The Amazing Race Season 24 Spoilers

The cast for the next season of The Amazing Race has apparently been leaked! Find out who will be competing in next season here:

According to reports on fan sites such as Idol Forums, Survivor Sucks, and Reality Fan Forum, the Spring 2014 edition of The Amazing Race will feature an all-star cast of returning competitors. Here is the cast list in alphabetical order:

  • Brendon and Rachel (Season 20) – Married couple who also competed on Seasons 12 and 13 of Big Brother.
  • Caroline and Jennifer (Season 22) – Country singers
  • Dave and Connor (Season 22) – Father/Son team and cancer survivors. They had to quit last time due to Dave tearing his achilles tendon.
  • Flight Time and Big Easy (Seasons 15 and 18) – Harlem Globetrotters
  • Jessica and John (Season 22) – Dating couple. They were eliminated with an Express Pass in possession last time.
  • Jet and Cord (Seasons 16 and 18) – Cowboys
  • Joey and Meghan (Season 22) – YouTubers
  • Leo and Jamal (Season 23) – Cousins
  • Mallory and Mark (Seasons 17, 18, and 20) – Mallory was part of a Father/Daughter team with her father Gary in Seasons 17 and 18, and Mark was on a Best Friends team with Bopper on Season 20. Due to unspecified circumstances, they will be racing together this season instead of with their original partners.
  • Margie and Luke (Seasons 14 and 18) – Mother/Son team
  • Natalie and Nadiya (Season 21) – Twin sisters

I’m surprised that there are teams returning for a third time. Jet and Cord are one of the most popular teams ever, so I’m not surprised they are back for a third time. But do we really need to see Margie and Luke and Flight Time and Big Easy compete yet again? I think there were other teams to consider bringing back for a second time at least, such as Brook and Claire and Jaymes and James. There are rumors that Brook was initially supposed to race with Mallory as the sole hybrid team, but apparently Bopper had to drop out at the last minute. As well, Tim and Marie were rumored to be a part of the cast, but they dropped out. Pam and Winnie and Andy and Tommy were also rumored to be part of the cast, but were either cut or dropped out.

Anyway, since the race has just started shooting and contestants have been spotted at airports, the cast list seems to be true. So, are you excited for another all-star edition of The Amazing Race? Happy with the teams invited back? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Steven Curtis

Steven is a graduate of the University of West Florida with a bachelor's degree in communication arts. He enjoys watching reality competition shows, such as American Idol, Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race.

  • edwardgiordano

    Obviously I am gonna watch for Brenchel! I am a bit surprised that they are bringing back Margie and Luke for a third time, but good for them. Joey and Meghan are just so darn positive so I am glad they are back as well.

  • Sassycatz

    I am surprised to find that Tim and Marie aren’t apart of this since they were earlier announced to be so … and *that* probably meant they had not won this current season. I’m guessing that hasn’t changed.

  • flog gnaw


  • Madilo

    Brenchel all the way, go !

  • CaioF

    Damm, bored with this teams competing for the third time. Alot more teams to consider (totally agree with your sugestion of Brook and Claire).

  • Kirsten

    One bad thing about these “All-Star” TAR series is the contestants don’t seem to have as much fun. The wonder of the game seems almost gone and they are much more about doing business. The Frat Brothers from Season 1 and my beloved Cha-Cha-Cha were never quite the same the second time around. Plus, the alliances between the seasons can create an annoying dynamic.

    Love Jet and Cord, but could do without seeing joyless Margie and Luke on the show again. So, so glad that Harpie Marie has not been recast (although she does make a very good villian – believing in karmic payback because a team outsmarted her at the airport, but none for them that stole cabs and lied up a storm).

  • b_james

    So many of my favorites coming back! But I’m kinda surprised they’re almost ALL from current seasons.

  • Miz

    Really surprised at all the Brendan and Rachel fans here. (I’m not one of them).

  • Adam Alamillo

    Though I’d obviously prefer Jeff & Jordan, I gotta support my BB houseguests! #TeamRedQueenAndNeanderthal

  • Digitalserf

    Love it! I’m happy to see that Caroline and Jen are back. They are my favorite team. I’m kinda worried that they will be out early though. Good luck girls!

  • Digitalserf

    Marie is such a pain that they probably said enough already.

  • HKfan

    I voted for Jet and Chord…..
    But part of that is I don’t remember many of the others…at least without a photo to jog my memory.
    Who was the hippy team that won one year…I’d like to see them back again, they had so much fun and got so much out of the race.

  • Jonathan Riehn

    Is it Leo and Jamal or Tim and marie … different sites even including this one had Tim and marie winning. The validity of this site is kinda lacking. If its leo and jamal I am glad they were targeted so often by other teams multiple uturns and still win is a sign a real champion team.