Adam Lambert – Trespassing AOL Sessions (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert’s AOL sessions are here! Check them out below.

Never Close Our Eyes



Naked Love

Broken English


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  • Loretta

    I love these AOL sessions.  Adam sounds so good as usual.

  • Troy Mccoy

     Love Adam. I wished he performed Shady. That is my favorite song off the album. I hope it becomes a single. I really see it as a smash hit. At least he performed most of my favorites.

  • No Thanks
  • Pixie Baker

    His singing is sooooo amazing here…..I have the utmost respect for his talent……this *old* lady LOVES this new album…..I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

  • Anonymous

    Good gawd, like I just posted on Haley’s album thread, I wish there were live versions to some of these songs available that I could purchase! I like these versions of NCOE and Trespassing so much better than the studio. Really like those songs.
    Waaahhhh! Why is music so overproduced these days???

  • Pixie Baker

    BTW…not that is matters but *Runnin* is my fav along with Underneath….:)

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, one of the best things about artist releasing their new albums, is things like the AOl Sessions. I’m glad he song two of my favorite, Cuckoo and Naked Love. I know I’m being greedy, but I wish we could have also gotten OOL, Runnin, Shady and Underneath. 

  • Anonymous

    Even tho its a controlled live environment, who in this world but Adam can sound this good live and sound better than the studio versions. WOW! The camera loves Ashly and her nail polish LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic! He’s so amazing live~

    I also miss Shady… and Kickin’ In… and Runnin’… and… Oh nevermind, you get the picture. lol

  • Anonymous

    His voice in the interview was so SEXY! It was a bit hoarse but so sexy <3

  • sdmama

    Besides sounding great, Adam has the best looking band.  Love Issac and Tommy, and I like the way the video looks without any special effect.  This will hold me over until we get the music video!

  • Ellensue Stein

    Adam, this album is going to be HUGE for you! See ya at the Grammy’s!

  • Emmy

    His voice just blows. me. away. He’s giving 110% here (must be why he’s so hoarse in the interview).

  • Anonymous

    Man, so much to flail about today in Adam fandom! Finally listened to the interview and am impressed yet again at Adam’s intelligence and gift for expressing himself. His eyes are so beautiful it takes your breath away too. He does sound a little rough in his speaking voice but he sang perfectly. These sessions are a winner!

  • Axxxel

    Ouch ,his voice in his interview is hoarse… Take good care of that asset, Adam

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that he had doubt’s that Pharrell would work with him.He should never be made to feel that or to ever doubt himself.

  • Anonymous

    All these songs sounded so good.  He is such a class act, and the band and back up singers are getting so much better.  It was just incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Great performances – Broken English is exceptional – just beautiful.

  • milwlovesadam

    These are just wonderful.

    Waiting, waiting, and hoping to hear Runnin sometime. I cannot stop with that song. It’s in my head. 

  • gferna

    Adam, please, repeat after me: F***!!! Thats the way you should sing cuckoo…