Adam Lambert Previews “Wildest Moments” Cover (VIDEO)


Adam Lambert recently teased fans with rehearsal footage of a lovely cover of Jesse Ware’s “Wildest Moments” via instagram.

The song was posted in 4 separate posts, (dang that 12 second limit!) but a fan helpfully put it together in a single Youtube vice. It’s nearly seamless! The full performance promises to be gorgeous.

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  • Bethany


  • Porfivor Nixon

    Voice is great, I’m not familiar with the song though and what he is singing is not really grabbing me. Maybe the whole thing will make it better, but I am not crazy about the bit I heard. But that’s the song, Adam’s voice is heavenly, I’m not sure he can even sing badly at this point.

  • milwlovesadam

    This is the original:

    She’s with Island records. Fan speculation that Adam has signed with them. Not new speculation, just seeming more and more likely. IMHO.

    Adam has been “liking” several of their artists and posting their songs.

    Be that what it may, his cover is simply divine. His voice just “floats ” in the air.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Adam really has such a beautiful resonant voice. I’ve not heard of this song before but after this preview I’m excited to hear the full thing from him.

  • Judy

    The sheer beauty of his live vocals never cease to amaze,love this <3

  • weareallinnocent

    Wow! So Beautiful. Love it, love him! More, please…

  • Mallory2696

    If I were a musical artist I would live in fear of Adam Lambert covering one of my songs. It would instantly become his.

  • LeahKittyS

    OMG. I liked this song already, but hearing Adam do it is pure magic. Is he going to release this in full?

  • Mel432

    I heard this last night and still wondering where he is going to sing this. He has such powerful vocals, but I do like his subdued singing, not falsetto or head voice, but what would you call it? Soft vocals?

  • Ronnie D

    Jessie Ware is fantastic and deserves way more exposure. Way to go Adam for picking some good music to cover, which he did, flawlessly.

  • Chicagolaw

    Wow, this is gorgeous

  • H.A.

    His voice. Like angels skating on ice.

    Adam’s next gig is 2/8. To soon for rehearsals so maybe something coming up soon. Adam’s band also tweeted about meeting Paul McCarthy
    during rehearsals so they must of had a good time yesterday. Can not wait to hear the whole song.

  • listen

    Sometimes I forget just how gorgeous Adam’s voice can be until I hear something like this >> stunning
    He sort of takes my breath away with the beauty of his voice….

  • roarpen

    Very nice.

  • Bugme Nomor

    I find that unlistenable. Can’t focus on the words due to the distracting background noise.

  • HotHotHot

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Dying for the whole song!!!

  • HKfan

    Beautiful, I love rocker Adam, and pop Adam, but I especially love stripped, back acoustic Adam. So haunting….

  • maymirabella

    Yes sometimes I forgot just how beautiful his voice is and how talented he is and then I hear this and all the great memories come flooding back.

  • bscfan

    Some of the phrases send shivers down my spine. So wondering where he is going to perform this.

  • Maj

    Love the original & Adam did a great job with it also.

  • MagooEBJ

    Lovely voice but I have to agree, lose the percussion “up front.” For my listening, the beat needs to be behind her subtle phrasing and lilting voice. Easy to see why Adam, the consummate vocalist and perfectionist, admires her. Thanks for the link again. I’d forgotten about it in my all-consuming, happily uncurable Glambert fever.

  • Susan Reiter

    Beautiful vocals! So we think we might seem him perform this at the Family Equality Council awards dinner on 2/8?

  • nadine_bitch

    O.M.F.G O_O