American Idol 11 Hopeful, Amy Brumfield Has a Booze-Fueled Criminal Past

I’m shocked it took TMZ more than 12 hours to post gossip on last night’s Savannah contestants. The new season of American Idol truly has not begun until Harvey Levin begins dishing the dirt.

First up, Tent Girl .  All of her arrests were fueled by a substance abuse problem. I hope she’s since gotten help for that:  (Via TMZ)

“American Idol” wannabe Amy Brumfield … the 24-year-old singer who lives in a tent … has a LONG criminal record … revealing a serious battle with alcohol.

According to police records obtained by TMZ, Brumfield has been arrested at least 6 times in the past 7 years … with 3 arrests involving booze.

Brumfield — who blew the “Idol” judges away with her rendition of Superwoman by Alicia Keys — was arrested in Tennessee on August 22, 2010 after cops say she was so drunk, she peed on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins.

Just 9 days before that — on August 13 — she was arrested in front of the Old Smoky Candy Kitchen … after cops say she was displayed “extreme intoxication” … and was “trying to find someone to take her home.”

Brumfield was arrested twice in 2007 — once for unlawful detainer (staying at a property after her lease had ended). The other arrest was for underage consumption of alcohol — for which she pled guilty and was sentenced to probation.

Brumfield was also arrested in 2005 for criminal trespass on private property — the details around that incident are unclear.

But this story could have a happy ending, judging by her audition on “Idol” last night, Brumfield appears motivated to start a whole new life for herself.

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    The rehabilitation story sure worked for Chris Rene.  If this is spun right, it will work in her favor.  lol

  • jambajim

    What kind of classy Baskin Robbins has a lobby????

  • Anonymous

    Wow, love that TMZ, they are so on shit, right?  Eh, so what.  She seems to have cleaned up her act, she’s interesting and talented.  I hope that nobody gives this a second thought.  I must say, most families in the US are dealing with a family member who has substance abuse problems.  So it’s not like is that surprising anymore.  And if she is indeed clean and sober, it’s a good lesson for viewers to see that you can get a second, third or fourth chance if you are willing to do the work.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder she never mentioned her kids, she probably had to give them to relatives because of her behavior…poor kids.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely.  An alcoholic who lives in a tent and gets so drunk she pees on herself.  Junkies may fly on X-factor, but I doubt that AI is going to put a girl through who urinates in line at the local ice cream shop.  

    I didn’t think her audition was all that great.  So, I don’t see her having the overwhelming talent that would be required to overcome this type of creepy back-story.  I was sufficiently creeped out by her little tent abode in the woods.  The past full of drunk and disorderly behavior just solidifies her spot in my “nope” column.  

    Everyone can make a drunken mistake or act like a fool one night while on the booze.  But, being arrested 6 times in 7 years?  That signifies someone with a serious drinking problem or at minimum the inability to learn from their mistakes.    

  • Sassycatz

    I do recall, during Nigel’s earlier stint running Idol, that he and TMZ seemed to have a hotline to each other. Hmm.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Nigel uses TMZ to publish crap about contestants and undermine them.

  • Lovesyesha

    TMZ is disgusting. Leave the poor girl alone! She seems like a genuinely nice person who has had a tough past. So what! Lots of people have had shady pasts, what’s important is whether or not she has cleaned herself up. We should judge her on her current character and talent, NOT her past.

  • Anonymous

    This is such a moot point.  They’re not letting her get any further than Hollywood Week – and how is she even going to afford that?  My only hope is that her ten seconds of fame will get her out of the tent and into a house. 

    I see nothing about kids. Where did you find that?

  • Anonymous

    I knew there had to be a reason why they lived in a tent more than just a tough economic time, if they really do work every day. Hoping she can get it together though and turn her life around. (although a high stress reality show is probably
    not the answer)

  • Anonymous

    In her interview she mentioned that her children will see her on TV and that they inspire her.

    Also, she mentioned Stefano was her fav last year….where does she watch tv??? Lol

  • ladymctech

    Well, to be honest, she was my second favorite girl last night, next to the 16 year old from Connecticut.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Brumfield — who blew the “Idol” judges away with her rendition of
    Superwoman by Alicia Keys — was arrested in Tennessee on August 22, 2010”

    If this is true, then her last arrest was long before she tried out for Idol.  IF she has cleaned up her act and is sober, then I don’t understand why she can’t be as inspirational as Chris Rene, who was only clean for 70 days before he tried out for X-Factor.

  • Pam

    If this is spun right, it will work in her favor.

    True. Idol sure loves a good backstory.  ;)

    If she’s truly clean now and can stay clean, that’s what I think is really important here.  Maybe she could end up be an inspiration to others watching who may be currently struggling with substance abuse issues.

    Oh Jim, you are too funny.  I didn’t know Baskin Robbins had a lobby either.  Heh

  • TFLS

    If outré behavior was considered an impediment to success – this years Republican presidential field would be a mite sparse.  And as was mentioned above – what about Chris Rene’s background?  He was barely clean when he auditioned for X-Factor, yet was lauded for trying.  So I say good luck to her.  Frankly, I doubt she’s good enough to best some of the other standouts…..but maybe this will serve as some kind of catalyst.  Times are hard (unless of course you have secret accounts hidden away in the Caymans).

  • TheOther

    I’m surprised her issue with substance abuse was not aired.  There had to be more than bad economic times for her to live in a tent in the woods.

  • Anonymous

    She has none of Chris Rene’s charm IMO. I didn’t like her and felt her story felt contrived. She evoked no sympathy in me what so ever.

  • Anonymous

    Humbug.  That isn’t much of a criminal past, as offenses go.  Rock on gurl, I liked you.

  • Anonymous

    Funny stuff.  South Carolina has had me giggling all day.  (Hey, Newt, every woman in America has been dumped at least once by someone wanting “an open relationship.” )