The Voice’s Adam Levine Responds to Idol Digs: “That’s Cheap”

At Sunday afternoon’s American Idol FOX TCA panel, the gang took quite a few pot shots at The Voice.  Coach, Adam Levine, tells what he thinks of the digs from the Idol camp, particularly Randy Jackson.

“That’s a little cheap,”  Levine says of Randy Jackson’s snark that The Voice uses “second chance people” and that the show’s swivel chairs are a rip-off of Star Trek.  (Via Zap2it) (edited)

“People try out for whatever shows they want to try out for,” Levine reasons to Zap2it about his series, which NBC is giving a second-season launch immediately after Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, Feb. 5. “It’s not like Publishers Clearing House shows up at your house and says, ‘Congratulations! You’ve won the chance to be on this show.’ That’s bull****, and everyone knows that.

“Any sort of personal attack, to me, is just a form of vulnerability and insecurity,” adds Levine. “To poke fun is one thing, and we’ve fired back and forth at each other, but there’s never been any malicious intent.

“Naturally, a competition does exist, because the shows are similar … but it’s ‘American Idol.’ It’s not going anywhere. It’s the biggest show on Planet Earth. We’re just interested in doing our thing.”

“If they’re [American Idol is] the gold standard,” Levine says, “then we can be the platinum standard. I’ll play nice.”  Volley returned! What say you Idol? Heh.

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  • Anonymous

    Cry about it bitch

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like both shows are off and running to get publicity.     Levine doesn’t seem to be one to take it on the chin and walk away.   Competition makes for fun news.   

  • Anonymous

    LoL, I find it hilarious that Adam has been constantly taking pot shots at Idol, but then whines about it when they return fire. Sounds like he needs to man up.

  • Dave

    Where is he whining? It sounds like to me that he’s okay going back and forth with the shots

  • Anonymous

    it’s more expensive than his tatoo

  • superfudge

    Don’t f#ck with Adam Levine. You won’t win.

  • Kesia Monteith

    All this boasting and mud-slinging, and not a nary of improvement of these singing shows. Makes me respect The Sing-Off even more. It’s a rarity when a freaking reality show like The Sing-Off has class.

  • hayes

    Well this is getting just a tiny bit ridiculous.

  • Jenna

    Someone needs to sit down.

  • superfudge

    I think this all reflects poorly on Idol the most. You can’t be the bigger fish picking on the smaller fish. It just doesn’t work like that.

    For instance, the show Community can take shots at Glee all they want because at the moment they’re less relevant than Glee and don’t get anything close to the ratings they do. But if Glee started firing shots on Community it just makes them look like bullies picking on the little guy. The luxury of being on top entails being classy about it.

  • Karen C

    I agree, he took quite a few shots at Idol last year.

  • Linda Vastardis

    Levine can dish it out but he can’t take it.  He’s arrogant, insecure, narcissistic and rude.  But I’ve said that here before!  ;)

  • Anonymous

    Unless you are a little fish with some sharp teeth & you have been nipping at the big fish’s tail.  You deserve a slap.

  • Tess

    Tell that to the politicians.

    I think all this tit for tat is great fun….I love one liners.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if the article has changed since MJ posted the above, but in the current version, there’s no mention of the “casting” issue MJ uses to intro the piece.  His comments in the current version of the article are in response to calling the Voice contestants “second-chance people” and making the “Star Trek” comparison.  Personally, I think Levine has a point.

    The shots I remember Levine firing at Idol have been along the lines of general comments about the Voice having better, more original talent–provocative, but not really personal or mean.  I would put the Star Trek comparison in the harmless fun category, but the other comment is a bit mean-spirited.  Contrast Levine’s “we’re better” (which doesn’t mean that Idol is bad) with Randy’s “they’re second chance people” (ie. people who have already failed once).  

    Randy could have taken a dig at the Voice without trashing it’s contestants.  For example, he could have said “Idol has the industry muscle to make stars, and the Voice doesn’t.”  That’s different than saying “look how badly the Voice winner is failing” (which if I’m remembering correctly was similar to another dig from the TCAs yesterday).  And note that Levine’s dig back at Idol again wasn’t personal or mean.But then again, I’ve always thought Randy was a not-too-bright, self-involved jerk, so maybe he just couldn’t think of a comeback that didn’t get mean.

  • Anonymous

    Right now it all seems to be in good fun, although I agree that Idol would be better off taking the high road.  The Voice doesn’t really threaten Idol prominence as a star-making machine.

    I do think Adam Levine is right that Randy was making a very cheap shot.  It’s okay to snipe about the other judges/production/chairs or even the audition process.   But it’s not right to snipe at the contestants.  They don’t get press conferences that allow them to defend themselves.

    Now, if Adam Levine were to spend some effort promoting his winning protege, then maybe Javier Colon wouldn’t be in a position to be insulted by Randy Jackson…

  • Anonymous

    Sums it up quite well.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he started it last year when he said on the show itself that any of their contestants [from the voice] could be on idol and win it. i had to laugh at that. somebody is delusional. 

  • Anonymous

    “That’s cheap” says the person who said “I don’t know that song but I’m pretty sure you sang it better than the original artist”.

  • superfudge

    How is that a cheap shot if he never even heard the song before? Levine said that like 3 times last season about multiple songs so it’s not like it was a shot towards AI or Lambert.

  • TurkeyIdol

    Used to be a major Maroon 5 fan until The Voice brought to the surface what an arrogant narcissistic asshole Levine is.  Dude can certainly dish it out, but can’t take it at all.  Poor Poor Little Baby!!! I couldn’t be anymore happy that all The Voice’s acts tanked there albums! Bring on Idol!

  • joeyjoeyjoey

    Didn’t one of the Voice judges not that long ago accused Idol of not letting gay contestant be ‘gay'; basically almost calling them bigots? Randy questioning the quality of the Voice’s contestants was nothing compared to what that judge said.  Besides, The Voice should be glad.  Idol gave them free advertising.

    It could have been worse.  They could have been given the ‘stepchild’ treatment that X-Factor got; being described by the heads of the Fox Network as, “… over the top, campy and louder.”, and, “… it filled a schedule hole.”  While AI was described as “The Gold Standard”.  Yo Voice, be glad ‘some’ people can hear your voice.

  • Jewlmc

    Aww sounds like some people can dish it out but not take it.

    Do I hear Simon “pink shirt Idol diss.” gearing up to whine about being picked on as well?

    What goes around comes around.

  • jersey

    Meh, I think they’re going to be going back and forth all season. The entertainment press will make sure it goes on by asking each shows representatives about it at every opportunity.

    As far as Levine being an arrogant, narcissistic jerk, I think most entertainers have some level of all of those characteristics. Some just hide it better than others. I still love looking at him on my tv ;-)

    I’m looking forward to AI and The Voice!

  • Miz

    Pretty funny stuff. Keep it coming.

  • Mase Wallace

    awwww,what’s a matter,adam perhaps you find it ”harder to breathe” in the world of singing competitions,don’t feel sorry for ya one bit ,like a bully can dish it out but can’t take it,can take the heat ,then get out,haha,i feel sorry for javier more then i do you,
    you must be in ”misery” right now.knowing that you ”she will be loved” regardless,the ”she” being idol of course,go wipe your tears with one of your many c – notes and shut up

  • breakdown

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    Randy vs Adam who is more abnoxious lets see Ok its Adam.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I agree, jammasta.  That comment will stay with me forever.  That told me exactly who and what Levine is all about.  Every time I look at him now, all I see is a smarmy, sarcastic, classLESS guy.

  • idol fanatic

    “”That’s cheap” says the person who said “I don’t know that song but I’m pretty sure you sang it better than the original artist”.”
    ^^Thanks for confirming what is obviously going on here: butthurt Lambert fans finding the auspicious moment to gang up on Levine.

    Anyway, I do think the Idol producers took some cheap shots, and I don’t see any problem in Adam calling them out on it.

  • Jewlmc

    And what about those of us that aren’t Lambert fans and think Levine is a jackass?

  • Linda Vastardis

    superfudge, that’s what Levine said, but I don’t buy it for one second.  How could Levine say that he’d never heard the song before but he was ‘sure’ the contestant sang it better than the original.  If you never heard the original (which I don’t believe at all), then how can you make that comparison?

    Also, Levine and Lambert had songs on the Grammys album last year, and Adam’s was WWFM.  Please tell me Levine never heard it, even once?  With all the appearances Adam Lambert made on TV and on tour singing that song. Not buying it.  And Adam Lambert was nominated for Best Male Vocal Performance at last year’s Grammys, and you mean to tell me that Levine never heard the song?

    Either he lives in a vacuum with his head up his a$$ OR he’s so narcissistic that he only cares about himself and not fellow artists.

    I’ll never be convinced otherwise that Levine’s slur at Lambert was intentional and was a definite ‘diss’.  For what reason I don’t know.

    As always, Adam Lambert was gracious and took the high road tweeting to Levine that he’s a big fan of Maroon 5 and that it was “OK” what Levine said BUT that he would know who Lambert was next time around (referring to his next/new album.)  I can’t wait for this to become reality at the 2013 Grammys!  But first, I want Adam Lambert to sing BTIKM at THIS year’s Grammys.

  • Anonymous

    He is such a hypocrite, he has taken swipes at idol quite a few times. What makes it okay for them to rip into a show, but when they do, they cry like a baby?

  • Anonymous

    “That’s a little cheap” says the dude who who publicly called Maria Sharapova bad in bed.  Asshole. 

  • Ringo

    I never thought I would see the day that people would defend the inanity that is Randy Jackson and compare him favorably to anyone.  I still don’t see why Idol’s version of the Three Stooges — Randy, J Lo and Stephen — would even compare AI to The Voice.  AI is an elephant, The Voice is a mouse.  It’s certainly not necessary to make the stupid comments Randy made/makes/will continue to make.  Adam’s best come back would have been — “Randy Jackson said it, ’nuff said.”

  • superfudge

    Well you can believe that all you want but Levine said the same thing about multiple songs including “Bless the Broken Road” iirc. So to assume he was going out of his way to attack Lambert is just grasping at straws.

  • Whiskey

    Which makes Levine a bigger ass. I’m sorry but I have a problem with these artists who go on these shows to judge talent when they’re clueless on what’s going on in their own profession. I would think they would go out of their way to get up to date since their contestants could one day be competing with the artists they claim not to have heard of. I’m not shock he had no interest in Javier after the confetti because the show revived his own career which was going downhill.

  • superfudge

    That’s not a fair assessment. A lot of artists purposely turn off the radio as much as possible so it doesn’t toy with their creativity.

    He had no interest in Javier once the confetti fell? I guess there’s another Adam Levine who has a duet on Javier’s album. And Levine’s career was going downhill? Misery was a huge hit single from their latest album.

  • electric_dog

    Randy Jackson is a nobody who survived on the Idol by not having his own opinion and just parroting whatever Simon said.  Levine and other judges on The Voice are, at least, currently charting artists who recognize talent and understand music business.  As far as which contestants are more talented, only time will tell.  Idol may make big “stars” for a day, but they don’t have any longevity, because they are manufactured and don’t have any actual talent.  Just think how big some of the Idol graduates were and where are they now.  Even some so-called “success stories” are only successful when compared to other Idols. And Idol stigma?  It follows these poor souls for the rest of their career.  So, yeah, Randy needs to shut up. I didn’t watch The Voice before, but definitely will give it a chance now.

  • Kylee
  • Kylee

      Levine and other judges on The Voice are, at least, currently charting artists

    True, but at least idol can brag that they have contestants(the most important thing about these shows IMO) who are currently charting…can’t say the same about The Voice contestants…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Javier regrets picking Adam, at least Blake tried to help Dia and Xenia post-Voice.

  • sd34567

    Just because they were both on the Grammys album last year doesn’t mean that he should know who Adam Lambert is.  I can buy that Adam Levine never heard of WWFM.  He’s not sitting around watching every single Adam Lambert performance.  He’s not going to concerts for the guy.  Maybe Lambert is not his cup of tea.  Ever think about that?

    To think that Levine went out of his way to attack Lambert is ridiculous.  And Lambert’s fans went overboard about that, too.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Adam Levine went out of his way to attack Adam Lambert, but considering Maroon5 toured with Kris Allen for weeks just prior to The Voice’s 1st season, I have a hard time believing Levine was clueless about Idol or Adam Lambert & his success with WWFM. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree.  Randy is a classless jackass, and the “second chance” shot was not only cheap but total hypocrisy.  Too bad that Adam isn’t familiar enough with Idol to know that.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I see your point, but given that Adam Levine seems pretty egotistical and self-absorbed, I can see him not having a clue about Idol, even with Kris opening for them.  Were there any reports of Levine interacting with Kris?  I could see Levine not having a clue.

  • Jonins

    Well, I remember he had a picture with Kris during that tour and they had a party for Ryland on his birthday. I remember the pics were tweeted then.

  • Jo Crawley

    But do you think Kris and Adam Levine sat round talking about Adam whenever they had a spare moment?  Is there any reason Adam Lamberts name came up at all just because Kris toured with Levine?

  • Avari

    Ooh…OK, yes, I know Adam Levine is an egotistical asshole…but damn if he isn’t an entertaining egotistical asshole. And he’s not bad on the eyes either. (Yes, I’m ashamed of myself)
    Having said that, taking cheap shots at each other is part of the job description of the players on both shows, I would think. Anything for headlines, buzz and then increased ratings. I look forward to more lulzy quotes and soundbites from both Randy and Levine. Bring on the popcorn.
    P.S. I never for a second thought that Levine was dissing Adam Lambert last season (and I’m a huge ALambert fan). I think it’s quite probable that Levine didn’t know who Adam was, or who sang WWFM. And, despite playing some tour dates with Kris Allen, I’d be quite willing to bet that Levine wouldn’t recognize Kris’s name now either. :-)

  • electric_dog

    Idol treats their own contestants badly – when was the last time you saw Taylor Hicks or Clay Aiken on the show?  Idol also treat viewers badly by manipulating them and using them.  Of course, if this is what you like…

  • Anonymous

    Although there is at least one photo out there somewhere of them at the same party (taken way before he said he’d never heard of him)., so they’d met at least once! And it was a diss in that he said the guy on the Voice probably sang it better than the original, but if he’d never heard the original then he had to way of judging that.

  • Anonymous

    I am curious about how The Voice and X-Factor will develop.

    Was just looking at Michael Orland’s Twitter, which I do occasionally, when he turns up on Elliott’s feed. And I always notice that he continues to be really supportive of a lot of the Idol alums, and that there’s kind of community feeling there that at least some of them seem to get from that continued communication with a mentor from the show and the continued communication with one another.

    I wonder whether anybody/anything like that has developed at The Voice or X-Factor yet or will. Curious about how the two new shows are staffed and what goes on behind the scenes and after, exclusive of the “judges,” who are, after all, really basically quite removed from the contestants and pretty oblivious to them in the aftermath on all the shows, as far as I can see, Idol included (although maybe not SYTYCD, but the dance community is obviously so different since all of them, even the biggest names, basically struggle to survive.)

    Not impressed with AL. But then I’m not impressed with Randy Jackson or JLo either. And I’m not impressed with Steven T, either, as a judge, although I like him a lot as a person.

  • Kirsten

    Adam Levine is the last person who should be complaining about snipes from Idol.

    That said, Idol should knock off the sniping. They don’t need to do it and it just makes them look like they are worried. Ignore the little dogs yapping around your feet.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Taylor was there with the other winners S9 during the Simon tribute song.

  • Mateja Praznik

    I think LA Reid will be mostly in charge of all X Factor USA acts signed to Epic. Simon and Syco will also look after them. Nicole will probably stay in touch with Josh and Paula with her groups, but they probably won’t have anything to do with their post show careers.

    Claude Kelly and Savan Kotecha, X Factor’s vocal coaches and vocal producers will probably also stay involved with those that get Sony’s recording contracts. I expect them both to write/co-write songs for their albums.

    Savan Kotecha (he previously worked on XF UK) was heavily involved with One Direction’s and Cher Lloyd’s albums.

  • Chesnee Slagle

    Oh pooh, you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Adam has always been like this! And I’m a giant fan of both Maroon 5 and American Idol. If they wanna bicker back and forth so be it. Idol isn’t the only thing Adam has ever dissed in his life time and certainly won’t be the last!

  • sd34567

    But do you think Kris and Adam Levine sat round talking about Adam
    whenever they had a spare moment?  Is there any reason Adam Lamberts
    name came up at all just because Kris toured with Levine? 

    This.  Just because Kris opened up for Maroon 5 doesn’t mean he and Adam Levine sat around talking about Idol and Adam Lambert.

  • sd34567

    Were they actually in the picture together, posing and everything?  Either way, doesn’t mean Levine knew who Lambert was.  He probably thought it was some random at the party.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny. Artists that I previously couldn’t care less about I start hating just because they become a judge on a reality tv show and say silly comments. (Like Adam, JLo, Christina,…) lol.

    I assume these comments that the Voice and AI say about each other are all in fun.

  • Anonymous

    I just saw Taylor on stage over a year ago. And Clay doesn’t want to come back.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the X-Factor info!

    Wonder if somebody knows how The Voice has worked in this regard.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine and Maroon 5 performed on Idol during Season 6  and Blake Lewis who knew them at the time got permission to perform one of their songs.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what they talked about, but it’s certainly possible that at some point they talked about Idol and about Adam. 

    Besides that, Maroon5 performed on Idol back in S6 (I think), so for Adam Levine to act like he knows nothing about the show is a little silly, IMO. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t find him whining either. Also don’t recall him taking potshots at Idol, but whatever. Because he didn’t know WWFM?  So what! I wouldn’t know it if I didn’t read Idol blogs either.

  • Anonymous


  • Tinawina

    Even people who watch the show faithfully don’t know as much about the show as us. My mother-in-law is a big reality show competition fan and hasn’t missed an episode of Idol, but she told me while visiting for Christmas how the X Factor was a bigger hit than Idol and that Simon used to always be right on AI, how he never made a wrong call. She also told me Kelly Clarkson couldn’t sing and that she was only famous because “the show people” keep pushing her, and how much she likes Scotty but she hopes they will take care of him so he can sell records (she had no idea he was almost platinum at the time LOL).

    I fully believe Adam Levine doesn’t know jack about how Idol actually operates beyond some vague notion. Hell we have actual contestants every year who know nothing about the show or its alums (hello, Crystal Bowersox!) so why in the world would he know anything? And if he doesn’t listen to that much radio, which is entirely possible (especially while he’s in the studio or in a heavy promo cycle for an album or whatever) he may not be familiar with all songs in the top 15 at any given moment.

    He may be an outspoken egomaniac, but he’s likely one who doesn’t stan Idol or pop radio.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I didn’t say that Levine went out of his way, but I find it very questionable that he never heard the song.  Also, if I remember correctly, a clip of Adam Lambert singing his version of the song was played as part of the package as the contestant was learning the song.  It was ‘after’ this was shown that Levine claimed that he didn’t know the song but he was sure the contestant sang it better than the original.  Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    We all have opinions; I respect yours but I just disagree. ;)

  • Linda Vastardis

    That’s a good point, Whiskey.  All of these celeb judges have to be well-versed on the music of the day, and let’s face it, WWFM was a hit for Adam Lambert.  If Levine never heard of the song before but felt sure that the contestant sang it better than the original just makes his comment completely baseless and his believability factor as a music judge very questionable, IMO.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I didn’t say he went out of his way.  I do believe his comment was an intentional diss because he did hear the song in the package clip played before the contestant sang and Levine made the comment afterward.  Adam Lambert’s name was mentioned in the clip and a portion of the song was played showing the contestant talking about not being able to sing the song.  Levine saw and heard at least that much so what was his purpose in stating that it was better than the original.  He could have still made his point and supported the contestant who, by the way, wasn’t even on Levine’s team.

    Taking Lambert completely out of the equation, I still see Levine as a not very nice human being who snarks a lot of people much of the time.  The fact that I am a fan of Adam Lambert is really inconsequential to the lack of grace and class I perceive in Levine.  Again, this is only my opinion.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I didn’t know that Kris toured with Maroon 5 …. interesting.  I believe that Kris and Adam Lambert are still ‘friends’ although their musical careers and personal lives go in completely opposite directions.  I’m sure they still have a great deal of respect and regard for each other.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine seems to be a bit of a tool but the idea that he went out of his way to disrespect Lambert seems ridic to me.  Levine is  a quirky guy who probably doesn’t listen to much POP radio. Can you blame him? ;)

    In this week’s People Magazine, Kelly Clarkson says in her interview that Pop stars are too cool for school and she doesn’t socialize with any of them.
    Adam Levine probably fits into that category quite well.

  • Anonymous

    Hell we have actual contestants every year who know nothing about the show or its alums (hello, Crystal Bowersox!) so why in the world would he know anything? 

    I always wondered how Crystal Bowersox could know so little about the show and still be able to joke about “Danny Gokey babies.”  Plus, she was well aware of Idolatry, which seems to argue a certain arcane knowledge of the Idol bubble.  But maybe it’s something you learn about when you’re on the show… maybe Kris Allen left a note tucked into a dressing room drawer letting the new kids know all about this stuff….

    And if he doesn’t listen to that much radio, which is entirely possible (especially while he’s in the studio or in a heavy promo cycle for an album or whatever) he may not be familiar with all songs in the top 15 at any given moment.

    I’m suddenly reminded of Adam (Lambert) tweeting at the Grammys something like, “WTH is Gwyneth Paltrow doing up on the stage?”  She was singing “Forget You,” and anyone who followed TV would have understood why she was there (since she’d sung the song to much hoopla on Glee a few months earlier).  But it was quite understandable that he missed it, being on his tour and out of the country. So, yeah, probably if your job is pop music, you don’t spend your leisure time listening to Top 40 radio.

    I don’t think Adam (Levine this time) was trying to insult anyone.  I kind of took that moment as him having nothing really to say about Nakia’s performance, but having to say something because he’s a judge and he’s paid to do that.  So, he pulled out a really lame, meaningless critique about it sounding better than the original version… he guessed.  

    Anyway, he apologized for the comment later that evening after the Glamberts twitter-swarmed him.  So, I think he’ll remember who Lambert is now.  Or at least who his fans are.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine seems to be a bit of a tool but the idea that he went out of his way to disrespect Lambert seems ridic to me.  Levine is  a quirky guy who probably doesn’t listen to much POP radio. Can you blame him? ;)

    Exactly.  I’ve followed Adam Levine for ages on twitter as he’s quite entertaining & doesn’t mind giving his opinion on anything.  I doubt Adam Lambert registers as much of a blip on his radar so I disagree with the idea that he would purposely go out of his way to devise some comment to disrespect him.  That just seems a stretch to me, I doubt he cares one way or the other about Lambert.

    I also think Idol needs to just simmer down & stop taking shots at The Voice or X Factor, it just makes them look petty. They have nothing to worry about, they need to stop acting like they think they do.

  • sd34567

    I don’t know what they talked about, but it’s certainly possible that at some point they talked about Idol and about Adam. 

    I bet they didn’t.

  • sd34567

    You saying that the comment was an intentional diss means that Levine went out of his way to diss Lambert.  Just because they played 5 seconds of the song in the clip before Nakia sang doesn’t mean that Levine knew what the song was and who sang it.  And from that 5 seconds that he heard if he was actually paying attention and listening, if he thought that Nakia sang it better, that’s his opinion.  That’s not a diss.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Good grief! This feud again about the chairs and previously signed contestants? Time to move on, fellas. And Randy could stand to spend a little less time smack-talking and more time practicing being a better judge this season. None of that incessant “in-it-to-win-it” crap this year. >:/

  • Damien Roberts

    I love Adam Levine, but last season The Voice made its fair share of digs at Idol last season. Unfortunately for The Voice, Idol had a ridiculously strong cast last season.

  • Mary Charles

    I agreed with you (and regrettably hit “like” prematurely) UNTIL I read the second to last sentence – sorry but I find this statement REPREHENSIBLE. I’m sure there will be many lively Idol vs Xf vs Voice debates this year, and arguments about which show/judge/production is better is one thing, but I really think mean spirited digs about ALL contestants say a lot more about you than about the people you’re trying to insult. 

    Honestly TurkeyIdol, PLEASE READ BACK THAT SENTENCE. Are you genuinely happy that Javier et al’s albums have tanked? Does it make you happy that Javier can’t contribute that extra income to his wife and kids? Are you happy that Nakia’s partner will continue to support them both because Nakia’s album was not a financial success? If you’ve had a bad day, does it cheer you up to know that Vicci and Beverly don’t have hit songs? As part of your prayers for what you’re thankful for, does it include the fact that Jeff Jenkins has no album?

    I just feel that sometimes we toss around a lot of hate unecessarily. You didn’t like Adam Levine’s personality on the Voice. Fine. I mostly agree. But why extend that vitriol to innocent contestants who did not raise Levine to be the “narcissistic a-hole” you purport him to be? If this is what MJs is going to turn into, then I want no part.