American Idol 10 Top 40 Spoilers – Featured Contestant – 01/06/11

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Gangreen29 continues to profile American Idol 10 Top 40 contestants, via Joe’s Place Blog.

Today’s hopeful has been featured in several TV promos. With a big voice and dance skills. Could she be who Nigel Lythgoe and Co. are looking for as the new American Idol?


Tynisa Wilson – Tynisa has been featured in several promos. She has a nice, booming voice. She also seems to have great stage presence, and has some experience performing with choreography, which I imagine will be a big bonus for Nigel. Who knows though if there is still a voting audience out there for singers like Tynisa.

Videos after the JUMP…

Listen cover

Circus cover

Green Light cover

  • jack5791

    I love her… I am still hopeful that a really successful singer like Ta-Tynisa can win. She seems very contemporary. I think a lot of people before Ta-Tynisa fell into the trap of trying to sing like Whitney Houston, etc. Hope she goes far!

  • jack5791

    Oh, does anyone know which promos she was in?

  • Grammie Kari

    Does anyone know her age?

  • tierbee

    Hmm, she’s interesting… I could deal with a big voice or two. As much as I adore my singer-songwriters… variety is very good!

  • Mark

    Hmm… she potentially might make it interesting. She has some energy that is really good. That said, I’m not totally there on the vocals. I’m not a big fan of the oversinging, but some of the lower register stuff didn’t sound that great from the videos we have. But that might just be the recording.

  • bjames

    Ok, I’m getting excited about this season now. So ready for these types of singers back on the show (even though David Cook and Kris Allen were amazing), last season just felt so stale. Bring on S10!

  • luvadamlambert

    WOW, I LOVE her version of circus!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Banished

    Her voice is Jennifer Hudsonish, but not sure I’d call that great dancing…

  • http://MJO judes

    This Tatynisa reminds me of Syesha- big voice & short dresses & boobs falling out of the top. Well Syesha got to 3rd but didn’t go anywhere afterwards- not sure about this girl . What I want to see is variety & if she offers that then great.

  • Valentin432

    She also reminds me a lot of Syesha and that’s not a bad thing in my book.
    We’ll see how strong her voice on stage but I do see UMG wanting someone like her to go pretty far.

  • girlygirl

    I can see a resemblance to Syesha. Not bad, but I’m not blown away. I want to see if she can be versatile.

  • chessguy99

    Does anyone know her age?

    Best I could find is that she is currently a sophomore at Columbia College in Chicago, studying voice. The above clips were from the summer before her first year at Columbia.

    I like her, she’s on my short list of girls I plan to power vote into the finals(top12/10). She’ll hopefully benefit from the industry pros UMG has brought in and advance far in the competition. My only reservation is the longtime Idol voter expects the Syesha type of singer, which isn’t exactly current. A female with a style that is current may not fair well with voters who look to Idol for the older style of female R&B types.

    TaTynisa is an example of the good number of quality female contestants they look to be placing on the show this season.

  • sillypraguer

    I don’t hate her, but she gets a bit nasal in her upper register. It’s hard for the big voiced young gals — there were so many in the early years, and lately not so great. And since so many viewers watch Lea Michele belt on Glee … can’t see finding someone as good as her, and she doesn’t have to sing live.

  • songsungblue

    Same old, same old. I’m going to bet that she’ll be cannon fodder. They definitely want a contemporary star, and the R&B type won’t cut it. After the Lee De-myse – they need something Adam-sized [no dis to Kris]. Count on it.

  • koshka

    She could do well.. the difference between her and many previous big voiced gals is that she is at home on the stage. Just for that she may be on my short list if she can bring the goods. As someone said.. she is contemporary. Thats another plus in my book.

  • jacquesthedog

    Peeps, don’t count Lee out yet..He is #11 on VH1 Top 20 Countdown. He is still creeping up slowly, and I think he has a pretty solid and active following:)

  • chitownmale89
    she sings the first two lines in this performance in the competition she won in aurora idol