!  Deal? 

    Have a blessed day! ;)  

  • TheOther

    Jessica Sanchez. The girl can sing, no question. But if anyone falls victim of their early pimping, I can see her being vulnerable. Maybe because she’s only 16, but there’s just something about her personality that makes me question whether she can get viewers to rally behind her in the long haul.  And she may end up more like Jasmine Trias than Lauren Alaina. And her strongest fan base may be outside of the U.S, who are ineligible to vote.

  • Chris

    Your point about early pimping is exactly why I believe also that whomever they “pimp” the most, Nigel already knows they likely won’t win the final vote. But what they will gain is enough visibility to have a record deal and a better chance at a career post Idol. I can see Jessica either falling the way of Pia, out way too soon, or possibly Lauren as first runner up, but the writing is on the wall for P2. No pimping required, Idol knows what’s up. Jimmy’s finale comments also suggested he knew Scotty would win “there’s no reason that confetti won’t fall on him…”

  • Anonymous

    Great Find! thanks for the link to these awesome pics. Wow…P2 is dreamy isn’t he? lol.  All of the girls need a makeover…but Elise looks the best (although she looked the worst in Hollywood). 

  • Anonymous

    RE: The chosen one

    AI was ALOT more predictable when Simon was judging. It was obvious with his fake pimping and manufactured growth arcs. I mean who actually believed that Melinda Doolittle would win? Jordin Sparks was the obvious choice all along. 

    Now, you can’t just listen to what the judges say to determine who’s TCO. You have to pay attention to other things like the editing. 

    Here is my crazy guess:

    P2 is TCO-F (fake). —In other words, he is NOT TCO. He’s being used to bring in that part of the audience. His fans will always think he’s safe because his name will usually be called 1st. They will never know that he’s 4th from the bottom.

    Jessica is TCO-B(backup). —She will win if TCO-A doesn’t complete her development. It’s nothing against her, but Nigel isn’t going to put all of his pimping skills into someone from California. She actually has a great personally, which Nigel will be sure to show you in her video packages early on. Whenever TCO-A is ready to take her spot, the producers will start to slightly manipulate things like her performance order, her song choice clearance, her edited clips, etc. But don’t worry about her, she’ll get signed and release a single right after her surprise exit.

    Hollie is TCO-A. —She will win if she completes her development. Jessica can’t stop her no matter how good Jessica is early on. Hollie only needs to peak at the right time. You will see her turn into a pop princess right before our eyes and we’ll all feel like proud family members. If fact, she’s so likable that Jessica fans will not be able to resist her charm. Nigel will be working hard to highlight her Texas roots and All-American qualities just in case anyone is feeling a little iffy about her British accent.

    Nigel’s dream season is when TCO-A goes against TCO-B in the finals…but beware of the DARK HORSE and the PARTY CRASHER….

    Erika is the DARK HORSE. —Since she was a talented contestant who was almost sent home, she fits the role perfectly. Most of her votes will come from people who don’t usually vote or who claim to be “voting for the 1st time since Season X” lol. They will be offended by her lack of attention. Fortunately for Erika, her lack of pimping will only make her work harder…which will produce awesome “moments” in the show. If she plays her role right, she will be be the one to knock out all of the early favs like Elise, Joshua, Colton, etc. But she may not be able to knock out P2. Nigel needs to be careful with her…ignoring her too much can motivate her fanbase. Anti-voters love to go against TPTB

    Skylar is the PARTY CRASHER. —Her role is to knock out P2 if the dark horse doesn’t. Since Skylar is from the south, it will be easier for her to take down P2 with her growing fanbase. Unfortunately for Nigel, party crasher sometimes take out more contestants than they should.

    So here is my prediction:


    LOL! That was fun. :)

  • Anonymous

    lol…  :)

  • Anonymous

    Love the fedora.

  • aquayers

    I agree. I’ve been supporting Colton way back since last season’s Hollywood Week but his religious tweets sometimes a bit too much for me to take. I rather have my favorite practice their faith in private like David Archuleta or Kris Allen (I’ve never seen them speak openly about Jesus,Bible or God. Usually they show their faith by doing charity work or something like that).

  • Blower

    Idols:  Feel free to worship where / how / as often as you please!
    Because I’m hoping there aren’t cameras on the pulpit.  Please do look
    skyward whenever you are safe, because we all know that God lives on the
    ceiling of the theater.  Duh.  But if you tell me every frackin’ day
    about your personal relationship with the Lord and how He has personally
    led you to your latest pitchy rendition of America the Beautiful, I
    will feel free not to vote for you and your giant cross because it is so
    flippin’ annoyingballs to me!  Deal? 

    Have a blessed day! ;)