American Idol 10 Nashville Callback Auditions

Two days of American Idol audition callbacks, at the historic Ryman auditorium,  ended on Tuesday.

Can I reiterate how happy I am that Nigel Lythgoe is back? If you aren’t following @Dizzyfeet, yet, you absolutely must.  Here’s Nigel’s running twitter commentary from the callbacks:

After day 1 in Nashville,  Nigel Lythgoe tweeted excitedly, “We have just seen a really gifted 15 year old that may well win #AmericanIdol this Season. Brilliant talent in Nashville today.”

Nigel announcing that a 15 year old could win Idol didn’t go down well with the Idol fan base, to say the least.  The twitter bombing must have been fierce, because Nigel  tweeted, “Wow people talking about pimping and rigging because I liked a 15 year old. I didn’t mention male or female or name them. You’re really SICK.”

And then, “There was an incredible 16 year old in Milwaukee too. Don’t knock the young guns ’till you’ve heard them. I bet you’ll be shocked.”

After day two, Nigel attempted to make nice with the fans he pissed off, “A 28 year-old stole the honors in today’s auditions. Absolutely stunning with a real Aretha Franklin feel to her voice.”

Nigel’s tweets are a hell of a lot more entertaining than anything you’ll find in the videos after the jump.  Brian Mansfield of Idol Chatter was at Tuesday afternoon’s press conference and posted some video.

The most interesting bit was the revelation that Joe Diffie’s son and Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter  auditioned. I wonder if they made it to Hollywood?

Oh, and I’m really digging Steven Tyler’s doddering old guy routine. He had to ask a reporter to repeat her question. That his answers to questions are a little off-kilter are an indication that he’s going to bring the wack back to the American Idol  judges’ panel. And not a moment too soon.

Videos after the JUMP…

Nashville Press Conference Day 2

Day 1

Watch a few on the contestants HERE.

Fox Memphis: The judges arrive yesterday

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  • sr4mjc

    I’m so excited about Steven Tyler. Even if there isn’t a contestant I love this season, I know he’ll entertain me.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    There has been so much hype about the new judges and changes for this upcoming season that I’m just waiting until the show airs before getting too excited. A bit jaded about this show now.

  • wjmtv

    I thought the cutoff was 27. Did they raise it?

  • googletot

    So they’re already telling us who’s going to win!!!

  • mj

    I thought the cutoff was 27

    It’s been 28 since Season 4.

  • summertime blues

    Is Ryan a judge? Why is he sitting at the judges table?

    Seems to me, Nigel is trying hard to attract the teen audience by pimping the younger ones. Good luck with that, Nigel. You are a TV show and you attract people who watch TV.

    Sorry, I’m just not excited by AI the way I used to be. I’ll give it a shot, but something tells me the show will bomb and this will be the last season.

  • uhohnogo

    Nigel made changes I did not like to SYTYCD last season. I used to LOVE that show and this seasons- I didn’t even watch the last several episodes.

    The changes that seem to be in the works for AI are also disappointing. I don’t care for JLO or Steven Tyler as judging choices (I’ll give them a chance though) and would rather have seen a choice of someone more current/relevant in the industry and someone with A&R experience similar to Simon. I don’t like JLO’s personality and that one will be tough to overcome.

    As for the tweets about the 15 and 16 year olds winning idol, that one will be real tough for me to get behind. I have never gotten behind the teen contestants- I’m just not interested in seeing child stars get up there on stage and belt something out and then look all proud of themselves (memories of Katie from last season- think that was her name). I am a 30-something female so that probably has a lot to do with it! If the show is overrun by teen contestants, I am afraid I may be tuning out- similar to how I did with SYTYCD. And that is sad to me. I LOVE Idol and have loved it for many years.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The Idol viewing audience has been getting older every year, and I do think that Nigel publicizing that he’s been impressed by a lot of younger auditioners is part of Idol’s attempt to attract more younger viewers. The show is an odd contest because the contestants advance based on the votes from an audience that is largely outside of the Top40 demographic, but then once they are off the show and starting their solo recording careers, they suddenly are making music designed to appeal to a demographic that was not responsible for their success on AI.