Alabama Shakes – Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

The Alabama Shakes are one of the coolest bands around right now. I really love their soulful, bluesy take on rock.

Check out their performances from last night’s Saturday Night Live. Christoph Waltz was the guest host.

Hold On

[HD] Alabama Shakes – Hold On – SNL 2-16-13 by IdolxMuzic

Always Alright

[HD] Alabama Shakes – Always Alright – SNL 2-16-13 by IdolxMuzic

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  • milwlovesadam

    They were simply incredible last night. Who can tell me about that lead singer/guitarist? Wow. Talk about letting loose!

  • lovesickheroine

    Last night was the first time I’ve heard their songs and now I am a fan! I love the soul and the grit of the lead singer’s voice, kinda reminds me of Steven Tyler. FYI Always Alright is included in Silver Lining’s Playbook soundtrack.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Her name is Brittney Howard (I think). Yes she is awesome :)

    You guys loved the performance, then you MUST get the album, Boys & Girls. Simply fantastic. 

  • cosem

    I discovered this band a few months ago and it was a love at first sight :P. Britanny’s voice is a mix of Joplin and Nina Simone for me. Awesome! 

  • Miz

    Nice! I’m not familiar with them but I’d buy this. Their sound and the lead singer remind me of Tracy Chapman for some reason.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    LOVE Alabama Shakes!  First time I heard Hold ON I downloaded it.  Love the new song too!!!

  • richhahn

    They could have hung with any great 60’s band.

    The band is starting to develop more stage presence. Brittany always had it.

  • Holeigh

    LOVE.  I bought this CD when it came out as a random purchase and since then, I can’t get enough of them.  I want more of this on the radio.

  • roarpen

    LOVE IT!

  • LongKissGoodnight

    I know!
    I just have watched the recording of the show and OH MY GOD, they blew my mind!

    I heard their album when it debuted and liked some of it, but I did not fully connected with the material until this live performance.

    Now I am devastated I can’t actually go and see them live…))
    The lead singer seemed to have southern rock coursing throw her veins. A genial article that one.
    Incredible performance and what an unexpected treat!)))

  • Indigobunting

    I also heard them for the first time on SNL.  Quirky look, unique sound.  I know they were up in some Grammy category because the name sticks in my brain from reading an article in my paper, but can’t remember what.

  • jpfan2

    I think Best New Artist was the category. Brittany Howard was amazing doing The Weight on the Grammys. She’s the most exciting female singer I’ve seen in years.

  • chillj

    I investigated this band about a week before the grammies, and started to buy the album, but got distracted and forgot about it.  I won’t forget again.  This is excellent!

  • chillj

    She has some Beth Hart grit and fibre to her (not that she is a breakfast cereal).

  • wordnerdarchie

    Their “Boys and Girl’s” album is only $5.99 on Amazon right now. ;)

  • girlygirltoo

    I saw Alabama Shakes live at a gig in L.A. not too long ago. I love them…they are absolutely fantastic in concert. And their album is one of my favorite ones from 2012.

  • windmills

    jpfan2: She’s the most exciting female singer I’ve seen in years.

    I think she’s the most exciting singer I’ve seen in years, regardless of gender and genre! Crazy good, especially live. I love the album Boys & Girls but it’s almost impossible to live up to the energy and power of Brittany Howard live. The whole band slayed on SNL last night, couldn’t be happier for them. They’re offering a free download of Always Alright if you check their twitter @Alabama_Shakes.

  • Li Wright

    @windmills — are you writing that Brittany is transgender?

  • windmills

    Li Wright: @windmills — are you writing that Brittany is transgender?

    What? No. I quoted somebody saying Brittany’s the most exciting female singer in years and said IMO Brittany is the most exciting singer period. As in, of all the singers I’ve seen in years, male or female, country, rock, pop, blues or whatever genre, Brittany is the most exciting. My point was there was no qualifier or disclaimer needed, that she’s simply the best.

  • Jake W.

    I love this band. That girl has such a incredible unique voice.

  • Bug Menot

    This is the only current band I can say I know and like. I first heard of them last March when Haley mentioned them in an interview.

  • Kariann Hart

    I first heard of them last night AFTER the SNL show.  They were guests on PBS – Austin City Limits.  Good group!

  • upsidedawn

    I just now watched them on Austin City Limits.  Holy smokes, Brittany Howard–and the whole band–is terrific.  Love them!

  • Li Wright

    I’ve got to say, Brittany didn’t come dressed to please.  What’s with these oversized singers?  Even Melissa McCarthy who is oversized, knows how to dress glamorously.  While this group may be talented, they look like they just walked out of the bathroom!  Folks, please glam up!  

  • lanter

     Thanks for the information, I am off to buy it now.

  • jpfan2

    Brittany don’t change a thing about yourself. You’re a throwback to a time when it was really all about the music.

  • ZsusK

    Well, Brittany doesn’t have to. She’s not an Idol contestant. She gets to be herself and, apparently, that’s good enough to get a slot on SNL.

  • Myrrna

    Maybe she can borrow some of Nikki’s idiot clown wigs and lip-sync. That would be prettykool.

  • Li Wright

    This is “show” business.  Funny, during the pre-Grams she was “dressed” up and looked like someone going to an affair, but on SNL, she dresses down — all of them! not just her.  Maybe they got the “memo” from CBS — dress like a winner and appropriately.

  • standtotheright

    She was dressed in a swing coat, skirt, leggings and boots, which is hardly “rolling out of bed.”

    Not every performance event requires crinolines and showcase jewelry. In fact, most don’t. On the SNL stage, I’d say they were well within the expected range of costuming.

    But I admit I don’t understand why that should be more important than whether or not they are members of the rare band that can conquer SNL’s notoriously shitty sound mix. Clearly they were.

  • Tinawina

    God I love them. I’ve been all over that album for a while now. Glad to see they are winning folks over!

  • iani

    The band is great I think; I was looking for more informantions about them, as I said in another thread some days ago they had last year an amazing 17 festivals all over the world, good amount for a fairy new band and they definitely form a live-band fit for these kind of gigs and I’ve found this article about Brittany and the band

  • jpfan2

    From HDD:

    “SHAKING UP SATURDAY NIGHT: Fresh off Brittany Howard’s show-stopping Grammy cameo as part of the Levon Helm tribute, knocking her verse of The Band’s “The Weight” out of the park, Alabama Shakes soared to the top of the “Most Searched” list on Google with sensational performances of “Hold On” (which came off as much punk as soul) and “Always Alright” (a newer song that appeared on the soundtrack to Silver Linings Playbook) on Saturday Night Live this weekend. The album zoomed to #2 at iTunes following the appearance and remains there this morning, as “Hold On,” prepares to conquer Top 40 radio. (2/18a) “

  • Bug Menot

     “Casey Abrams
    ?@IAmCaseyAbrams …
    @Alabama_Shakes so stoked to see you on SNL. way to kill that performance. Brittney your voice rocks my innards”