American Idol 11 – Top 7 Redux Power List and Predictions!

My American Idol 11 Top 7 Redux power list! What’s yours?

These power lists get harder and harder to do the closer it gets to the finale. Everyone left in the cast is talented, and I would say that last night’s performances were mostly pretty good.

Jessica Sanchez is safe for now. She’ll get lots of votes after she was nearly eliminated last week. I know some of you believe Colton Dixon will end up in the bottom 3 after last night’s weak performances. But I think this kid has a solid fan base that I’m sure kicked into overdrive last night after the judges dissed him. I think he’s probably still getting a lion’s share of the votes. Phil Phillips, a popular contestant already, did well last night, so he earns the #1 spot. Skylar Laine is the only girl left with a chance of winning this thing. She’s #3 and the highest placed girl. Even with the pimp spot last night, I don’t think Joshua Ledet did enough to climb out of the bottom 3. Hollie Cavanagh may have been damned by the judges praise last night. There’s no need to save Hollie now.

And finally? Buh Bye Elise Testone.  I remain a huge fan and look forward to seeing you on tour.  You just could not manage to connect with Idol viewers.  Like Jimmy said, you needed to hit it out of the ballpark every single week and that did not happen last night .  Arguing with Jlo after your performance did not help.  You are a fine singer, but terrible at the Idol game. But it won’t matter once you’re out of the bubble.

Having said all that, anything could happen tonight. Another shock boot would not surprise me.

1. Phil Philips
2. Colton Dixon
3. Skylar Laine
4. Jessica Sanchez
5. Hollie Cavanagh
6.Joshua Ledet
7. Elise Testone

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  • Landon Cox

    Praying for a Colton shockboot.

    Will they do the Huff again tonight? I kind of hope so.

    My PR:

    1. Skylar Laine
    2. Dave Mathews Dave Matthews
    3. Jessica Sanchez
    4. Hollie Cavanagh
    5. Joshua Ledet
    6. Colton Dixon
    7. Elise Testone

  • Zoey Giesberg

    *praying that my two hours of voting for Elise payed off*

  • raya

    I feel fairly confident in saying it will be Elise this week as she’s been B2 for two straight weeks already and didn’t have an amazing night last night.  Also by confident, I mean as confident as one gets in predicting Idol boots.  I’m having a hard time predicting the rest of the B3, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hollie and Joshua there.  I would like it to be Colton, but agree with MJ that that isn’t likely to happen.  

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re right, but I’ll definitely miss Elise :(

  • Anonymous

    I think Elise will definitely be in the B3. She wasn’t on the top of her game and the judges were lukewarm at best. Colton should be in the B3 for that disaster that was “September”, but he seems to have the strongest fanbase, so I don’t know if he will be. Other than that, I have no clue, because no one else stood out to me, either in a good or a bad way.

    but just for giggles I’ll say the B3 will be Elise, Colton & Joshua

  • Amanda Mothershed

    Don’t forget 2 are being eliminated 

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree 100% with MJ’s power list. That is exactly how I had them all ranked.  I think that Philip and Colton are unquestionably the top two, given that neither has been in the bottom.  You can switch them around week by week. I do think that Phil had a good night.  If there was any justice in this world, Colton would be in the bottom. But I said that about Phil the last two weeks. It’s not happening. 

    Skylar has to be in the #3 spot as the strongest female singer right now. She may not be my favorite, but she has come on strong since being in the bottom.  She knows who she is, has great personality and stage presence and delivers what her fan base wants.  I have some issues with her but this is the only girl who has a chance to make it into the top three.

    If it was my personal preference, I would put Hollie a notch higher.  I don’t think Jessica had a great night.  She didn’t choose the best songs and there was something missing from her performance. I am wondering if being the contestant with the lowest votes last week did something to her confidence.  She seemed to be pushing way too hard, especially in her second performance.  We will see if her fans rally to keep her out of the bottom. 

    I will be shocked if Elise isn’t the one who goes tonight. She didn’t do nearly enough to get the votes and copping an attitude with the judges and trying to justify her performance, did not help her cause. She is very talented and will do well in her career. 

    Joshua is getting pimped within an inch of his life.  The judges are ignoring the shouting in his performances.  He went way over the top with that gospel-tinged finish to Sam Cooke’s last song. Not necessary.  He is oversinging, the screaming and the caterwauling is not necessary. You can have emotion without all that noise.  It would be interesting if he is again in the bottom. 

    Anything can happen tonight. That’s all I am prepared to say.

  • Jenna

     I think it’s only one because they had an extra elimination from Jermaine’s disqualification.

  • Sybill Trelawney

    No, only one will be eliminated. Due to the unexpected DQ of Jermaine, they’ve already eliminated the “extra” contestant, so they don’t need to do a double elimination tonight. 

  • Anonymous

    Only one will leave. We already had a double elim after Jermaine was DQ’d

  • Anonymous

    I do think Colton is in the bottom three, but Elise will be going home. As for the third person, I have no clue. Everyone else were on their A-game. It should be bottom two.

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    1.-Joshua Ledet
    2.-Jessica Sanchez
    3.-Skylar Laine
    5.-Colton Dixon
    6.-Hollie Cavanagh
    7.-Elise Testone

    Going home….Probably Hollie or Colton

  • Anonymous

    For some reason I can see Skylar sneaking into the bottom 3. I hope I’m wrong(I need to stop looking at Dial Idol lol). I think Elise is going home though unfortunately.

  • Nanc

    Colton should go home…his performances were abysmal, but I think Elise has reached the end of her road….my current power list

    1. Phillip
    2. Skylar
    3. Colton
    4. Jessica
    5. Hollie
    6. Josh
    7. Elise

  • Christina

    1. P2
    2. Skylar
    3. Jessica
    7.Hollie !

  • Anonymous

    I wish it would be Colton leaving but I fear it is Elise.
    My bottom 3 would be Colton, Skylar, Hollie
    But I fear it will be Elise, Joshua,  Hollie instead.  I think Hollie will be safe and then it will be between Josh and Elise or Joshua will be safe and between Hollie and Elise as while the judges pimped Joshua, they also praised Hollie.

  • anibundel

    No, only one.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe both Jessica and Joshua fans voted more because these two were in the bottom 3 last week and Jessica got the fewest votes.

    I am not sure who besides Elise will be in the bottom 3, maybe Hollie? Other than that, I am really am stumped.  I cannot see Phil or Colton ever being in danger of elimination but I hope I am wrong as far as Colton goes. But they both have a solid, loyal fanbase who I believe power votes heavily.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget 2 are being eliminated

    No. Only ONE will be eliminated tonight. Two were eliminated at Top 12 when Jermaine Jones was disqualified.

  • Deanie Warder Lambeth

    I guess I am the only person that has always believed the show is rigged to some degree….two county people last year, spots 1 and 2….no way Skylar will make it to 1 or 2….maybe with fingers crossed, she’ll come out with #3.  That saying, she is my favorite.  The judges are pimping Jessica and Joshua….not my favorites.  I do agree that she has an awesome voice but if she wins what will they do with her.  I don’t find her ’emotion’ believable to be so young.  I liked Jordin Sparks way better.  Joshua is a male Fantasia….another one that was not my favorite but did have some good songs.

    I agree that Elise will go home but have not clue who the other will be.

  • Landon Cox

    No, only one is. They already had a double elim week with Jermaine/Shannon.

  • loosegoose

    mj, who do you think would be the most likely shock bootee? Colton?

  • Anonymous

    My List:

    1-2. Joshua/Jessica (both performances were about equal for me. I’m not in love with either, but they were the most interesting to me)
    3. Skylar (Wasn’t great, but didn’t offend my tastes either)
    4. Phillip (Mixed bag, first per. was better than he’s been, sec not so much)
    5. Elise (Not bad, but there was just something lacking)
    6-7. Colton/Hollie (Pretty interchangeable, Colton has weak vocals, Hollie just shouted the whole night)

    Who do I think will go home:

    Elise. Whatever it is she is lacking, seems to be preventing her from connecting with the audience. Colton maybe if it’s a “shock boot.”

    Who I think deserves to go:

    Colton/Hollie/Phillip-  Any of these three will do. Colton is too whiny, and his desire to turn everything into a emo-riffic celebration is grating. Hollie just needs a little more time to find who she is as an artist, and work on her control. Once she does, I think she’d be aces. I just want Phillip gone.  No real reason other than his shtick is just repetitive at this point.

  • Madred

    I think it would be a shock boot. The fact that the show is 5 hours away and nothing from Nigel means that the elimination tonight will come as a shock to no one. 

  • Stefan Wind

    My power list…

    B.B. Chez

    My prediction is that Colton was REALLY in the bottom 3 last week and Joshua wasn’t. Colton will be eliminated in a shocking result tonight…hopefully. 

  • loosegoose

    Probably Elise then. Maybe Hollie.

  • Cathy Plemel

    I agree with MJ’s list.  Colton’s fan base, for the most part, liked his performances last night and even if they didn’t they would still vote.  In fact I agree with MJ that they probably voted even harder last night.  I think they are pretty loyal.  I get the feeling that he doesn’t get a lot of votes outside of the fan base most of the time anyway.  It seems you either love him or hate him and there’s not much in-between.  I get the same feeling about Phil.

    The only “shock” boots for me tonight would be Colton or Phil since they have never been in the bottom and seem to have the strongest fan bases.  I think Elise will go.  She doesn’t seem to have a dedicated fan base but instead gets the votes only when she does great.

    I think Joshua and Elise will be in the bottom but can’t decide who the third will be.  Either Hollie or Skylar are my best guess.

  • Anonymous

    My list:

    Philip (resistance is futile, after last night, I cave)
    Jessica gotta go with my gut, still think she is the best hope for the girls
    Skylar give her mad performance props, but she goes shrill when she pushes the vocals
    Colton, he’s got peeps….ugh
    Hollie, once damsel is not in distress, no power voters to the rescue
    Joshua, one of his best performances had him in the bottom three, inexplicably, Jimmy is right to question why…
    Elise, not a good contestant, great vocalist

  • Anonymous

    My prediction for bottom 3 is: Joshua, Colton and Elise.  I think Colton should go home but sadly I think Elise will be eliminated.

  • Anonymous

    Same here

  • Anonymous

    Not true.  We already had a double elimination with Shannon/Jermaine, so there’s no need.

  • Anonymous

    I will be shocked if Colton is in the bottom three-my twitter was full of panicked fans tweeting “Save Colton!” last night. I thought the judges were way too hard on him about “September.” 
    I’m sure Jessica’s fans were voting hard, also, after her narrow escape last week.
    My list is the same as MJ’s.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt there’ll be a shock boot. Elise will probably be gone. She’s just not picking up fans for some reason. It’ll be a sad night for me anyway. I like all of these contestants.

  • Anonymous

    1 Phillip
    2 Hollie
    3 Joshua
    4 Skylar
    5 Colton
    6 Jessica
    7 Elise

    Both Colton and Jessica get by on fan power voting…. because they were both really off last night

  • Anonymous


    mj, who do you think would be the most likely shock bootee? Colton?

    Colton.  But something tells me he’s bullet proof at the moment.

  • Cathy Plemel

    I seem to be in the minority here but Colton’s my favorite and I would be happy to see Phil go home.  His first performance last night that everyone is praising was the only performance that I forwarded through after the first 30 seconds.  I don’t enjoy his voice and enjoy watching him sing even less.  But there is obviously a segment out there that loves him.  To each their own.

  • Krista

    The only person I’m certain is safe is Phillip. I think Jessica might get enough votes to make it another week. It wouldn’t shock me if Skylar was in the bottom after her first performance. I think the person leaving will either be Elise, Hollie, or Joshua. 

  • Anonymous

    My preference list:


    I actually thought everyone except for Colton had their moments tonight, but Jessica (though she comes across as a sweet girl) still doesn’t interest me as a singer. Hollie was fine, but again, not that interesting as a singer. Phillip is always hit and miss with me, but I did think he was good this week.

    What I think the list might be:


  • Sowsyalite

    I am kinda thinking it will be a bottom 4 tomorrow with the Huff again. This setup will definitely prove the audience does not care what the judges say. This time Colton will be the one to choose which side he’s on. And surprise, surprise he’s part of the bottom 4 and in fact will be part of the bottom 2.

    Top 3 will be Elise, Jessica, and Hollie
    Bottom 4 will be Joshua, Skylar, Phillip, and Colton

    Wishing Colton gets the boot… but Skylar/Joshua will be the shock elimination. 

  • Anonymous

    Power List
    1.Skylar–consistent fan base, consistent performances  
    2.Phil Phils- strong fan base and gaining new fans
    3.Hollie–gaining new fans, growing 
    4.Joshua– propped up by judges,  does not have a loyal fan base, not sure what will happen once TPTB decide it is time for him to stand on his own.(I want him to do well.)
    5.Colton—lost a lot of ground this week, lost many fans who were on the fence
    6.Jessica–may get many votes this week but in terms of “power” I’m pretty sure it has been overrated since the beginning. I don’t think her talent is overrated, just our perception of her popularity.
    7.Elise–does not have a loyal fan base, does not seem to be winning over new fans 

    As of right now, I do think Skylar could win.  
    Some of it will have to do with whose voice holds up.  My husband felt Jessica was struggling last night.  At different times I thought maybe Elise and Skylar were not at full vocal health.  This season is seeing a lot of kids really pushing week after week and I wonder if it will have an impact on the finale.

  • Ilya Setrakian

    not true, there was already a double elimination these seasons (Jermaine and Shannon) since the tv schedule is already set, they can’t send another two home cause that would chop off a week of scheduling

  • raya

    How can you say Jessica gets by on fan power voting when she was nearly voted off last week?  Colton and P2 are the only ones who have yet to make a B3 appearance.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my power list with +’s and -‘s indicating momentum coming out of the performances:

    1.  Phil +
    2.  Skylar +
    3.  Joshua =
    4.  Jessica –
    5.  Colton –
    6.  Hollie +
    7.  Elise =

    I hope Colton doesn’t get voted out tonight because he’s been consistent up until last night’s performances.  I hated his Gaga performance, but I get what he was trying to do with “September.”  If only he had sung in tune, heh.

    However, is it evil that I hope he still hits B3, just so he knows that his fans hated the poseur rock thing he tried with Bad Romance?

  • Teresa Renee

    I think Jimmy nailed one aspect of Jessica on the head a week or two ago when he said that she has studied other singers. Clearly, she mimicks them to near perfection. That, to me, comes off as mechanical and pageant-bot like. Her personality otherwise is pretty much non-existent. It’s not difficult to see why people tend to champion Hollie more than her. She’s very difficult to relate to and makes me think of a little perfect wind-up doll. You wind her up and she does everything perfectly. Generally perfection does not get you very far on this show. Not being able to see growth gets old after a while.

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    A shock elimination: Colton
    We All know is going home tonight: Elise
    The one that maybe is going home tonight: Hollie
    I’m dying to see him out: Phillip

  • sue

     Nope only one will go home tonight because of the Jermaine Jones controversy and Shannon went home that week.  I’m hoping for a shock boot so I put all my points on Colton to go, lols. It probably won’t happen but I can dream. Voted my ass off for Elise so maybe she is safe but it is likely that this is her last week or Hollie’s last week. Another shocker would be Skylar going home.

  • Anonymous

    At this point, people are voting on their favorites. One bad night won’t get them voted out…..unless they were already skating on thin ice.

  • Beach Ammo

    Ranking last night…

    1) Hollie – really stepped up her game
    2) PP – Always kinda cool change ups
    3) Skylar – Country….Nuff Said!
    4) Elise – Something about that voice makes me like her.
    5) Colton – Had a bad night
    6) Jessica – Had a worse night….don’t think she likes all that attention
    7) Joshua – SKREECH

    Hollie gaining a lot of momentum from last night and the railroading she got the previous week will keep her outta the bottom.

    Bottom Three:
    Colton – Surprise

    Goodbye Elise….she’ll be missed.

  • Teresa Renee

    What sucks is that either Colton or P2 could take a giant dump on stage and still be safe. I hate how this show has become a cute boy contest. Blech!

  • loosegoose

    Especially when one of the boys isn’t even cute (Colton).

  • Cathy Plemel

     Colton’s my favorite but not because he’s a “cute boy”.  I like how he seems to put thought into each performance.  He doesn’t have the best voice, which he has admitted, but he knows how to put a performance together.  He seems to think about arrangement, the band, what he wears, staging and he knows how to work an audience.  He said he’s a perfectionist down to what the drums sound like.  Jessica and Hollie are excellent singers but that’s what they are to me singers.  Colton is an entertainer, a performer.  I like to see a performance instead of just watch a singer.  Once again, my preference but not everyones.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your list mj. You got it right. I do not think Colton will be in the bottom 3.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Jimmy said that when he compared Jessica and Hollie. He said both studied other singers, but from what I remember, one pulls it off (Jessica) and the other (Hollie) doesn’t.

    I don’t have a problem with young singers studying their idols, because that’s one way of learning. Jessica is someone who is coming into her own and combines what she learned from studying others with her own natural  instincts. That’s why her performances look polished. I don’t have a problem connecting with her performances at all.

    Hollie on the other hand, is far from ready. She has the pipes, but is very stiff on stage. She needs a few more years of seasoning. When I watch her on stage, I just can’t get into the song because Hollie always looks so uncomfortable on stage.

    To me, it’s easy to see why Jimmy and TPTB prefer Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    Your right, she has no personality. This is what she’s been trained to do her whole life and probably never did anything else. She don’t relax and have fun. She needs to be perfect and she comes across as desperately needing approval. She’s like a  little trained dog and when she do her trick, she gets a treat and a pat on the head. The reasons why people  like Katy Perry and Kesha have sold millions is not because of their great singing ability, but because of auto tune and interesting personalities. Perfection and the personality of a wind up toy equals boring. Her biggest problem besides being bland is that the audience is having problems relating to some like her. She don’t emit warmth, very cool and reserved persona.

  • N

    According to Dial Idol Skylar didnt get that much votes. I know its not reliable but it still makes me nervous. Im hoping Colton/Hollie goes home tonight. 

  • Anonymous

    Based on last night’s performances, I think Colton and/or Phillip would be deserving of a shock boot.  However, I agree with MJ and think Elise will be the one to go.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where to put this, but Taylor Hicks is backstage at Idol now with musical director Michael Orland.  Have mercy!

    Waiting for my next contestant in room 210 when in walks @TaylorRHicks I think you already know what song u want!!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica and Joshua are splitting votes.  One will eventually cancel the other out, and which ever one that is will do the other a favor by being eliminated.

  • Michael Reid

    Dialo idol has Colton Skylar and Elise in the Bottom 3. With Colton leaving

  • BonnieDee

    I don’t get the high rankings for Skylar.  She had the worst performances of all the girls last night.  Colton and P2 are safe.  They have the power texters in their corner.  Order would be.
    1. Colton
    2. Jessica (Huge surge in support since last week) 
    3.  Phillip
    4.  Hollie
    5.  Joshua
    6. Skylar
    7.  Elise.  Elise going home.

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t see it in Jessica.  She becomes more unattractive to me each week. The more worried she gets the more she screams. Her last song last night was terrible.  Joshua ends every song screaming too.  Hollie was much more confident last night, and she can sing without screaming.  They’re doing the same thing with Elise that they did with Haley last year, and she doesn’t deserve it any more than Haley did.  What they did last night was MEAN!  How they think they can make a winner out of Jessica is way beyond me. She is never an audience favorite.  They probably have saved her for a few more week with their stupid antics.  Why don’t they let the audience decide who they like?  It’s so unfair to criticize some and rave about the others. 

  • Anonymous

    Nuh Uh. Colton leaving is far too inevitable. I think he’s a lock for the first person sent back to safety from the bottom 3 though. Hollie’s not gonna leave, because viewers just like a curveball where they think someone who will be a trainwreck that week actually does a’iight so they back them. PRAYING Skylar is not a boot tonight. Don’t like comparing contestants from different seasons but think back to Jordin Sparks. Her season everyone agreed Melinda was the front runner. Jordin had fans, but no one ever thought she was in danger. She just strolled on, performing well each week. I get that sense of consistency from Skylar, which is why I think she’s the easiest pick for a girl in the final. People never really say “Skylar is going home tonight”. I hope that legitimacy doesn’t wear out with viewers and she ends up forgotten before the top 4. I actually gave up voting for Elise at around 10:45 *cries* and put in at least 800 for Skylar (Sidenote: Do you have to wait till the end of the guy saying “Sponsored in part by At&t” when you vote?) Anyways, it’s Elise :(
    What it should be:
    1) Skylar – I’m officially a stan now
    2) Elise – So much artistry, but again, doesn’t get the jyst of Idol as a reality show rather than a platform :(
    3) Jessica – A lil shouty, but still, nice R&B delivery.
    4) Joshua – A lil shouty (actually a lot) but had the pimp spot – took us to church – the “ushe”.
    5) Phil – Ehh. I’m just not picking up on him anymore. Actually liked the studio of the Maroon 5 song last week though. He records well, but it so stiff about changing (no Phil, that does not only refer to moving around on stage).
    6) Hollie – Performed well enough to be safe, but didn’t TAKE ME PLACES, MOVE ME TO TEARS OMG RUSH TO THE PHONE. Again, I think everyone likes someone that they thought was history performing OK that week.
    7) Colton – I don’t even wanna go here. All that’s been said has been said. HE just rubs me the wrong way. I just don’t grasp him.

    What it will be (based on who got the most votes):
    1) Jessica 
    2) Phillip
    3) Joshua
    4) Skylar/Hollie
    5) Colton
    6) Skylar/Hollie
    7) Elise

  • Reflections On Life

    Power ranking & momentum
    1. Phil Philips +
    2. Skylar Laine +
    3. Colton Dixon –
    4. Hollie Cavanagh +
    5. Jessica Sanchez –
    6. Joshua Ledet
    7. Elise Testone –

    Going home – either Elise or Joshua.

    My theory:  Jess, Josh, and Elise are splitting votes to some degree.  A lot of people here and on other blogs say “my personal favs are jess, josh, and elise”.  Makes sense because these are the 3 who would be top 3 *if* this were purely a singing competition – they are skilled vocalists & the other 4 clearly are not (not to say they don’t have other strengths; they all belong in this competition).  This will work against the buoy that Jess might have from last week’s save, so she won’t go home, but she’s probably still b3. If there’s any rally against the bussing of elise, then it will be at josh’s expense.

    Skylar’s got no natural competition. The country contestant usually goes home by now (S10 was an anomaly, with 2 strong country contestants).  So if she’s still here, then she’s probably staying for a while.  Plus, I have to say, Skylar’s the most natural *uptempo* performer female finalist that AI has ever had, country or not, and it’s not even close. I think this, even more than her country-crossover performances, is what gains her appreciation & votes from the non-country base (the “i don’t like country but I like skylar” contingent).

    Hollie’s being graded on her own curve, and it works because she’s so likeable and has such a clear, melodic belting tone.  If she keeps improving even modestly week to week, she’ll be at least in the F4.  Like Kelly, Carrie, and Jordin, she’s got that charismatic “i really want to root for her” quality. From the moment I heard her sing Reflections, she seemed like the most obvious AI non-polarizing root-for-her growth-arc contestant.  Let’s see if she pulls it off.

    Ironically, my personal preference list is almost entirely the opposite order from the power list, except with skylar right above hollie.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, seriously, I think Jessica haters are starting to not see clearly. TPTB never forced Jessica on the audience. She didn’t even have the pimp spot, no standing O’s, and she got the same positive reviews as everyone else. 

    Also NO ONE is busing Hollie. For one week now all hollie fans have done was complain about her supposed unfair treatment and how Jessica was going to be pimped to high heavens, and that hasn’t happened. 

    Jessica may not be popular with the voting demo, but she’s the one I see breaking out of the idol bubble and reaching those RnB/Urban fans.

  • Doran Rayne

    I tend to agree, I can see Jessica having a solid career post idol. Hollie took her shot too soon just like Allison Iraheta. She’s not ready for prime time and has a very slim chance at having success post idol.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Actually, I always thought Allison was way more ready than Hollie is now.

  • Mateja Praznik

    VFTW is championing Phillip Phillips.

    5 -headed WGWG monster:

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. I REALLY don’t know who to put my points on this week. I usually have an idea of who I want to go home, and I just pick that person. (Which, for some crazy reason usually works out) But now I don’t want anyone to go home. ): And I don’t even know the obvious choice. (Which everyone says is Elise.. but I don’t know..)

  • CanadianLady

    Who I think did best last night.

    1. Phillip – he changed it up with each song, was totally in his comfort zone, thanked his musicians and acted like a total pro. The goal is for him to become the kind of singer who has people wanting to hear anything he/she sings, and he’s doing it. Sign him today. Esp. if he has to have an album out by the fall. 

    2. Skylar – Ditto. Sign her today too. She’s more ready than Lauren was in my opinion.

    Big Gap

    3. Elise – she’s good but not great. And I don’t know who she is – rock?, soul?, r and b?, pop? Not sure she does either. She likely needs a development contract.

    4. Jessica – biggest problem for me is that there is a disconnect between the songs she’s signing and her age. I don’t want to hear a 16-year-old singing many of these songs and not singing things that fit her age. I don’t want to see her messing up the way so many teen girls have. I worry for her. I think the pressure to be a star is to much. Plus yelling at me to “Try a little tenderness” just felt weird. I’d like to see her signed but given a development contract too.

    5. Joshua – I like him, but frankly I loved Jacob Lusk last year and would take his voice over Joshua’s in a minute. Having said that, I just don’t think he knows what he wants to do – he’s trying this and that and listening to the mentors each week, but who is Joshua and what does he want to sing? What does he care about? I know so little about him. And I don’t think he’s ready yet either. Ditto with the development contract.


    6. Hollie – Great on Adele, beautiful voice, but she herself said it’s a song she’s sung many times
    before. She’s just not ready to have a recording/performing career yet. I think she needs to look at options with Disney, etc.


    5. Colton – Never been a fan of his voice. Last night was awful. And for him to sing that Gaga song just floored me. I can’t beleive someone who apparently wants to sing Christian music would choose to do a song with those lyrics. Sure, Kris sings mainstream, but he chooses his songs very carefully. No idea what Colton thought he was doing. Can’t see either song appealing to people who would buy him if he went CCM. Think it was a really bad move. And I just don’t like his voice. Nothing against him as a person, but I hope he’s on the bottom this week. 

  • Doran Rayne

    Maybe so but she was still awkward and could have benefited to wait 1-2 years. Timing is everything. Imagine if Allison waited one more year, she could have won season 9 and not been on a record label that was falling apart(of course she couldn’t know that.)

  • Ryan

    i really dont see hollie hitting B3 after both of her great performances

  • Anonymous

    If Colton does end up in the bottom 3 and/or going home, I think that goes to show he has more of an older fanbase than one may assume. I don’t think his supposed teenage girl fanbase cared about him “butchering” September. As someone who is only slightly older than “teenage”, I wasn’t that familiar with the original anyways, and his interpretation wasn’t technically bad at all.  In fact I preferred it out of the two songs he did. It was essentially Colton, its what he does to songs. If his fanbase has been keeping him out of the bottom 3 all these weeks, tonight really should be no different. I think the rearrangement may have alienated parts of the audience who were more familiar with the original however, which by the looks of it, tend to be the more vocal ones that posts on blog sites. We’ll have to see.

    That being said, I still don’t like Colton.

  • Anonymous

    Allison was beyond ready, she just didn’t get the right material for her post-idol.  Allison and Jessica Sanchez are actually friends, they knew each other before idol cause they were in some kind of singing competition when they were kids. 

  • Anonymous

    I am tired of hearing that all Hollie fans have done is complain about her supposed unfair treatment and pimping Jessica.  I don’t think it was “supposed”, I think it was fact. America agreed and that’s part of the reason why she was safe last week. 

    Maybe Jessica fans need to stand in the shoes of Hollie fans. How would you feel if it was the other way around and Hollie was getting all the praise and the judges were telling American to vote for her as the ” best” one?  There were six other contestants on that stage that night. How should they have felt listening to that?  All the judges had to do was use the save. That’s what it’s for – to save someone who is too good and deserve to stay. So what’s the problem with Jessica fans?  She’s still in the competition!  All the judges had to do was give her a big hug, save her and then keep their traps shut. But they had to lecture America about why they were wrong. Not a smart move.

    America has the power. Whether Jimmy or the judges or whoever likes it or not, we have the power.  Jessica was given another chance after being voted off. That’s a good thing! 

    I do think Hollie was bussed, more than bussed. She was run over like yesterday’s garbage and the viewers spoke loud and clear last week.  Hollie also showed last night that she deserves to be there and get some respect.

  • Tess

    I’m not convinced that Colton has the “fan base” that the Bubble thinks he does.  Sure he has very vocal fans but so did Heejun and they got him nowhere fast.  Also, I think there is enough differences between P2 and Colton that they don’t have overlapping fans and at some point one of the fan bases will self-destruct. Besides, I think a lot of voters would like to shuffle up the results a bit and are more and more into individual performances then totally voting for personalities at this point.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Colton takes a trip to the bottom…I am sure a lot of peeps hate self-indulgence as much as I do.  That being said, I think Elise’s days are numbered.

  • Doran Rayne

    Allison was not beyond ready, she was very good but awkward and couldn’t form a huge following post idol. She didn’t succeed because her label fell apart and yes her material wasn’t spectacular but with enough promo she could done better.

  • Jake Williams

    I agree Anne. Jessica haters are in full force on this blog. I actually thought about voting for Hollie. Sadly a portion of her disrespectful fanbase made me NOT put in votes for her. It is okay not to “like” Jessica. Everyone has a opinion. But I have seen some major trashing from a few folks on here. Along with people trying to persuade me to vote for Hollie. I’ve seen someone post “Don’t vote for Jessica everyone, vote for Hollie” I’m now rooting for a Hollie elimination due to her fans.

  • loosegoose

    Allison was da Bomb. Jessica has great pipes and will get there sooner rather than later, but I don’t think she has Allison’s stage presence yet.

  • loosegoose

    Ah, a ray of hope!

  • Anonymous

    I look at potential along with being ready.  Skylar is more ready then Lauren was but if you have seen Lauren perform lately you would see she is more then ready now.  You may not like her voice or style  as I do not really care for Skylars but there is a place for both of them in country music.  Taking a chance on somneone with a lot of potential like Hollie is part of what these shows are about IMO. Its all a crap shoot who will be successful who will not.

  • Anonymous

    After careful (sorta) consideration.

    I can see a reason for every one of these guys to hit B3. But I don’t think they need to worry if they hit B3. It’s either, you got the lowest number of votes or you didn’t.

    Yeah.. Elise might go home, but I don’t think it’s a sure thing. I definitely think Colton will hit B3. I know he has a huge fanbase. But he was terrible last night, and everyone is stepping up their game. Will he go home? Maaaybe. But it’s a long shot.

    Josh might be in trouble, but then again, last year I kept saying Jacob was in trouble every week and he made it to top 5. And Joshua is WAY better than Jacob. However, Joshua may be splitting votes with Jessica or Hollie, whereas Jacob wasn’t splitting votes with anyone.

    Actually, I still don’t know who to put my points on. xD

  • Anonymous

     Scotty looks so out of place there.

  • sf3456

    I’m not convinced that Colton has the “fan base” that the Bubble thinks he does.  Sure he has very vocal fans but so did Heejun and they got him nowhere fast.  Also, I think there is enough differences between P2 and Colton that they don’t have overlapping fans and at some point one of the fan bases will self-destruct.

    I don’t know.  I was at another board and someone posted a picture from tumblr of a Colton fan all ready for vote for him.  That picture was three phones being charged with texts on the screen, ready to be sent.  After shaking my head and rolling my eyes, I was like, that’s what I’m doing wrong.  I only have one phone. 

    So, yeah, I think Colton does have the fan base. At least dedicated enough to vote for him using three phones.

    Anyway.  Not saying anything about the power list because I think it’s all wrong.

  • Karen C

    If Colton does end up in the bottom 3 and/or going home, I think that goes to show he has more of an older fanbase than one may assume. I don’t think his supposed teenage girl fanbase cared about him “butchering” September.

    I don’t think it necessarily does, I’ve seen where some older fans like what he did with September too.  Sometimes when someone does this even with an older song, some people might even appreciate it more. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I don’t see how it couldn’t be Elise going home. The only other slight possibility of a shocker would be Colton, as most are saying, but I don’t really see that happening. He still deserves to be in the B3, regardless. Colton and Elise were really underwhelming last night. More likely, I see it being Elise, Hollie and Joshua because Elise’s fanbase just isn’t strong enough and Hollie and Joshua’s fanbases seem the most wishy-washy to me.

    No chance of going is Phillip. That’s all I can be sure of at the moment, ha. I’m pretty sure Jessica and Skylar will be safe also.

  • Jake Williams

    My power list: Simply my own opinion.

    My Bottom three: Hollie,Colton, and Elise with Hollie going home.
    What will probably play out: Hollie,Elise,Joshua with Elise going home.

  • Pam

    ColoradoBound2012-What you said earlier about Jessica is basically what Melinda and Slezak said in this week’s edition of Idolatry.  She performed IWALY so closely in step to the original arrangement of Whitney and while it sounded lovely, that’s the big problem that I see is that it does appear that she’s really not changing the original arrangement up all that much and I think it basically caught up with her last week.

    My rankings:

    1.  Hollie-Really enjoyed her last night for the first time in quite sometime.  I think she may have done just enough to stay around another week even if she hits B3.

    2.  P2-After last week, he sort of redeemed himself last night in my book.  He’s got people and he ain’t going anywhere.  ;)

    3.  Jessica-After last week, I’m afraid the girl was probably sort of shell shocked last night.  I kind of got the sense that she got desperate and was trying way too hard.  Some of the time she got a bit shouty even though she sang amazingly well.  I think her fans may have rallied just enough to save her this week but it wouldn’t surprise me if somehow she landed back in the B3 again.

    4.  Skylar-Personally, I think her first performance was sort of a trainwreck.  I think she did a bit better the 2nd time around.  It will be interesting to see with her being safe last week if she can escape B3 again.

    5.  Joshua-I kind of think he’s skating on thin ice and of course the same can easily be said for Elise.  He gets himself in trouble so easily for oversining and last week he somehow broke himself of that and still ended up in danger.  It just leads me to believe that his days on the show may be numbered. 

    6.  Colton-Two very lousy performances that were nothing but clunkers if you ask me.  His arrangement of September was just horrible and unrecognizable along with the Gaga tune but September was by far the worst but he’s not going anywhere even if he hits B2.

    7.  Elise-Sad to say it, but she’s out of there.  I think she was trying to show a little bit of heart and vulnerability but it should have come across more in her performance than when she was talking about her dog and I think that will come back to bite her in the rear tonight.  She’s had one too many trips to the B3 and no matter what, America just isn’t connecting with her. 

    If we do have shocker tonight, I think we can say it’s Colton, if not, then it’s probably Elise.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve just illustrate why votes should be limited. 3 votes wouldn’t do much, but 300 will.

  • Loretta

    Dial Idol dial score can only be trusted so far.  It seems to me that Colton has a texting fanbase.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he is B3 but I will be shocked and upset if he the one sent home.  I like him.

    I think the B3 will be Elise, Joshua and Skylar.  I think Elise and her tude did not do her any favors.  So I think Elise leaves us.

  • Anonymous

    my powerlist



    bottom 3:
    hollie – went 1st, praised
    joshua – went last but polarizing
    elise- midway, fantastic vocals, however so defensive with J-Lo – not a good thing for the AI audience

    going home: elise —  T____T


  • Loretta

    Last week Dial had Joshua as the top vote getter and he was B3.  His base doesn’t seem to text.  He may receive lots of dialed votes but not many text votes.

    Joshua and Elise are frequent B3 and I bet if there is a shocking boot it is Joshua. The judges will have a fit and chastise America. 

  • J3%%!C@

    Your Bottom 3 with be  Elise, Jessica and Skylar. Elise goes home. 

  • Karen C

    My list:
    1. Phil Phillips- I think he has a strong fanbase especially after last night
    2. Colton- I really liked his performances last night and think he has a strong fanbase, I’d probably put him at 1 but it wasn’t his best week.
    3. Skylar- I think she has the best chance of the girls to win, and think it could happen if she continues the way she has. I think there’s a strong country fanbase after last year, also. 
    4. Joshua –  I think he did really well last night
    5. Jessica- Not one of her best nights
    6. Hollie – Much improved after last week.
    7.  Elise ( though she’s one of my favorites, I don’t think she’s very strong in the competition right now)

  • steve

    I kinda agree that itll probable be elise going which is a shame as imo she is the best singer there but for some unbeknown reason america will only vote for her if she has an amazing week. Where as others seem to be able to scrape by with an ok/bad performance.

    If is elise to go tonight im done with the season as all the other are meh.

  • Loretta

    Oh I don’t see it that way at all.  Hollie is improving and last night she was much more free and she is much more open and talkative and cute when she is being spoken to after her performance.

    Jessica has not improved.  She is still guarded and also stiff.

    I wish both took a page from Skylar performance wise and just had fun.

    Bost Hollie and Jessica are impressive singers but both need to learn how to connect with the camera and voting public.  Both Hollie and Jessica are way better singers than Phillip but he has the connecting down.  The sly smiles and come hither looks and flirting with the camera.  People would be drawn to a performer that draws them in vs one who is just technically profecient.

  • steve

    agreed wish it would go to the way it should and thats people vote for who’s record they would buy once show is over

  • Anonymous

    i agree…and i don’t really get why being on tune and vocally spectacular is equal to boring or being shy equal to no personality or striving to be the best and win this thing equal to being calculating…people should relax..jessica’s only 16…LOL

  • steve

    doubt very much jess will be B3 the save last week will carry her out of the B3 this week imo

  • Anonymous

    I think at this point the bottom three will have to have some really good people. This is a strong group. I more or less agree with MJ except or the #2 and 3 spot.

    1) Philip. Even I like Phillip more and more the longer he is around.  He would have to turn in a really stinker performance or one of the others would have to be spectacular to catch up to him.

    2)Skylar. She has had an upwards tradjectory and girls will vote for her.  

    3)Colton, I think he lost a little ground last night.  

    4)Hollie.  She came back strong last night.  I think she would have impressed a lot of casual viewers and got her fans to reallly vote in support of her.

    5)Jess. Not her best performance no matter what the judges said and the fact that she was sent home can’t be discounted.

    6)joshua:  Joshua should be up at #2 but he doesn’t have the qualities to get the vote on AI.  But I think he is probably the most gifted male on the show.  I think he has a bit of Jess Sanchez syndrome. You can’t be too good on Idol too early in the competion.

    7)Elise. She doesn’t have a major fan base and I would bet those she has are the older viewers who vote strictly on performance, not the younger avid fans who vote out of adoration.  She could go home.  But I do think the judges were a little unfair in their criticism of her last night( and it went on forever) so that may have rallied the viewing audience. 

    I really don’t know who will go home.  I just don’t think it will be P2 or Skylar.  Can’t say more than that. 

  • Anonymous

    I asked this yesterday.  Ryan said which ONE of these will be going home tomorrow. And I didn’t hear them actually say 2 were going home. 

  • Anonymous

    never mind. I just read a reply that addressed this. :)

  • Anonymous

    Awww, I reeeaaally don’t want to put points on Elise. I just can’t bear putting points on one of my faves. lol

  • Anonymous

    I’ll keep my response short and sweet:

    “See you on finals night, Elise.”

  • Jepoy Ramos

    I’m predicting a Skylar shock boot! 

    Please please let Elise stay specially with a Queen there next week!

  • lisakn

    If they don’t say “This show will shock you”..then we will know it’s Elise going home. I still say Skyar and maybe even Colton will be in bottom 3. I’m always wrong, so don’t listen to me, lol.

  • lisakn

     Only ONE will be going home tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else still have some hope of Jessica winning?

  • CanadianLady

    Oh, totally.  And I don’t dislike Lauren. I just worry about her a bit having to hit the ground running and work so hard at her young age. I hope it’s worth it in the long run.

  • Jr

    u were wrong again this week mj haha 

  • Anonymous

     Exactly >>>>

  • Anonymous

    I think the seemingly unending criticism from the judges on Elise Tuesday night motivated her fans to vote more than than normally do.  I know I did.  I know some people want to see bright, smiling, ‘pageant faces’ taking all the judges criticism, but after singing your heart out, it has to be wearing to hear judges say things that often don’t seem to be based on reality or particularly constructive.  After thinking about it a bit, I have absolutely no problem with Elise or any other Idols being totally honest with how they feel about the judges criticism.  Guess what, we like our professional singers to ‘keep it real’.  Hearing what they really think rather than gritting and smiling through it is actually a sign of being an artist.