American Idol 11 – The Top 25 Performances!

Tonight is the Idol finale performance show!  As we anticipate Jessica and Phillip taking the stage, let’s look back at the 25 best performances of American Idol 2012, shall we?


25. Stay With Me – Skylar Laine – On Top 24 night, Skylar emerged as a female frontrunner with her dynamic performance of “Stay With Me.”  Skylar’s performance was a breath of fresh air on a night of poor vocals and big ballads.  “Stay With Me” was the first memorable time Skylar’s unlimited energy and pep were shown to American, and we were all left to wonder if a country star could win Idol two years in a row.

24. Rolling In the Deep – Hollie Cavanagh – I know we were all tired of the Adele songs on Idol, but RITD was the standout Adele performance of the season.  Taking on Adele’s biggest hit, Hollie proved that her voice was absolutely incredible.  Rolling In the Deep was a hit when Hollie needed it most, and inspired viewers that this underdog was still very much so in the running for the title.

23. River Deep Mountain High – Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep Mountain High gave Hollie the momentum to reach fourth place on Idol.  She smiled, moved, interacted, and NONE of it felt robotic.  Her big ol’ voice filled the Idol stage and she absolutely nailed the performance.  Standing ovations haven’t exactly been sacred this season, but Randy and Steven were right on by giving Hollie one after this song.

22.  No One – Elise Testone – No One was probably the most underrated performance on Idol this year.  On a week where Elise was basically doomed to go home, she pulled out this haunting and emotional performance.  If you don’t have a vivid memory of this performance, watch it back.  Elise absolutely killed it.  Goosebumps.

21.  My All – Jessica Sanchez – JLo’s choice of My All for Jessica was sort of a weird one.  If not done correctly, My All could have been a total snooze fest with a strained vocal.  However, even with a sore throat Jessica was able to fully deliver a stunningly beautiful rendition of this song.  Jessica doesn’t need background singers or staging or crazy lights.  Though some may argue it was “just another ballad,” Jessica absolutely knocked it out of the park.  I just used the word haunting above, but haunting is the perfect word for this performance.

20.  Piano Man – Colton Dixon – Colton shined the most at the piano.  I know he liked a lot of the flashy things (capes and piano standing), but he was most in his element at the piano.  The little nuances in his voice showed the slightest imperfection which made for an even more believable and relatable performance.  This arrangement was executed excellently.

19.  The Climb – Hollie Cavanagh – Hollie earned her first Standing O with The Climb.  This song choice was perfect for showing the kind of music Hollie might be successful with in the future.  Nerves seemed to vanish for Hollie on this song, and she just sang without thinking.  Her tone was shining throughout the entire song, and the emotional connection was there.  Hollie believed every word she sang.  Her sing-out of the Climb was even better than her performance when Hollie didn’t have to worry about being judged or criticized.

18.  We’ve  Got Tonight – Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight was very good.  Definitely one of Phillip’s best performances on the Idol stage.  Top 3 was an overall great night for Phil, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the highest number of votes by a landslide.  Phillip’s biggest criticism has been his voice, and he performed this song with a slightly extended range and minimal hiccups.  This is the type of intimate performance that drives one straight for the title.

17.  Love the Way You Lie – Colton Dixon – Colton once again nailed this intimate piano performance.  Colton pulled me in for the first time with this performance, and I think it’s definitely one of the best we’ve seen this season.  He had his strongest vocal here and slowly built up beautiful moments throughout the entire song.  At least for me, Colton was sailing towards the finale with this song, his best of the season.

16.  Somebody That I Used To Know – Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips – Elise and Phillip KILLED this song.  Absolute destroyed it.  This was the single best duet of the entire season, and I was trying to keep solo performances only in this post.  Whereas the Jessica-Joshua duet was full of vocal craziness, Somebody That I Used To Know slid right into Elise’s (Phillips too, though he denied it) wheelhouse.  The simplicity of this song really made it shine.  Elise sounded phenomenal and Phillip’s gravelly voice made for an incredible and memorable performance.

15. Reflection – Hollie Cavanagh – Despite Hollie’s lack of airtime this season, Reflection was great that it left many Idol viewers predicting Hollie would take second place behind Jessica Sanchez.  It was a battle between the two strong female voices from the start.  Hollie was confident yet restrained and hit home with a beautiful and pitch-perfect rendition of Reflection.

14.  Bleeding Love – Hollie Cavanagh – This was Hollie’s strongest performance on Idol, I believe.  She pops up a bit on this list, but not really in the best positions.  Bleeding Love was that moment that we were all waiting for.  Hollie looked stunning and delivered an emotion-charged power performance of Bleeding Love.  I didn’t, and will not, understand Jimmy bashing the performance.  Hollie’s performance was chilling and goosebump-worthy.  Her tone was as bright as shining glass, and she remained in control of her voice the entire time.

13.  And I Am Telling You – Jessica Sanchez – Jessica has had how many overall poor weeks?  Not many at all.  Perhaps losing prestige to Skylar and Hollie’s growth arcs, Jessica pulled out one of the hardest songs to sing – And I Am Telling You.  Covered by tons of artists, Jessica made this performance special by standing in one place.  The restraint she had on stage against the intensely burning passion she had inside of her allowed for one of the best performances on Idol this season.  Oh, and she was vocally spot-on once again.  Anyone who criticized any lack of emotion from Jessica this season needs to watch how Jessica executed And I Am Telling You.

12. Ready for Love – Joshua Ledet – Joshua got a lot of Standing O’s.  Waaaay too many.  But Ready for Love was incredible and deserved every second of that standing ovation.  Joshua’s biggest criticism wash is oversinging.  However, Ready for Love showed a softer side.  Joshua didn’t have to wail through this song to have a major moment.  I remember being entranced throughout this performance.  This was genuinely a performance I didn’t want to end, and one of the most underrated performances of the season (like No One).

11.  Dance With My Father – Jessica Sanchez – I haven’t really been a big fan of any cover of Dance With My Father.  I find they are all oversang and pale in vocal comparison.  However, Jessica’s performance is the BEST cover of Dance With My Father that I have ever heard.  She looked beautiful in a yellow dress, and the wind machine added instead of took away from her performance.  Her vibrato and pitch were both flawless, and Jessica brought out the story of her father being away at war.  The emotion Jessica added was the cherry on top of this show-stopper.

10.  U Got It Bad – Phillip Phillips – Phillip choosing this Usher song was GENIUS.  Absolutely, positively genius.  By changing up the song, Phillip made it tailor-fit to all of his strongest performing assets.  I think this was Phillip’s first genuine moment, and a performance that for once and for all put him on top of Colton Dixon, whom he had been batting for the top male all season.  The guitar and rearrangement brought Idol viewers memories of the great David Cook and Kris Allen, which probably didn’t hurt Phillip at all in the longrun.  Just when viewers were losing interest, Phillip snatched them back, and more, with U Got It Bad.

9.  Volcano – Phillip Phillips – Volcano was another genius choice by Phillip.  He sounded amazing and proved to America that there was a voice behind the artist.  An extremely intimate performance by Phillip had dark lighting and a distant background singer made for one of the best moments of the season.  This performance was chilling and gave an indication as to what direction Phil can take post-Idol.  Volcano may have been the beginning of Phillip’s winning arc on Idol.

8.  It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World – Joshua Ledet – WOWOWOW!  This performance was really something special.  I’m not one for the oversinging and unnecessary antics, but Joshua got me with this one.  Speechless.  Perfection.  If Joshua hadn’t had another moment like with this song to share the glory, this would be even closer to the top.

7.  Wind Beneath My Wings – Skylar Laine – This was one of my personal favorites of the entire season.  Skylar sounded her absolute best with this performance.  The usually gritty and energetic performance donned a gorgeous dress and didn’t move for this incredible ballad.  However, all of the energy was still there, only perfectly transferred to a ballad.  Skylar’s nasally tone worked wonders with this song.  The high notes she hit soared higher than anyone else had managed to pull out in weeks.  There were no vocal issues, and I challenge anyone to not have an emotional connection to Skylar’s performance.  Some of you might disagree with me putting Wind Beneath My Wings, but I think it was sheer beauty and one of the greatest Idol performances in seasons.

6.  I Will Always Love You – Jessica Sanchez – You knew it coming, but you probably expected it higher.  Am I right?  This season was one of amazing performances, and Jessica’s IWALY was absolutely exquisite.  Everything from pitch to vibrato to breathing techniques to belting were right on point.  After an amazing Top 24 performance, Jessica solidified herself as not only the girl to beat, but also the ONE to beat in Season 11.  It may not have been the BEST Idol performance ever, like Jimmy said, but it was pretty darn close.  IWALY had America wondering not only if a girl could finally win Idol, but if Jessica was the one that could fill Whitney’s shoes as the world’s top resident diva.

5.  Everybody Has A Dream – Jessica Sanchez – Everybody Has A Dream was THE most underrated performance of the season.  The song was perfect for Jessica as it told all about her own dream to someday be a star and how hard she’s worked all her life to achieve where she is.  Getting a bit emotional, when the big part of the song came, Jessica built up to it perfectly and the notes she hit then were instantaneous goosebump moments.  Flawless, flawless, flawless.  If you’re going to watch back any performance from this season, make it this one.


4.  When A Man Loves A Woman – Joshua Ledet – The Top 10 songs on this list are all in stiff competition.  WAMLAW was Joshua’s first moment, and the momentum he achieved from this performance kept him going all the way to the Top 3.  Joshua was overpraised this season, but there was nothing that the judges could do to praise this performance to the degree it should have been.  Joshua did insanely unthinkable…things…with his voice here.  I don’t even know what to call them and I’ve been surrounded with music all my life.  Incredible, Joshua.  Bravo to you!

3.  Whole Lotta Love – Elise Testone – Who could possibly live up to Adam Lambert’s performance of this Led Zeppelin smash?  Queen Elise of course!  Sorry if you disagree with me here, but Elise’s performance topped Adam’s for me.  She was completely in her element with a song that is extremely hard to sing.  She moved and danced around.  There was drama, passion, excitement, (appropriate!) shouting, and overall total superstar potential.  This performance came really close to topping anything from Season 11.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bottom 3 Elise won the entire night with this incredible performance, vocally and performance-wise.

2.  Sweet Dreams – Jessica Sanchez – There’s not much to say here.  Sweet Dreams was perfect.  It was arranged divinely, and Jessica sang it brilliantly.  We were all anticipating the day Jessica did Beyonce, and she trumped anyone’s already sky-high expectations of her.  The mystery and drama Jessica brought with the turned-around power ballad made this the season’s biggest standout of the live shows.  JLo, Randy, and Steven should all be arrested for not standing up for this performance.  There’s never perfection, but this was probably as close to it as you’ll get.

And finally…

1.  The Prayer – Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer was the best performance on Idol this season.  Hands down we’ve seen incredible performances all season, but this one just trumps most things I’ve seen in Idol’s 11 years.  Performed as Jessica’s “Sing For Your Life” last song in Vegas, Jessica, who had received virtually no screen time before this moment, became the American Idol frontrunner.  You know this was a mind-blowing performance when a fairly unknown girl goes from Idol obscurity to the Idol frontrunner with about two minutes of singing.  Vibrato was Jessica’s greatest weapon here-I’ve never heard it used better.  There’s nothing left to say about this one-beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


Honorable mentions: Vienna (Elise Testone), A Change is Gonna Come (Joshua Ledet), All the Man that I Need (Hollie Cavanagh), The Show Must Go On (Skylar Laine), and I Believe In You and Me (Erika van Pelt)


There you have it!  Thoughts?



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  • BigNLiddle

    If anything, Jessica should sing “The Prayer” tonight for her song she sang already during the season. It’s not a big belter, which I’m pretty sure most of us are “sick” of hearing constantly, and she sounded beautiful singing it. I’m all for Phil tonight, but I would probably throw Jessica some votes if she did that.

  • Anonymous

    Really nice list, tho I’d put “Whole Lotta Love” in the first spot and Vienna would definetely make the top 25!
    But I agree that “The Prayer” made Jessica a frontrunner. I had already liked her on her “It doesn’t really matter anymore” trio, but she totally won me over with The Prayer.

  • Cory ??

    “And I’m telling You” @ #19 is laughable. LOL Definitely top 3 moment. 

  • Anonymous

    For me, Elise’s “Whole Lotta Love” was by far the best performance of the season, both vocally and entertainment-wise. I also would bump out one of your lower ranking ones on favor of Elise’s take on “Vienna”– an awesome vocal performance. I also agree that “Everybody Has a Dream” was the most underrated performance of the season… Would love to hear Jessica take it on again tonight! Wasn’t crazy about “Dance with my father,” mainly because I’m tired of that song haha. Thanks for posting your thoughts!

  • Cory ??

    I also think Deandre’s performance of “Sometimes I Cry” is top 10 worthy. 

  • Anonymous

    So it seems Jessica truly dominated season 11, huh?  I am not gonna hate on this list.  What’s funny is how many of those songs didn’t receive a standing ovation.  I would also add Stuttering and remove The Climb, and I would remove Bleeding Love and replace it with I Believe in You and Me.  Otherwise, good job, I think.

    So I guess Jessica should, if she can reprise The Prayer, yes?

  • Guest

    Joshaua’s when a man loves a woman and man’s world should been in the top 3.

    ill always remember skylar’s top 24 performance.

  • Tess

    I love “The Prayer” and everytime I listen to a Celine, Josh, Bocelli, Charlotte Church rendition it totally moves me.  But, if Jessica sings this what “message” will that be sending to the AI audience and how does that correlate with her being an R&B/pop star.  Personally, If she sings it I will find that someone self-indulgent (no matter how great she is at it) just because at this point in the competition it should be about highlighting who you want to be and everyone keeps telling me that Jess doesn’t want to be an AC staple.

  • Stavros

    Yes, And I Am Telling You should definitely be up higher now that I look back on the list.  I think I felt that I would get a lot of hate for giving Jessica too many amazing performances and you would all accuse me of being biased haha (I am rooting for Jessica tonight but she was not my favorite until about Top 4).  I bumped it up to where it should be.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    I would put WLL in the top spot but great list!This season was really good.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad list but I did not care for Skylars Wind beneath my sails didn’t think the nasel thing worked but agree she showed good range.  I have to admit I loathe tha song so I probably shouldn’t weigh in.LOL

    Favorite performances of 2012 The Prayer and Bleeding Love.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    Vienna, WLL , Everybody Has a Dream, Man’s World and Volcano are my favorite performances of this season.

  • Anonymous

    I generally agree for the most part with this list. 

  • Tinawina

    Well I don’t know about the order (that’s a personal taste thing), but looking at the list of songs and honorable mentions just brings home how packed full of great performances this season was. This group was very, very strong overall IMO.

  • Kariann Hart

    This is a good list with a few changes needed.  What a terrific season it was!

  • Anonymous

    Four of the top ten and the top 2 songs… And people wonder why she is in the singing tonight?

  • Anonymous

    Nope, I totally disagree, she’s had all season to show who she wants to be, and the week that she truly showed it, she was inexplicably eliminated.  Tonight is all about getting the casual voters and wowing them.  Not to showcase anything because the majority of them aren’t going to buy anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, now that I review the list, I would remove this and add Deandre’s Sometimes I Cry, or even I Like It. I think he should be represented in the list.  

  • Mojaommel Alvar

    I agree with “The Prayer” on the top spot and “Sweet Dreams” on 2nd but my 3rd best is “Love the Way You Lie” by Colton Dixon.

  • Anonymous

    DeAndre absolutely had a Top 25 moment with “Sometimes I Cry”!

    Replace it with one of Hollie’s songs, because not all of her listed songs are Top 24 worthy!

    I agree with the Elise/Phillip Goyte duet was Top 24 material!  Love that one!

    Jessica’s “The Prayer”, “Telling You” or “I Will Always Love You” are her top songs of the season.

  • Ronverg Mendoza

    Season 11 will go down as my favorite season! I loved the ENTIRE top 10! And I’ve never loved a contestant more than I’ve loved Jessica Sanchez. The versatility and vocal ability she displayed during the course of this show astounded me, time and time again. I really she hope she selects ‘The Prayer’ or ‘Everybody Has A Dream’ to reprise tonight.

  • raya

    If I had to pick the closest thing to a DeAndre moment, I would actually have gone with the snippet of “This Woman’s Work” we saw in his sing for your life.  I didn’t see S10 in the early going, so that is what we made me sit up and take notice of him.  If “The Prayer” counts for Jessica, and it absolutely should as that is what made me sit up and take notice of her, then I would count that for him.   Have I mentioned I want Jessica to sing “The Prayer” tonight?

    I won’t really quibble with the list though since it’s all so subjective, though it took me awhile to realize this isn’t MJ’s list. Oops.

  • Shair Shamsuddin

    Nice list

    I’m going to list all the scores on the TOP 25 Performances including the honorable mention that are not in the list

    Jessica: 7
    Hollie: 7
    Phillip2: 4
    Elise: 4
    Joshua: 4
    Skylar: 3
    Colton: 2
    Erika: 1

    Can’t believe Hollie/Jessica got a tied. :D

  • Anonymous

    This is way too Jessica-skewed for me to really get excited about it. Suffers from too much Jessica. And also too much Phillips… too many Phillip Phillips performances near the top. Like, seriously, way too many. Only ‘Volcano’ deserved to crack the list and maybe, MAYBE, ‘U Got It Bad’. Also, the Elise/Phillip duet of that popular Gotye song was bland and wasn’t all that memorable in comparison to, say, the Lindsay Pavao version. And Hollie’s passable ‘River Deep Mountain High’ is on the list but no sight of her beautiful rendition of ‘Save Me’?!

    ‘Vienna’ and ‘Bold as Love’, for starters, should have been on the list – Elise was snubbed. (edit: ‘Let’s Stay Together’ and ‘I Want It All’ also missing; snubbed indeed!) Skylar’s ‘Show Must Go On’ and ‘Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You’ were also really memorable. Joshua’s ‘No More Drama’ nowhere to be found – the end was a near religious experience. Also, can’t find his ‘Runaway Baby’… c’mon, that was so much fun! Anyhow, I would rank Hollie’s ‘Bleeding Love’, Colton’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’, and Joshua’s ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ and ‘Ready for Love’ much higher than where they currently stand. Good call on the placement of ‘Sweet Dreams’ – my favorite Jessica performance.

    Once again, too much Jessica and Phillips. Moar Elise/Skylar needed.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah, kinda too much Hollie in there for me. An overload, really. But that is just me.

  • Jake Williams

    I don’t blame Jessica for picking older songs. I blame AI for having limited song choices. 

  • Anonymous

    This top 10 is really good….and I think one’s list will be skewed more or less towards one’s favorite idol…just because everyone’s great….mine would skew more towards Hollie’s….

    I do however agree with MJ that Bleeding Love was Hollie’s best…I would put that on top of the list (just because she’s my favorite)….I absolutely hated the original version(not so much because of Leona Lewis but because of the arrangement)….this one I would definitely buy…

  • Emily

    I’m sorry, but the Prayer had way too wide of a vibrato to be even reach the top 25.

  • Lovesyesha

    Love seeing all the Hollie! Although personally for me, I would move her Bleeding Love into the top 5. The way she vocalized and re-arranged that song was divine and one of the best moments of the seasons for me. Also, I think only Volcano deserves to be up there for Phillip and I would replace the Phil/Elise duet with Skylar’s Where do Broken Hearts go.

    Otherwise, I think this is a great list! Love the recognition of Everybody has a Dream.

  • Anonymous

    Most of my top 25 would be Phil with some Elise and Hollie tossed in and the Phil/Elise duet, “Somebody That I used to Know.” Oh, and Josh’s Runaway Baby. I’ve really enjoyed this season! 

  • Anonymous

    BTW…Stavros put together this list!

  • Anonymous

    I Want It All and Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You are my favorites not on this list.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my top 5:

    1. Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s World

    2. Jessica Sanchez, DeAndre Brackensick, Candice Glover – You Won’t Matter Anymore (Hollywood/Vegas rounds)

    3. Elise Testone – Vienna

    4. Hollie Cavanagh – Bleeding Love

    5. Phillip Phillips – Volcano

  • supersonic

    This is a better list than the one that was on Yahoo.  But still, too much Jessica and Hollie for me.  “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” should’ve been number one or at least in the top three and there’s no “Runaway Baby”.  That should be in there somewhere.  But all in all, a good list.

  • Anonymous

    I tried to put a Top 25 and I couldn’t! That’s how good this season was! So here’s my Top 50:

    #1) Joshua Ledet – When a Man Loves a Woman
    #2) Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love
    #3) Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
    #4) Elise Testone – Vienna
    #5) Joshua Ledet – You Pulled Me Through
    #6) Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You
    #7) Elise Testone – One and Only
    #8) Phillip Phillips – Volcano
    #9) Skylar Laine – Stay With Me
    10) Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering
    11) Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight
    12) Phillip Phillips – Home
    13) Jessica Sanchez – Sweet Dreams
    14) Joshua Ledet – To Love Somebody 
    15) Joshua Ledet – Ready for Love
    16) Colton Dixon – Piano Man
    17) Jessica Sanchez – Steal Away
    18) Joshua Ledet – Runaway Baby
    19) Jessica Sanchez – And I Am Telling You…
    20) Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer
    21) Phillip Phillips – The Stone
    22) Erika Van Pelt – I Believe in You and Me
    23) Phillip Phillips – U Got It Bad 
    24) Skylar Laine – Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    25) Colton Dixon – Love the Way You Lie 
    26) Jessica Sanchez – Love You I Do
    27) Joshua Ledet – No More Drama
    28) Jessica Sanchez – Everyone Has a Dream
    29) Skylar Laine – The Show Must Go On
    30) Deandre Brackensick – Master Blaster
    31) Erika Van Pelt – Edge of Glory
    32) Hollie Cavanagh – Bleeding Love
    33) Elise Testone – Let’s Stay Together
    34) Phillip Phillips – Beggin
    35) Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep, Mountain High
    36) Joshua Ledet – I Wish
    37) Hollie Cavanagh – All the Man I Need
    38) Skylar Laine – Didn’t Know How I Loved You
    39) Jessica Sanchez – You Are So Beautiful
    40) Elise Testone – Bold as Love
    41) Phillip Phillips – Movin’ Out
    42) Jeremy Rosado – I Know You Won’t
    43) Colton Dixon – Decode
    44) Elise Testone – I Want It All
    45) Elise Testone – You and I
    46) Phillip Phillips – Superstition
    47) Hollie Cavanagh – Rolling in the Deep
    48) Skylar Laine – Born This Way
    49) Elise Testone – No One
    50) Skylar Laine – Wind Beneath My Wings

    For those keepin score:

    Jessica: 9
    Elise: 8
    Joshua: 8
    Phillip: 8
    Skylar: 6
    Hollie: 4
    Colton: 3
    Erika: 2
    Deandre: 1
    Jeremy: 1
    Heejun: 0
    Shannon: 0
    Jermaine: 0

  • Anonymous

    Such a good season!!!!  I had a really hard time picking a favorite and really couldn’t even to the end – just like season 2, season 5, and season 8.  Sadly, if the patterns of the past keep holding, we are going to be bummed out next year and moaning about the lack of talent.  Maybe they can break the cycle.  I sure hope so.

  • chili1000

    Unpopular opinion, but it’s hard for me to include many of Jessica’s performances in the top 25 when I barely remember them.  They sound OK when I hear them but then it’s over.  The Jessica songs that stand out for me are “I Will Always Love You” and “And I’m Telling You”.  Otherwise my list would be dominated by Hollie, Phillip, Joshua, Elise and Skylar.

  • Anonymous

    any list without the “Hold On, I’m Coming” by the Groovesauce during the group rounds is invalid

    the only performance that deserved its standing ovation

  • Ira

    Hmm… First things first. I really appreciate the effort you put into this blog…and into this article specifically. There’s not too much to argue about accept for two omissions, Joshua’s incredible performance of the Bee Gees classic “To Love Somebody” and P2’s cover of, “Volcano”.

    The best duet of the season had to be Josh and Jessica’s take “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”. Simply put, no other partnership had their chemistry or passion.

    I’m going to add one more..the best 45 seconds evah’ on American Idol was when Joshua, the preacher’s son took “No More Drama” from the Idol stage to church…exorcising all his demons–finishing with an alter call. 

  • Anonymous

    Judging from tonight’s performance of “The Prayer,” Jessica can hit a great note, but then she won’t dig in on the next line. She just doesn’t follow through on the emotion like a truly great singer does. I really wish Joshua had been in the final. While he can overdo it, the show wouldn’t have been such a snoozer!

  • Jessica Caroline :]

    TOP 35:
    35. Elise Testone – No One
    34. Colton Dixon – Decode
    33. Hollie Cavanagh – Reflection
    32. DeAndre Brackensick – I Like It
    31. Jessica Sanchez – Sweet Dreams
    30. Skylar Laine – Wind Beneath My Wings
    29. Jessica Sanchez – Everybody Has A Dream
    28. Phillip Phillips – Hard To Handle
    27. Hollie Cavanagh – All The Man That I Need
    26. DeAndre Brackensick – Master Blaster
    25. Erika Van Pelt – I Believe In You And Me
    24. Skylar Laine – Stay With Me
    23. Joshua Ledet – You Pulled Me Through
    22. Colton Dixon – Love The Way You Lie
    21. Jessica Sanchez – Steal Away
    20. Phillip Phillips – Still Rainin’
    19. Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep Mountain High
    18. Elise Testone – Vienna
    17. Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb
    16. Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer
    15. Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love
    14. Phillip Phillips – Beggin’
    13. Joshua Ledet – No More Drama
    12. Phillip Phillips – Volcano
    11. Colton Dixon – Piano Man
    10. Hollie Cavanagh – The Power Of Love
    9. Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering
    8. Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man Man’s World
    7. Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You
    6. Hollie Cavanagh – Bleeding Love
    5. Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight
    4. Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You
    3. Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love
    2. Phillip Phillips – U Got It Bad
    1. Joshua Ledet – When A Man Loves A Woman

  • Bazzle

    Lol I love when we do this. My top 1 and 2 i swore on youtube vids… because I was mindblown… I still stand by them. 

    1. Joshua Ledet: When A Man Loves a Woman… yes this is the performance where the judges got up halfway before the song was over.. and so did I. 
    2. Elise Testone: Whole Lotta Love…. Somethings are just too good to comment on.
    3. Phillip Phillips: Volcano 
    4. Joshua Ledet: A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
    5. Jessica Sanchez: And I Am Telling You
    6. Joshua Ledet: Ready For Love
    7. Hollie Cavanagh: The Climb
    8. Phillip Phillips: Home  
    9. Jessica Sanchez: The Prayer
    10. Heejun Han: A Song For You (Sing Out Version, where he hit all the notes)

    Honourable mentions:
    DeAndre Brackensick: I Like It
    Elise Testone: Vienna
    Skylar Laine: Wind Beneath My Wings
    Jessica Sanchez: Everybody Has A Dream
    Skylar Laine: Stay With Me
    Joshua Ledet: You Pulled Me Through 
    Elise Testone: I Want It All
    Phillip Phillips: You Got It Bad
    Phillip Phillips: Beggin
    Jessica Sanchez: Stuttering
    Joshua Ledet: No More Drama

    1. Jessica Sanchez/Joshua Ledet: I Knew You Were Waiting
    2. Jessica/DeAdnre/Candice: It Doesnt Matter Anymore
    3. Night Has A Thousand Eyes: Elise/Reed/Haley/Eben
    4. Stop Draggin My Heart Around: Philip/Elise

    BEST DUET of ALL TIME: Casey Motherflipin Abrams and Haley Mother Flipping Reinhart … Moanin.
    sorry couldnt help myself.

  • Reflects On Life

    Nice list to showcase what an awesome season it’s been!  I wonder how many of those will stand the test of time?  Would be great to do this over again for this season in a year’s time.

    *My Hall of Fame moments.  These will stand the test of time because they were such defining moments for the singers as artists, and because they seem unique to Idol history overall:

    Elise – WLL, Vienna
    P2 – Volcano
    Jessica – Stuttering
    Deandre – Sometimes I Cry
    Joshua – WAMLAW
    Jessica’s sense of style – always impeccably dressed & fashion forward, never before on AI did I look fwd to seeing how someone was dressed each week (ok, maybe I did with Adam too).

    *Honorable Mention. Loved these, not sure if I’ll remember them long-term:

    Joshua – Man’s World, I Wish
    Jessica – The Prayer, Steal Away
    Elise – One & Only, Bold As Love
    P2 – Movin’ Out
    Hollie – All the Man That I Need, Reflections
    Skylar – Stay With Me, Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    Colton – Love the Way You Lie
    Jermaine – Somewhere Out There
    Jessica/Deandre/Candace – Doesn’t Matter Anymore

    *My Hall of Fame studio recordings:

    Elise – Let’s Stay Together.  On repeat on my Ipod.  Still.
    Erika – everything. she records beautifully.

  • Frank M

    Nice list.  I agree that Jessica’s And I AM Telling You at #13.  It was the right song for her when she needed something big, but it is overdone.  I might have switched the Prayer and Sweet Dreams. 

    Also- where is Set Fire To The Rain by Eben?

  • Patricia Marzo

    season 11 .. the prayer and volcano :)

  • Bench

    Can’t help watching these videos on youtube:

    Love the Way You You Lie – Colton (Finally it reached the million mark!)
    Sweet Dreams – Jessica
    Piano Man – Colton
    Stuttering – Jessica
    Everything – Colton

    Just saying…

  • Késsia Shingu

    This was a really good season. I think Joshua had more remarkable moments, even though I rooted for other contestants

    BEST DUET of ALL TIME: Casey Motherflipin Abrams and Haley Mother Flipping Reinhart … Moanin.  +1 Haley <3

    I wanna add Jennifer and Jessica's And I Am Telling You, that was weirdly sensacional!

  • Anonymous

    Best Jessica Songs: And Im Telling You, IWALY, The Prayer, Everybody has a dream, Steal Away, Stuttering, I dont wanna miss thing

    Best Joshua Songs: When a man loves a woman, This is a man’s World, You pulled me through – Everything else is too gospelly

    Best Philip Songs: We’ve got tonight, Volcano, Home, You’ve got it bad

    Hollie’s Best : The Climb, Power of Love

    Coltons: Piano Man, Love the way you lie

    Skylar: Wind beneath my wings

    Elise: Whole lotta Love

    So many memorable songs this season

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you. Jessica had a lot of great moments at AI. Even her not-so-great ones were at par with the best of the other contestants, She is truly an amazing find and those charged with her career better realize this, if they havent already.

  • Anny_nanny

    And here put the tag of “American Idol 11”?
    Thank you!