American Idol 10 Top 24 Full Length Hollywood Performances

AMERICAN IDOL: Top 24: top row (L-R)  Kendra Chantelle, Jovani Barreto, Lauren Turner, Casey Abrams, Tatynisa Wilson, James Durbin, Karen Rodriguez, Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia, Scott McCreery, Brett Loewenstern, Pia Toscano and Jordan Dorsey.  Bottom row (L-R): Rachel Zevita, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, Julie Zorrilla, Tim Halperin, Haley Reinhart, Clint Jun Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Naima Adedapo and Ashthon Jones.

Those tantalizing clips we got on the show of the Top 24 singing their final Hollywood audition song? Good news. American Idol is making the FULL performances available on their website. Read on:

Want to see more performances by this season’s AMERICAN IDOL Top 24? Now, and for the first time ever on, watch never-before-seen full performances by the AMERICAN IDOL Top 24 as they sang their hearts out for the judges during the final round of the Hollywood auditions. Don’t miss the final performances that earned each of them a spot in the Top 24, as well as exclusive new interviews with each of the hopefuls.

I’ve also updated my Top 24 with links to the performances HERE.

Links to each clip after the jump!



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  • primeminister

    Kendra has a great voice, but she doesn’t light up the stage.

    Pia is a lot stronger (vocally) that I had expected.

    I don’t really like Paul’s original tunes. Tim’s are more my style. Brett’s songwriting needs a lot of work.

    Jacob had a surprisingly restrained vocal at the start of the song.

    Robbie has a nice voice, but zzzzzz.

  • Valentin432

    Great idea to let this available on the AI site.

    Snap opinions after first listen:

    Ashton shoots herself in the foot by picking that song

    I didn’t like the song nor the performance from Brett.

    Casey is good, nothing new since we saw almost the whole performance already.

    Clint was one of the worst.

    Haley, Jacob and James full performances were way better than only getting the snippets, the editors seem to like to focus on the parts were they are doing their vocals histrionics but the moments when they sing straight are some of my favorites here.

    Jordan Dorsey really impressed me, too bad he’s never going to make it.

    Jovanny just brings nothing new to the table.

    Unfortunately Julie just isn’t that special of a singer, too bad because she sure is eye candy.

    Karen was gorgeous but I think I’m going to have problems connecting with her singing in spanish.

    Kendra is a tricky one, she’s really pretty and has a very interesting tone but I need more facial expression and emotions from her.

    She’s Pimped, she’s kind of annoying, she does have breath control issues, still Lauren Alaina is one whose voice I could definetly hear on radio

    Seems like Lauren Turner loves Etta James and she’s clearly very talented.

    Still not understanding the Naima hype.

    I liked Paul song and his tone is different.

    Pia has a powerfull voice, the song choice was meh.

    Loved Rachel last thursday, so nothing new.

    I like Robbie and his control is very good but from what I’ve seen he wants to be the youngest AC artist in the recording industry.

    Scottie is so making top 10, his voice is unique (on AI) and he is poised for a 16 year old.

    Stefano is winning me over bit by bit, I like his earnest delivery, it doesn’t feel overwrought.

    Ta-Tynisa is stunning but she doesn’t have the voice to impress on those big diva songs.

    Normally I think straight comparisons with previous contestants are lazy but Thia = Jasmine Trias seem pretty accurate at least on this song.

    If Tim makes the final and gets to play a song on the piano, he’s a top 5 lock, too much demo appeal.

  • Mark

    Loved Rachel. She’s not always the kind of singer I loved, but damn if the arrangement didn’t have a bunch of interesting vocal moments. I loved the use of contrast.

    Liked Stefano, Casey, and Lauren T. In terms of songwriting, liked Tim more than I thought I would and Paul less than I thought I would. Brett’s really turned me off him as a contestant, to a point. Hmm.

  • luvadamlambert


  • lorenzo

    Man.. about time! I wish they’d show Season 8!

  • Willis

    I just watched Pia’s video and she was amazing! She’s got it all…

  • LoveDaRocker

    Very cool. Boy, they are really making an effort to revive this thing, and I think they are succeeding.
    Just want to comment how good Karen Rodriguez was. I don’t expect she’ll be singing full Spanish songs on the show, but boy, she was absolute perfection.

  • Duke

    Rachel Zveita’s song is Speechless by Gaga…

  • luci

    I loved Rachel and liked Pia, Karen and Tim.

  • tessa

    I only cared to click on Tim, Paul, Casey and Pia.

    Here’s a guy that should have made it to Top 24. They won’t be showing us his final performance so this may be a good substitute – Colton’s Decode http: //