Aiden Grimshaw – Is This Love – Music Video!

X Factor UK season 7 9th place finisher premiered music video for his debut single.

Aiden Grimshaw finished XF UK season 7 in distant 9th place. But, he got lucky – his fans petitioned for him to be added to XF Live tour and he eventually got signed to Sony Music.

Check out music video for his debut single “Is This Love”. Single’s release date is June 3rd.

Aiden Grimshaw – Is This Love

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  • Frank

    I knew he was gonna be signed. The weird thing is that Paije Richardson got signed. Yeah, he places higher than Aiden at 8th place but he never seemed that popular and probably made it far because he was an underdog. Congrats to both. Now if only Mary Byrne could get a deal

  • Anonymous

    Mary Byrne had a deal before either Aiden or Paige.  Where in the heck was Aiden in that video?

  • Listening

    I kid you not I seriously thought that guy was making out hard core w/ another guy. I was sitting here going see I knew that England was more open about homosexuality. Here we have an up and coming newbie w/ main characters being gay in his first video. But it doesn’t look like Aiden was actually pushing the boundries either it IS a girl right. Ha Ha as you can tell I still have a little bit of doubt.

    During the show I’ve always thought Aiden was gay but he’s never come out right. He identifies himself as straight correct.

    Anywho the vid was okay. It was different not so easy to follow though. I liked the song kind of moving.

  • Bri

    I absolutely loved it. And it was a clever idea not to be featured heavily in the video. 

  • Rand

    Pretty ridiculous to not be in the video when one of the saving factors for him is his face.