American Idol 10 Promos - Featuring The Judges

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Here are a couple of American Idol 10 promos that ran during the American Country Awards tonight on Fox.

One features contestants waxing poetic about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, the other features hopefuls set against a back drop of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.”

  • There are some new promos posted at HERE. (linking, because video embedding is a HOT MESS).

Videos after the JUMP…

New promo featuring the Judges

Promo featuring “Just the Way You Are”

  • iluvai

    That’s a handsome and lovely (Jennifer) panel! :)

    The commercials look good. I’m hopeful! I’ve got a way better feeling about this than last year. :)

  • abbysee

    I love Steven Tyler, that is all……well and Randy Jackson has very pretty skin. LOL. He does… like glows or something.

  • gangreen29

    …well and Randy Jackson has very pretty skin. LOL. He does… like glows or something.

    He really does lol! Steven really brings the crazy, but I think I’ll feel much more comfortable with his brand of crazy, instead of Paula’s heavily medicated from extreme pain problems crazy. Paula always made me feel sad for her. Jennifer has a real presence about her, and she is without a doubt going to be running that panel.

  • tierbee

    Hee, I love Steven Tyler. I am very much looking forward to him :)

  • jammasta

    I love Steven Tyler and J. Lo. There seems to be good chemistry this season.

  • Mtlfan

    i’m very excited for the coming up season!! Steven will be a blast and JLo will be very good, I’m sure! Randy will be better than usual, I think, because of the new entourage.
    The last picture of the second clip.. isn’t it Kris during the idol tour when he was singing ATTID with the electric guitar?

  • Ratna12

    The last picture of the second clip.. isn’t it Kris during the idol tour when he was singing ATTID with the electric guitar?

    I can’t see the clip right now, but if the end is the same as the one I saw, then yes, it was Kris.
    The first time I saw it, I commented on the thread how TPTB of AI could allow a footage of WGWG in there.

    I’m looking forward too to see the judges especially Steven Tyler. I was laughing when I read earlier how he was dissing Kid Rock last night. I think Steven Tyler will be a hoot to watch.

  • JudyOhio

    This panel of judges is looking good in the promos, MUCH better than the last 2 seasons, even in these teeny tiny snippets. Don’t throw anything at me, but after watching this new group, I’m just now realizing how much Kara messed up “the chemistry” and the fun (just my opinion). Bottom line is that Steven, J-Lo, and Randy are looking to be a good fit for the show so far. I will definitely be watching! Also, beginning to not notice or feel the Simon absence so much now.

  • LoveDaRocker

    All promos are good so far.

  • Tess

    The best thing about Season 10 of Idol is that I will be spared that horrible “you have to be kidding” expression that was plastered on Simon’s face most of the time. I must admit that I never understood the adoration that the Idol fanbase had for either Simon and Paula (one prize manipulator and one prize never been has been)and never dug Kara or Ellen (a great stand-up comedian but not good in a mixed group).

    I have always thought Steven a gas…his one-liners are supreme. And I have always thought Jennifer entertaining even during her bennifer days (what she saw in him is anyone’s guess). And as for Randy, I thought he handled being relegated to Simon’s whipping boy with grace and class and now expect him to be back to the Randy with some good insider knowledge of the business.

  • TwigLA

    The new promos look good. I think I’m going to like the new judging panel. I’ve been over Simon for years and I’m happy to see him gone. Kara just annoyed me to no end. There was just something inherently unlikeable about her.

    There is one really cute guy featured that I’m betting will become the heartthrob if he makes it through.

  • bean99

    That tiny clip of each of the new judges isn’t enough to make me think this is a good thing. This is probably the first season I’m not looking forward to. Hopefully I’m wrong about ST who I think is a train-wreck waiting to happen and not in a fun to watch way.

  • oceana

    I’m excited to see this year with new judges and other changes, got butterflies in my stomach and can’t wait :) Funny how attached a person can get to that darned show. LOL. last year was boring to me overall, but I think it will be new and different this year. Will I love it or hate it? Time will tell but it’s fun anyway.

  • emmuzka

    J.Lo and Steven feel good and entertaining. One the other hand, Ellen felt good too, up until the live shows, which she messed up big time.

  • sma11ie

    And I have always thought Jennifer entertaining even during her bennifer days (what she saw in him is anyone’s guess).

    I like Jlo now and am looking forward to seeing her this season, but I did NOT like her or Ben during Bennifer days. I mean, Gigli, what were they thinking? That said, Ben Affleck is an Oscar winning screenwriter, happily married father of two adorable little girls, and is looking to be a very talented emerging director. Gone Baby Gone was really good, and The Town has gotten great critical response for Ben’s directing. I wouldn’t say “what she saw in him”, like he was some backup dancer JLo married in a moment of idiocy ;). JMO.

    I’m looking forward to Steven Tyler as well. Randy looks to be useless in these promos, heh. I guess we’ll see soon enough. C’mon dawg, step it up this season!

  • Grammie Kari

    Randy and the producers are well aware of how many feel about his capabilities. He has the knowledge and the experience, so hopefully that will come out for Season 10. I had always hoped he could get Journey to appear on the show (regardless of lead singer).

    I think Jennifer will be fine in this element. It is Steven that I am wondering about. Hopefully, things will be better. I will not miss Simon. After watching and enjoying The Sing Out, I realize Simon wasn’t that cool, especially the last three years. I am ready for that change.


    Honestly from judging from the promos it looks like this is MUCH BETTER THEN I EXPECTED. The three judges look very cool and have chemistry together. I think Steven looks hilariously funny but I really think Jennifer Lopez was worth her weight in gold. She’s going to be a huge part of the panal. Honestly IMO if they have great contestants this could be a great season especially since it’s SEASON 10. Honestly I was ready for a change. I really have to say SIMON COWELL ISN’T ALL THAT. What’s funny is SIMON ALWAYS ACTED like he was the show. It was the Randy-Paula-Simon WHO WAS THE GOLD OF THE SHOW. It was the combination of the three that made it the phenom it was not just SIMON. What was proven to me is when Paula left last year, SIMON was no longer interesting. His foil was gone plus he looked like he didn’t want to be there and was BORED. He could have cared less and it made for an awful show. The chemistry was so AWFUL last year but honestly SIMON DIDN’T HELP THINGS BY SHOWING HE COULDN’T WAIT UNTIL HIS LAST DAY WAS COMING. I honestly think X-Factor isn’t going to be the major hit everyone thinks. I think it will do solid numbers but nothing like early Idol magic.

    Honestly I think Idol is going to go down but survive alot better then people think. IMO big changes were needed to the show and so far from the promos I am seeing good chemistry plus I am so happy they are back to three judges. Plus they should really promote this is the tenth season which is HUGE for the show. I am really happy to see changes. It was so needed after a bumpy two years. IMO Idol never should have ever ruined the Randy-Paula-Simon chemistry. The last great season of Idol was season 7 with David duel and ratings had increased from season 6 to 7. The show was awesome that year with a great finale and the THREE WERE BETTER THEN EVER. I never understood any decisions to TINKER WITH THE FORMULA.

  • ruru