American Idol 11 Spoilers – Next Weeks Theme Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston?

Spoilers from @idolspoilers

  • For the first week of the finals, there will be separate themes by gender.
  • The themes for the males and females will be Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston, respectively.

By the way? What a horrible theme. Honestly, if I never hear another Stevie Wonder song on Idol again in my lifetime, I’ll be thrilled.

I know there are several big-voiced girls on the show who can handle Whitney. But still. NO. It actually would have been more interesting to have the boys sing Whitney and the girls sing Stevie..

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  • Anonymous

    “It actually would have been more interesting to have the boys sing Whitney and the girls sing Stevie.. ”


  • Brittany Keener

    Yesss! I like that! Boys do Whitney, girls do Stevie! THAT would be interesting.

  • Anonymous

     The moment Whitney died I knew this would be a theme on idol this year. I love her, so I am excited, I just wish everyone was performing Whitney songs, because Stevie songs are pretty overdone. I do think it is interesting that the girls and guys have separate themes though.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, mj. I think that Paula (when she was still coherent back in Season 4) said that it is usually a good idea to have guys sing songs by females and vice versa. (See David Cook and “Always Be My Baby”) Otherwise, females pale in comparison to Whitney in her prime. Same with the guys and Stevie.

  • Kylee

    I think its a fine theme to do in honor of Whitney. It could be a ratings booster. But I agree with those who wish the boys were doing Whitney instead and the girls were doing Stevie. Idol needs the buzz, and a Whitney theme would draw a little attention to the show.

  • Pam

    It actually would have been more interesting to have the boys sing Whitney and the girls sing Stevie

    I totally agree.  It’s a good way to get them out of their comfort zones to see where they can go with arrangements. 

    I also vote NO to an all Whitney theme.  She was one awesomely talented woman but I think that is much too much for one night.  ;) 

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    I’m confused….the top 24 will perform again next week??? when do we know rersults?

  • Anonymous

    i really like the gender swapping idea… boys do whitney and girls do stevie. could create a LOT of moments, but i feel like guys gender swapping songs is always more effective than a girl gender swapping so that might create an unfair advantage for the guys.

  • Valentin432

     I don’t get this theme.
    If it’s to honor Whitney, then have them all perform Whitney songs even if Stevie Wonder comes to mentor. THey have had a few theme based on female performers and the male contestant did well or even better than their female counterparts.

    Stevie Wonder has been sung to death on this show, there have been 49 performances of his songs.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it would be much more interesting for the girls to sing Stevie & the guys to sing Whitney.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Stevie comes by to mentor the contestants or to perform on Thursday. Stevie has been a mentor a couple of times & has performed on the show multiple times. Also, he’s a friend of Steven Tyler. So Idol might get Stevie on to try to help it’s ratings & to get some “star power” on the show.

  • Paul

    Whitney’s songs weren’t all power ballads and high notes. Unlike Stevie Wonder, I would prefer a Whitney/Davy Jones tribute both were very popular vocalists that we recently lost. 

  • ronnie

    I really don’t want to hear “Superstition” one more time- this is not a great theme.  They should all just sing Whitney, she has enough hits to go around.

  • Anonymous

     I hope we hear some of the amazing whitney songs we never hear on the show like exhale, it’s not right but it’s okay, my love is your love, and step by step.

  • Anonymous

     No it will be the top 13, they will perform all on the same night, it is just that the guys have to perform only stevie wonder songs while the girls have to perform whitney songs.

  • Anonymous

     LOL, The sad part is that I can totally see Phillip Phillips singing this song… again

  • Anonymous

    The girls doing Whitney will either be a trainwreck or a pageant type performance. The boys doing Stevie sounds like alot more fun. He has better songs. Tough to sing but more uptempo choices.

  • Anonymous

    Uggggggggh.  Way to keep it the show fresh, Nigel!

  • Brittany Keener

    Whitney has been performed 34 times to Stevie’s 49 times (however, he was a Top 12 theme night in S5). This doesn’t include auditions, HW week and result shows. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no this is Top 13 theme week

  • Anonymous

    UGH. Stevie AND Whitney. Nigel Lythgoe: can’t take a f*cking hint. At this point, I hope Voice ratings kept growling and Idol’s keep dwindling. Maybe THEN he’ll realize how irrelevant his show is becoming.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they perform some lesser known Whitney and Stevie songs — not the same ones we’ve heard covered eight gajillon times already

  • Guilherme Santos

    Sometimes I think Idol needs some younger people behind it, so It really can go fresh and lose this oldfashion/overdone things going on..  And yeah, if they can´t let go the Whitney/Stevier theme, at least LET THE CONTESTANSTS CHOOSE WHO AND WHAT THEY WANT TO SING! Specially for the girls, make them all sing Whitney its not fair because all the comparision (Aham, Mariah week on S7, the guys got all the praise while all the girls got comparision with Mariah).

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    when do we get results then??

  • aquayers

    Oh gawd,more Superstition,For Once In My Life,Signed Sealed Delivered,etc. I can see myself starting to get bored like right now.

  • Anonymous

    Lord, here we go with the 20-year old catalogue themes.

    I would love it if all songs pre-2000 were banned. That way we could have some current music being sung.

  • Trina

    Some of my favorite Whitney songs are the ones that arent the big note power ballads like I’m Your Baby Tonight, So Emotional and I Wanna Dance With Somebody. And I hope we hear some of her more obscure songs..but I’m already picturing a bloodbath over IWALY and I Have Nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Idol is my absolute favorite show, but even I can say that X Factor and The Voice would never do anything so stupid.  

    I like mj’s idea of switching the genders though.  It would bring something new to all this same old same old.

  • Tinawina

    Bad idea. Hope its wrong.

  • Anonymous

    the more i think about it, the more i liked the open themes we got last year where the contestants can sing in their genre to give us more of a feel of what kind of artist they would become… yeah some of them kind of floated around until they found their footing (ie haley), but once they do, they shine more than when they are stuck in a forced genre/theme unless they are arranging geniuses.

  • EH

    I thought Whitney sounded dated when she was popular, so I’m really excited to hear karaoke versions of her songs in 2012.  Couldn’t they honor Amy Winehouse and Davy Jones at the same time and just give the singers a choice?  

    I was actually surprised that no one sang Stevie this week, and now I know why. At this point, I can just hope that Eben makes it through and sings “Part Time Lover” 

  • Zoey Giesberg

    …they have *got* to be kidding me. *headdesk*

  • Laura Corn

    I hear the whistle blowing…train wreck coming!

  • Anonymous

    And few of the core audience would have any idea what they were singing.

    Not happening !

  • Anonymous

    And few of the core audience would have any idea what they were singing.

    Not happening !

  • Jane


    Could turn from terrible to tolerable if they actually did assign the girls Stevie Wonder and the boys Whitney Houston.  That would be tolerable.  Otherwise, are you kidding me? 

  • sf3456

    It actually would have been more interesting to have the boys sing Whitney and the girls sing Stevie..

    Mm-hmm.  That would be way more interesting.  It would get me to tune in for a second or two.

  • Whiteshirt

    Well we know whoever gets stuck with “Dance!!!! with Somebody” is going home.

    (Dance! … heh … good times, good times)

  • Anonymous

    And there you have it.  If Fox wants to know why Idols ratings are sinking, this sums it up pretty damn well.

    AI could simplify things by just stamping “Old Fashioned, Out of Date, We Love our Senior Demographic” on the stage.  I say this as a senior and I’ve been sick to death of the old crap songs this show insists on using every single year.  And what’s worse, it’s the same old crap songs every single year.

    I can feel myself aging with every five minutes of this show that I watch.  I think I”ll take a pass next week – I can’t take listening to any more 30-40 year old songs done the millionth time on this show.  Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Worst nightmare – Reed + Superstition + drums 

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind so much if they let the contestants choose Whitney OR Stevie. Why do they have to separate by gender?!

  • Anonymous

    Really, more Whitney and Stevie songs. Haven’t we heard enough of their songs butchered in the past, that we need a whole show dedicated to them. It amazes me sometimes, that this show who has few black contestants, seem to dedicate whole shows to singing the playlist of black artist. I like themes, but can’t they come up with some more modern themes. 

  • Anonymous

    I am so, so sick of Stevie Wonders song. Him more than any other artist has been done to death. Stop the insanity and ban his music from the show.

  • Incipit

    ” It actually would have been more interesting to have the boys sing Whitney and the girls sing Stevie..”

    I suppose the open theme idea from last season is no longer needed, since they aren’t looking for a country winner this year – but this is just stale.

    For all the reasons people have already said, I like mj’s suggestion. At least it doesn’t put such a straightjacket on creativity. Quick, everyone who has Twitter – tweet this to Nigel, so he can present it as a “Twist” and pretend it was his idea!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they dont waste a spot on him either

  • Anonymous

    ugh…emotional much??

  • Anonymous

    Jeremy just screams Stefano to me….even if they give him a spot he cant go further than 7th place

  • Anonymous

    OMG…I’ve heard more Adele in the past 3 days then ive heard on the radio all week

  • Damien Roberts

    This theme will keep the current frontrunners in tact; Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet will OWN next week.

  • Chris

    Yes, I think many contestants that have made it through theme weeks have made the effort to go deep into the vault to find more options than the standard top 10 hits of the artist.  Whitney and Stevie have very deep collections, they just need a little help avoiding the normal pitfalls like trying to sing “I Will Always Love You” or “The Greatest Love of All.”

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Stevie and Whitney songs?  I can hear the massacring now.  Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    who is Davy Jones?

  • Gretchen

    Davy Jones was one of “The Monkees,” an American version/spoof of “The Beatles”.

    Davy is the singer of the song “Daydream Believer”:


    These are who I equate “The Monkees” to “The Beatles,” and please let me know if I am mistaken…

    Davy Jones (singer) = Paul McCartney;
    Peter Tork (keyboards) = Ringo Starr;
    Mickey Dolenz (tamborine) = George Harrison;
    Michael Nesbitt (guitar player) = John Lennon…

  • TylerWV

    Themes were selected before Nigel realized Idol was sinking, I suspect.  Stevie is so hard to sing its always a bad night.  Whitney, just no.  I dont like themes period.  Let them pick whatever song in whatever genre they want.   Get on with the makeovers please and find Colton some pants that dont accent his matchstick legs.  Tell Jessica to stop wearing black,  Why do these skinny gals wear black?  Trying to make themselves disappear?  Im tired of jiggling boobs in my face and now the skinny legs are making me irritated.  Think its a sign I should watch something else? lol

  • revcat

    Sounds like a train wreck!

  • Allison

    Now there can be no berating by Randy for choosing a Whitney song.

  • Anonymous

    “Now there can be no berating by Randy for choosing a Whitney song.”

    But there will be. Because, to date, logic has played no role in you-made-a-bad-song-choice-dawg judges’ comments. Ever. In all these seasons. heh

  • Incipit

     This has all the earmarks of a possible fiasco – so I went and did some checking at “What Not To Sing” (Love that site!) – to see just how bad it could get. It ‘could’ get pretty bad – OTOH, a few past contestants have done well. If someone has a fresh take, it could pay off, sung well – but straight up copies – not a good idea.

    In spite of Randy’s mantra, fourteen of Whitney’s songs have been performed a total of thirty four times on Idol in the last ten seasons – with scores ranging from 87 to 19. Looks like the ones to avoid are “I Who Have Nothing” – 6X, “Saving All My  Love For You” – 5X, and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – 4X

    Stevie Wonder has had twenty-one songs performed – forty nine different times – and the scores here range from 84 – 14.  “Superstition” has had the most outings – 4X.

    I haven’t checked the Idol Cleared Songs list to see if other titles from either artist are available to choose from…these are just the ones that have already been done on the show; in a few instances, done to death.

    I still consider this a rather stale theme…and with the repetition factor, the contestants get to be compared to the original artist AND to whoever has sung the song well in seasons before – a double handicap on their first live performance.

    There may be some crashing and burning next week, with this Bright Idea. IMO.

  • Anonymous

    jessica is gonna own whitney

  • Nanc

    Now that just makes me sad….time to delve into some musical history….

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yes! Thank you for saying this. The show is in desperate need of new producers, especially ones that are younger. 

  • Anonymous

    I, for one, can hardly wait to hear Phillip sing Part-time Lover.

  • Anonymous

     “jessica is gonna own whitney’

    There is a potential pitfall there, though, I think.

    When somebody is so much right in your style, and has similar vocal talents, it’s a lot harder to do a great job while also recasting the song enough to “make it your own.”

    I think that, had Jessica not ever heard Whitney’s songs, she might still sing them very much Whitney’s way. And she’s only going to have a few days to change them up to avoid veering toward karaoke — albeit, probably excellent karaoke.

    On a show like this, I think you’re often better off being asked to transform into your style stuff that wasn’t in your style to begin with because it can make it that much easier to get out from under the song as iconically performed to make it a song that really expresses *you.*

    I have no doubt she’ll do a technically great job on a Whitney song, but whether Jessica’s own personality and quirks will clearly shine through it, I’m less certain.