Alex Lambert “Untouchable” – New Demo!

Alex Lambert records another demo.  Check out “Untouchable” after the jump.  This ones got a little bit of an R&B/hip hop groove. And, if I’m being honest, it sounds a little bland to me.

I prefer Alex’s single, “I Didn’t Know”, and you can watch the music video for that HERE. Alex traveled the 5 boroughs of New York City to film the colorful vid.

What do you think of Alex’s new demo?

Watch after the jump…

Video after the JUMP…

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  • dancin

    not sure about this kid
    he sounds ok but then he sounds like others already out there

    blah to the song

  • Studio57

    Imagine that, a video that loads, lol.

    I don’t know- I think it’s better than the other one and it’s still just a demo, but I like the groove of this one. The chorus is catchy too, which is always a good thing.

    If you ever hear Mike Posner’s earlier recordings of Cooler Than Me, alot of people think it’s bland. They need to add that club sound to it or something. Right now it’s just too acoustic.

    Another example of demos sounding blnd is listening to Lady Gaga’s demo Fever.

    You know how we started off with Jay Sean and now we have Taio Cruz, Iyaz, DeRulo, etc singing the exact same stuff? Now we have these voices like Bruno, Posner, and Lambert. Every record label will have their own version of them. It’s the Nickelbacking of the music industry. It’s a disease, I tell ya, lol.

  • cheese

    Alex himself didn’t like the production on this one when he heard the demo. I agree that it’s pretty bland, but I think this particular producer is kind of a cheeseball.

    So far, I think I like the song he wrote with Jason Reeves the most (On My Tongue) but I don’t think he’s recorded it yet.

  • Bethlyn

    I’ve always thought this could make it. Not so keen on this demo, but the kid has a gritty distinct sound. With the right material and marketing he’d be good to go.

  • suziq

    It’s okay…nothing special at all. I like it the least of Alex’s songs I have heard so far (most of which I have really liked). Alex’s voice is good, strong and unique enough that I don’t want to hear it buried and covered over like it is in this song. Meh on this one. But I think Alex just may have a recording career. I hope so.

    I think it’s funny that Lee, Andrew and Siobhan (his besties from Idol) have never mentioned or given Alex a shout-out for his “I Didn’t Know” video. He asked Andrew on twitter if he’d heard it…Andrew said “nahh”…but that he would be listening to it. Then no comment later. Maybe they are too closed into the tour bubble to give Alex’s music much thought…but I’m disappointed they haven’t given him an encouraging word…especially Lee, who Alex almost seemed to “idol”-ize!

  • wayno10

    Again. A great vocal. Song is adequate. Production is too slick and has some autotune in it. I hate Auto Tune.

  • areyouin

    @suziq – I think his Idol buddies probably wish him well but would not necessarily go out of their way to help promote him – thinking it would be like stabbing themselves in their respective feet!!

    I don’t mind this demo, but not my favorite. Remember these are demos and he will usually get some changes he requests if it goes to full-production. I think if they can ‘up’ the clubby feel of it and tone down the autotune, because his soulful voice still should shine through, it will be good. People should keep in mind that Alex has said that he will need to have at least 30 songs (demo’d/full production) before he will fee like he can choose 10 to 12 for his album. This is all a work-in-progress and I am happy to be able to follow it so closely – it’s really fascinating!

    *For anybody in the SoCal area – Alex will be playing an acoustic set this Friday at the Huntington Beach Surf US Open. And he is now practicing with a band (for which auditions were recently held) for an upcoming gig at the Key Club during the Sunset Strip Music Festival on August 27th.*

  • ealbino

    loved it. Love his voice, the beat, the arrangement.. everything..! I WILL be buying his CD. :)

  • tessa

    He’s got a unique voice. Sounds really good to my ears.

  • Holden

    I don’t understand why so much time and money is being invested in this guy. I’ve listened to his songs. His voice is ok, but he you can actually hear the AutoTune (bad sign), and he has absolutely no charisma whatsoever. I must be missing something.

  • jaybee

    Its very good,radio friendly,but the full production should significantly improve this.Simon F. is marketing Alex completely outside of the Idol bubble,thats why you see bloggers like Hans Ebert do a bit on Alex being marketed as future Universal product,and a whole separate entity- in his most recent blog under Simon Cowell heading.I have never seen anyone from Idol marketed in these various ways that Simon is doing,not even remotely close…

  • canuck

    I also think it is very good. Alex is the break-out star of this season. He doesn’t need gimmick, he is that good. What a voice.

  • wjmtv

    Boy, I sure like his sound. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think the autotune actually works in this. It would be fine without it, though.

    Can ya keep the gangsta moves to a minimum, kiddo? Thanx.

  • Dlynne

    I like the song. The production? Not so much. Love Alex’s voice, though.

  • poster

    I really like this,too. I think it has a catchy chorus. I could hear it on the radio. I really like Alex’s voice, also…and this is just a demo. His demo of I Didn’t Know sounded a lot rougher than the version that ended up on the video.

    WJMTV, I agree about the gansta moves, could tone that down a bit!

    I think the Idols are still in somewhat of a “bubble” with their tour. They’re kept pretty busy. I know they support Alex, though, from what I saw when they visited the I Can Dream House.

  • MaryS-NJ

    Alex has an interesting voice but the song is dreck – not his fault. Why bother singing when the damn Autotune makes the voice sound like a sound effect? But I have the same complaint about a lot of Top 40 songs that are popular these days. I’m sure the little girls will love it.

    When Alex sings and refrains from actually talking maybe I can almost forget what a twerp he is.

    Simon F. is marketing Alex completely outside of the Idol bubble,thats why you see bloggers like Hans Ebert do a bit on Alex being marketed as future Universal product,and a whole separate entity- in his most recent blog under Simon Cowell heading.

    Hans Ebert knows Simon Fuller personally and I think he can see that Simon has taken a personal interest in Alex Lambert. I think Hans either knows or has deduced that Simon is saving Alex for after the transition to UMG. Apparently, there is some conclusion that Alex is popular with girls… is this true? I never watch IICD unless the other Idols stop by for a visit so I don’t know if it’s an internet sensation or not. I kind of feel bad for Lee and Crystal that Simon seems most interested in the guy who finished 14th on AI than the actual winner and runner up.

  • bearpaws15

    Alex,this kid can sing. Autotune,schmautotune…Alex is a natural. He has charisma, charm, and he is as passionate a singer as there will ever be. great song. i workout,I will download this when it is made available. Brilliant. He came 14th on Idol…who cares? right now he has a great video out with “I Didn’t Know” and it looks like a lot of special things are gonna come for the master soul!!! CRUNK!!!!!!!

  • iluvai

    I luv him. Great song.

  • iluvai

    I kind of feel bad for Lee and Crystal that Simon seems most interested in the guy who finished 14th on AI than the actual winner and runner up.

    It is what it is for a reason. 14th is really not far from top 10.

  • JudyL

    Whatever talent Alex has doesn’t make up for his being such a conceited, obnoxious jerk.

    I have no idea why Fuller is devoting all this time and expense to this guy. It’s like he is determined that something or somebody from his stupid IICD show is going to succeed, at whatever cost. Apparently he has given up on the untalented Justin and is going full-out committed to Alex. I just don’t get it.

  • Soapbox0916

    I think Alex is a sweetiepie and IMHO Alex is NOT a jerk. So it is not obvious. Adorable snarky little punk with a heart of gold is probably more like it. LOL

    I probably qualify as an Idol loonie since season 1 of American Idol, but where someone ends up on Idol really doesn’t matter in the real world. I also ran the so called controversial Alex interviews by some people that I know are not into AI and they all thought what Alex said was no big deal at all. There is a world outside the Idol bubble that will not care.

    Alex has a snarky sense of humor, which means he can be a smart aleck when being funny, and will be point blank with what he says, which makes him misunderstood, but he is really a very nice guy where it counts. Alex is also on a 24/7 reality show where he is encouraged to be entertaining and do something interesting at all times, so he can’t take the high road and be quiet. Sure media training will help Alex, but getting to know Alex a little better and getting to know where he is coming from also helps. I actually watch If I Can Dream when I have a chance, so seeing a larger context for Alex, he is quite charming over time.

    However I much rather talk about his musical talent. Talent, getting along with industry people, and being the right lucky niche is what matters once the Idols get past Idol. Alex is loaded with musical potential and talent. I have seen his talent on If I Can Dream. He also works his butt off on his music and a whole lot of professional industry people seem to be impressed with Alex. Fuller has commented more than once that Alex has exceeded his expectations. That is why I think he is getting support from Fuller.