American Idol XIII Top 31 Contestant #5

I’ll be posting several American Idol Top 31 contestants previews every day in the run up to the American Idol XIII premiere on January 15.

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Only 20 years old, Alex has already moved from his native New Hampshire to Nashville to follow his dreams of becoming a successful performer.

“Damian Rice will always be my biggest influence,” Alex posted to his Facebook recently.  On his Youtube channel are covers of songs by Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, Passenger and Miley Cyrus.  Alex also uploaded songs written by himself with titles like “Your Perfect Imperfections,” and “The Light Was Already Here.”

Back in New England, over the summer, Alex won a contest, 15 Seconds of Fame that found him opening at the Boston Hatch Shell for 104.1 Mixfest artists Of Monsters And Men, Gavin DeGraw and Backstreet Boys.

Check out  a few performances from Alex’s Youtube channel.   Alex’s Twitter.

Let Her Go – Passenger Cover

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop Cover

The Light Was Already Here – Original Song

Your Perfect Imperfections – Original Song

Alex Preston – American Idol XIII – Salt Lake City Audition

Alex Preston – American Idol XIII – Road to Hollywood

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  • Wally.

    IMO, best of the WGWGs and the most i can see being marketable from the males

  • helo23

    Hey! It’s a WGWG that can carry a tune. That’s rare these days on this show….well, for the last few seasons. He might not win, but could go pretty far. Alex seems too hipster and not Southern/ wgwg enough to win idol.

  • Rococo

    wow, that first original was beautiful. He’s at least a decent guitar player too, unlike most of teh wgwg’s.

  • overthetop1

    He’s talented. I hope he can cope with the different genres, if that’s how the competition is organized.

  • Sicola789

    He has a good voice and is something different, I will be keeping my eye on him. Hopefully he will go far.

  • Sicola789

    Lee and David Cook weren’t southern either.

  • Karen C

    I think he’s pretty good, reminds me a bit of Ed Sheeran. I do think his voice is good, but not very unique, the ones that do well tend to have more unique voices. He does have good arrangements, and that is good too.

  • macfae

    Not bad at all – nice voice, but nothing special that I see… so far.
    However, I do want to hear more from him ,.

  • Kariann Hart

    I think he has a real nice voice. If Idol goes along with a theme of Folk/ Rock, think he’ll sound nice.

  • maymay

    Alex is good but people won`t think he is that kind of guy to win Idol when they see him the first time. Besides, this season has several similar contestants.

    He has no good looking and unique voice. All he can depend on is his songwriting skill or unknown personality(showing up on Idol) no matter he wins or not.

  • Blirel

    he is a good singer songwriter and musician but can be found boring but i still like him

  • ladymctech

    Alex has done an interesting acoustic version of Miley’s song, which I cannot listen to when she sings it, LOL. I hope he goes far in the competition.

  • mshepnj

    This post describes Lee Dewyze and season 9.

    That being said, Lee had a champion in Simon and I wonder if that was truly because Simon liked Lee, or Simon wanted a winner who would seem lack-luster compared with his presumed X-Factor superstar. Funny how things turn out…

  • Mateja Praznik

    More like, the producers heavily influenced the casting during Hollywood week of season 9. Kara said the judges were unhappy with the selected semifinalists. So maybe Simon just decided to help the producers destroy the season some more. Or maybe he really believed Lee was the best of the bad bunch or the most suitable winner. Or maybe the producers told Simon to champion Lee because he was the only one who could stop Crystal from winning and they didn’t want her to win because she proved to be difficult to work with?

  • Chessguy99

    I agree with this, at least until I get more on Spencer Lloyd.

  • Chessguy99

    David was southern Indiana/Missouri, both areas which are more southern than northern. Lee got by with the every-man, paint store clerk, persona that Simon tagged him with. It gave southern viewers something to grasp on to.

  • tomr

    I really like his voice! Much potential.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I’m sorry, I’m just not impressed with this guy as a singer.

  • Sicola789

    David was from a suburb of Kansas City, and I always saw Kansas City as the Midwest.

  • girlygirl

    His original songs are pretty good, although they could use stronger hooks. Am I the only one who thought he sounded a lot like Phillip on The Light Was Already Here (but not on his other original song)?

  • Karen C

    Both are from the Midwest. And I think both did well because people liked their music.

  • Sue tiedemann

    Sorry to disagree with you all. He is good but I still like Scotty better.

  • No Thanks

    So far I’m just seeing standard Idol “characters”. Nothing unique. No interesting personalities. 25 more to go….

  • Darko_5

    Scotty who

  • justmefornow

    I could only get through about 29 seconds or so of these videos. Boy is he boring. Or maybe it’s just his type of standard WGWG songs? I’m not really sure, but there’s definitely no “spark” here that makes me want to hear more or screams “Star!”
    I’m still more of a fan of that Adam Roth, the guy with the punk rock sound whose video was posted here earlier. I’m guessing he’s a no go for top 30? What a shame. This group of WGWGs is looking really lame and/or boring.

  • Kesia Monteith

    “This group of WGWGs is looking really lame and/or boring.” That’s what I’m thinking too. Could they cast ones that are actually great singers this time?

  • justmefornow

    Or at least be more “animated” in their performance style so they are entertaining to watch. This is a TV show first and foremost. I want to tune in and be entertained, not put to sleep.
    But that’s just me.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Um, what are you talking about. I don’t remember WGWG ever being entertaining on this or any other show. This guy isn’t deviating from the standard.

  • justmefornow

    Well David Cook was considered the “original WGWG” from this show wasn’t he? I did find him pretty entertaining, some of the others, not so much.
    But It’s still possible to play guitar and sing at the same time and not be boring if you have the performing skills, the voice and a fun personality.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Cook was very boring, IMO. His whole season was dull.

  • justmefornow

    Oh well, different strokes I guess. I thought last season was the dullest and tuned out very quickly.

  • jan

    Personal opinions will always differ. However, season 7 was a popular season with the general public that brought Idol increased ratings. It also created large sales immediately after for the winner and runner-up. Idol needs to appeal to the general public again.

  • mjsbigblog


    Past seasons of Idol? Not the topic. Please stick to discussing the upcoming season of American Idol. And remember to respect the opinions of your fellow commenters.

  • Sicola789

    Really? I think this guy is different from what we have seen. Just because he plays guitar doesn’t mean he is different IMO.

  • Sicola789

    I think this guy is a great singer.

  • Sicola789

    Well the show hasn’t premiered yet, it can sometimes be hard to see how they will do or perform based on YouTube videos. So far this guy seems promising and is commercial. I don’t think you need to jump around the stage every week in order to be entertaining.

  • Amy Beth

    I remember when he won the opening act slot for Mixfest. I didn’t go to the concert, but they played a bit of one of his songs on air. He was pretty good.

  • justmefornow

    LOL, Who said anything about jumping around?
    But you’re right, videos can be deceiving. I’ll tune in and see how it all pans out.
    In other seasons, if I found someone I liked I stuck around, if not I usually tune out for the rest of the season. No biggy.

  • jevonuar

    well, he is not at all bad (he’s actually good). It’s crazy how people set their bars so high then get frustrated but still continue watching the show. :) Yeah that’s it, it’s a TV show after all. Having said that, I’m gonna watch him grow on the show. Also looking forward to the wolves (wolfe and wolf). Think they are good as well.

  • Incipit

    No. Breathless acoustic folk singing does not appeal. Neither does Damian Rice or Ed Sheeran.


  • sue

    Best WGWG so far. I like Alex’s voice. He has potential.