Alex Lambert Nabs Theme Song For If I Can Dream

Remember that demo Alex Lambert recorded on If I Can Dream? It’s now the web show’s theme song. (Justin Gaston must be jellus)

Check out the latest episode after the jump. The song plays over the credits right after the highlight clips.

I haven’t watched the whole episode (and probably won’t) but I think I’d rather listen to Alex sing than hang out with him. I’m just sayin’.

Still can’t believe he didn’t make the Top 12…

Video after the JUMP…

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  • SashaB

    Awesome. Good for Alex Lambert. It would amuse me to no end if Alex were to get a record contract — and ultimately ended outselling the AI9 winner or runner up. Heh.

    This experience can also be motivating for future Idol contestants as well…

    Very interesting

  • sylvanaire

    Yay! I voted my fingers off for Alex every week in the semis. I was so glad when he got this opportunity, and now they’ve given him the theme song, that’s really cool! I mean, I know it’s the theme of the show he’s on, and he’s got connections with the producers, lol, but still, it’s a great first step, and must be a thrill just the same.

    Interesting that they are going to start kicking people off if they are not making the most of the opportunity. It will add a bit of suspense to an otherwise fairly boring format, imo. And it may motivate these kids to really take advantage of what’s been given to them. I think I approve.

  • tripp_ncwy

    I have seen a couple of the episodes and Justin Gaston sucks as a singer and performer. Even Rickey Minor told him after the AI performance that he really needs to work on his stage presence. I also saw an episode of his first performance at The Grove? in LA and he sucked big time and this was a club. Now I see why the other guys don’t seem to like Alex much. He is proving to be the real deal. By the way there is an open spot in the house. One of the girls, Amanda has gone home to be with her boyfriend.

  • Suzanne

    I wonder what the viewership of this show is. (If it weren’t for MJ’s blog, I wouldn’t even be aware of it.)

    Sounded pretty good. The demo is in the third segment–for those of you who want to fast forward thru.

  • sma11ie

    Oh cool. Alex’s voice is WAY better than Justin’s. And I don’t know much about Elvis, but the couple times I checked out the show, having the Elvis version of If I Can Dream be the theme song sounded jarring to me, so it’s good they’re replacing it with that ditty Alex recorded.

    By the way there is an open spot in the house. One of the girls, Amanda has gone home to be with her boyfriend.

    Really? I thought these people were chasing their dreams. Guess Amanda didn’t really want it that bad if she just left. Interesting.

  • girlygirl

    There’s a theme song? Why?

    But good for Alex…I guess.

  • martha

    To me ,he sounds nasal and screechy. I never liked his singing, tried, still do not.

  • brie200

    Supposedly the other girl left because she wasn’t happy there, but to be honest she also wasn’t very talented. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mutual decision between her and 19.

    19 seems very into Alex, which I’m happy for him, but to be honest he’s the only one in that house who really has a chance of making it in some form. The actors and the model aren’t anything special and everyone has already seen Justin.

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised at all if 19 signs Alex down the road.

  • tierbee

    I’m still pissed that he didn’t stay long enough for me to get studio recordings from Alex. Boo hiss. Hope we get some great music from him.

  • t2

    People actually watch this? Wow!

    They need Normund Gentle or something…

  • girlygirl

    I’m guessing that the number of people who watch this on a regular basis is really low. But 19 does seem invested in Alex and will likely sign him ASAP. I’m not wowed by the kid but he does seem to have potential. He’s just awfully young for a guy who really isn’t a Disney pop type.

  • oceana

    I’m still sorry that he didn’t make the top 12 and higher. He has a great voice and style. congrats to him. I hope we hear more of him as time goes by.

  • brie200

    I don’t watch this regularly, but I do try to keep up an eye on what Alex is up to. My saying 19 seems into Alex also goes back to meetings that both he and Justin had a few weeks back with the head of 19’s stateside music department. I wish I could remember the guy’s name.

    But long story short, the meetings were in the house. 19 guy was very into Alex. Very complimentary and seemed excited by the music Alex had been working on with the various writers he had been meeting with in the house. Contrast that to the meeting the same guy had with Justin, where the 19 exec seemed pretty much not interested and not impressed. Also seems like since the meetings, they’ve been giving Alex more and more to do.

  • Cari

    I am still upset and surprised that Alex didn’t make it further on American Idol. This season really did have the talent there for a good season, but the voting was just so weird.

    I really hope that this “If I Can Dream” gig brings great things for Alex. He is extremely talented.

  • Mtlfan

    I hope very much we’ll see an EP from Alex in the coming year.

  • JudyOhio

    Well, I just watched the whole video (for whatever reason, it kept my attention, lol) and was taken back over the prank Alex pulled. Pretty gross. As the story progressed, I understand it was a pay back to one of the girls for pouring water on him in bed to make it appear he wet his bed. I was on Alex’s side, until the end when he made it sound like he didn’t just do this to one bottle and maybe distributed it around more bottles. Just ewwwww. I know Kris makes pee references, so maybe it’s a guy thing?…..Anyway, I’m almost embarrased that I found myself amused by some of Alex’s answers in the “family meeting” and actually chuckled a little bit, lol. Bottom line, I think Alex was wronged first and, though inappropriate, he got them back. Maybe they will understand now that he is serious about this IICD thing.

    Glad they are using his demo for the theme song. Even though it’s an internet show, it’s a nice little feather in his cap. I think he’s quite talented too and hope good things will come of this experience for him.

    As an aside, on AI, he appeared so nervous and shy. I’m surprised at how spunky he is on that show, lol.

  • brie200

    FWIW, I don’t think Alex is a bad kid. He’s very immature for sure and has some growing up to do. Yes, it was gross what he did and I’m not excusing it, but it wasn’t entirely unprovoked as there was an escalating prank war in the house. In addition to some of the others trying to make it look like he wet his bed, Gig also dumped a bunch of old leftovers/pudding/gross food on him when he was napping outside by the pool. But the kids seem to have gotten over it and made amends.

    As for the shy thing, he is definitely not shy. I think his severe stage fright just made it seem like he was shy on the show.

  • jericho

    He seems like a complete dick head. What’s with the accent? and the mullet? And pissing in people’s shampoo? Seriously, if I was in that house, I would kick his ass.

    Dude is not particularly talented either.

  • areyouin

    @jericho — “What’s with the accent?” ????? He’s from Texas! Is he not allowed a regional accent? What an idiotic comment.

    As for the pranks played upon him prior, it was as follows:
    #1 – was the warm water-live prank – waking him up to tell him he peed his pants/bed on live streaming & then the “show” made it a featured video

    #2 – Was the chef and Giglianne made up a mess of leftover gunk and poured it on him as he napped by the pool – totally unprevoked.

    #3 – the chef and Amanda (who has been kicked to the curb) tricked him into eating a piece of shortbread that Amanda had spit out. Yuck. And she had just had dental surgery for an abscess – ewwww!

    It was enough-is-enough for the young lad. Was his prank distasteful? Sure it was. But his fans are sticking by him for standing up for himself in a ambush “family meeting” he knew nothing about. It was supposed to be a meeting about the Pepsi Refresh Project. If you noticed the one who instigated 2 of the 3 pranks, Giglianne, said she thought his payback was pretty funny.

  • jericho

    “What’s with the accent?” ????? He’s from Texas!

    LOL my family lives in Texas. He sounds like he’s trying to be all gangsta’ or something. Certainly not a Texas drawl. IMO.

  • ross

    Now I see why the other guys don’t seem to like Alex much. He is proving to be the real deal.

    He can be annoying.

  • Soapbox0916

    The episodes are really misleading. Alex was the victim of a long list of pranks, only a few were aired. Seriously, if half that stuff was done to me that was done to Alex, I would not have been as nice as Alex was, but Alex did get his point across that if you continue to mess with him then there would be consequences. Good for Alex for standing up for himself.

  • cher

    I miss Alex very much as we try to endure the end of this current AI season. He has a great voice and I’m happy for him. Hope he gets signed. I’d buy his cd.

  • empressjanet

    LOL my family lives in Texas. He sounds like he’s trying to be all gangsta’ or something. Certainly not a Texas drawl. IMO.

    Dude, he’s just playing when he does that. Have a sense of humor. He’s only 19. Besides, some of his musical interest is in rap, so it’s to be expected. I don’t like it, but it doesn’t matter because, at heart, he’s an R&B singer. Just younger and with his own style. He wants to combine R&B with rap. Get used to listening. You’re going to be hearing a lot of him. Peace.

  • jericho

    Get used to listening. You’re going to be hearing a lot of him. Peace.

    I doubt I’ll ever hear him sing again. He kinda sucks.

    Peace to you as well.

  • carey

    I hope I link this right. This clip shows Alex listening to a demo he just got back for another song that he wrote called “I Didn’t Know” – it’s crazy how good he is:

    As for the episode, Alex is the youngest one in the “dream house,” still viewed as a newcomer or an outsider, boisterous and talented, which may be why he was picked on by some of the others there. During the house meeting, Alex said that he’s been messed with all his life (since he has 3 brothers and was on the small side playing football in high school, I can imagine), and needed to do something over-the-top so they would stop messing with him. I don’t agree with what he did, but it’s also true that no one has played any pranks on him since.